Celoxis Pricing Packages: What’s Included in the Plans?

How much does Celoxis cost?
Celoxis Cloud version costs $25 per user per month with 10%, 15%, and 20% discounts for the one-to-three-year plans, respectively. On the other hand, the On Premise version costs $450 per user billed once. In order to subscribe to either one, however, a minimum of five users is required. Also, both versions are virtually equivalent save for a few details.

Many project management platforms out there focus on task management and performance monitoring. Although they perform well in these regards, they lack advanced resource management tools to monitor both HR and financial resources. Celoxis is not one of them. In fact, it is a unique blend of comprehensive project management and resource management tools. Thus, it is better suited to users who handle multiple projects across various locations that need advanced capacity planning.

The solution may fly under the radar for most organizations, but it is packed with advanced features that are both easy-to-use and highly customizable. And, for those who are in the know, Celoxis has become the go-to project management platform. Also, because of its comprehensive set of features, it might as well be the total business management solution.

Unlike other project management solutions, Celoxis pricing plans have two deployment types: Cloud and On Premise. Both plans are virtually similar save for a few distinctions that are mostly in after-sales support. In this article, you will get to know more about these two deployment plans, the available payment terms, the advanced features that Celoxis provides, and the differences between the two. In this way, you will be able to see which deployment type and payment scheme suits your organizational needs.

Celoxis Pricing Packages

Celoxis Pricing Plans and Features

The Project Management Institute (PMI) has reported that the ROI of maturity in project management is highly valuable. Their study reflects what other recent project management statistics found. Organizations with highly mature project management capabilities outperform low project management maturity organizations in important areas.

For instance, among organizations with highly mature project management operations, 77% reach their project goals while only 56% of organizations with low project management maturity do. This is also the case when it comes to finishing within budget, 67% vs. 46%, and on time, 63% vs. 39%. Arguably, the most concerning is the fact that organizations with low project management maturity have their projects fail at a rate (21%) that is almost twice as high as others with a high level of maturity in project management (11%).

Source: PMI, 2020

In another study, it was found that among the organizations involved, 54% do not even have access to real-time KPIs (Wellingtone, 2020). Around 33% also spend one or more days collating project reports manually. As we know, manual work takes more time and resources that can otherwise be spent on more mission-critical aspects of the business. With the sheer number of free project management software tools available, there is no excuse for such inefficiency.

Of course, premium paid platforms are best for complex project management. They have the most comprehensive sets of features and have the highest level of usability. It is these factors that enable the scope and impose the limit of what organizations can do when it comes to project management. And, Celoxis is one of those products that have the stamp of approval of many top organizations, including Del Monte, Deloitte, Adobe, Lufthansa, BBVA, and Cornell University.

Overview of Celoxis

celoxis dashboard example

Celoxis is a unique business solution with a comprehensive blend of project management and resource management features. It is available in two versions: Cloud and On Premise. The product is a go-to platform for organizations of all sizes across industries. This is because it is highly customizable. This is thanks to built-in automation tools that can be customized according to particular contexts, needs, and preferences. Moreover, users can also create their own automated workflows using routing rules, custom fields, and escalation protocols within the system itself.

The core of the software, however, is its one-of-a-kind blend of project management and resource allocation modules. Project management features range from project request tracking and project accounting to project planning and portfolio management. This is mixed in with a robust set of resource management features with advanced capacity planning capabilities. The toolkit includes modules like timesheets, native timers, expense trackers, and multi-level approval settings. The software is also powerful enough to help users manage multiple locations, shifts, holidays, and exceptions. And. these are all packed in a clean and intuitive interface.



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The software is also fitted with collaboration and communication tools. These, too, have high out-of-the-box functionality. They have the look and feel of popular social media platforms with features like @mentions, discussion spaces, and activity streams. Moreover, it is also prized by users for its reporting and analytics capabilities. Celoxis offers shareable and customizable dashboards that users can personalize using widgets and layouts. Furthermore, the product includes a free client portal that users can give third-party stakeholders access to for better collaboration.

