20 Best HR Software Solutions of 2022

What is the best HR software solution of 2022?

The best HR software solution of 2022 is, an easy-to-use and intuitive HR software with all the tools businesses need to manage recruitment and onboarding from a unified place. Its visual platform gives you a clear view of your recruitment workflows, while its customized forms let you capture job applications right from your website.

The combination of HR management and modern technology never mattered to businesses more than it does in 2022, especially when adjusting to the recruitment challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic such as holding face-to-face interviews. HR software systems of today have a role to play at all stages of the hire-to-retire process and enable managers to truly recover what they’ve invested in smart staffing. So, it only makes sense that you equip yourself with these technologies to remain competitive.

However, not all HR tools are the same. To help you zero in on the ideal platform for your company, we’ve compiled a list of the 20 best HR software solutions that we believe can handle modern user expectations. In this article, we have detailed each platform’s key features and strengths, so that it is easier to gauge whether or not they can put an end to your workforce management struggles.

HR Software Solutions

Over the years, the HR software market has practically reinvented itself. We’ve seen features we never thought we’d use become indispensable within our recruitment strategies. Moreover, with remote work and social distancing measures in place, HR managers need to rely more on technology in order to find, connect, and hire the best candidates.

At the onset of the pandemic, 79% of HR professionals reported being equipped to handle the new work environment. However, many are still on their way to embracing new technologies as part of their HR day-to-day processes.

So it seems that in 2022, these solutions will get a say on the workforce strategizing table, just about enough to fulfill the dream of any recruiter – erasing the inconsistencies between personal aspirations and companies’ objectives. This task, as ambitious as it sounds, has been entrusted to HR software providers and their products. In fact, experts predict a 9.4% projected increase in the size of core HR software from 2017 to 2025.

Source: Statista (2019)

In its 2021 Global Human Capital Trends, Deloitte had HR professionals identify the importance of emerging human capital trends and their readiness in facing the challenges of the Coronavirus crisis. While there is the obvious importance of data, technology, and connectivity in the industry, many seem unprepared for the challenge. However, it was noted that many organizations are looking to capitalize on software solutions that are AI-assisted, have collaborative and communications features, and robust people analytics tools.

If you are looking to invest in this type of software as well, we recommend you first check out our guide to what is HR management software before browsing our list of 20 best HR solutions. This way, you can make informed decisions as you purchase one for your company.

1. Dashboard is an easy-to-use and intuitive HR software that lets you manage your HR processes in one place, from onboarding and recruitment right down to employee management. It provides a colorful and visual platform where you can get a clear view of your job recruitment process. It also allows you to create customized forms that you can put up on your website to capture job applications.

Some details you should also consider are its simplicity and flexibility, allowing your team to have a smoother onboarding process. No matter the team’s size, you can send them an email and get them on board. You can also customize workflows so you can manage different teams and address challenges in a breeze. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features.

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What is unique with

  1. Complete employee management tools. has a time tracking tool that you can use to monitor employee attendance and their tasks. Graphs also provide insights into employee performance, making it easier for you to set goals and give feedback.
  2. Customized workflows. You can use pre-built templates to customize specific workflows and processes. In one visual and organized workspace, you can keep track of all your HR processes.
  3. Powerful recruitment tracking. comes with a recruitment tracking tool that gives you candidate information in a neat dashboard. With it, you can see at a glance important details regarding a candidate, such as the position they applied for, their status, and their application timeline.
  4. Better goal visualization. The software enables you to visualize your goals in customized sections where you can input short- and long-term company goals. This way, you can monitor and see what you have achieved so far.

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2. BambooHR

BambooHR Dashboard

BambooHR is, without doubt, a synonym of a compact HR system that helps govern different aspects of the recruitment and employee administration workload. Due to the variety of unique and useful HR management features, Bamboo is also the flagship product in this category.

Designed with small and medium businesses in mind, BambooHR features provide a streamlined coworking experience for both employers and their employees. The kit will deal with applicant tracking, time-off tracking, and complex leave management, payroll, and performance administration all at once, and help you draft all popular reports with neatly categorized information. You can give Bamboohr free trial a look to learn more about its capabilities.

Furthermore, a unique BambooHR attribute that will turn you into a savvy decision-maker is its custom workflow capacity, thanks to which you can introduce your own rules and policies, and increase the engagement of your employees. Lastly, BambooHR supports e-signatures and integrates easily with third-party applications, and offers custom pricing packages to ensure every client can afford it.

What is unique about BambooHR?

