Coassemble Pricing Packages: What’s Included in the Starter, Pro & Premium Plans?

How much does Coassemble cost?
Coassemble costs $49 per month for its Starter Plan. You can opt for the annual payment option of $490, giving you two months free per year. The Pro Plan costs $399 per month, while the Premium Plan is $799 per month. The higher-tier plans have annual payment options as well, at $2,900 and $4,900, respectively.

If you are shopping around for a quality and affordable learning management system (LMS) solution, you are not alone. Since 2007, the investment in workplace training has been growing by 18.37%, helping the global workplace training industry reach $357.7 billion in 2020 (Training Industry, 2021). North America makes up about 46.21% of the global market share with $165.3 billion in investment.

The use of LMS platforms is also very popular in the region, especially among organizations’ learning and development (L&D) departments. Recent 2020 data indicate that 70% of L&D departments make use of LMS platforms (Mimeo, 2020). And, because of the popularity of these applications, they have become synonymous with online learning and training to many.  But not all of them are creative equal. Some are clunkier than the others while some are just plain bad—causing more issues than providing a fix.

The best ones are those that are intuitive to use for both authors and learners. And, one of the best available today is Coassemble. The platform is being used by a wide range of organizations, including the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, and many other institutions passionate about corporate learning and development.

Aside from being a powerful and easy-to-use LMS solution, Coassemble is known for being affordable. So, if you want to know more about its pricing plans, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will lay down all Coassemble pricing plans, what they include, and what you can expect. In this way, you will have a better idea of which one fits your needs.

Coassemble pricing packages

Coassemble Pricing Plans and Features

The Training Workers Need and Want

Essential deskless or frontline workers make up 80% of the global workforce (Freifield, 2020). These include professionals, such as nurses, construction workers, and salespeople. Many of them handle important jobs and sensitive processes that may not only make or break a company but also preserve and save lives. Hence, regular and up-to-date training is essential to keep them fit for the demands of a dynamic market. Indeed, the majority of frontline workers agree.

It was found that 56% of these frontline workers believe that additional training will improve their chances of survival in the job market. Also, many, at 19%, feel that they are ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ disconnected from the values of their organizations (Marousis, 2021), and 63% of them believe that additional training would help them feel more connected. Thus, training seems to have an effect not just on the actual competency of workers but also on their self-perceived competencies and their connection with their organizations.

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A Surging Demand for Additional Professional Training

(of Desk-less/Front-line Professionals in 2020)

A Surging Demand for Additional Professional Training
of the global workforce are front-line workers: 80

of the global workforce are front-line workers

A Surging Demand for Additional Professional Training
believe additional training will help them feel more connected with their companies: 63

believe additional training will help them feel more connected with their companies

A Surging Demand for Additional Professional Training
believe additional training will improve survival in job market: 56

believe additional training will improve survival in job market

A Surging Demand for Additional Professional Training
feel "somewhat" or "very" disconnected with their companies: 19

feel "somewhat" or "very" disconnected with their companies


Source: TalentCards, 2020

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Training, however, is not totally absent from the picture. In fact, 59% of frontline workers receive the majority of their training online. However, an unignorable 17% claim that they remember less than half of their training upon completion. The figure increases to 32% after 30 days. So, quality is still wanting in terms of retention.

The format could be the problem. Many training sessions are one-time events that last a long time. It was found that the majority of frontline workers, at 80%, prefer regular but short training sessions. Thanks to LMS solutions, continuous corporate learning can be done this way. More importantly, this can be easily achieved with a platform as good as Coassemble.

Overview of Coassemble

Coassemble dashboard

Coassemble is a web-based learning management system used by more than 1,000 teams across a wide range of industries. The platform is lauded for providing users with a very easy-to-use course authoring module nested seamlessly in the LMS. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, you can start creating your course materials right off the bat.

The authoring tools help organizations and individual creators author original course content instantly. The module lets you add different types of learning media from plain texts and images to presentations and interactive content. In this way, your course will not only be informative but also engaging and enjoyable.

Moreover, Coassemble provides you with all the usual LMS features and more. Key features include modules for custom branding, video hosting, standard certificates, resource storage, quizzes, and assignments. It also features a wide range of customizable interactive templates for faster and easier course authoring. In this way, you won’t have to build every lesson screen or pop quiz from scratch.

Also, Coassemble provides you with an analytics engine. Thus, you can extract granular insights on performance and have real-time access to a general performance dashboard. With this, you and your team can optimize parts of the online learning experience on the fly.



Try out Coassemble with their free trial

Coassemble is being deployed for many types of online learning objectives. It is being used for onboarding, remote work, and continuous learning in the corporate setting. For instance, the app can be used by gyms and fitness coaches for customer training. Moreover, it is also great for online academic education.