While Celoxis doesn’t have native applications for Android and iOS devices, it is optimized for mobile. Thus, users can access the platform on the go. Also, it is plug-and-play, eliminating the need for you to overhaul your software stack. Celoxis integrates seamlessly with other business tools, including Slack, Salesforce, Google Drive, and many more.

Celoxis is also reasonably priced for the number and quality of its features and the level of its usability. Payment terms are also flexible. Its Cloud version costs $25 per month per user. On the other hand, its On Premise version is $450 per user billed only once. However, a minimum of five users is required to subscribe to both plans.

Detailed Celoxis Review

Key Features of Celoxis

  • Project Planning and Tracking
  • Inter-Project Dependencies
  • Project Accounting
  • Resource Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Time and Expense Trackers
  • Profit and Margin Tracking
  • Custom Financial KPIs
  • Multiple Shareable Dynamic Dashboards
  • Custom Drill-Down Charts
  • Customizable Workflow Apps

Celoxis Plans and Pricing Packages

What is great about the Celoxis offering is that there are no tiers and types. You get the same number of features that other Celoxis users get. The plans only differ when it comes to deployment. As mentioned, you can either choose a web-based subscription to Celoxis’ Cloud version or have the On Premise Celoxis software version installed on your machines. Both deployments have identical features except for after-sales support terms. We are going to outline these and other terms under each of the plans’ sections.

Cloud Plan

project tracking in Celoxis

A screenshot of the project tracking feature in Celoxis. It is complete with both schedule and budget health indicators.

The Cloud Celoxis deployment costs $25 per user for the monthly subscription. It is good to note, however, that the vendor requires a minimum of five users to get a subscription. So, a subscription will cost a minimum of $125 per month. That is $1,500 a year. If you are planning a long-term subscription, the vendor also offers discounts.

Monthly Subscription
  • Discount: 0%
  • Per-User Monthly Rate: $25
  • Per-User Yearly Rate: $300
  • Minimum of 5 Users Monthly Rate:  $125
  • Minimum of 5 Users Yearly Rate: $1,500
Yearly Subscription

A yearly subscription has a 10% discount, which will amount to a total of $270 per month at a rate of $22.50 per user per month. That is $3,240 a year.

  • Discount: 10%
  • Per-User Monthly Rate: $22.50
  • Per-User Yearly Rate: $270
  • Minimum of 5 Users Monthly Rate:  $112.50
  • Minimum of 5 Users Yearly Rate: $1,350
Two-Yearly Subscription

A two-year subscription gets you a 15% discount amounting to $21.25 per user monthly. For the minimum of five users, that total is $107.50 per month costing you $1,290 a year.

  • Discount: 15%
  • Per-User Monthly Rate: $21.50
  • Per-User Yearly Rate: $258
  • Minimum of 5 Users Monthly Rate:  $107.50
  • Minimum of 5 Users Yearly Rate: $1,290
Three-Yearly Subscription

A three-year subscription is also available for a 20% discounted rate. In this payment scheme, each user will cost $20 per month. For the five-user minimum, the plan will cost $100 per month and $1,200 per year.

  • Discount: 20%
  • Per-User Monthly Rate: $20
  • Per-User Yearly Rate: $240
  • Minimum of 5 Users Monthly Rate:  $100
  • Minimum of 5 Users Yearly Rate: $1,200
Celoxis Cloud Terms and Support

Cloud subscribers get free support as long as they are subscribed. Also, an account will always need to have a minimum of five purchased user licenses to be active. These user licenses also are not concurrent. Meaning, each is a named license and for five users, only five users have login accounts. Of course, the licenses can be transferred in the event an employee leaves your organization. Furthermore, the vendor includes a 2GB file space per user in the Cloud plan. Should you need additional space, the going rate is $10 per 10GB per month.

Moreover, you can buy additional licenses at any time. It is good to note, however, that the additional licenses will co-terminate with your other licenses. So, it is better to time when to add a license, especially when you are on a monthly plan.

An upgrade is when you choose a less frequent billing option like changing a monthly subscription to a yearly subscription and so forth. A downgrade—when you decrease the number of users or choose a more frequent billing option—can only be performed after the current subscription plan expires. Also, it is good to note that there is no provision for reducing users but increasing the plan duration.