  1. Optional applicant tracking system. With BambooHR you can add new job openings with all relevant details such as salary, title, duration, contract type, etc. Once the list is ready and completed, you can share it on all social networks or popular job boards to make sure applicants know about you.
  2. Onboarding emails. BambooHR helps you prepare special emails for new hires containing training information, and access to all system files and corporate documents that may be relevant to them.
  3. Professional performance administration. BambooHR provides you with a quadrant-style matrix plot that uses your information to compare employees to each other and distinguish the top performers among them.
  4. A centralized database that manages 12 types of benefits. BambooHR handles an overall number of 12 benefit types applicable to all groups of employees, and it is employees who can change them upon every update in their status. You will also get a modifiable health rate plan, and calculate automatically the variable amounts his employees have to pay.
  5. Unique reports. Using BambooHR, you can create Equal Employment Opportunity reports, Benefits reports, taxation reports, and many other types of valuable summaries.

Detailed BambooHR Review

3. Hibob

Hibob dashboard

Hibob is an end-to-end human resource information system (HRIS) designed to help growing companies and large enterprises alike to manage their modern workforce. It aims to drive corporate culture, inspire organizational growth, and boost employee engagement through the use of essential HR tools as well as advanced features unique to the platform. With this, you not only get access to features such as onboarding, performance management, time tracking, and benefits management. It also allows you to get a pulse of your employees’ needs and wants through its survey system as well as improve camaraderie using the club management module.

Another great thing about Hibob is that it has a straightforward interface that’s ideal for both tech-savvy and tech-averse users. This makes it easy to navigate, cutting the time it takes to learn how to use the platform. Lastly, this cloud-hosted, mobile-ready HRIS also allows for flexibility as it can support an extensive set of native and API integrations. Meaning, it can easily play well with your existing business software ecosystem. For more information, the vendor offers a convenient free trial plan that allows you to test the platform’s functionalities at no cost.



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What is unique about Hibob?

  1. Optimized People Management. Hibob can support the end-to-end HR processes through its arsenal of core HR tools. With this, companies can optimize the way they manage their employees and improve the overall efficiency of their HR efforts.
  2. Improved Onboarding. One of Hibob’s key functionalities is its onboarding module. It allows users to create custom onboarding workflows that meet the needs of new talents and existing employees alike.
  3. Streamlined Collaboration Efforts. It comes equipped with communication tools, document sharing options, as well as unified task management systems that allow your HR staff to collaborate more efficiently.
  4. Better Company Culture. This HRIS comes with a unique club management module that allows companies to create clubs where employees can pursue their interests and get to know like-minded coworkers.
  5. Simplified Payroll Processing labor costs. Last but not least, Hibob completely automates the collection, verification, and processing of payroll data. This not only expedites the distribution of pay to your employees but also frees up your HR staff’s time and allow them to focus on more attention-demanding processes.

Detailed Hibob Review

4. OnPay

OnPay Dashboard
OnPay is a human resource tool focusing on payroll management. Trusted by small businesses and medium-sized companies across the US, this platform supports all aspects of the payroll preparation process. With this, you can calculate wages and benefits as well as file taxes automatically. Moreover, it comes with built-in payment processing options so you can easily send out salaries to employees without leaving the office.

Also, other OnPay features include automated new hire reports and document management. With these, you can easily compile important information about your employees as they start working for your company. The platform even comes with unique lifetime accounts where employees can access their pay stubs and W-2 forms even when they’re no longer working for you. For more information about this system, you may choose to test out its features first before subscribing.



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What is unique about OnPay?

  1. Improved payroll management. OnPay stands out from other HR management systems because of its in-depth payroll management system. It supports multi-state payrolls and calculates wages depending on productive hours as well as benefits and bonuses.
  2. Direct payments available. In addition to streamlining payroll processes, the platform also makes it easy for you to send employee compensation. This is because OnPay supports payment processing via direct deposit or debit card, so you don’t have to make trips to the bank just to pay employees. It also prints checks on-site for your convenience.
  3. Simplified tax management. Tax management is one of the most tedious responsibilities of HR personnel. So, to simplify things, OnPay provides automated tax filing and payments. Meaning, all you have to do is to set up salary information for each employee, and OnPay will do the rest.
  4. Employee self-service onboarding. OnPay lets users simplify the onboarding process while improving transparency through its self-service portals. Here, employees may onboard themselves and their data. Later on, they may access this to retrieve their pay information and tax forms.
  5. Connects to different accounting systems. Lastly, OnPay makes it easy for you to handle payroll, alongside accounting processes. This is because the platform seamlessly integrates with accounting systems such as Quickbooks and Xero.