Coassemble can be deployed in a wide variety of use cases, as it is to work seamlessly with other digital business tools. The integrations work smoothly with Stripe, Slack, Excel, BambooHR, MailChimp, Gmail, and Twitter.

While Coassemble does not have native apps for Android and iOS devices, the software is optimized for mobile devices. Lastly, it offers customized plans and support to organizations with special learning requirements along with its standard pricing plans.

Detailed Coassemble Review

Key Features of Coassemble

  • Courses
  • User Permissions
  • 30+ Lesson Screen Templates
  • Quiz Questions
  • Advanced Branding
  • Assignments
  • Video Hosting
  • Completion Certificates
  • Sharing Options
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Learner Groups
  • Resource Folders
  • Zapier Integrations
  • Mobile-first Web Interface
  • Multiple Languages Support (on the learner’s side)

Coassemble Pricing Plan Packages

1. Starter Plan – $49/month or $4,900/year

The Coassemble Starter Plan costs $49 per month. However, it will only cost $4,900 per year or just $40.83 per month should you choose its annual payment option. This is equal to two months free in a year. This plan provides support for five courses and 25 users. Additionally, it provides access to all lesson screen templates in its unique course authoring module.

Course Authoring with Lesson Screen Templates

Coassemble’s Lesson Screen Templates make course authoring a breeze. It is the heart of the platform, allowing users to create custom lessons and courses make it available to online learners. The module is packed with useful features that allow for an enjoyable interactive learning experience within the platform. Lesson Screen Templates are available in all plans.

Now, let us get to know some of the 30 template layouts available by type: (i) Standard, (ii) Presentation, and (iii) Challenge.

Lesson Screen Templates - Coassemble

Adding a multiple choice question on a Lesson Screen

Standard Templates

These screen templates allow users to add text, images, videos, and even pop-quiz content. You can also add the document upload screen for participants to submit their requirements. An embed screen template lets you display working, accessible screens from other applications like Google Maps, Spotify, social media sites, and Calendly. In this way, you or your course participants won’t need to switch between screens or apps to connect to outside material. This is perfect for onboarding processes.

Embed Screen - Coassemble

A sample lesson screen using the Embed Screen Template

Presentation Templates

The presentation tools allow you to engage students with highly visual course content using interactive features. With it, your learners can discover content in an engaging and memorable way. For instance, the Wheel Lesson Screen template allows you to embed your course material using an interactive spin the wheel graphic. You can design it in a way that when a participant spins the wheel or clicks a section, the template will show an answer to a question or a definition of a term that corresponds to the clicked section. The Hotspot Lesson Screen allows you to put clickable hotspots on an image. This can be a product, a map, or an image of a living cell. Other Presentation Screen Templates include World Circle, Timeline, and Acronym.

Hotspot Lesson Screen - Coassemble

An example of what you can do with a Hotspot Lesson Screen Template

Challenge Templates

These activity-based templates provide you with tools to informally assess your course participant’s knowledge and retention during sessions. As its name suggests, these screens offer challenges like questions in order for students or the lesson to move on. Challenge Screen Templates include Form Challenge, Labelling Challenge, Correct Category Challenge, and Spot the Mistake Challenge, among others.

Mobile Ready - Coassemble

Coassemble’s web interface is mobile-ready.

The Starter Plan also provides you with the same key features, including video hosting, SCORM capabilities, learner groups, advanced share options, advanced branding, and Zapier integrations. The last feature allows you to create custom workflows. Meanwhile, other ecommerce integrations would allow you to sell your courses outside your organization. This is perfect for consultants and trainers of all sorts—from gym trainers to learning coaches.

What’s included in the Starter Plan?

  • Five Courses
  • 25 Users
  • All Lesson Screen Templates
  • Quiz Questions
  • Advanced Branding
  • Assignments
  • Video Hosting
  • Completion Certificates
  • Sharing Options
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Learner Groups
  • Resource Folders
  • Zapier Integrations
  • Mobile-first Web Interface
  • Multiple Languages Support (on the learner’s side)

2. Pro Plan – $399/month or $2,900/year

Coassemble’s Pro Plan offers everything in the Starter Plan, plus support for unlimited courses and an unlimited number of users. Of course, it also includes all the screen templates. The plan costs $399 per month. As with the Starter Plan, you can also choose to pay annually. The annual plan costs $2,900, allowing you to save $1,888 yearly.

The plan is perfect for large organizations or online learning specialists. With support for unlimited courses, you can create a whole variety of learning experiences. You can even set up learning programs with step-wise prerequisites.

With the provision for unlimited users, your organization will not only be able to provide training to a large number of people but also crowdsource the creation, maintenance, and updating of your knowledge base.

There are no other fees for different user permission levels and implementation. Coassemble is a flat-rate subscription. This applies to all of its plans. So, the $399 you pay for the Pro Plan will have everything covered—from all your courses to your unlimited users.

