Tradogram Pricing Packages: What’s Included in Its Plans?

How much does Tradogram cost?
Tradogram costs $24 per user for the Premium plan, paid monthly. You can get the price down to $18 per month if you opt for the yearly paid subscription. The Basic plan comes for free and is meant for one user and 10 purchase orders per month. Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan is quote-based only and meant for larger teams with 20 or more users.

Tradogram is an award-winning procurement software that includes all the modern features necessary to keep up with the purchasing and supply management demands of today’s digital and diverse business environment. The platform is customizable, so you can configure settings, hide features you don’t need, and set user roles and permissions. It’s easy to use and offers an affordable pricing package fit for startups or small companies. As such, many purchasing teams have been using Tradogram to streamline their procurement processes and improve communication with all stakeholders.

This article will take a look at some of the features included in the different Tradogram pricing packages—Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. You’ll learn how each feature can help you overcome specific obstacles in procurement and supply management. By the end of this guide, you’ll get some insights on how you can choose the best plan for your business.

tradogram pricing packages

Supplier diversification is crucial for businesses to ensure that procurement runs smoothly. When the pandemic struck, businesses were suddenly faced with supply issues and high demands for certain products. Confusion surrounding the virus also came with delays in shipments, especially for products and raw materials that were only sourced overseas and from one supplier.

In one survey, 73% of businesses encountered problems in their supplier base, and 75 % faced problems with production and distribution. Meanwhile, certain industries like the food and consumer industries experienced severe breakdowns in their operations with 100% of surveyed businesses reporting production and distribution problems. Another 91% also had problems with suppliers.

Supply Chain Problems of Businesses During Covid-19

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Source: McKinsey, 2020

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What’s even more shocking is that 85% of respondents said they struggled with inefficient digital technologies in their supply chains. This number emphasizes the need for digital procurement platforms to be intuitive, easy-to-use, and accessible online as remote work setups are poised to become the new normal. In fact, 70% of companies said they are already planning to adopt a hybrid work model.

With these in mind, Tradogram makes for a good option for companies looking for a reliable procurement tool. However, to help you get a more concrete idea of how well it suits your operations, this guide will walk you through its plan inclusions and what to expect when you subscribe to one.

Overview of Tradogram

tradogram dashboard

Tradogram is a cloud-based e-procurement software that helps businesses simplify procurement management at all levels. It allows senior management to gain 100% visibility into business spending and oversee budgets in real-time from any location. Tradogram has powerful automation features that are intuitive so you spend less time training and onboarding people and more on actually using the product to improve your processes.

With Tradogram, your procurement team can use one platform to handle all purchasing administration tasks, such as budgeting, inventory management, and cataloging. It’s also easy to manage multiple suppliers and organize them using a customized supplier or vendor list. You can set approval workflows, user permissions, and multi-level management to ensure there is control and transparency in purchasing activities.

Tradogram also has tools for seamless purchase-to-pay transactions that can greatly improve the efficiency of your purchasing operations. Examples of these tools are purchase orders, delivery tracking, contracts, and invoices. Workflows for every level of the purchasing process are integrated into the system so you can create, approve, track, and fulfill requisition orders right in one platform.

Tradogram can be an online team communication tool as well. You can invite your suppliers to a free supplier portal so that messaging and negotiations become faster and you can avoid miscommunication. Tradogram integrates with many other popular cloud-based business applications, including Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Quickbooks (Desktop and Online), Xero, and Oracle.

Detailed Tradogram Review

Key Features of Tradogram

  • Real-Time Spending and Budget Tracking
  • Order Management
  • Multi-Level Management
  • User Permissions
  • Inventory Management
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Order Requisitions
  • Approval Routing
  • Invoice Reconciliation
  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Communication Portal
  • Sales and Purchase Order Management
  • Custom Reporting
  • Enable/Disable Any Feature

Tradogram Pricing Packages

Basic – Free

The Tradogram Basic plan is free. You only need to create an account on the vendor’s website to start using the platform. There’s no need to provide credit card details or sign a contract. The Basic plan is for one user and is limited to 10 purchase orders per month.

What’s included in the Tradogram Basic Plan?

  • Access for One User
  • 10 Purchase Orders Per Month
  • Unlimited Number of Items
  • Unlimited Number of Suppliers
  • Unlimited Number of Categories
  • Inventory Management
  • Contract Management
  • RFQ/RFP Management
  • Delivery Tracking System
  • Invoice Matching
  • Project Management
  • Expense Management
  • Knowledge Base Support

The Basic plan includes a suppliers list feature that allows you to organize information for an unlimited number of suppliers. Since businesses are already working in diverse, multi-country, and multiple supplier operations, having an organized list of suppliers in your procurement platform is crucial for easy ordering. You can quickly build a database of approved vendors and it’s also easier to make purchase decisions since you have all relevant supplier details right in one location. You can use filters to narrow down suppliers efficiently, as well as generate reports for expense tracking. If you want to further track suppliers based on their location, type, or services, you can use sub-categories to do so.