Detailed OnPay Review

5. Greenhouse

GreenHouse dashboard

Greenhouse is an end-to-end applicant tracking suite created for companies of all sizes. It comes equipped with job board management, interview kits, as well as onboarding tools to help you manage and optimize the recruitment process. Furthermore, it offers tools for anonymization to help hiring teams eliminate unconscious bias during the decision-making process. These aside, the platform also uses scorecards and reports to help teams make data-driven hiring decisions and ensure efficient and streamlined operations.

In addition to the features it offers, Greenhouse can integrate with a slew of popular HRIS, onboarding, sourcing, and screening platforms. As such, you can bring all the data you need into one platform and simplify the entire hiring process. If you’d like to know more about the features that this platform has to offer, you may opt to try the Greenhouse free demo.



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What is unique about Greenhouse?

  1. Streamlined recruitment efforts. Greenhouse allows companies to structure and streamline their hiring process from sourcing to screening. With it, you can define qualifications of ideal candidates before you start accepting applicants so the system can easily filter applicants that match what you need. This aside, hiring teams can collaborate through @mentions, shared application reviews, and custom job setup flows.
  2. Data-driven hiring. Once candidates are rounded up and assessed, the platform allows users to access scorecard summaries of the candidates. This way, hiring teams can make data-driven hiring decisions faster and simpler.
  3. Unbiased hiring decisions. What’s unique about Greenhouse is its bias-reducing tools. It comes anti-bias nudge tools, scorecards, and anonymization options to enable hiring teams to focus only on job-relevant qualifications
  4. Seamless integrations. The platform can integrate with over 360 third-party applications, including popular systems like BambooHR, Calendly, LinkedIn, and PayScale. This way, it can blend easily with your existing tech stack.
  5. GDPR-compliant. Greenhouse is completely compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Thus, you can be sure that all company information you store on the platform are handled correctly,

Detailed Greenhouse Review

6. Sage HR

Sage HR is a human resource tool that helps businesses in every aspect of their HR processes—onboarding of new hires, automating HR processes, goal setting, and drawing insights from HR analytics.

It has a wide array of employee management features, such as timesheets, shift scheduling, and leave management. Plus, it has an applicant tracking system that lets you manage hiring processes, from on-demand applicant screening and recruitment to interview scheduling.

Sage HR

Sage HR

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The software also offers expense management tools that allow you to submit your record of expenses. For instance, it automatically turns receipts into expense entries. All you need to do is take a photo of your receipt using the mobile application of Sage HR. With that, employees can submit their records for approval directly from their phones.

Other Sage HR features include reporting, custom policy rules, shift planning, feedback tools, and native mobile apps.

What is unique about Sage HR?

  1. Create customized time-off policies. Using the shared company calendar, you can add time off schedules and have everyone in the loop.
  2. Self-service platform. Each employee can have their own account, allowing them access to their balance, time off schedules, and other important information
  3. Distribute anonymous surveys. Using the survey tool, you can distribute surveys and have employees answer them anonymously. This way, you can gather more honest employee sentiment from the collected data.
  4. Easy-to-use interface. You can easily get used to the software with its user-friendly interface. In just a few clicks, you can adjust work hours and submit timesheets to managers.
  5. Automated timesheet. Sage HR automatically updates timesheets, keeping you updated on each employee’s schedules, especially when they leave for work.

Detailed Sage HR Review

7. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey dashboard

SoGoSurvey is primarily a survey software tool but it landed on our list because it can be used to improve employee engagement. Some of the notable SoGoSurvey features are its intuitive survey creation, streamlined survey distribution, and automated results collection. With this at your disposal, you can gain real-time, actionable insights that accelerate business growth as well as improve the employee experience.

Built for ease of use, this software simplifies the creation and launching of all sorts of surveys, including employee engagement surveys. It offers a secure place for the exchange of honest feedback and ideas to drive positive change through employee feedback. With sentiment analysis, dashboards, and anonymity, HR and company leadership can gain true insights that help them face recruiting challenges head-on. Should you want to learn more about this product, be sure to try the SoGoSurvey free trial.



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Moreover, you can reinforce this survey tool with the vendor’s versatile online quiz tool. This enables HR teams to create and share self-scoring tests with employees. The tools come in handy when you want to measure the effectiveness of a training program. Even better, you can create quizzes to gauge employee progress and monitor regulatory compliance.

What’s unique about SoGoSurvey?

  1. Retain top talent. SoGoSurvey provides a powerful and secure employee experience survey tool that enables you to prioritize your people. With the tool, you can understand what employees value, what motivates them, and things you can change to retain top talent. 
  2. Monitor employee training and performance. Using this tool, you can easily pinpoint knowledge gaps and create targeted professional development to close these gaps. 
  3. Easy to create surveys. With the online survey tool, you have multiple survey design templates and question models. Moreover, the platform allows you to share your surveys and monitor the participation of the target audience to boost the response rate.  
  4. Powerful reporting engine. Even better with the SoGoSurvey, you can generate multiple reports including Omni report, segmentation reports, and cross tab reports. The reports provide automatic analysis and intelligence that help improve the core aspects of employee experience.  
  5. Captivating dashboards. In addition to the reports, the platform offers dashboards that help you glean real-time trends and track patterns in employee behavior. 

