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Our score: 9.0 User satisfaction: 96%
Average score
4.5/5 (20 user reviews)

Designed for online business meetings and deployable from the desktop app, mobile app or via browser. The app allows for up to 3,000 participants, among the biggest capacity in the niche.

Our score: 8.0 User satisfaction: 99%
Average score
(0 user reviews)

Drum is a web-based platform that enables users to initiate instant web meetings from their browsers or easily join online meetings using desktop or mobile devices.

Our score: 9.4 User satisfaction: 99%
Average score
4.6/5 (47 user reviews)

This Professional Service Automation (PSA) software helps you track time, expenses, and bills easily and collaboratively. It is perfect for consultants from individual professionals to large enterprises. With BigTime, professional services firms can concentrate on actual consulting rather than managing consultancy work and finances.

Our score: 9.0 User satisfaction: 100%
Average score
4.2/5 (14 user reviews)

A software that supports cloud and on-premise deployment, eFile Cabinet is known for its robust security, capacity, and reliability when it comes to paperless document management. eFile Cabinet also utilizes Rubex, which is an intuitive tool that helps locate any type of file within its storage.

Our score: 9.2 User satisfaction: 95%
Average score
4.5/5 (14 user reviews)

An enterprise-grade version of Dropbox, this document management platform also functions as a smart workspace. It works with GSuite and supports Microsoft Office files uploaded directly from a computer. Moreover, it utilizes advanced encryption and multiple layers of protection to protect in-transit files.

Our score: 9.5 User satisfaction: 92%
Average score
4.5/5 (13 user reviews)

Time Doctor is a precision time tracking software ideal for both freelancers and businesses that want to monitor work activity, whether remote or on-site. This lets you track productivity based on time spent per project. It also integrates seamlessly with CRM and project management platforms.

Our score: 8.2 User satisfaction: 97%
Average score
4.6/5 (20 user reviews)

SharePoint is and advanced back-end tier system for all devices, which connects employees. The platform stores, shares, and manages documentation.

Our score: 9.0 User satisfaction: N/A
Average score
4.6/5 (17 user reviews)

Chatter is a real-time enterprise social collaboration tool that connects employees and drives efficiency within an organization. Its features and dashboard elements resemble those of popular social networks, which effectively make employee interactions simple and quick.

Our score: 8.5 User satisfaction: 96%
Average score
2/5 (1 user reviews)

Zoho Forms speeds up data collection, connects team members, and helps users build and share personalized online forms. Users can also configure email alerts so form submissions go to the right team member. Moreover, the platform offers a digital signature feature to organize approval processes and improves accountability among teams.

Our score: 8.8 User satisfaction: N/A
Average score
(0 user reviews)

An agile project management software that utilizes customizable Kanban Boards to effectively visualize a project’s entire workflow. With advanced collaboration tools and workflow analytics, users can align all projects and initiatives within the company easily. It has robust automation options and well-designed collaboration features with integration capabilities.