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The power of fear is not power but a shadow

The power of fear

You might be thinking about the power of fear, Failing Fear; Fear of failure; however, fear has no power....2 tim 1:7. God does not give the spirit of fear but faith.

Failing Fear
Failing Fear

The power of fear; Failing Fear Spice.

Step of one point or time, we all fear failure. Mat 25:24-28  and this prevented us from taking risk. We later find out that what we fear actualy became our problem. Take a risk, fear less of the fearfull.

.... Never play it safe. The fear of failure paralyse us. Never allow people's failure determine your future, do not allow people failure to fail you again.

Remember , you may fail...but create a strenght out of your failure (failure strength) ..James 3:2. You may fail if you try things; however, stay cool , learn from your failure and make correction. Try it in a better way and you will see that you have learnt better and the next try will be far better. Never leave a project because you fail,you have just define yourself as a failure; however, go back after you have done your assignment and improve on your skills. Try  and keep improving and keep trying.

Failure is an event and not a person. Luke 22:31. Rom 5:3.  If you change you mentality and make yourself a failure, it might be hard to change.

After you fail, get up, improve and get it done; then bless and encourage your brothers. God has to do something in you before he can do something through you.

Never allow your failure to be your final event. 
Your  will rise again. 

Let not failure be the inscription on your grave.

Gal 6:9.

It does not matter what happen to you, what matter is what happen in you.
You must take faith step. 
Without faith it is impossible to please God. Heb 11:6. You can not play safe and please God . 
What is your greatest fear?
If you allow fear to control you, God will not be able to use you. 

Remain Motivated.

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