Lastly, you can also cancel your plan at any time. The minimum commitment, however, is one month. And, no refunds are offered for the unused portion of a subscription.

Free Client Accounts and Virtual Users

Celoxis offers a plethora of collaboration tools. And, two of the unique features available are Client Accounts and Virtual Users. These are mainly tools that subscribers can use to keep third-party collaborators in the loop. Here are the main functions of these features:

  • Client Accounts. You can choose to give your clients access to a client portal. There, they can monitor the progress of projects and collaborate with you. Also, it is free. However, it has less functionality than a full-fledged user account. These accounts allow clients to view assigned projects, check their status, and participate in discussion spaces. They can also upload and download files from a designated project folder. Moreover, if you grant them further access, they can also collaborate on custom applications, such as helpdesk tickets and issues.
  • Virtual Users. Unlike Client Accounts, Virtual Users do not have login credentials and they couldn’t access the platform directly. They, however, can perform a limited set of actions in their projects via email. These actions include progress updates, discussion replies, and even log their time. It is also good to note that there is only a limited number of Virtual Users allowed in the system. This number is computed by N=(5*n)+10 where ‘n‘ is the number of your purchased user licenses. Hence, if you have 5 user licenses then you get a maximum of 35 virtual users.

Both of these are also available on the On Premise version. As mentioned, both of the plans are virtually identical except for a few aspects related to after-sales service.

What’s included in the Cloud plan?

  • All Project Management Features
  • All Resource Management Features
  • Free Clients and Virtual Users
  • Free Support
  • 2GB File Space Per User (Shared)
  • Each Additional 10GB for $10

Celoxis Cloud for Growing Businesses and Professional Services

The Celoxis Cloud subscription plan includes all the platform’s features but at a lower starting price. Thus, it is perfect for growing businesses that need more capital and budget for other critical aspects of operations. This is also great for companies that are in the process of digital transformation and are not ready for a long-term commitment to a specific platform. Sure, Celoxis offers a free trial. However, it may not be enough to get all potential users to become familiar with the product.

Also, this could be a good option for smaller operations like professional services with a lean-and-mean approach to operations. It is especially attractive to project-based professionals. In fact, Celoxis is popular among these types of businesses and it counts consultancy companies like Intergroup Engineering, Prometeo, and Inferência as happy customers.

time and expense tracker, Celoxis

A screenshot of Celoxis’ time and expense tracker. This is a great tool for professional service businesses that have employees out on the field and bill clients by the hour.

Professional services companies with employees working in the field can take advantage of the many resource management features of Celoxis. These include modules for tracking time, budget, expenses, profits, and margin per service rendered by an employee. This is especially helpful to businesses that bill clients by the minute or hour. Also, thanks to its free client and virtual users, professional service businesses can share progress and collaborate closely with clients, partners, and any other stakeholder.

On Premise Plan

Celoxis portfolio management

A screenshot of the portfolio management feature of Celoxis. This is a great tool for monitoring the health of multiple projects across multiple locations.

The On Premise version of Celoxis has a straightforward price of $450 per user billed only once. This is a lifetime license and, of course, is transferable when an employee is no longer with your company And, again, subscribing to this plan has a minimum requirement of five users. Thus, the minimum cost of a Celoxis On Premise deployment is $2,250. This is the perfect plan for companies that are long-time Celoxis Cloud users because of the savings, thanks to the one-time license fee. Again, it includes all the Celoxis features and is virtually identical to the Cloud plan save for the deployment and after-sales service. Also, this includes the free Clients and Virtual Users, including the max number of Virtual Users.

On Premise Lifetime License Details
  • Lifetime User License: $450
  • Minimum Users: 5
  • Minimum License Fee: $2,250
  • Free Support and Software Upgrades: One-Year Coverage
  • Annual Maintenance Fee: 33%
  • Minimum Maintenance Fee (5 users): $742.50
Celoxis On Premise Terms and Support

When you subscribe to the On Premise deployment option, you automatically get free support for one year. After which, to continue getting support, you need to subscribe to Celoxis’ Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for 33% of your total subscription fee. For instance, if you have five licensed users at $2,250, you would be charged an additional $742.50 for the second year. This is optional. However, you need the AMC to get all the software upgrades after your free one-year coverage ends. Like customer support, upgrades are only free for the first year.

