Top 10 Trello Alternatives: List of Project Management Software Market Leaders

What is the top alternative to Trello?
The top alternative to Trello is A project management solution, this platform leverages Kanbans, timelines, calendars, and maps to help you visualize and monitor workflows seamlessly. Moreover, it consolidates your files, conversations, and checklists for each project for a more organized process.

Project management software is an indispensable tool for modern teams that rely on accuracy, speed, and connectivity, particularly when team members and clients are scattered around the globe. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, these tools have become more indispensable to project teams. Project management software solutions enable you to closely collaborate with your employees, efficiently plan and schedule tasks, automate workflows and processes, allocate resources, and manage change.

With its kanban approach, Trello has become one of the most popular tools today with over 25 million registered users. But it’s not the only leading project management solution in the market. Below, we’ll discuss the top 10 Trello alternatives that prove to be just as, if not more, adept at kanban. Some of them even give you more than boards, lists and cards, a major factor to consider when you’re dealing with agile projects.

Fall short in any of the crucial components of your project and you may be hard put to complete your project and deliver. Hence, a good PM software that keeps everything in place moving forward is a must and among the best out there is Trello. The importance of project management software, therefore, cannot be underestimated and many organizations have come to realize this, fueling the growth of this type of software. The PM software market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 9.4% from 2018 to 2026 and top off at $6.68 billion at the end of the forecast period.

Due to the new challenges brought about by COVID-19, a 2020 project management survey found that the topmost problems project managers had faced involved people (27%), project-related (24%), and other issues (14.9%). Another study found that the three major project management challenges that the pandemic has caused are fluctuating guidance and restrictions, market conditions, and cash and working capital.

Source: (2020)

Many of the solutions in our top 10 Trello alternatives are also communications solutions and collaboration platforms, which drive home the fact that everyone involved in a project – team members, management, clients, suppliers, stakeholders – must all be connected and work together from start to finish to get things done. It has been recognized that open communication is one of the “five factors that lead to successful projects.” The Project Management Institute even stated that project managers should spend 90% of their time communicating.

Benefits of Trello

One of the many Trello benefits is that it makes it easy for you and your team to communicate and collaborate to keep tasks and projects moving forward. It gives you both the big picture (through boards) and the small details (through cards) in a Kanban-style approach. With a user-friendly and highly visual interface with drag-and-drop functionality, Trello makes managing projects and people a fun, dynamic, and agile activity. Its flexibility coupled with easy-to-use and powerful features make Trello a popular project management platform for teams of whatever size, and projects from simple to complex.

With Trello, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Use cards for collaboration and file sharing
  • Manage and oversee projects with drag-and-drop function
  • Sync actions and messages in real time across all members
  • Monitor team and individual tasks and progress on a single board
  • Get notified and updated instantly across devices, browsers, and email
  • Invite as many members as you want
  • Add labels, set due dates, post comments, build checklists, etc
  • Integrate productivity apps you currently use

Despite being extremely capable at what it does, you may find Trello’s boards and cards inadequate for your particular project management requirements. No worries, there are lots of PM solutions around that may fill in your needs. We’ve got it covered here with our top 10 Trello alternatives.

trello alternatives


Going through details revealed the software for what it is – a capable collaboration, communication, and project management platform that stands out for its simple, compact and intuitive design. It lets you plan, track, and organize work and projects by consolidating and syncing all information in one location for easy access and collaboration by team members. As such, contributions and decision-making can be facilitated and arrived at together. It is able to gather and display data to easily show you and your team the status of tasks and activities through a highly organized and collaboration-centric interface. You can go hands-on with the software. Just sign up for free trial here.

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Over 36,000 teams use to plan, track, and schedule activities and assignments. It offers several templates for specific functions to give you a clear visual view of your operations whether for project management, team tasks, sales pipeline, order status, HR management, creative workflows, Agile process, and others. You can choose to view your work via timelines, calendars, maps, charts, files, and Kanban. It allows you to visually plan everything through various viewing options, depending on what suits you and your team. If you think the software does not fit your requirement, you can discover other solutions with our alternatives.

Why use instead of Trello?

