MarketerHire Pricing Packages: What’s Included in the Pricing Plans?

How much does MarketerHire cost?
MarketerHire costs depend on the type of contract and the rate of the freelancer. Hourly rates start from $80 to $160+. The part-time rate is from $1,200 to $,2400+ per week, while the full-time rate is from $2, 400 to $4, 800+ per week. MarketerHire also requires a soft commitment fee starting at $1,500 per month. This is to ensure that their freelancers only get involved in high-quality projects.

MarketerHire is a go-to freelance platform for businesses that want to hire expert marketers on-demand. Unlike other freelancer websites, MarketerHire only focuses on freelance marketing specialists. This makes it the perfect place to search for the ideal marketer for your projects. All freelancers go through a rigorous vetting process, so you know you are hiring a bonafide marketer for your team.

MarketerHire pricing plans are based on hourly, part-time, and full-time contracts. Freelancers set their own rates; however, whichever type of contract you need, you’ll still receive the same fast and professional matching service from MarketerHire. In this article, you’ll know more about the costs and inclusions in a typical MarketerHire transaction.

marketerhire pricing plans

People used to give suspicious looks whenever someone says they’re a freelancer. But today, being a freelancer is considered a legitimate job and a decent way to earn an income. The perks of the job include being your own boss, working from the location you want, and having more control over your schedule.

When COVID-19 hit, more people became exposed to the concept of freelancing and remote work. In fact, 12% of United States workers started freelancing because of the pandemic. It seems that the experience had a profound effect on the way people want to work in the future as 90% of remote workers said they do not want to go back to a regular nine-to-five job for the rest of their careers.

On the other side of the fence are companies that have also become more open to hiring freelancers. However, they face some big challenges when it comes to hiring independent contractors. The top challenge is recruitment (74%), followed by payment (68%), management (65%), onboarding (64%), and legal compliance (63%). How do businesses address these challenges? They use reliable freelance platforms to streamline the hiring process.

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Top Challenges for Companies Working with Freelancers in the US, 2021

Top Challenges for Companies Working with Freelancers in the US, 2021
Recruitment: 74


Top Challenges for Companies Working with Freelancers in the US, 2021
Payment: 68


Top Challenges for Companies Working with Freelancers in the US, 2021
Management: 65


Top Challenges for Companies Working with Freelancers in the US, 2021
Onboarding: 64


Top Challenges for Companies Working with Freelancers in the US, 2021
Legal compliance: 63

Legal compliance


Source: Stoke Talent, 2021

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Overview of MarketerHire

marketerhire dashboard

MarketerHire is a leading freelance platform that focuses only on marketing professionals. With its expert matching services, companies can find the ideal marketer for their project in as short as 48 hours. MarkterHire does all the candidate vetting, interviews, and exams, allowing companies to save time and resources in recruiting.

Moreover, MarketerHire includes a five-hour risk-free trial where they foot the bill in case you are not satisfied with the marketer. MarkterHire provides continuous personal support to companies even after a match has been found. A marketing manager from MarketerHire checks in every two weeks to see how the work is going and if standards are being met. In case there are problems with the working relationship and the match is not turning out to be a good one, MarkterHire can help you find a new freelancer.

For freelancers, MarketerHire serves as a reliable platform to get matched with challenging marketing projects with top global brands. Instead of submitting multiple applications to different companies and job sites, you only need to apply to one place. If you’re accepted, you have access to consistent, rewarding, and high-paying marketing roles.

There are no fixed MarketerHire pricing plans, as freelancer rates vary. MarketerHire allows its freelancers to set their own rates based on hourly, part-time, and full-time contracts. If there are issues or disputes with the employer and freelancer, MarketerHire can also assist in resolving these issues. In other words, there is accountability for both parties.

Detailed MarketerHire Review

Key features of MarketerHire:

  • Hire bonafide marketers
  • Find expert marketers
  • Streamline your recruitment process
  • No need to post job ads and conduct interviews
  • Save on hiring fees, agency, and termination fees
  • Dedicated personal support
  • Find consistent freelance work
  • Set your own rate as a freelancer
  • Apply only to one freelance platform for top global marketing jobs
  • Work per hour, full-time, or part-time

MarketerHire Pricing Packages

Transparent Pricing

If you’ve had problems in the past with other freelance websites charging you hidden fees for using their platform, you won’t need to deal with that on MarketerHire. After a successful match, you won’t suddenly face a huge bill for recruitment or placement fees. There are also no termination fees if you decide to end your contract with a freelancer.

