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Version Control Systems Reviews

Our score: 8.6 User satisfaction: 98%
Average score
4/5 (5 user reviews)

Alfresco is an open platform that helps businesses control content, optimize processes, and make collaboration an easy task. This is made possible by the system's management tools that let software development teams collate, view, and adjust processes. documents, and records.


Git reviews
Our score: 8.8 User satisfaction: 95%
Average score
4.8/5 (28 user reviews)

Git is a free and open-source distributed version control system designed to handle small to large projects with speed and efficiency. Seamless collaborations take place within the platform through its various workflow modes and role-based codelines. To identify coding errors, programmers can access the project's complete development history.

Our score: 9.6 User satisfaction: 98%
Average score
5/5 (21 user reviews)

GitHub is a leading software development platform that provides a robust web-based graphical interface, access controls, and numerous app development collaboration features. With its issue tracker, users can quickly spot and eliminate bugs in the system. It also lets programmers share code so that teams can collaborate on complex tasks.

Our score: 8.0 User satisfaction: 100%
Average score
5/5 (1 user reviews)

Docsvault is a document management software designed to help businesses to manage, share, and collaborate on documents.

Our score: 8.5 User satisfaction: 97%
Average score
4.3/5 (14 user reviews)

OnlyOffice is an integrated productivity suite that lets users manage projects, documents, and customer relations in one place. With an extensive set of business collaboration tools, it lets users consolidate tasks and help managers assign and monitor each while its document management functionality stores and presents files in an orderly manner.