  1. Track project and work progress at a glance
  2. Customize workflows and processes according to your needs
  3. Several visual ways to track and organize work
  4. Keep all your files, messages, conversation, checklists and more in one place

Why use Trello instead of

  1. Flexible workflows through boards and cards
  2. Suited for agile teams using Kanban processes
  3. Fast and easy search, labeling and filtering
  4. Drag-and-drop functionality

2. Wrike

Our Wrike reviews validated some of the distinguishing characteristics of this award-winning online project management software – it is flexible, customizable, and built for speed. With powerful features to help get things done coupled with automation capabilities to accelerate processes, Wrike is an ideal solution for companies big and small looking to ensure that they get projects done on time, on schedule, and within budget. It is no surprise that it got top marks and high ratings from our review panel, and has become the PM platform of choice by over 17,000 companies worldwide including leading brands like Jaguar, Adobe, and Google. You can take the software for a test drive. Sign up for Wrike free trial here.

Wrike gives you full visibility over your team’s progress and project status. It offers tools and features to streamline planning, enable communication and collaboration, simplify workflows and processes, automate repetitive tasks, and efficiently allocate resources. With just a few mouse clicks, you can prioritize, schedule, monitor and track in real time how projects are moving forward in various stages and how your project team, individually and as a whole, are progressing with their tasks and assignments. Wrike gives you one centralized hub that puts you in control and on top of your project operations, activities, communications, reports, analytics, and data. It provides extensive integrations, supports multiple devices and operating systems, and is offered in four low-cost premium packages aside from a feature-rich free plan. If you want to explore more options, you can check our Wrike alternatives.

Why use Wrike instead of Trello?

  1. End-to-end capability and scalability for simple and complex projects
  2. Robust team engagement and collaboration tools
  3. Organize, control, and manage everything from one hub
  4. Several advanced features for reporting, analytics, proofing, resource handling, etc.

Why use Trello instead of Wrike?

  1. Clear pipeline visualization
  2. Drag-and-drop simplicity
  3. Kanban style PM approach
  4. Designed for small team collaboration

3. Clarizen

In our Clarizen reviews, we found an industry-leading collaborative solution with abilities to engage and connect your workforce across your enterprise. The cloud-hosted project management platform gives you the means to move your projects and your business forward. It is packed with enterprise-grade features that let you centralize resources, customize workflows, automate repetitive processes, share project data, track and report on project progress, and get complete visibility in real time. If you want to check the software for yourself, simply sign up for Clarizen free trial here.

Clarizen combines robust project management and collaboration features to help your team plan, control, and execute projects from end to end. It offers a well-defined and organized work structure by linking and bringing together data, tasks, and communications under one platform. The software’s planning capability allows you to estimate, scope, staff and schedule a project right down into its details, allowing you to efficiently allocate work and optimize resources. Clarizen gives you a faster way to manage project tasks and activities, and can automate processes relating to your workflows, budgets, project stages, portfolios, and others. But as always, it is wise to examine other Clarizen alternatives so you can make informed buying decisions.

Why use Clarizen instead of Trello?

  1. Highly customizable and user-friendly interface
  2. Result-focused collaboration
  3. Cross-organizational PM capabilities
  4. Advanced project planning toolkit

Why use Trello instead of Clarizen?

  1. Quick front and back overview of task cards
  2. Provides checklists complete with a progress meter
  3. Data filtering and data encryption
  4. Search and archiving function

4. ProjectManager

Popular cloud PM system ProjectManager is being used by over 10,000 teams around the globe to manage simple and complex projects. As a testament to its capability, it has been used by teams from the United Nations, Volvo, and NASA. Considered as one of the most reliable project management solutions, ProjectManager offers features to help you plan, track, and report on project work. Since it’s an online platform, you can create, manage, and update tasks anytime from anywhere. It gives real-time dashboards and automated emails as well as one-click report generation. See for yourself how it works. Simply sign up for Project Manager free trial here.

ProjectManager enables you to easily plan, create, and schedule new projects, allocate assets and resources, and monitor project progress from a centralized dashboard that shows every detail and instantly reflects updates. You can adjust deadlines, set schedules, attach and share files, comment on tasks, and closely collaborate with your team to keep them on the loop regardless of their location around the world. The software lets you level up your project management and planning to keep your team efficient and productive, and your business always competitive. The market is filled with project management solutions and you may want to learn more of them with this list of ProjectManager alternatives.

Why use Project Manager instead of Trello?

  1. Complete project management solution
  2. Automate and streamline PM workflows and processes
  3. One-click reporting and real-time dashboards with drag-and-drop functionality
  4. Compatible with any device and operating system

Why use Trello instead of Project Manager?

