Top 10 Alternatives to Wrike: Comparison of Leading Project Management Solutions

What is the best alternative to Wrike?

The best alternative to Wrike is, which boasts of an efficient, streamlined visual interface that helps project managers and teams carry out better project planning, organizing, and tracking of projects. It is easy-to-use and highly flexible to adapt to the different needs and situations of teams, enabling better outcomes, quality team performance, and fast completion of tasks and projects.

Opting not to use a project management platform for your projects to save funds can actually be a more costly decision. More often than not, many think of project management systems—which typically take up to 20% of a project’s total budget—as something dispensable. How important a project management system really is? It is said that a successful project indicates that a business goal has been achieved, and that behind organizational success are some efficient project management solutions.

This article will talk about Wrike, undoubtedly one if not the best project management platforms in the market today, along with 10 of the top alternatives to this highly efficient project management tool. The purpose is to give you some useful insights to help you out in selecting the best solution for your business needs.

As you’ll discover in this write-up, an efficient project management tool should not only be helpful in keeping the 3 core aspects of project management—schedule, budget, and range—under control but should also offer other essential functionalities. Like the platforms that will be discussed here, a project management solution should also promote collaboration among team members and clients, generate a clear blueprint for success, and get everyone on the same page on the road to success.

What is Wrike?

Wrike is used by some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Google, HTC, and Stanford University because it is one of the few tools in the market that lets you track task and progress status. It also helps project managers by giving them a robust analytics feature. The app’s global reporting feature can provide a good bird’s eye view of what’s happening across all your projects. Meanwhile, you can also get a visual representation of individual projects as they currently stand, with the generation of performance charts.


This award is given to the best product in our project management software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

Try out Wrike with their free trial

Project managers won’t have any trouble getting an overview of existing projects since Wrike’s three-pane project view is designed to help you understand what’s going on where. The first two panes are lists of projects and tasks, while the last pane is task details; this means that you won’t have trouble macro or micromanaging projects as needed.

You can test the features of this robust project management platform when you sign up for a Wrike free trial here.

wrike dashboard example

What Benefits Does Wrike Bring?

  • You have just one hub for all of your work
  • Great UX design makes navigation easier
  • Tight security. Only people with access to tasks and projects can access the information and files in these.
  • Easier to track projects when you’re on the go, thanks to the mobile applications for both Android and iOS.
  • Data migration is easier
  • Options for easier tracking of both task and project progress.
  • Great analytics, which makes for easier reporting.

If you are not impressed with what Wrike has to offer, there is no need to go away. Here are viable Wrike alternatives that offer unique features of their own. Read their reviews and you may just find what you require for your business.

wrike alternatives


monday dashboard example is a robust and intuitive project management platform that is designed to allow ease-of-use and enable simplified project management and collaboration. Formerly called dapulse, this rebranded and improved platform has since steadily increased its number of users to become one of the top project management software in the market today. You can try it out by signing up for a free trial here.

A notable strength of this tool is its effective use of social media-like design and comments-focused discussion pages to produce a simplified user interface that facilitates better team performance. Its dynamic collaboration feature allows all team members, including those not part of a certain project, to share their input, which results in better teamwork.’s smart task scheduling tool helps project managers achieve efficiency in scheduling tasks by allowing you to create scheduled tasks that provide team members make better planning of activities early on. This is particularly helpful for doing away with recurring tasks and make way for increased output and higher efficiency. If you want to check out other similar solutions, take a look at these top rated alternatives.

Why Use Over Wrike

  • Any team member can contribute to ongoing projects to boost collaboration
  • It uses a social media interface that is more familiar, which means users will have an easier time with it.
  •’s task scheduling feature allows you to plan for future projects ahead of time.

Why Use Wrike Over

  • Wrike employs a more streamlined discussion section for tasks and projects
  • Its user interface is also easy to navigate and understand and is designed to prioritize providing a clearer project view.
  • Collaboration across teams is easier, thanks to the @mention and task and project labeling features of Wrike.

2. Clarizen

clarizen dashboard example

Clarizen is another popular project management solution because it is easy to use, fast to deploy, and simple to manage. Clarizen’s intuitive system helps project managers and employees improve their production efficiency by automatic prioritization of tasks, and correlation of tasks, projects, and conversations. The customizable interface also makes it easier for users to speed up the way they work on their tasks. It’s easy to test-drive this app as you only need to sign up for a Clarizen free trial here.