Aside from organizing your suppliers, Tradogram also includes supplier performance ratings. Your purchasing team fills out forms to evaluate a supplier for each order made. Suppliers have scorecards that make it easy to see which ones should be reused and which ones should be avoided or taken off your list. You can also use scorecards to create KPIs to ensure that your list of vendors meets your business expectations.

Communicating with suppliers can be easier using Tradogram. You can invite suppliers to the platform to speed up negotiations and avoid miscommunication with your orders. Suppliers don’t need to have a Tradogram account to receive and respond to purchase orders, RFQs, and RFPs. Once a supplier is in the Tradogram supplier portal, they can also track their received orders and create invoices directly through the system.

Tradogram supplier list

The Basic plan includes a suppliers list feature that allows you to organize information for an unlimited number of suppliers.

Premium – from $18 per Month

The Tradogram Premium plan costs $24 per month for the monthly plan and $18 per month for the yearly subscription. You get all the features included in the Basic plan plus, more advanced features, such as unlimited purchase orders, approvals routing, and multi-level budget tracking. The Premium plan is designed for multi-users.

What’s included in the Tradogram Premium Plan?

  • All Basic Features
  • Access for Multiple Users
  • Unlimited Purchase Orders
  • Multi-Level Branches and Departments
  • Multi-Level Budget Tracking
  • Requisitions Module
  • Approvals Routing
  • Report Builder Tool
  • White-Labeling
  • Priority Support
  • One-on-One Implementation Options
  • Integration Options
  • iOS and Android Apps

When it comes to procurement management, the Premium plan includes tools that will allow for seamless purchase-to-pay operations. You can customize workflows for every level of the purchasing process, from requisitions to purchase orders, requests, delivery tracking, and invoices.

Requisition forms, for instance, are multi-purpose; users can search and add items from the database or as one-off items. Meanwhile, request forms are versatile and can be used as RFQs or RFPs. Users can track the status of these forms and the supplier’s response conveniently in the platform. It’s also a very intuitive purchase management system as forms can be created from scratch to follow the terms that have been negotiated with the supplier. Users can easily duplicate existing POs once they’re ready to reorder and forms will be auto-filled with the item specifications for fast and uncomplicated ordering. Other important details such as payment terms, prices, and PO numbers are also included in the form.

POs will go through your customized approval workflows before being sent to suppliers. Since Tradogram is cloud-based, your purchasing team doesn’t need to wait for long. Approvers can access the platform from any location on any mobile device and approve orders.

Tradogram Requisitions form

Requisitions are multi-purpose; users can add items from the database or as one-off items.

Enterprise – by Quote

The most robust among the Tradogram pricing packages, the Enterprise plan is a quote-based subscription that provides special discounted rates for companies with more than 20 users. All Basic and Premium features are included in the Enterprise plan. It can also accommodate multiple companies in one account and you’ll have a dedicated account manager assigned to your account.

What’s included in the Tradogram Enterprise Plan?

  • All Basic and Premium Features
  • Special Rates for 20+ Users
  • Multiple Companies
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Full Account Set Up Option
  • Unlimited Users Options
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) Options
  • API Integration Options
  • Punchout (CartScan) Option
  • Custom White-Label Options
  • Custom Integration Options
  • Custom Feature Options
  • Custom Report Options

Tradogram Enterprise plan includes custom report options to help you conduct a better analysis of your business and purchasing activities. Using its report builder feature, you can customize reports according to specific criteria like purchase orders, items, categories, etc. The system also has intuitive business automation features—for example, items that are in different currencies will appear in your set default currency. As you can imagine, this type of feature is very helpful when making large volume purchases of varying items.

Reporting tools in Tradogram include real-time reporting analytics, which comes very handy when you want to improve spend control. With just a few clicks, you can get an overview of the data that matters such as purchasing patterns. You can identify any unusual orders or orders that deviated from the standard PO practices of your company. You’ll be able to have visibility at all levels—from the individual, department, to the branch level.

In addition, the expense reports you create are automatically compiled for easy auditing and tracking in the future. These saved reports can also be exported on all types of purchases and shared with employees. You have control over who can view specific generated reports and analytics of the company’s spending.

Tradogram Report Builder

Generate custom reports using the Report Builder to oversee the spend activities of your business.

Affordable Yet Comprehensive Procurement Software Plans

Tradogram certainly belongs to the top procurement software in the market today. We’ve only highlighted a few of its most beneficial features but there are certainly a lot more powerful ones that can truly help businesses of all sizes streamline their procurement processes. The platform is one of the best finds in the market since you get to enjoy most of the automation features even with just the free Basic plan, then scale to more advanced features of the two other Tradogram pricing packages. And if you have more than one user, upgrading to the Premium plan is still affordable, considering all the advanced features your team can use.

If your company wants to diversify your current supplier pool, then Tradogram can be an excellent choice. The supplier list and report builder features are what businesses need to better manage vendors and spend activities. The tools are easy to use and customizable, so there’s no steep learning curve once you decide to use the app. But don’t take our word for it. You can take advantage of the vendor’s free demo to learn more about the software before subscribing to the paid plans.

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