  1. At-a-glance information
  2. Stay in sync no matter what device you use
  3. Organize projects of whatever size
  4. Invite an unlimited number of people to your board

5. Zoho Projects

The popularity of PM solution Zoho Projects speaks much of its usability, reliability, and effectiveness. It is used by over a million organizations and businesses worldwide for their project management requirements. It stands out because of its easy-to-use but powerful features designed to help teams collaborate, plan, and track projects and tasks. Zoho Projects comes with tools such as task lists, milestones, and Gantt charts to help teams manage projects, visualize progress and schedules, and enhance output and productivity. Sign up for Zoho Projects free trial here to know first-hand how its features can help you.

Among the strong points of Zoho Projects is project planning, allowing you to break complex projects into milestone or per-task items and set a guided schedule of activities and deadlines. It also performs well in tracking and monitoring tasks, work time, and billable hours. Its integration with Zoho Invoice allows automatic creation of invoices from your timesheets. Of course, Zoho Projects is first and foremost a collaboration platform that makes it easy for team members to connect and work in unison on files, presentations, and documents regardless if members are in the office or located elsewhere in the world. If you think the software is not the perfect match for your needs, you can search for more solution in our Zoho Projects alternatives.

Why use Zoho Projects instead of Trello?

  1. Massive integration with other Zoho apps as well as third-party apps
  2. User-friendly and intuitive platform and features
  3. Discuss and share data at the organizational level
  4. Helps track, test, and eliminate system bugs

Why use Trello instead of Zoho Projects?

  1. Add lists to build steps in your workflows
  2. Create task cards to organize information
  3. Simple card click to add to add comments, details, checklists, due dates, etc
  4. Move items across lists to indicate progress

6. Backlog

Backlog is an online PM tool specifically built for developers. It’s being used by more than 800,000 developers and some 9,000 companies around the world including Adobe, SoftBank Robotics, and OMRON Global. It offers an all-in-one project management solution to help you create and organize projects, visualize and prioritize tasks with Gantt charts, track overall work progress, improve communication across teams, stay on the loop with apps for iOS and Android devices, and integrate with your existing tools. That’s just on the project management side. There are many other features and capabilities. Get up to speed with this software.

The software is also a powerful bug tracker that can quickly capture, prioritize, identify, and resolve bugs or issues anytime your team gets to release new code. It allows your team to easily collaborate to fix errors and manage in its entire cycle the product development process. Backlog offers many task management tools for organizing and tracking work such as calendars, due dates, issue activity, notifications, subtasks, and performance tracking. Likewise, it has version control features for managing and improving source codes as well as tracking and comparing changes. If you need other solutions that can closely match your needs, you can read our Backlog alternatives.

Why use Backlog instead of Trello?

  1. Full PM solution for product developers and software companies
  2. Manage every aspect of software development
  3. Use charts as visual tool for greater project management visibility
  4. Organize and track status, changes, updates, and comments

Why use Trello instead of Backlog?

  1. Robust free plan with unlimited boards, cards, lists, attachments, checklist, and members
  2. Low-cost enterprise plan
  3. Single Sign-on and two-factor authentication
  4. The mere mention of members in a comment gets them notified

7. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a cloud-based task and project management platform that gives you a visual, agile, and smart way to manage your projects. Among its many features are customizable dashboards, Kanban project boards, tasks assignment and management, drag-and-drop functionality, instant communication, automation, and integration. You get a central hub to manage all areas of your projects and monitor the task progress of each team member no matter how many they are and regardless of wherever they are. All information about your project is stored in a secure online location that can be accessed by your team.

MeisterTask integrates with over two dozen third-party apps including Google office tools, Dropbox, Jira, Zendesk and many others to give you a fully extended platform. It also deeply integrates with its sibling app MindMeister to give you real-time mind-mapping and brainstorming capabilities with your teammates. It also enables instant communication as well as file sharing for deeper collaboration and faster project completion. Of course, MeisterTask is but one of many capable project management solutions. Get to know other options with our MeisterTask alternatives.

Why use MeisterTask instead of Trello?

  1. One online workspace for your projects, team members, and project files
  2. Configure and apply automatic actions within the system
  3. Seamless file sharing and management with online storage
  4. Task relationship feature to visualize assignments and task dependencies

Why use Trello instead of MeisterTask?