And one of the best things about Clarizen is that its project dashboard brings together all the things you need in one place. You can find the tasks and documents you need for a given project without having to dig through the project’s history.

This also makes Clarizen one of the more flexible applications in the market, at least as far as the end user is concerned. The ability to find files easily, the easy visibility of projects and their components, and the clean interface make it simple for users to adapt to Clarizen at their own personal pace. If you want a wider choice, take a look at these top-rated Clarizen alternatives.

Why Use Clarizen Over Wrike

  • The customizable dashboard lets users prioritize sections of the interface according to their needs.
  • End to end dashboard for projects means you can specify, and adjust, all parts of a project from start to finish.
  • Fast and easy deployment so that you won’t have to spend a lot of time setting up the application.

Why Use Wrike Over Clarizen

  • Wrike’s free version gives you almost all of the features of the professional paid version—for as long as you need.
  • The consolidated dashboard of Wrike lets you get an overview of all of your projects’ status.
  • The simplified interface of Wrike makes it easier for your employees to collaborate on projects.

3. ProjectManager

projectmanager dashboard example

ProjectManager is a cloud-based project management solution that integrates robust collaboration, planning, and scheduling functionalities for teams. This award-winning PM system is considered as among the most reliable in the industry, trusted by more than 10,000 for their planning, scheduling, budgeting, implementing, and reporting tasks. Whether you’re carrying out a long-term or short project or implementing large or small ones, ProjectManager has the needed tools to help you achieve success and cost-efficiency in your project execution and completion. You can easily sign up for a ProjectManager free trial here.

You and your team leaders can readily develop new projects, plan activities, assign resources, and track progress from one interface. Each task is supervised and monitored in complete detail, while every status update is automatically indicated in the system. You can also quickly and easily make changes in your task details and schedules, provide comments, and attach relevant files using the drag-and-drop method.

If you want to learn about similar platforms, you can check out some ProjectManager alternatives here.

Why Use ProjectManager Over Wrike

  • Trusted by some of the most reputable organizations in the world like the UN, NASA, and Volvo
  • You can derive valuable insights from its generated reports, such as on workload, budget, and schedules of projects.
  • It allows you to compare between the planned versus actual progress of a project so you can make immediate adjustments in certain problem areas.

Why Use Wrike Over ProjectManager

  • Wrike’s free version can give you enough functionalities to effectively manage your projects.
  • The UI gives you better control over the projects and gives you a greater overview of your projects and tasks.
  • The dashboard gives you better insight into which resources are being used for what deliverables.

4. Zoho Projects

zoho projects dashboard example

Zoho Projects is another favorite platform among project management professionals. This multi-awarded system is packed with a wide array of project management tools that boost team collaboration, improve member performance and output, and allow straightforward project monitoring. It provides premium features for free, which is why it has become a preferred project management tool among businesses large and small. Just sign up for a Zoho Projects free trial here so you can explore if this is the app for you.

Zoho Projects is designed with tools and functionalities to help you complete your projects on time. It facilitates fast and efficient project completion primarily by subdividing big and complicated projects into smaller, easier to manage units, and by scheduling repeating activities, resources, and other aspects based on the set deadlines. It also has a rich set of collaboration tools that help your team members and other stakeholders achieve increased efficiencies. In case you’d like to explore other similar apps, you can check out these Zoho Projects alternatives.

Why Use Zoho Projects Over Wrike

  • Zoho Projects enables you to easily but systematically separate even the most intricate projects per milestone or task to achieve manageability, thus allow their completion.
  • It helps to identify and remove systemic bugs to allow users to test the system fast and solve problems quickly by allowing users to create their customized business protocols and workflows.
  • This platform also offers a secure system as only authorized users are allowed to access client details.

Why Use Wrike Over Zoho Projects

  • Wrike’s visual timelines offer a quick idea of how the various project components relate to the overall project design, including their deadlines.
  • Its collaborative editing feature allows team members to make important and timely changes on project information, such as schedules and task assignments.