Detailed SoGoSurvey Review

8. Freshteam

Freshteam Dashboard

Freshteam is a powerful recruitment management application from Freshworks. It combines best-in-class applicant tracking, recruitment CRM, collaborative hiring, and onboarding tools in one compact interface. As a result, users get access to all the tools they need to plan, manage, and monitor their hiring processes. It also comes with a job posting management module that lets you publish hiring notices on different social media platforms.

However, as you’ll see in our Freshteam overview, this platform is not an end-to-end HR solution. In other words, while this platform has powerful recruitment features, it can’t handle employee engagement efforts, payroll preparation, or employee performance monitoring. The good news here is that Freshteam can be integrated seamlessly with other Freshworks productivity tools as well as several third-party business systems. So, you can still streamline your recruitment efforts with other aspects of your HR operations. To get a first-hand experience of this software’s functionalities, you can leverage Freshteam free trial.



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What is unique about Freshteam?

  1. Support for candidate sourcing. One of the things that make Freshteam unique is its ability to support candidate sourcing processes. It lets you create eye-catching job vacancy announcements and post them on social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Moreover, it provides you with a dedicated career inbox that consolidates any applicant inquiries from these channels.
  2. Candidate screening functionalities. This platform serves as a centralized hub for recruitment officers. It has a candidate screening module where users can schedule and conduct interviews. It even lets users keep a record of any correspondence between them and the applicant for future reference.
  3. Recruitment CRM. Freshteam comes with a recruitment CRM where you can store applicant information, previous interactions, as well as interview files. With this, it is much easier for HR personnel to review applicants later in the hiring process.
  4. Intuitive operations dashboard. In addition to the features we’ve already mentioned, Freshteam also comes with an intuitive dashboard that consolidates all your operational data. This lets you see all candidate information, hiring pipelines, emails, feedback, and notes in one convenient place.
  5. Mobile-ready platform. Lastly, Freshteam has a completely mobile-ready interface. This means HR professionals may access the system using their smartphones or tablets while on-the-go and keep track of operations in real-time.

Detailed Freshteam Review

9. Rippling

Rippling dashboard

Rippling is an all-in-one employee management platform designed to support numerous HR processes, including onboarding, payroll, and benefits administration. Rippling brings automation to these processes to help HR and compensation teams avoid routine, time-consuming tasks and focus on value-adding HR activities. The software also seamlessly integrates with various third-party solutions to ensure that employee data is always up-to-date. These features come in handy for keeping employees’ payroll and benefits data updated.

Rippling benefits include the ability to use just one platform to complete a wide variety of HR activities. With the software, setting up payroll, health insurance, 401k, devices, and business apps for new hires takes just 90 seconds. Approvals processes are also faster, thanks to automated workflows.



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What is unique about Rippling?

  1. Onboarding and payroll in 90 seconds. Rippling automates HR activities so onboarding new employees and running accurate payroll takes less than two minutes.
  2. Secure storage for electronic documents. Through Rippling, HR professionals can send documents such as offer letters and forms to employees for digital signature.
  3. Convenient task management. Rippling can also be used to create and assign tasks to any employee in the organization, allowing users to track all tasks in one dashboard.
  4. Automated workflows and approvals. Rippling allows users to set automated workflows, like for approvals processes, without compromising access to sensitive information.
  5. Customized reports and graphs. Through Rippling, users can create reports and visualizations from a wide variety of metrics, including compensation trends, employee turnover, and app usage.

Detailed Rippling Review

10. When I Work

when i work dashboard

When I Work is a time clock and employee scheduling software that provides features for managing employee attendance and work hours. Aside from allowing employee clock-ins, the software helps employers organize employee schedules and streamlines payroll processes.

The software turns any device into a fully integrated time clock, allowing users to clock in and out using their mobile devices. The software automatically syncs attendance data, so managers can always accurately track employees’ work hours. Digital timesheets and overtime requests can be easily approved by managers as well.

When I Work pros and cons also include the ability to use the app for managing employee schedules. The software comes with a variety of schedule templates and auto-scheduling features to help managers save time and effort. When I Work is also designed to be scalable, so users can quickly schedule shifts for multiple teams across different jobs sites.

When I Work

When I Work

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What is unique about When I Work?