  1. Prioritize and organize projects in a flexible and easy manner
  2. Collaborate on project tasks from end to end
  3. Explore details by adding attachments and comments
  4. Integrate into workflows all apps your team is using

8. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a collaboration and project management software that can be used on-cloud or hosted on-premise in your servers. This gives you the option to have all the software’s tools accessible online or to have everything under your full control including customization and integration. The system provides end-to-end tools for communication, collaboration, and project management such as calendars, chat and video, emails, private social network and Intranet, document management, and unlimited workgroups. For managing tasks, you get tools like Gantt charts, Kanban boards, time trackers, and task templates.

Bitrix24 also bring with it CRM features for managing leads and marketing campaigns as well as a helpdesk and multichannel contact center for customer support. You can set up your own call center with telephony, live chat, email, and messaging tools. It also has capabilities for hosting and building websites and managing your own online store. These multi-functional capabilities make Bitrix24 a truly all-in-one solution for your communication, collaboration, project management, customer service, and even e-commerce requirements. If you find this unified platform quite robust for your needs, have a look at our Bitrix24 alternatives.

Why use Bitrix24 instead of Trello?

  1. Complete platform for internal and external communication and collaboration
  2. Advanced tools for project planning and progress tracking
  3. Project management + CRM in one package
  4. Flexible deployment

Why use Trello instead of Bitrix24?

  1. Allow editing in-line
  2. Has voting feature
  3. Information backup and retrieval
  4. Visuals and text can fit any screen size

9. ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage gives you an integrated business solution for managing projects, accounts, marketing and sales, procurement, billing, customer service and support, SLAs, documentation, and more. It is designed to empower IT teams and is relied upon by over 100,000 tech professionals worldwide. Its ability to connect all vital business processes in one platform is its biggest draw. You can optimize managing available resources and people through effective communication, accurate ticketing, and drill-down documentation. You get dashboards and reporting tools to guide you in decision-making, and you get to understand crucial operational aspects of your department and teams.

The software gives you project management features for closer coordination and collaboration, allowing you to keep tab of project progress, assign tasks, allocate budget and resources, and gain full visibility over everything. It lets you transform sales opportunity into a project, customize work plans, schedule tasks, use project templates for consistency, and quickly undertake project billing for time, expenses, and products. If you feel that a full business and project management software is not right for you, you can check other solutions with our ConnectWise Manage alternatives.

Why use ConnectWise Manage instead of Trello?

  1. Unified business platform with various functions and features
  2. 360° visibility over project timelines, status, resources, etc
  3. Massive integration with over 200 tools and applications
  4. Use custom templates or create your own project plans

Why use Trello instead of ConnectWise Manage?

  1. Stay in sync across your devices
  2. Activity feed offers a timeline of all comments and actions on the card
  3. Manage everything through a Menu that serves as control console
  4. Automatically surface team members

10. Project Insight

Project Insight is an online enterprise project management software designed for teams and projects of any size. It comes with comprehensive and easy-to-use features to streamline processes and optimize workflows. With its capabilities, you’ll be able to intelligently handle projects, get full visibility, run instant reports, and make accurate forecast of cost and resources. You get a centralized hub for scheduling and assigning tasks, monitoring progress and productivity, and collaborating with your team. It enables you to simplify and accelerate work processes without sacrificing quality and delivery.

Project Insight is applicable to all types of organizations and industries such as manufacturing, construction, government, professional services, education, and energy. It offers features to help you and your team deliver projects on budget and on time. It facilitates intelligent scheduling to balance employee time and workloads, provides advanced resource management to optimize processes and speed up project completion, and brings a collaborative platform that keeps project information centralized and visible. Need to discover similar solutions? You can head over to our Project Insight alternatives.

Why use Project Insight instead of Trello?

  1. Generate hundreds of real-time reports on portfolio and project data
  2. Customized dashboards for easy updating of items, tasks, and issues
  3. Project prioritization feature for measuring and scoring all projects
  4. Powerful resource allocation to balance and maximize resources

Why use Trello instead of Project Insight?

  1. Customizable cards that can carry various information
  2. Label cards to match work/project status
  3. Configure workflows with team function (ex. sales, marketing, customer support)
  4. Remove silos and stay connected with app integrations

There you go, our top alternatives to Trello. While there are many all-in-one project management solutions, you always have to consider your requirements. Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, project management software will be among your most important tools so you have to make the right choice at the onset. We highly recommend as it adapts to both conventional and agile requirements. You can sign up for free trial here to discover for yourself what it can do.

If cost is a major consideration, you can check our free project management tools. They do the job for small teams.

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