Top 10 Alternatives to Litmos LMS: The One-Size-Fits-All Learning Management Solution

Litmos LMS is one of the foremost corporate learning systems currently available and is considered as the worlds simplest and easiest to use learning management system that does not require extensive training or costly installation. With the capacity to automate internal and external learning programs, an attractive pricing scheme, applicability in all business types and sizes, Litmos LMS garnered top marks and high rankings in our reviews. Its prominence in the LMS category is brought about by many other factors such as being a traditional Salesforce partner for sales and service training and secure data exchange, an array of hard-to-find features, its one-size-fits-all concept, and combination of creative content creation with conventional but solid delivery.

What is Litmos LMS?

Litmos LMS is an award-winning, cloud-based learning management platform that merges various capabilities – mobile, virtual, social, classroom and eCommerce – into a single, scalable solution that can address the training requirements of any organization. It is ideal for employee training, partner training, compliance training and customer training. Litmos LMS allows you to engage learners through mobile apps, expand our ecosystem with prepackaged connectors, and ensure data integrity via enterprise-grade security.

Equipped with a user-friendly interface and extensive functionalities, Litmos LMS is a compelling system for your organization’s training needs. This is why it counts as its users and clients some of the most prominent corporations in the Fortune 1000 list. But even though it is a favorite of large businesses and corporate teams, its flexible pricing plans makes it a preferred option for small organizations as well. There are dedicated packages available for up to 100 users, and other plans whose pricing are based on the number of learners involved and the learning modules you want included. What’s more, the platform does not charge anything for its setup and does not limit on-point customer support to a particular plan.

What benefits does Litmos LMS offer to its users?

  • Applicability in all niches and industries
  • Innovative content creation
  • More interactive training and better results
  • Organized training sessions
  • Accurate performance evaluation and achievement tracking
  • Secure data and SCORM certification
  • Innovative & promising working policy
  • Numerous useful integrations
  • Affordable pricing
  • Reliable support

If you’re still not convinced with Litmos LMS, we’ve got you covered. Of course, it worth keeping in mind that not all learning management system is created equal. There are many LMS out there that you can check out, and to help you do that we’ve a rundown of 10 possible alternatives and stack them up with Litmos LMS. Each of these alternative platforms has its own core features and functions that you may find to be more suited for your particular organization’s training demands.

Litmos LMS is a quality software, but there are other equally good solutions that give you a wider choice in this category. Here, we have selected 10  viable Litmos LMS alternatives and highlighted their top benefits.

10 Alternatives to Litmos LMS

1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a super-easy to use LMS that is completely customizable to your own needs, with simple and comprehensible analytics about everything that happens inside your e-learning environment. The platform offers strong support for course selling, video-conferencing, gamification, notifications, extensible user profiles and a whole lot of other features. It’s built to be intuitive and fully responsive to your iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices.


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You can be proficient with TalentLMS in minutes and create a complete course in less than an hour. This is made possible with a design that focuses on the essentials and does away with any fancy and unnecessary functionality. It easily integrates with existing training materials in any format, including videos, presentations, Word and PDF documents and even SCORM and TinCan files. To give you more choices, we present some good TalentLMS alternatives.

Why use TalentLMS instead of Litmos LMS?

  • You can build courses in a jiffy using videos, presentations or materials from social media
  • You can configure it to meet your business needs
  • No need to install, upgrade or backup anything since it is cloud-powered
  • It offers simple and comprehensible analytics
  • It is optimized to work with mobile devices
  • It is designed to work with many types of format

Why use Litmos instead of TalentLMS?

  • Helps you improve training quality and information retention
  • It makes better use of talent opportunities and rewards good work
  • It transforms course creation into an engaging and enjoyable experience
  • Easier to access and find content
  • It enables remote teaching for larger groups of learners

2. Docebo

Docebo is a top-ranked SaaS e-learning solution and one of the most comprehensive tools for training management. Its robust platform is fully integrated and scalable. Designed as a cloud-based system, operates on an ecosystem of features and modules that can be adapted to any requirement. It allows organizations of all sizes to utilize an efficient and tablet-ready Learning Management System that delivers an easy to use, one-page web app that can manage, deliver and monitor e-learning activities. Likewise, the highly secure platform that is available in 30 languages supports all forms of learning initiatives including blended, social and mobile – a versatility currently enjoyed by over 300,000 distance learners worldwide. To give you more choices, we present some good Docebo alternatives.

