10 Best Construction Management Software Systems For Your Company

What is the best construction management software?
The best construction management software is, a web-based collaboration tool. As the most important of construction is the workforce, puts all construction stakeholders on the same page. It offers project management, communication, and customizable workflows.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies in the construction industry are now turning to technology to manage their business. If you’re looking for the best construction management software, you might be surprised to find out that these products come in different bundles—project management platforms, ERP, etc. So, where do you start? Ultimately, you’ll need to ask: what is the best construction management software for your business?

Below, you’ll find 10 of the leading construction management software systems with their key features and benefits highlighted, so that you can make an informed buying decision. You can also evaluate the top solutions on this list firsthand by availing yourself of the free trials.

construction management software

What are the 10 best construction management software systems?

More than 200 construction software solutions are offered on the market, most of them packed with functionality such as building information modeling, field service management, customer management, accounting, program and portfolio management, project scheduling, bid management, and project estimates.

These features have also proven to be indispensable in helping project managers keep track of construction projects while various restrictions and health protocols are being implemented to fight Coronavirus. Using cloud-based construction management software is also key to addressing some of the most pressing concerns of professionals in the engineering and construction industries with respect to COVID-19. Among these include reduction in productivity (41%), supply chain disruptions (23%), and not having enough information to make good business decisions (17%).

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Top Concerns of Engineering & Construction Industry with respect to COVID-19

Top Concerns of Engineering & Construction Industry with respect to COVID-19
Financial impact: 71

Financial impact

Top Concerns of Engineering & Construction Industry with respect to COVID-19
Potential global recession: 64

Potential global recession

Top Concerns of Engineering & Construction Industry with respect to COVID-19
Effects on workforce/reduction in productivity: 41

Effects on workforce/reduction in productivity

Top Concerns of Engineering & Construction Industry with respect to COVID-19
Decrease in consumer confidence reducing consumption: 40

Decrease in consumer confidence reducing consumption

Top Concerns of Engineering & Construction Industry with respect to COVID-19
Supply chain disruptions: 23

Supply chain disruptions

Top Concerns of Engineering & Construction Industry with respect to COVID-19
Difficulties with funding: 19

Difficulties with funding

Top Concerns of Engineering & Construction Industry with respect to COVID-19
Not having enough information to make good decisions: 17

Not having enough information to make good decisions


Source: PwC, 2020

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With the ability of these software solutions to address various concerns in the industry, it comes as no surprise that the global construction management software market is projected to reach $3.2 billion by 2027.

To help you keep up with the times and allow you to stay ahead of the competition, below are the 10 best construction management software systems as rated by our SaaS experts based on features and functions, ease of use, integration, and other factors.

1. dashboard is a well-known project management platform that lets you collaborate with your staff, contractors, stakeholders, and other members of your team. In any construction project, people are your most valuable assets. Allowing them to communicate seamlessly in one platform ensures the success of your construction projects. With various details laid out and organized, all members have a clear view of priorities, tasks, responsibilities, and more.

All relevant project information is organized in one place. Having everything synced ensures that members are always aware of the projects’ progress. Furthermore, stakeholders are always updated on any changes, issues, and priorities on their projects. You can even conduct sync meetings on the construction site with all decision-makers in attendance.

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As one of the best collaboration tools today, adapts to various requirements of your projects. It can adapt various workflows, which means the platform adjusts for your team and not the other way around. makes it easy for project managers to stay on top of things. You can organize budgets, schedules, budgets, and more without missing anything. The advanced reports and analytics ensure that you can easily identify projects that needed attention. 

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2. Wrike

Wrike Dashboard

Wrike is an easy-to-use project management solution designed for a wide range of businesses from creative and advertising to real estate and construction. When used to manage construction projects, the platform enables managers to set priorities to streamlines tasks and resource management.

Primarily, the application adds visibility to every project, empowering managers to track work progress and remove project gridlocks to meet deadlines. For example, Gantt charts provide real-time visibility into live projects and offer critical path analysis to optimize planning and accelerate successful delivery. Should you want to learn more about this product, be sure to try the Wrike free trial.



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On the other hand, workload views and advanced reporting put managers in the know of project progress. Besides, Wrike calendars help organize things with the most up-to-date schedules and plans. The calendars are connected to the underlying projects and present a visualized way to track project deliverables. They enable project teams to prioritize activities and align projects and tasks with emerging issues and objectives.

Detailed Wrike Review

3. Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman is an end-to-end construction management platform designed to aid companies in the industry to deliver projects on time and within budget. The software can optimize all back-end processes by organizing projects, serving as a unified hub for information and correspondence, as well as giving all users complete visibility into the project timelines. It can handle estimates, billing, invoicing, purchase orders, as well as payment processing. Moreover, it can be used to handle work orders, make to-do lists, and generate insightful reports on project progress and costs.