5. Hive

hive dashboard example

Hive is an online project management tool that supports better collaboration among teams of all sizes. This platform provides team members with the flexibility to easily switch to the most suitable views while running various tasks. Its strength lies in its potent combination of functionalities that assists teams in planning, communicating, implementing and tracking tasks and projects, including in anticipating significant events that may affect team performance. You can sign up for a Hive free trial here.

This tool can integrate with over a thousand applications, making it a robust platform that allows users to efficiently complete multiple tasks using a single location. Hive allows users to easily access, share and collaborate among members via the cloud and offers a host of project tools such as chat, task automation, and file sharing. You can check out these Hive alternatives to better assess which platform is suitable for you.

Why Use Hive Over Wrike

  • Hive’s flexibility allows users to use the format that they prefer, whether calendar systems, Kanban boards, or Gantt charts.
  • It supports simple automation for repetitive tasks through its smart action templates.
  • Its Hive Analytics features interactive, AI-powered dashboards that provide in-depth insights into team performance aspects.

Why Use Wrike Over Hive

  • Wrike is still by far the most industry-friendly project management software.
  • BeeWits still doesn’t offer mobile apps and is available only to Windows and Mac. Wrike provides mobile apps for Android and iPhone as well.
  • It is more compact, and suitable for large enterprises operating in different industries.

6. MeisterTask

meistertask dashboard example

MeisterTask is an online task and project management solution that is designed to empower project managers with full control of every aspect and stage of their projects. Aside from its efficient project tracking functionality, this platform also provides collaboration tools to allow team members hasten project completion and increase individual performance. 

Some of MeisterTask project management features include real-time dashboards, task automation, online project creation, time-saving timesheets, and Kanban boards. It can be easily integrated with popular third-party programs such as BitBucket, Google Drive, and Dropbox to further boost staff productivity and team flexibility. If you want to learn more about comparable apps, you can look at these MeisterTask alternatives.

Why Use MeisterTask Over Wrike

  • It removes the cumbersome aspects of project creation and makes it an easy and fast process, such as when assigning tasks, adding team members, etc.
  • MeisterTask has flexible project boards that can be readily modified to match your current workflows.
  • It provides a central hub to access and store all project data and for communicating with project stakeholders.

Why Use Wrike Over MeisterTask

  • Its common interface makes it flexible and applicable to pretty much any industry—and not just the software development sector of the market.
  • Wrike’s consolidated dashboard and robust reporting features make it easier for project managers to get an overview of how production is going, and more efficient in creating reports.

7. Bitrix24

bitrix24 dashboard example

Bitrix24 is a collaboration software with complete tools for management, collaboration, and communication. This app provides you with a full-suite solution to help you have effective control of all your project tasks, communication, contacts, and other important files. Its ease-of-use is remarkable as you only need to register and invite team members to use it at once, and there’s no need for training to use its basic functions. Its Activity Stream feature enables every team member to collaborate with everyone and keep track of project activities. 

Some of Bitrix24’s essential features include document management, calendar, and planning, CRM, social network, email, staff administration, sales team management, etc. Its mobile version runs smoothly on any operating system and gadget, whether you use iOS or Android. If you want to know more about related solutions, see these Bitrix24 alternatives.

Why Use Bitrix24 Over Wrike

  • Bitrix24’s extensive intranet-based functions provide efficient support for a wide range of data, such as work calendars, images, and wikis
  • It offers a powerful planning tool that features meeting manager, calendars and event scheduler.
  • This app has communication and collaboration tools for use within and outside the office.

Why Use Wrike Over Bitrix24

  • Wrike’s user-friendly user interface makes it easy for any user to use the application, regardless of their role in the project.
  • Wrike’s data consolidation ensures that reports provided by the application give users exactly the data that they need, without the need for additional visual aids.

8. ConnectWise Manage

connectwise manage dashboard example

ConnectWise Manage is an intuitive project management solution that integrates all important business systems in one centralized platform. It is configured to enhance user visibility and boost accountability of every team member across your organization. This application allows you to simplify your activities and projects through smart documentation, clear communication, and error-free ticketing, for more efficient use of your company’s resources.

With ConnectWise Manage, you can have a better appreciation of your business operations, thanks to its robust reporting functionalities and unified dashboard. Having timely and relevant business insights helps business owners arrive at more appropriate and well-informed business decisions. You can check out some ConnectWise Manage alternatives here.

