20 Best Customer Support Software Solutions of 2022

What is the best customer support software?
The best customer support software is Freshdesk, an all-in-one customer support suite that provides users with the basic and advanced tools and features needed to proactively provide a seamless customer experience. Its robust feature set includes a live chat, call center, community forums, knowledge base, ticketing system, and field service management.

Today, customers have the power to make businesses prosper or fail in a starker fashion than ever. Just a single social media rant on poor service going viral can send your revenues plummeting the next day. As a result, businesses need to double down on their customer support strategy to enhance customer loyalty, increase sales, and boost profitability, especially in an environment adversely by COVID-19. That said, following other companies that have added customer support software to their tech stack makes sense as a revenue move, not just an operational cost. Put simply, these systems enable businesses to deliver awesome support that leads to more revenues down the road.

However, with the proliferation of customer support solutions, it can be a daunting task to pick one for your business. Fortunately, in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best customer support software on the market. We’ll discuss the strengths of these solutions and detail how effective they can be at streamlining customer support. The goal is to lay bare all the relevant information to help pick the best solution for your business.

leading customer support tools

The past couple of years transformed many aspects of service delivery, but customer support remained the core, strategically important precursor of corporate success. On a market where products and services abide (more or less) by the same quality standards, customers rely on a personalized approach as the differentiating factor.

In a world faced with a pandemic, businesses need to reinforce their customer service to address the new emerging challenges. People need a brand they can feel safe with, a business they entrust their health and safety, and one that they can count on when the pandemic seems to disrupt everything else.

One study found that 58% of customers tend to rely on customer support over other channels when they need to have their urgent issues solved. Likewise, 57% of customers give customer support a high ranking when it comes to choosing preferred channels for help. Another study found that 64% of customers prefer buying from socially responsible brands, one that offers tangible customer care.

How people perceive customer support during a global crisis situation

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Sources: Accenture (2020), McKinsey (2020)

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In a nutshell, customer support solutions bring together dedicated, community, and self-service assistance, making it possible to lend a hand on emerging purchase locations like social media. It reaffirms the solid reputation of responsive teams and distinguishes great from good brands whereas the actual scope of products and services offered has little (or nothing at all) to do with it.

With configuration, support widgets, integrations, and adequate pricing in mind, we compiled a list of the 20 best customer support software solutions that deserve your attention in 2021.

1. Freshdesk

Freshdesk Dashboard

Freshdesk is a widely-used customer support software that offers a feature-rich and very intuitive customer support suite suitable for businesses from all scales and industries. The large list of satisfied clients includes names such as DHL, Harvard University, Henkel, Pearson, and other prominent brands interested to unify their service approach and gather requests in a single hub for the sake of productive collaboration.

Similarly, Freshdesk will enable you to be there for customers wherever and whenever they need you and save the means invested in separate messaging and help desk solutions. Some of its key features include ticket management, real-time email notification, team inbox, knowledge base, and multichannel support.

Freshdesk specializes in email and ticketing support, automates support operations on multiple channels, gathers customer intelligence, and puts all these a handy 24/7 self-service portal. At the same time, it is an excellent solution for service analytics & reporting that gives you the freedom to customize it as you want.

Despite packing all core support & help desk features, Freshdesk comes with an affordable pricing scheme that caters to both SMBs and enterprises. Packages vary between $19 and $99 per month, with a Basic free package for email support offered to teams with an unlimited number of agents.

What is unique about Freshdesk?

  1. Proactive agent-collision detection. With Freshdesk, you will be able to give all agents access to a single panel of information and customer requests and yet prevent them from troubleshooting the same issue.
  2. Labeled ticketing for easier assigning. With Freshdesk, you can easily label tickets and customize all fields to route them to the right person for quick response and resolution.
  3. Visibility across social channels. Freshdesk monitors customer posts about your product in social media and addresses issues that can escalate. This way, it can help you build opportunities to promote your product.
  4. A customer query knowledgebase. Freshdesk collects and stores customer queries in a single database to suggest instant answers for your agents. At the same time, end customers can use this base as a self-service portal and look for answers without professional assistance.
  5. Time tracking. Freshdesk excels in time tracking, as it monitors agents’ turnaround time for each customer and helps identify patterns, trends, bottlenecks and opportunities to further improve your support.