  1. Clock in and out from mobile devices. When I Work allows employees to clock in and out from mobile devices, automatically syncing attendance data for easy tracking,
  2. Keep labor costs in control. The software can be configured to prevent early clock in, track unpaid breaks, and restrict employees from doing unapproved overtime.
  3. Save time on scheduling shifts. To help employers save time, When I Work comes with built-in schedule templates along with a one-click Auto Scheduling feature.
  4. Schedule shifts across multiple job sites. When I Work is designed to be scalable, so employers can easily manage schedules for multiple teams and different locations.
  5. Streamline scheduling and attendance tracking for free. When I Work offers a Free plan that provides scheduling, messaging, and shift trading features for up to 75 users.

Detailed When I Work Review

11. Reviewsnap

ReviewSnap Dashboard

Reviewsnap is a complete, web-based performance management, and HR appraisal solution that enhances and simplifies processes, including performance reviews, employee management, goal-setting, and reporting. Perfect for small to midsize businesses, it has user-friendly and flexible tools to help you and your employees gain a holistic view of their performance. It also has e-signatures, automated reminders, and email notifications, and archiving features that are accessible from any device.

You can find all these Reviewsnap features in a clean and simple user interface. Moreover, the software gives you individualized goal management modules and customizable review templates. This way, you can conveniently track employee goals and associated tasks and identify top performers or rooms for improvement. You can leverage Reviewsnap free trial to investigate its features closely.



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What is unique with Reviewsnap?

  1. Set SMART goals. Reviewsnap has a feature that automates your organization’s goal-setting process, allowing managers and employees to set goals and develop action plans based on the SMART criteria.
  2. Performance review in real-time. You can leverage Reviewsnap’s real-time performance management in collecting frequent feedback and reviews even during work hours.
  3. Take performance notes. The software allows you to take performance notes and store them in the system. You can build a repository of records and utilize them during the evaluation period.
  4. Visual reporting. Reviewsnap comes with a visual reporting feature that gives you a complete view of rater bias, performance history, rating distribution, and other important data.

Detailed Reviewsnap Review

12. WorkBright

Workbright dashboard

WorkBright is onboarding software that collects and consolidates the HR files of newly-hired employees, providing an easier, more convenient, and more secure way of ensuring all pertinent forms of incoming hires are filled up and filed. In order to store documents properly, WorkBright accommodates all standard government forms and allows the creation of custom office forms. New employees can accomplish these forms remotely by logging in and signing from their mobile devices.

WorkBright helps manage documents and identifies which employees have incomplete or outdated forms. Upon assessment, it can alert employees to send in updated information, and generate automated reports to inform HR and management of the status of documentation.

Some notable WorkBright benefits include convenience in uploading digital copies of IDs and certifications, users can simply take a photo using their phone camera and upload them into the app. WorkBright can capture the data from the images via scan and transcription.

To appreciate the many benefits of  WorkBright to your company’s onboarding need, request a free demo to see for yourself.



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What is unique about WorkBright?

  1. It increases compliance and speeds up paperwork collection. Making data collection easier for both HR and employee makes submitting information an easier task. Mobile access and filing allows for unprecedented convenience for those who are filing, while a centralized repository helps HR collect forms and identify which ones are missing and in need of follow up.
  2. It increases the accuracy of employee files. With mobile access, employees and new hires will find it easier to submit or amend their personal information without the need to resubmit entire pages of physical documents. Outdated or erroneous data can be detected and sent to concerned employees for correction immediately.
  3. It reduces onboarding costs. Sending blank forms and requesting onboarding employees to fill up and submit can be done remotely. There is absolutely no need to send someone to the office to fill out forms and have an on-duty staff member to be on hand to distribute the papers.

Detailed WorkBright Review

13. Trakstar

Trakstar Dashboard

Trakstar is an employee appraisal software created with small businesses and medium-sized companies in mind. It comes equipped with performance review automation, feedback collection, goal management, and succession planning, so evaluating talents are more streamlined. Also, it offers self-service management tools, enabling employees to track their progress themselves.

Some notable Trakstar benefits you can reap include smarter workforce planning, improved performance monitoring, and targeted goal management. Moreover, with this platform’s unified record management, keeping employee files organized is easier than ever. To top it all off, the platform can generate reports to help you gain insight into your appraisal efforts. To get a first-hand experience of this platform’s features, be sure to check Trakstar free demo.

What is unique about Trakstar?