Moreover, you won’t be forced into ambiguous long-term contracts. MarketerHire does require a soft commitment fee starting at $1,500 per month for projects that push through via its matching service. This is one way of making sure that the high-quality freelancers on the platform are also matched with quality, challenging marketing projects with serious companies.

Freelancers on MarketerHire set their own rates. You will know these rates during the matching process. Per-hour rates range from $80 to $160, part-time is from $1,200 to $2,400+ per week, and full-time is from $2,400 to $4,800+ per week. As you can see, these professional conditions are just like any other traditional hire.

Rigorous Vetting Process

Based on freelancing trends, there will be about 70 million people freelancing in the US by 2022. That’s a lot! So, if you need a freelancer for your project, chances are you’ll easily find one when you go to any freelancer website. The profiles of every freelancer on most sites are available to the public. This means you can simply browse and choose a freelancer who seems to have the right skills for your project. However, you never really know if the freelancer indeed has those skills they claim.

Furthermore, scams are also real on freelance websites. A freelancer might ask you to pay a certain amount before they accept the job or charge exorbitant rates for a lousy job. You can avoid these scenarios when you use MarketerHire.

MarketerHire has a strict vetting process, so you know you’ll only be matched to a competent and experienced marketer. Their vetting process consists of referrals, skills-specific assessments, video interviews, and test projects. All these things work together to give MarketerHire a clear understanding of the freelancer’s abilities. As for employers, this vetting process means they no longer need to worry about hiring freelancers who do not meet their job requirements.

marketerhire sample freelance marketers profile

Sample freelancer profiles on MarketerHire.

Expert and Fast Matching

Businesses need to stay on top of digital marketing trends, but finding a freelancer with the right skills and experience takes time and resources. If you don’t have a full-blown HR department or hiring managers handling the task, it can even take months before you find good talent out there. The frustrating thing about this is that you’re not always going to be successful and you’ll soon realize that you’ve wasted money and time on a failed recruitment.

If you would rather skip this long process of trial and error when it comes to working with freelancers, consider using MarketerHire. Unlike other freelance platforms, MarketerHire focuses on finding the ideal marketer for your project and finding them fast. Some employers get matched in as early as 48 hours. As a result, most projects on MarketerHire kick-off within two weeks after the initial contact of the employer.

When you’re ready to start your search for freelancers, you simply fill out the survey form on MarketerHire’s website. The form takes about five minutes to complete and will ask you to tell MarketerHire more details about your project. Once you’re done with the questionnaire, MaketerHire’s team will get your matching started.

marketerhire questionnaire

MarketerHire uses an online questionnaire to know details about your project.

Personal Support After Hiring

Most freelance platforms leave it to the employer and freelancer to “work things out.” MarketerHire is different not only because it handles all the painstaking steps in vetting freelancers but also because it provides personal support even after you’ve found your ideal marketer.

From the moment you fill out the survey form, a marketing manager handles your account. They will talk to you to learn more about your project requirements and assist you throughout the matching process. They will also make regular check-ins after you’ve hired your marketer. They’ll check on the progress of your project, if standards are being met, and if both parties are happy with the match. If you are not satisfied with the match, MarketerHire will work with you to find another freelancer for the job. You’ll never need to deal with freelance recruitment challenges on your own when you use MarketerHire.

marketerHire best freelance marketer

Costing can be refined further based on your meeting with MarkterHire to find the ideal freelancer.

Is MarketerHire the Right Freelance Platform for You?

There’s no doubt that freelancing is here to stay, especially when you know that employers save $11.6 an hour per employee by hiring freelancers. MarketerHire is an excellent freelance platform if you’re in need of a top-notch marketer for your project. It stands out from other websites connecting businesses and independent contractors because it is only focused on a single field—marketing. This instantly makes the job of finding the ideal marketer so much easier. Using its expert matching services also means that you can save time on posting job ads, browsing multiple freelancer profiles on other websites, and doing candidate vetting yourself.

The cost of getting a freelancer from MarketerHire will vary based on the skills and experience of the marketer and whether you’re hiring per hour, part-time, or full-time. No matter which type of contract you get, you’ll still benefit from the expert services and features included in the platform.

The only question now is the soft commitment fee required for MarketerHire projects. Starting at $1,500 per month, it is clear that the platform is aimed at larger organizations that can cover that expense. If you’re a small business owner in a pinch and just need a freelancer to handle small marketing tasks, MarketerHire might not be a good fit. Instead, you can check other options for the best freelance websites for beginners and professionals. But if you have the budget and require vetted marketing specialists, then look no further. MarketerHire is a must-try freelance platform for you.

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