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How to be a great team leader in Christ

How to be a great team leader in Christ; Becoming Faith Hero

How to be a great team leader in Christ: Imitate the great, successful and achievers. Throw off everything that hinder your success, walk with Christ Jesus and get it right. 

Becoming Faith Hero
Becoming Faith Hero

How to be a great team leader Spice.

 Don't be entangle in sin, sin happen so easily.  Keep your eyes focused on Jesus Christ . 
People of faith are not perfect but they trusted God; therefore we read of their exploits. We have to be bold and brave. Never fear or be terrified of challenges....face it, it will be a success , because Christ is with you.
 Be excited about facing challenges, in it is your victory. Your response to situation is what your victory is (what your future is about). 

Live to be wise.

When you mock God you will get yourself in trouble: live to be wiser. 
Saul was thinking physically, David was thinking spiritually.  Tune your mentality to think like a winner. When you see with physically eyes you underrate your potential in Christ Jesus. If The Lord can save you from the small situation , he can do it with the bigger situation.

How to be a great team leader: Knowing the undefeated

When you know God personally, you are not terrified by situations . Walk by faith and not by sight . Faith says you can do all through Christ that strengthen you. Sight says what says, God work victory for me.  
When you face situation with the name of the Lord you will win victoriously . Battles are not won by swords or spears but by the Lord .  I am going to trust in the Lord; that is what I say everyday . When you rely on your strength you will always fail.  Faith is confidence built on the promises of God.  

Remain Motivated.

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