  1. Hassle-free employee performance monitoring. Trakstar comes with automated performance review tools. This way, you can check employee progress and talent rankings in real-time and focus more on employee development efforts.
  2. 360-degree feedback management. Employees like being heard. So, Trakstar offers a feedback management tool where you can collect what talents have to say about particular business decisions. As a result, you’ll have more transparent and inclusive processes and have a better shot at engaging employees.
  3. Goal management made easy. The solution offers a robust goal management module that is perfect for proactive HR professionals. With this at your disposal, you can set, track, and assess workforce management goals in line with your long-term business plans.
  4. Smart workforce analytics. This platform offers smart analytics tools that can generate various reports on workforce management. As a result, you can gain in-depth insights into employee performance and potential.
  5. Employee self-service portal. Trakstar comes with a highly accessible self-service portal. As a result, employees may easily take a look at their performance and gauge their progress without having to consult their manager.

Detailed Trakstar Review

14. Sage People

Sage People dashboard

Sage People is a reliable cloud-based HR software built to help mid-sized organizations (with between 200 and 5,000 employees) manage their workforce. With its array of HR tools, the platform enables organizations to leverage powerful automation, and flexible workflows to improve productivity and transform the employee experience. Some of the notable Sage People features include talent acquisition, HR and people analytics, payroll and benefits management, workforce experience management, and attendance/leave management. 

Using these features, Sage People help you every stage of the HR and people management process. It automates a wide range of processes including talent acquisition, management, engagement, and development. In doing so, it offers a robust hedge against the changing priorities, global skills crisis, and increasingly complex legislation. Perhaps most importantly,  Sage People provides real-time, actionable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions to maintain a motivated, engaged, and productive workforce. 

Sage People

Sage People

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What is unique about Sage People?

  1. Find top talent with ease. Amidst the global skills crisis, the scramble for top talent is becoming harder and harder by the day. To crack the tough talent acquisition nut, you have to prioritize great candidate experience. Fortunately, Sage People offers end-to-end talent acquisition capabilities to streamline the core processes from sourcing and evaluation to job offer and onboarding, thus allowing to deliver a seamless experience. 
  2. Empower employees with self-service. Sage People is primarily designed to be intuitive and employee-friendly. This way, it empowers employees to manage their personal information and HR admin tasks from any device. In addition, the platform provides the tools you need to improve people management and embed a culture of regular communications. 
  3. Simplify time tracking. Moreover, the platform provides real-time insights into employee time and attendance, enabling you to fully control and drive productivity. It makes it a breeze to manage planned and unplanned absences by individual or team. Plus, with integrated employee metrics, dashboards, and reporting, it gives you a 360-degree view of attendance and leaves.
  4. Reinvent performance management. Better still, Sage People understands employee performance is pivotal to the overall business success. As such, it provides tools that enable you to manage employee’s performances, as well as development, in a way that works for every individual. Moreover, it creates avenues for continuous employee conversations which ultimately improve engagement, while helping everyone reach peak potential. 
  5. Improve payroll management. Employee remuneration is vitally important for attracting, retaining, and motivating your workforce. To help you align performance to reward, the platform allows you to manage employee salaries and benefits as well as remuneration records from a single system. 


Detailed Sage People Review

15. Homebase

homebase dashboard

Homebase combines employee scheduling, time clock, and hiring tools in one cost-efficient HR platform. It assists hiring teams, managers, and employees through each phase of the employee lifecycle, be it in the onboarding process, employee time tracking, or team communication. It provides a schedule builder, time clocks, and job postings to streamline your employee management and HR processes.

In one simple, easy-to-navigate dashboard, you get a complete view of all the important aspects of your management, such as employee information, upcoming events, shift notes, and more. You can also use the time tracking feature to monitor employee hours and integrate your timesheet data with payroll solutions like Gusto and Square Payroll. You can try Homebase free trial here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.

What is unique about Homebase?

  1. Easy and convenient to use. Homebase has a user-friendly interface, allowing managers and employees to quickly adapt to the system.
  2. Clock in from anywhere. With the mobile GPS clock in feature, employees working off-site can clock in from their mobile devices.
  3. Monitor labor costs. Homebase tracks labor costs for salaried employees and multiple wage rates. It counts breaks and overtime, giving you a more accurate labor cost estimates.
  4. Reduce compliance risks. Time clock rules and real-time notifications ensure that everyone is following their schedule. It prevents employees from clocking in too early, and it gives you alerts when someone is doing overtime or is absent at work.
  5. Hire quality candidates. The hiring tool allows you to post on popular online job boards at no cost. This way, your job openings get exposed to more qualified applicants.

Detailed Homebase Review

16. Gusto HR

Gusto HR Dashboard

Gusto HR turned traditional HR management upside down, proving that compensation can and will be entirely managed on the screen, and introduced a unique, smart benefits scheme (HSA, health insurance, 401(k)s, and 529 college savings) that leaves no employee out of the spotlight. As such, Gusto HR is devoted to managers who are not only technically savvy but try to remain creative and motivate their workforce in a variety of ways. Consequently, customization accounts for a large part of its popularity, as Gusto HR is one of the very few HR platforms you can genuinely tailor to your needs.