Another great thing about this platform is that it allows each construction project to be well-documented. Not only does it have daily logs that can support files and photos; it also has a client portal where team members can connect with suppliers, vendors, as well as customers. In addition, it has a module that documents inspections and incidents so that all pertinent information is kept in one place.

Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman

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As one of the most popular construction management software today, Contractor Foreman also integrates with third-party systems like QuickBooks and Google Calendar so that syncing financial data and schedules is simple. Moreover, its interface is completely mobile-ready so field employees can access all project information while on the go.

Detailed Contractor Foreman Review

4. CoConstruct

CoConstruct dashboard

CoConstruct is a web-based and mobile construction project management tool designed for the requirements of design-build firms, builders, and clients. It offers three functionality modules that assist remodelers and builders in managing key project-related tasks, such as activity planning, scheduling, budgeting, and client communication.

This application stands out among the crowd because of its unique design that allows constructors to effortlessly manage constantly changing concepts instead of being limited by pre-defined types of materials, designs, and activities. This aspect is made possible as the software facilitates unlimited customization and is open to client revisions and modifications. This helps companies streamline their communication with their clients. There is a free demo available that will guide you through all the software’s key features. You can easily request CoConstruct free demo.



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How can CoConstruct boost your company’s productivity? To begin with, it collects all essential information in a single secure location, from where you can control orders, bids, budgets, and specific choices. Also, you can use the dedicated client portals as well as content and lead tracking tools to manage all orders and provide top-rated customer service. The platform includes a powerful financial module that allows you to handle biddings, manage proposals and estimates, and generate informative summaries for educated forecasting. Plus, integrations with popular accounting software for construction businesses like QuickBooks and Xero help teams save time on switching between software.

CoConstruct provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with a short learning curve. The app is cloud-hosted, which means you don’t need to worry about installations and maintenance. Other highlights are affordable pricing with individual quotes for each user and seamless integration with any software ecosystem.

Detailed CoConstruct Review

5. Corecon

Corecon dashboard

Corecon is a software solution with end-to-end construction management functionalities. Whether you require contract administration and procurement management or workforce scheduling and quality control management, this platform can provide you with the tools that you need. The product also comes with all the benefits of project management software, like progress tracking for projects, recording meeting minutes, and monitoring work orders at a granular level.

In addition to its comprehensive set of features, Corecon also provides its users with an advanced analytics module. This can generate detailed reports of your cash flow, billings, and procurement costs. By having this at your disposal, you can gain insights into your overall performance and help you make more intelligent business decisions in the future.



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Another reason why construction firms trust Corecon is its mobility. The platform is built to give you and your workforce real-time access to data through its native Android and iOS applications. This way, you can check on your projects, connect with your field workers, and even interact with clients on the fly.

Created with SMBs in mind, this platform also has a user-friendly interface that is built for scalability. This way, as your business requirements change, all you will have to do is use its CoreconLink tool to integrate the systems that can address your new operational needs.

Detailed Corecon Review

6. JobNimbus

JobNimbus dashboard

JobNimbus is an intuitive solution that combines CRM functionalities and project management features in one convenient hub. Designed for construction companies and SMEs, this platform allows users to track leads, keep tabs on pending and ongoing tasks, as well as automate a slew of repetitive processes. What’s more, it has a drag-and-drop user interface that makes it simple to navigate, making onboarding as easy as can be.

With this platform at your disposal, you get access to tools ranging from contact management and task management to invoicing and payment processing. It even has its own cloud storage where you can store files you require for your workflow. In addition, it comes with a built-in calendar that can be linked to your Google calendar so you can easily manage team schedules. In case you’d like to see this product’s features up close, this product, you can take advantage of the vendor’s free trial plan.



Try out JobNimbus with their free trial

Aside from the abovementioned, this platform is also built to streamline your processes as it can integrate with other business systems. You can also extend its functionalities through the Zapier integration. Lastly, as JobNimbus is completely mobile-ready, users can easily stay in the loop and remain in control over their operations via iOS and Android devices. This makes it particularly helpful for teams that are always on-the-go.

Detailed JobNimbus Review


STACK dashboard

STACK is a cloud-based estimating solution intended to streamline the estimation process and speed up the creation of project proposals. With the software, estimation of material quality and quantity as well as labor is simplified and made more accurate and flexible. This makes it an ideal solution for every type of construction businesses, including general contracting, HVAC, interior finishes, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical, among others.