Users with the On Premise version can also add more users at any time at the same going rate of $450 per license. If they are on the AMC, they will be charged with a pro-rated support fee.

Customizable Workflow Automations and Analytics Tools

customizable workflow automation in Celoxis

A screenshot of a customizable dashboard on Celoxis.

Customizability is an important factor to consider when choosing a project management platform. Surely, there are general principles and standards in project management. However, each business (even every project) is different. Workflows for every project can be different as well as KPIs. Having a rigid software solution is not advisable in dynamic market conditions. Fortunately for Celoxis users, the platform is highly configurable to their needs and preferences. This is especially most important in the functionality of two key modules: workflow automations and analytics.

The platform has built-in workflow automation apps like those for project risks, issues, change requests, bugs, and RAID logs. These built-in tools can be tweaked to fit various dependencies and routing preferences. Not only are these configurable but you too can build your own automation application within Celoxis itself using custom fields, routing rules, and escalation protocols. This is mightily useful in creating ways to optimize processes by outsourcing menial and easily decidable issues to the program. With this, employees and managers can turn their attention to more critical areas.

Celoxis also provides users with built-in analytics and reporting tools. These include drill-down charts, widgets, visualizations, and various layout options. Also, these are highly customizable as well. Customizability is very important, especially since each project can have different KPIs. And, with the high customizability level in analytics tools, Celoxis allows users to be more precise and creative in making data-based analyses of project or company performance. Of course, basic features such as filters, columns, and charts are available next to more advanced features like custom formula fields.

What’s included in the Cloud plan?

  • All Project Management Features
  • All Resource Management Features
  • Free Clients and Virtual Users
  • Free Support
  • 2GB File Space Per User (Shared)
  • Each Additional 10GB for $10
what-if analytic tool by Celoxis

A What-If analysis dashboard created on Celoxis

Multi-location Enterprise-Level Operations

According to recent business intelligence statistics, operations, finance, and executive management are the top three business functions that require the adoption of business intelligence tools. And, Celoxis, because of its enterprise-level analytics features, is being used by businesses to improve their planning efficiency and make strategic decisions. Users like Consilium Technologies and NTI Solutions have been using Celoxis to improve cross-project visibility, planning predictability, and data-driven strategizing.

Moreover, the one-time $450 per user license fee is perfect for businesses with high-level PM maturity. In fact, Celoxis is a go-to replacement for legacy project management software solutions like Microsoft Project. With a more affordable rate, the platform offers more features enough to eliminate the use of heterogeneous systems. The feature set is so comprehensive at that price point that many businesses use Celoxis as the sole command center of their operations.

The On Premise solution is also perfect for businesses that are committed to long-term digital transformation. The platform is so easy to use that it can be deployed enterprise-wide from C-Suite executives to middle management. With high out-of-the-box functionality, users will be able to set up their workspace and start managing projects with complex interdependencies across multiple locations within just hours. Thus, the cost of both time and money for adoption is lower with a highly usable platform like Celoxis.

A Good Choice for Digital Transformation

Celoxis is far from your average project management solution. It weaves into one a comprehensive set of project management and resource management features that provide users with a 360-view of their operations. Essentially, the platform comes in one software version. And, as mentioned, there are no tiers or types. The only two differences between these two options are deployment and after-sales service terms. All Celoxis accounts get the same amount of features and the same level of functionality.

Celoxis is also a great platform to start your digital transformation in project management. According to the latest digital transformation statistics, companies with higher digital maturity have reported a 45% increase in revenue compared to the 15% posted by companies with lower maturity. Having an easy-to-use and highly configurable software solution can speed up the maturation process. And, that is something you can do with Celoxis.

Celoxis offers both high levels of out-of-the-box functionality and customizability. Users can not only adapt to it easily but also configure it to work for them much quicker. The solution might not be as popular as other powerful tools but it is not just a mere alternative. It is highly competitive with software solutions with high recall value. And, when compared to Celoxis alternatives, it is superior in many ways. The unique blend of project management and resource management features is enough to put Celoxis on the top section of your shortlist.

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