In our Gusto HR overview, we mentioned that it brings HR, payroll, and benefits in a single system and makes management easy even for non-professionals, granting the support from an experienced and knowledgeable team of HR professionals. Moreover, it also tailors plans with the assistance of reputable brokers to ensure that even the sole proprietors will be able to optimize its capacity. However, at the moment, Gusto HR serves exclusively US-based teams. If you would like to learn more about what this platform has to offer, you can do so at no cost thanks to Gusto free trial.

What is unique about Gusto HR?

  1. Master of calculations. As soon as you begin using it, Gusto HR takes overtime off calculations, ACA compliance, year-end forms, payroll taxes, and even adopts unique workflow calculations. In other words, all important data are synchronized in a single system, and the user can focus on more important activities.
  2. Error-proof payroll. Gusto HR acts as a personalized employee database, where you can store important information, and access it any time and from any device. Furthermore, it makes all payroll calculations independently, which means you won’t have to enter data in several different apps and websites.
  3. A possibility to import your existing benefits plan. Gusto HR facilitates benefits administration in many ways. It will equip you with employment tax reporting, payments, workers’ comp insurance, new hire reports, and detailed budget plans. Moreover, your team will also have access to dedicated benefits advisers with years of health care experience.
  4. Fully compliant with HIPAA, ACA, and ERISA standards. All Gusto HR operations are designed to meet in detail HIPAA, ACA, and ERISA standards. That is to say; the system will check data automatically, prepare compliance reviews of your benefits and send automated notices, and guarantee employee privacy, unlike any similar system.
  5. Integrated 401(k)s. Gusto HR allows you to set up and manage 401(k) plans with unparalleled ease and enable employees in such a way to save money for their retirement.

Detailed Gusto Review

17. Toast Payroll

Toast Payroll Dashboard

Toast Payroll is a team management and payroll platform built for restaurants to streamline their processes. It combines payroll and POS features in one dynamic and user-friendly solution. Moreover, it has a labor management function that sees you through the hiring processes, providing only one employee profile database to avoid double-entries across your POS and payroll systems.

By having a single and centralized hub for payroll and HR management, the software simplifies complex processes for your restaurant. For instance, it lets managers approve employee punch data, shift swaps, and PTO requests while the system automatically syncs the changes to your payroll. These are only some of the Toast Payroll benefits you can have when you use the software. The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost.

What is unique with Toast Payroll?

  1. Unified HR, POS, and payroll platform. In a single, centralized platform, you can manage your restaurant operations and all HR processes.
  2. Faster timesheet approval. For faster timesheet approval, Toast Payroll automates tip distribution. This way, your staff don’t have to go through time-consuming manual edits at the end of their shifts.
  3. Experience a fast-running POS system. Toast Payroll comes with sophisticatedly-designed hardware terminals and offline mode, making sure that your transactions go smoothly all the time.
  4. Ensure compliance. Your restaurant stays compliant with taxes, state, and federal labor requirements when you leverage the software’s HR experts, legal resources, and system tools.

Detailed Toast Payroll Review

18. Recruiterbox

Recruiterbox Dashboard

Recruiterbox is an applicant tracking system that helps you through a more in-depth candidate search to find the top talents for your company. It allows you to build a professional-looking career site to attract candidates and post your openings on job boards. In addition, referral tools make it easier for your current employees or external recruiting agencies to refer you to the right candidates.

What’s great about Recruiterbox features is that they are designed to widen your hiring scope. In one platform, you can bring together your team members, interviewers, and hiring managers in the hiring process to find the perfect candidate. It eliminates never-ending email exchanges and shared spreadsheets and provides, instead, detailed reports about a promising potential employee. You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs.

What is unique with Recruiterbox?

  1. Completely web-based. Recruiterbox is a web-based applicant tracking software, so there’s no need for you to download or install anything before getting access to the system.
  2. Tailored to your needs. The software is flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs. It offers several pricing plans that match your company requirement, ensuring that you will not have to pay for features you don’t need.
  3. Find all data in one platform. From a candidate’s resume to interviewer notes, you can find abundant information about your candidates located in a single hub.
  4. Organized resume management. Recruiterbox can handle a large number of resumes and organizes them neatly in your ATS. To easily locate a candidate profile, all you need to do is search for a specific term, and the system will find it for you.