Detailed Freshdesk Review

2. Zendesk

Zendesk dashboard

Zendesk is one of the pioneers and best-known customer support and ticketing systems, constantly upgraded with new features and functionalities. Developed for the needs of all business types and sizes and available across all geographies, Zendesk is ideal for international and remote support teams.

Nonetheless, it offers affordable basic plans for SMBs that wouldn’t settle for anything else but top-notch customer service. Some of the Zendesk features include ticket management, robust reporting, group rules, full CSS branding, screencasting and multibrand support.

Why choose Zendesk over similar solutions? The platform will impress you with unparalleled simplicity and help turn random interactions into lasting relationships. Built upon scalable technology, Zendesk adjusts with ease to the needs of any business, works impeccably on several different channels and offers several different modules for support, guidance, analytics and collaboration. At the same time, it is one of the best-integrated customer support solutions with an open API infrastructure that lets you connect it to any system or application. If you’d like to test out this platform’s features first-hand, be sure to try the Zendesk free trial.



Try out Zendesk with their free trial

What is unique about Zendesk?

  1. Easy deployment. Zendesk is flexible and easy to deploy, which allows users to set it up in minutes and run it as soon as it is fully installed.
  2. 24/7 self-service support. Zendesk is a smart choice for companies looking to enable self-service support, as you can use it to set up 24/7 online service portals, robust knowledgebases, online communities and intuitive FAQ searches.
  3. Branding & customization opportunities. Zendesk offers a lot of branding and customization opportunities, going as far as to allow users to completely tailor operations in a brand-specific manner and offer user-friendly tools that will make their company look more professional and reputable.
  4. Reporting & analytics. With Zendesk, you will have access to 20+ template reports and dashboards and be able to analyze in detail the performance of each agent/team.
  5. Multiple integrations. Zendesk is an open API system, which means it can be put in action in any software ecosystem. Native integrations include several popular CRMs, eCommerce platforms and popular social media.

Detailed Zendesk Review

3. LiveAgent

LiveAgent dashboard

LiveAgent is another prominent name in the customer support software industry dedicated to small and developing businesses. Similarly to Freshdesk, LiveAgent keeps you on top of all customer interactions and helps you offer a streamlined support experience on several channels at a time. Some of the key LiveAgent features include universal inbox, ticketing, time rules, live chat, and reporting.

The system handles ticketing, live chat support, phone support, assistance on Facebook and Twitter and a separate self-service portal for 24/7 knowledge sharing. In the role of your fully-functional help desk, Live Agent will also introduce a VoIP plugin which will enable users to contact agents in real-time and with a single click.

To help you stay connected, LiveAgent will also offer native apps for Android and iOS and make communication possible wherever your agents are located. You can try the LiveAgent free trial to learn more about product capabilities.



Try out LiveAgent with their free trial

What is unique about LiveAgent?

  1. Universal, all-in-one inbox. LiveAgent’s unified inbox facilitates sending and stores tickets and requests automatically so that none of them would be lost. At the same time, it manages responses and stores information for further evaluation.
  2. Live chat support. LiveAgent is loaded with modern chat and management features which will help you give customers a hand even when not being familiar with their problem at all.
  3. Automated FAQ. To increase the efficiency of your service, repetitive questions are being automatically converted in FAQs and placed in the same-name section to be used as a source of information.
  4. Social channel management. LiveAgent is perfectly integrated with Facebook and Twitter and monitors activities to capture trends and business opportunities.
  5. Flexible pricing that suits all business sizes. LiveAgent is made to work with businesses of all scales and industries: whether you’re a 2-man startup or a big multinational company, you will only pay for what you want to use.