Why Use ConnectWise Manage Over Wrike

  • This platform is designed to boost your productivity as it allows you to do many things simultaneously, like managing projects while serving customers, developing marketing schemes, controlling sales, and following-up purchase orders.
  • Without any additional cost, ConnectWise Manage also provides an effective guide on how to create intelligent service approaches.

Why Use Wrike Over ConnectWise Manage

  • Wrike is the more user-friendly app between the two.
  • It has a better UI and mobile app compared to ConnectWise Manage.

9. Quire

quire dashboard example

Quire is a task management platform designed for today’s innovative teams. This free-to-use app allows you to plan the details of your creative concepts, divide them into smaller units, and, together with your team address each one of them until its completion. The unique design of this solution enables you to eliminate the trouble of dealing with complicated projects, which consumes too much time and resources. 

By working with uncomplicated, smaller parts of a project, you and your team can easily complete the necessary tasks and even have the facility to select which task should be prioritized. Aside from these efficiencies, Quire also has a clean, organized, and easy-to-use user interface, which is considered as among the best in the market today. Here are some Quire alternatives for your consideration.

Why Use Quire Over Wrike

  • Quire has a distinct tree configuration as users will not be obligated to follow the conventional task allocation approach, but they will be requested to share their concepts and convert them into workable activities during the project duration.
  • This platform enables team members to actively collaborate on everything that pertains to them due to their ready access to every status, comment, and specs being introduced to every task or project.

Why Use Wrike Over Quire

  • Wrike’s interface is a lot simpler than Quire’s. While its interface is familiar, it’s easier to navigate through Wrike’s.
  • Wrike provides a robust reporting feature that’s lacking in Quire.

10. Project Insight

project insight dashboard example

Project Insight is an online project management application for businesses of any size. This enterprise-grade platform is noted for its integrated array of features and user-friendly interface. It is designed to function as a hub for task delegation, member productivity tracking, and team collaboration. With Project Insight, streamlining your various business tasks become simpler while boosting productivity can be achieved without adversely affecting quality. 

At the core of this platform is its focus on project reporting, collaboration, resource allocation, and task prioritization, which collectively facilitate the generation of sound business insights for business decision and resource optimization. Project Insight also offers various sophisticated project management features such as expense tracking, portfolio-level analytics, resource management, and smart task scheduling.

If you’re interested in similar enterprise project management solutions, you can check out these Project Insight alternatives.

Why Use Project Insight Over Wrike

  • Project Insight facilitates efficient project assessment in line with your business objectives and resources. This allows better task prioritization, team composition, scheduling, etc.
  • Its robust resource management tool includes over-allocation notifications, resource suggestion, placeholder assets, cross-project resource allocation, resource allotments, and many more functions.

Why Use Wrike Over Project Insight

  • Wrike gives you a more holistic overview of your project’s status.
  • You can also specify task particulars better with Wrike—for example, you can quickly add task descriptions when the need arises.

Some Further Considerations

As more and more businesses realize the value of project management tools for their operations, the number of these applications has increased over the past years. This is great news for business owners and project managers as they will have more choices to select from that can meet their particular needs.

Picking the right project management solution for your business is a critical first step. And to pick the correct one, you must know what aspects to look for when shopping for such an application. Remember, your choice will be crucial in ensuring the completion of your projects, and ultimately, the success of your business. To help you out, try considering these:

  • Look for a project management software functions like how you work. Don’t choose one that opposes your work style.
  • You must have a clear idea of your project management needs. You simply can’t choose the right solution if you don’t know what are your requirements and what problems must be solved.
  • Only include apps that can complement your team. Your choice must fit right into the nature of your teams like if they need something basic, don’t give them a highly sophisticated project management app.
  • Identify the problem areas. Brainstorm with your team members and determine the existing work style so that you can discover the challenges and inefficiencies that must be addressed.
  • Create an ideal project management scenario. Make a list of the project management tasks that you commonly experience with your team. Counter that with the list of apps that you’ve made then select the one that offers the most features and functionalities.

These suggestions are neither exhaustive nor definitive but are more than enough to put you in the right direction towards choosing the right app for your business. In case you want to learn more about project management software, you can check out this article. And if in case you’d like to try out today’s best alternative app to Wrike, you can sign up for a free trial here.

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