Detailed Recruiterbox Review

19. untapt UNLOCKED

untapt Unlocked Dashboard

untapt UNLOCKED works in a similar vein as Freshteam–it is a human resource solution that focuses on applicant tracking. With this at your disposal, you can manage your job posts as well as optimize candidate screening efforts in one system. However, what makes it different is that it leverages AI to reinforce talent matching. That is to say; it runs algorithms to determine whether an applicant is compatible with the rest of your workforce, thereby improving your recruitment process.

In addition, other untapt UNLOCKED features include handy live user chat and email nurturing tools. Through these, you can easily communicate with applicants without having to log into other platforms. What’s more is a system that you can scale up or down depending on the needs of your operations, making it a good pick for businesses of all sizes.



Try out untapt UNLOCKED with their free trial

What is unique about untapt UNLOCKED?

  1. AI-powered talent matching. untapt is equipped with deep learning algorithms. Thus, it can review job descriptions and resumes at lightning speed and match them with your requirements. Consequently, using this will speed up your hiring process and get the best possible talents for your team.
  2. Built-in emailing system. Make sure no applicant falls through the cracks using untapt’s emailing system. This consolidates application-related emails and allows you to respond to inquiries without having to leave the system.
  3. Convenient application process. One of the things that make untapt great is that it has a 1-click application feature. With this, prospective talents can skip the process of preparing well-crafted application emails and simply click a button to send their resume and apply for any job opening you have.
  4. Job posting management options. Untapt comes with templates for job listings. So, you won’t have to worry about making these from scratch. All you need to do is pick from their pre-made templates and customize it to your heart’s content.
  5. Highly accessible software interface. Lastly, untapt is built for both desktop and mobile interfaces. Thus, you can ensure a seamless user experience whether you use your computer at work or your mobile phone to access the system.

Detailed untapt UNLOCKED Review

20. Paycor

Paycor Dashboard

Paycor is a unified human capital management solution designed for businesses, both large and small. It comes with an intuitive and highly scalable interface that can expedite day-to-day workforce management operations. With it, you get access to best-in-class features for recruitment, human resource, and payroll management. Moreover, it has a timekeeping solution to ensure accurate monitoring of billable hours

In addition to the abovementioned, other Paycor details worth noting include its compliance management and tax preparation functionalities. Meaning, it can help you stay up-to-date on workers’ comp and ACA compliance as well as make sure you adhere to current tax regulations. Last but not least, the platform offers built-in predictive analytics tools to help you gain insight into your HR operations. Should you want to find out more about how this platform works, be sure to try Paycor free trial.

What is unique about Paycor?

  1. Comprehensive HCM functionalities. Paycor offers an all-encompassing system that can manage everything from applicant tracking to employee management. So, this platform allows you to streamline your processes in one convenient hub.
  2. Reinforced employee engagement. As a unified HCM solution, this platform lets you improve the way you recruit, onboard, and develop staff. That is to say; you can build a more positive company culture, engage employees better, and retain top talents.
  3. Powerful yet easy-to-use interface. Paycor comes with a powerful interface that does not compromise functionality. For instance, it brings together a wide variety of HCM tools but has intuitive navigation options. Moreover, it can integrate with an extensive selection of third-party applications.
  4. Simplified payroll and tax management. The platform makes sure that you compensate your employees as accurately as possible. So, it offers users a payroll and tax management system with a built-in timekeeping tool.
  5. Built-in analytics tools. Lastly, Paycor is equipped with predictive analytics tools that generate reports around your key HR metrics. By using this, you can easily monitor employee retention rates, labor costs, and other crucial operation data and improve your decision-making processes.

Detailed Paycor Review

Which HR Solution is Ideal for Your Company?

HR software solutions come in all shapes and sizes and are now being developed to match current and future recruitment trends and to address the challenges hiring managers are facing with the COVID-19 health crisis. So, you can expect that finding one that is compatible with your operations won’t be a walk in the park. To help you out, here are some HR software purchasing tips that you might want to keep in mind:

  1. Pay close attention to what features your prospective platform provides.
  2. Find out if it can be configured to adapt to your current HR processes.
  3. Check if the system specifications are compatible with your equipment and other business systems
  4. Ask the vendor what value-added services they can provide.
  5. Examine the inclusions of the subscription plan you want and read the fine print in the software licensing agreement.

Hopefully, with this list of 20 best HR software solutions, you were able to zero in on which platform can give you the best value for your money. Of course, if you are still unsure about the provider you want to opt for, we highly recommend you try out offers comprehensive functionalities that can cater to businesses of all sizes and industries. What’s more, the vendor offers reasonably priced subscription plans. For more information, you can easily sign up for free trial.

If you want to reinforce your HR software implementation process, we also suggest you check out these HR tech trends. This should give you an idea of the emerging technologies and best practices in the industry.

Emily Watson

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