STACK’s collaborative and paperless solution offers quick and precise estimates, allowing you to bid for more work in less time. You can swiftly undertake and complete quantity takeoffs with easy to use markup and measurement tools, lessening takeoff time by more than 75%, and getting rid of costly estimating errors. You’ll be able to detail project costs regardless of the size of the project with tools that simplify complicated calculations, seamlessly incorporate takeoff data, manage and store unlimited reports, and generate professionally branded quotes. You can take advantage of the STACK free demo to learn more about its features.



Try out STACK with their free trial

Being an online platform, you can access the software anytime and anywhere from whatever device. It facilitates real-time, a multi-user collaboration that lets your team access and work together to add project notes, produce callouts, and quantify materials. STACK works with Excel and is compatible with TIFF, PDF, and Google Earth images.

Detailed STACK Review

8. SmartUse

SmartUse dashboard

SmartUse is an application designed for construction professionals who are looking for ways to reinforce team collaboration and simplify progress tracking for projects. It helps users mark up blueprints with ease, instantly share project documents with each other, as well as efficiently monitor any issues that may arise during construction. With this at your disposal, construction teams can modernize how they perform project planning, execution, and quality control.

Among the features that SmartUse has to offer are its punch lists, quantity takeoffs, and mobile-ready plan viewing options. It also has an inspection and issue tracking tool that is built to optimize QA/QC processes. In addition, as construction teams need to work on-site, it also has an online/offline mode so that you have access to project documents and record project progress regardless of whether you have internet connection.



Try out SmartUse with their free trial

As a collaborative platform, SmartUse also comes equipped with markup support, version controls, secure sharing options, and access controls. With these, team members can easily stay in the loop about changes in construction plans as well as project issues that need to be dealt with. Plus, they can share as-built drawings with stakeholders for improved transparency.

What is more, SmartUse has API integrations with legacy management systems. The vendor can also develop custom connectors should you require the platform to be integrated with a specific business application. This way, you can easily streamline your construction processes.

Detailed SmartUse Review

9. ComputerEase

ComputerEase dashboard

ComputerEase is designed to be an all-in-one platform for contractors. The software offers robust features for essential construction management processes like job costing, inventory management, and purchasing, along with field-to-office integrations.

The platform’s job costing features allow you to closely track your job costs and monitor your cash flow. With its accounting software features, the solution helps you make accurate projections for job costs and run labor analyses to ensure productivity. The software’s construction accounting solution also provides features like invoice routing and reconciling, retainage tracking, and variable billing options. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features.

Moreover, ComputerEase has a project management suite for contractors and builders. The software helps with document tracking and processing, as well as job scheduling and resource management. You can also use the software to record meeting minutes.

The software lets you organize subcontractor information as well. Through the ComputerEase Subcontract Module, you can organize contacts, invoices, and payments to subcontractors. The system can also automatically generate subcontract agreements whenever you award jobs to subcontractors.

Detailed ComputerEase Review

10. RedTeam

RedTeam dashboard

RedTeam is a cloud-based software created by construction professionals for construction professionals. It comes equipped with end-to-end construction management tools. Meaning, it will allow you to manage various areas of your construction business, from sales to production, in a single hub. Moreover, it is built specifically for large companies, so you can expect powerful enterprise-grade features that can handle heavy workloads.

Among the features you’ll get access to are preconstruction, business development, project management, budgeting module, bid management, and field management. Using these, you can streamline your processes and have better visibility over different aspects of your business. In addition, because the platform comes with analytics features, you can also gain in-depth insights into your processes, so you can make data-driven decisions when it comes to operational optimization. You can check the RedTeam free demo to learn more about the product’s features.

Last but not least, it offers a modern yet simple interface with drag-and-drop navigation. You can expect that it is easy to use for tech-savvy and tech-averse professionals alike.

Detailed RedTeam Review

Construction Software = Project Efficiency

Construction management software brings you tools to manage the technical and financial aspects of your project. These tools and features become even more crucial as you continue to operate in the time of the pandemic. A reliable and robust software will help you track assets, resources, activities, and costs as well as monitor the performance and progress of your workforce. You’ll be able to open communication with your suppliers, contractors or sub-contractors, and collaborate closely with clients, your team, and other stakeholders. You can read our in-depth analysis of construction management software to know more about what it can do and what you can gain from using it.

Like any project, construction is made up of products, processes, and people. But unlike most projects, construction is many times bigger in scope, complexity, and components. All of its parts must be organized and move forward in unison. Efficiency is the name of the game in the business of construction, and traditional tools like pen, paper, ruler, and spreadsheet have been supplanted by today’s technology.

Now you have digital tools in construction software programs to ensure that everything goes according to plan, budget, and schedule, even before the first foundation of the structure you’re going to erect is laid on the ground. Learn how it works with our top two solutions in this software category— and CoConstruct, respectively.

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