The Pro Plan also includes key features that are also available in the Starter Plan. These include advanced reporting, advanced user permissions, and standard completion certificates.

Modules - Coassemble

A screenshot of where you add modules on Coassemble

What is included in the Pro plan?

  • Everything in the Starter Plan
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Users
  • All Lesson Screen Templates

3. Premium Plan – $799 or $4,900/year

The Premium Plan costs $799 per month but is only $4,900 annually. Going for the annual payment option, however, is the practical choice if you have the cash. By going for an annual plan, you will be able to save $4,688 a year. This is getting one month of subscription almost for free.

Premium Plan users get everything that Pro Plans users get. On top of that, they also get a custom domain and email. Thus, it provides users with complete branding controls. Moreover, it also comes with advanced integrations and a premium certificate builder.

The premium certificate builder allows you to create custom completion certificates. The module lets you select or upload your own celebratory badges. Moreover, you can also customize your finish text and sprinkle brand-colored confetti. In this way, you can reward your learners and further personalize their online learning experience.

The Premium Plan is perfect for large organizations that provide both internal and external education and training opportunities. With Coassemble, these organizations can streamline online learning processes, from onboarding to continuous professional training. Moreover, the Premium Plan can also work great for educational institutions—from K-12 schools to universities. Unlike the Starter and the Pro Plans, this gives you the most control when it comes to a branded learning experience. You will have your very own custom domain and email address, as opposed to subscribers of lower-tier plans.

Furthermore, the Premium Plan also includes a dedicated customer service manager. So, Premium Plan subscribers will get top priority support.

All plans, however, support multiple languages on the learner’s side of the interface. Languages available (aside from English) include Korean, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Portuguese. But, on the trainer’s side of Coassemble, the only supported language is English.

Landing Page - Coassemble

The landing page for Coassemble authors

What is included in the Pro plan?

  • Everything in the Pro Plan
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Email
  • Premium Certificates
  • Advanced Integrations

Which Coassemble plan is right for you?

Coassemble is a very flexible platform that’s rich in deployment possibilities or use cases. It can be used as a solution for online learning, ecommerce, corporate training, employee onboarding, knowledge management, and many more. In this section, we will give you ideas on the use cases of different Coassemble pricing plans.

The Starter Plan

The Starter Plan will work well for small companies/departments and freelance professionals. This is because of the five-courses and 25-users limit being imposed. This means that users will have to limit courses according to their specializations. Given its affordable price at $49 a month and its intuitive user interface, users can start creating and managing their training content instantly after signing up.

Small- to medium-size departments in organizations can deploy Coassemble to create, maintain, and update their knowledge base. They can use it not only for faster issue resolutions but also for future onboarding of new hires or transfers.

Freelance professionals and specialists like coaches and consultants would also do well with this plan. It can be very helpful to fitness instructors and business gurus trying to grow their operations. With the Standard Plan, they can expand their face-to-face courses’ availability through the web. This is very important, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic still rearing its ugly head. Course materials can also be customized. It can include videos and whatever else you can add using Lesson Screen Templates.

Moreover, consultants and professional training instructors can also use Coassemble as a complementary tool for their face-to-face classes. It can act as a real-time performance management tracker, thanks to modules for quizzes and assignments.

The Pro Plan

The Pro Plan can be very helpful to SMEs with HR onboarding, knowledgebase management, and corporate training activities. With unlimited courses, a company can easily create courses and modules for a wide variety of topics across its organization. With support for an unlimited number of users, organizations can easily enroll new employees into their corporate elearning programs. Thanks to features like Learner Groups and advanced analytics, organizations can make data-driven decisions to optimize both course content and delivery on the go.

Moreover, its powerful analytics engine can provide both general and granular views of employee performance. With this, you won’t only have a 360-degree view but also an in-depth one.

Again, Coassemble can also be used to complement traditional face-to-face training. You don’t have to fully migrate your training materials online. The platform can act as a supplementary training tool that provides engaging interactive elements to learning.

The Premium Plan

The premium plan is best for huge corporate organizations, including educational institutions. The platform is so flexible that you can create your propriety LMS platform with unique authoring tools. This is because the Premium Plan provides you with the highest level of branding and customization out of the three. You can better gamify learning experiences by using the Advanced Certificate Builder feature. With Coassemble Premium Plan, you can not only choose but also upload custom completion badges. Further personalization can be achieved, thanks to advanced integrations, API, and webhooks. And, as recent gamification statistics had shown, this can increase both productivity (50%) and engagement (60%).

This plan is also great for organizations or individuals who sell online course materials. The advanced branding features will allow you to create a fully branded training experience. Instead of having a Coassemble link, you will be provided with your very own custom domain and email. This feature is not available in the other two offerings. The only thing left to do is to connect it to your favorite ecommerce software solution.

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