Why use Docebo instead of Litmos LMS?

  • It is agile and capable of anytime, anywhere training sessions
  • You can easily track and monitor training performance
  • It is built for easy use and fast adoption
  • Its modularity allows for integration with enterprise systems
  • You can turn on its extensibility feature anytime as the need arises making it responsive to projects that change and evolve

Why use Litmos LMS instead of Docebo?

  • It blends seamlessly into your software infrastructure
  • It keeps all your work well organized
  • You can monetize training with its built-in eCommerce features or integrate with Shopify
  • You can generate tests to assess and benchmark knowledge
  • You can schedule and conduct virtual classrooms using the ILT module, which is easy to use and implement

3. Schoology

Schoology is a cutting edge learning management system and social networking tool that allows for the quick creation and distribution of academic content. It is an all-around training platform that streamlines content management and provides a collaborative blended learning experience, making it convenient to share instructional content, materials and best practices from local to global scale. The platform reduces administrative responsibilities by simplifying system processes of content development and management, grade recording, attendance, performance reporting and analytics, and other similar activities. To give you more choices, we present some good Schoology alternatives.

Why use Schoology instead of Litmos LMS?

  • You can create standards-compatible course and content with a range of management tools
  • You can share, track and get insights via connected and flexible interfaces
  • Its Global Learning Community provides access to resources, methods, and personal experiences from local as well as international instructors
  • It has an automatically updating online grading system and performance-based analytics

Why use Litmos LMS instead of Schoology?

  • It has gamification tools that offer achievements, badges, points based on learners’ outcomes
  • You get real-time alerts on activities by teams, learners and educators
  • It has pre-built survey tool and reporting
  • You can evaluate performance in detail

4. Canvas LMS

Canvas LMS is a popular online learning platform that provides a customizable architecture and design which helps users to educate or learn the way they want to. Communication between teacher and learner makes it effortless to collaborate on the learning process. Students can get notifications, submit paperwork, and interact with the learning materials provided them on the devices they use. For added flexibility, they can connect their Canvas LMS account with their social media accounts. On the other hand, educators can produce any learning environment they want for their students and provide feedback, combine videos, blogs, wikis, and other educational resources, while monitoring their students’ progress. To give you more choices, we present some good Canvas LMS alternatives.

Why use Canvas LMS instead of Litmos LMS?

  • You can use the time-saving SpeedGrader with the ability to record audio/video during grading
  • It is an open source software that offers APIs, security audits, and feature discussions
  • There is an app center where you can add new technologies to your courses and install them even without IT support
  • It is quite fast being hosted on the robust Amazon Web Service (AWS) platform.
  • Since it is cloud-based, all changes, migrations and updates are done automatically in real-time

Why use Litmos instead of Canvas LMS?

  • You can customize learning paths through for individual learners through gamification and leaderboards
  • It has more affordable price points (starts at $2 per user/mo)
  • It is ideal for professionals and agency partners that sell training courses
  • You get a web-based course builder, virtual classroom scheduler, and real-time notifications

5. Bridge LMS

Bridge LMS is a SaaS solution designed to help businesses make corporate training more effective and efficient. Among the platform’s highlights are strong course creation features, powerful reporting, and wide integration possibilities. Being scalable, it can be used by business of various types and sizes that are looking to develop their employees’ know-how or certify skill competencies. Bridge LMS is easy to use, from authoring to launching courses down to tracking and analyzing results. It can be smoothly integrated, quickly convert file types, and ably import materials from other sources. It has also multilingual support, mobile capability and gamification functions. To give you more choices, we present some good Bridge LMS alternatives.

Why use Bridge LMS instead of Litmos LMS?

  • It has intuitive end-to-end framework, from authoring to course deployment to feedback and to reporting
  • Wide integration with standard business solutions
  • It has robust course building tools for technical to professional skills training
  • It comes with 20 customizable, off-the-shelf courses

Why use Litmos LMS instead of Bridge LMS?

