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Our score: 8.8 User satisfaction: 100%
Average score
5/5 (1 user reviews)

CA Harvest SCM is a revision control software that supports source code versioning and suggests streamlined workflows that incorporate comprehensive auditing, storage, and security of codework. Coding errors are tracked through the software, which also comes with a remote site repository cache to boost code storage.

Our score: 9.0 User satisfaction: N/A
Average score
(0 user reviews)

GNU RCS is a revision control platform that automates the storing, retrieval, logging, identification, and merging of revisions. It lets software teams view the development history of projects, which accounts for the software versions and details of each. Code changes are monitored and can be edited through the system.

Our score: 9.4 User satisfaction: 93%
Average score
4.5/5 (17 user reviews)

Apache Subversion is a full-featured version control system that boasts of a model, design, and interface that is more advanced than most Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) offerings on the market. It is designed with a variety of solutions that include merge tracking, interactive conflict resolution, and file locking.

Our score: 9.6 User satisfaction: 95%
Average score
4/5 (2 user reviews)

IBM Rational Synergy is a software configuration management (SCM) solution that merges distributed development teams in a centralized platform. With it, teams can collaborate on projects regardless of their location. The platform offers a set of productivity tools and has an SCM repository for individual codes between team members.

Our score: 9.6 User satisfaction: 94%
Average score
4.1/5 (10 user reviews)

IBM Rational ClearCase is an enterprise-grade configuration management software that tracks asset changes and controls access to company software resources. Programmers can delete compare and merge versions, create branches, and refer to the version history to track the changes made for the entirety of a project.

Our score: 9.7 User satisfaction: 94%
Average score
(0 user reviews)

Jedi VCS is a free and open-source version control software. The dynamic platform lets users trace the changes made to the coding as well as compare software versions. Built as a system for managing software projects, it is equipped with tools for monitoring bugs, tracking time, and an interactive to-do list.

Our score: 9.8 User satisfaction: 96%
Average score
4.8/5 (14 user reviews)

Team Foundation Server, currently known as Azure DevOps, is an end-to-end version control system that lets users share code, track work histories, and facilitate software shipping. The software is equipped with agile tools like Kanban and Scrum as well as full code traceability so that you can easily make adjustments.

Our score: 9.9 User satisfaction: 97%
Average score
4.4/5 (17 user reviews)

AWS CodeCommit is a version control system developed by Amazon for businesses of all scales. Through branching, merging, and pull requests, programmers can collaborate and make adjustments as needed. The platform also allows users to view the working history and encrypts files for added security.

Our score: 9.0 User satisfaction: 89%
Average score
4.4/5 (14 user reviews)

Gitlab is an all-in-one DevOps lifecycle platform that provides a complete CI/CD toolchain enabling users and IT developers to plan projects, create apps, manage source code, and share their apps. It offers a git-repository manager with issue tracking, wikis, and continuous integration/deployment pipeline.

Our score: 8.7 User satisfaction: 97%
Average score
4.6/5 (14 user reviews)

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