  • It has interactive training for better learning engagement
  • It organizes training sessions into logical categories and modules
  • It provides you structured insights and indicators on every learner’s progress
  • It has dedicated Salesforce reports for community package users

6. Firmwater

Firmwater is a basic cloud-based learning system created to enable commercial training organizations and e-learning content developers deliver their content to all of their clients. In other words, it is designed for companies and training agencies selling courses and training content. Once content suppliers have uploaded their e-learning content, they can develop branded client portals within minutes, giving their customers access to all or part of the e-learning records. To give you more choices, we present some good Firmwater alternatives.

Why use Firmwater LMS instead of Litmos LMS?

  • You can create sites for your client
  • You can sell courses online either individually or in bundles, or even on a per membership basis
  • You can brand and customize according to your needs, and use your own domain to access the system

Why use Litmos LMS instead of Firmwater LMS?

  • It allows seamless distribution and exportation of content
  • It enables monetizing content
  • It can function with eCommerce, Accounting & Finance, Payroll Management, and Marketplace service providers

7. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is a learning management system known for its intuitive, HTML5-based user interface, which responds and adapts to diverse hardware platforms. This technology lets students to access content such as courses and educational events on traditional desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It delivers self-paced courses that contain video, tasks, documents, quizzes, exams, surveys, and more. The learning materials can provide students with the option to finish only some of the courses, giving learners the choice to take the lessons they like. To give you more choices, we present some good Absorb LMS alternatives.

Why use Absorb LMS instead of Litmos LMS?

  • It is a multi-purpose learning management system
  • It is convenient to use and highly configurable
  • It can be cloud-deployed or installed on your servers
  • You can issue educational units, credits, or points through your courses

Why use Litmos LMS instead of Absorb LMS?

  • It is a one-size-fits-all platform
  • It is equipped for employee/learner, partner and compliance training
  • Its drag-and-drop mechanism and WYSIWYG editor allows intuitive use and navigation
  • You can make personalized learning paths to focus on specific needs of each learner

8. LearnUpon

LearnUpon is one of the fastest growing e-learning platforms in the market today, a feat attributable to is quick set up, ease of use and strong customer support. The online training software was developed to meet the training needs of small, medium and large businesses and institutions. As such, it has over a dozen powerful functions and useful features that cover course content, certifications, integrations, branding, gamification, eCommerce, mobile e-learning and reporting, among others. To give you more choices, we present some good LearnUpon alternatives.

Why use LearnUpon instead of Litmos LMS?

  • It has an easy to use course content builder
  • You can conduct online exams, surveys and quizzes as well as offer certificate programs
  • It allows segregation of your students in different groups and assignment of different roles to your faculty members
  • All of the information in your LMS is presented in reports

Why use Litmos LMS instead of LearnUpon?

  • Its embedded content creation tools support various modules
  • All training materials are easily searchable and stored in a centralized database
  • You can view learner’s performance metrics in pie charts, tables, and graphs, and then compare them among different courses or different learner groups

9. iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring Learn LMS is a straightforward, user-friendly, hosted platform that lets you access your e-learning content in your mobile device. You can take your courses with you and learn when you are ready. Course materials and statistics are downloadable anytime, anywhere to your device. iSpring Learn gives users a host of tools to create complete e-learning courses while its logical folder-based interface allows you to thoroughly organize your e-learning materials. You can further enhance user experience by labeling and categorizing your users into groups and organizations. To give you more choices, we present some good iSpring Learn alternatives.

Why use iSpring Learn LMS instead of Litmos LMS?

  • It has lots of options to customize materials and content
  • Detailed statistics and reports allow you to follow the progress of individual users or groups
  • It allows you to sell e-learning courses and link to online payment channels

Why use Litmos LMS instead of iSpring Learn LMS?

  • It has a Resources Tab packed with documents, webinars and learning materials
  • It has a suite of pre-made course catalogs to make adoption easy even for first-timers
  • It offers over 30 marketplace connectors to rely on when selling and distributing content to large audiences

10. SchoolVoice


SchoolVoice is a communication application designed to simplify and accelerate communication between schools and parents. It allows school management to create processes and workflows that enable to quickly get in touch with parents regarding their students, from performance in class, school activities, emergency situations, and other updates that require parents/guardians’ attention and/or approval.

For schools, the application greatly improves communication and increases parent satisfaction. For parents, SchoolVoice provides a convenient way to remain abreast with their children’s performance as well as activities and stay informed and instantly alerted if and when an emergency arises, such as fires, natural disasters, and medical emergencies due to allergies, asthma attack, and more.

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