Detailed LiveAgent Review

4. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk dashboard

Zoho Desk is one of the best-known (if not the best-known) members of Zoho’s productivity family, namely a popular support desk system with multiple important functions. For starters, Desk helps deliver in-time and reliable support on several different channels and also boosts the productivity of your agents’ performance to help identify patterns and use opportunities. Some of the notable Zoho Desk features include a ticketing system, call center, knowledgebase, and reporting.

Task automation is also a part of this package so that the service you provide would be unified on all channels and customer intelligence is pulled in by default for you to turn random interactions into lasting and loyal relationships. This tool is designed for businesses from all scales and industries. If you want to try the features at no cost you can easily do so thanks to the Zoho Desk free trial.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk

Try out Zoho Desk with their free trial

What is unique about Zoho Desk?

  1. Integrated help center approach. With Zoho Desk, businesses can offer multiple support channels that suit their way of work as well as meet the preferences of their clients. Companies can choose to address customer issues and queries via a fully functional ticketing system or deliver support in real-time via its call center functionality.
  2. Social support integration. Zoho Desk allows clients to submit support requests, ask questions and even call for help via popular social media channels Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Knowledgebase forums. Zoho Desk lets you assemble knowledge in searchable databases and encourage customers to converge and help one another by providing solutions and ideas based on first-hand experiences.
  4. Operable intelligence. Zoho Desk’s reporting tools and analytics help managers identify issues and concerns that pertain to agent’s performance and productivity.
  5. Integration with other products from Zoho’s productivity suite. Zoho Desk works in synergy with other popular Zoho solutions, making data migration painless and operations timely and much more efficient.

Detailed Zoho Desk Review

5. Wix Answers

wix answers dashboard

Wix Answers is an all-in-one, cloud-based customer support software built to help SMBs and large enterprises to support their customers and employees alike. The multichannel support system provides all the tools you need to deliver stellar support more consistently. Notable Wix Answers features include an intuitive multi-channel ticketing system, customizable knowledge base, live chat, and a built-in call center. 

What sets Wix Answers apart from other customer support software is that it is easy to set up, customize and manage. Most notably the platform provides a unified timeline view of customers issues, enabling agents to understand the customer journey. Even better, it provides all the details needed by internal teams to pinpoint customer pain points to build better products. Should want to learn more about this product be sure to try the Wix Answers free trial. You can try the Wix Answers free trial to learn more about product capabilities.

Wix Answers

Wix Answers

Try out Wix Answers with their free trial

What is Unique about Wix Answers

  1. Multichannel ticketing system. With Wix Answers, you can track and handle tickets from all digital channels including email, phone, Facebook and the help widget on your website. Besides, the rule engine utilizes the if/then logic automation making it easy to update fields and assign new tasks.  
  2. Manage all calls from a single dashboard. Additionally, the built-in call center enables you to manage calls from your own 1-800 number. Not just that, with the call center you can set up your IVR and also route calls to the relevant agent.   
  3. Actionable insights. Most importantly, Wix Answers provides cross-platform insights. You can analyze critical KPIs, monitor group performance and compare ticket stats to make data-driven decisions.
  4. Easy to set up and use. Wix Answers is also pretty easy to set up because no coding is required. Moreover, the platform doesn’t present a stiff learning curve to support agents. 
  5. Customizability. Lastly, Wix Answers offers fully customizable templates. You can change nearly every aspect of these templates to create a stunning help center and a knowledgebase that suits your brand. 

Detailed Wix Answers Review

6. Freshservice


Freshservice dashboardFreshservice is a robust cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) software designed to help IT organizations deliver high-quality services. Its key value proposition revolves around speedy setup, ease of use, affordability and exceptional customer service. The key Freshservice features include SLA management, knowledge management, IT project management, IT asset management, a self-service portal, and powerful reporting. 

Additionally, Freshservice offers reliable change, incident, problem and release management features. These features, coupled with the intuitive interface, make the platform a perfect fit for the IT management needs of MSPs, educational institutions, financial firms, and government organizations. Most importantly, Freshservice integrates seamlessly with multiple third-party IT applications and systems. If you want to try the features at no cost you can easily do so thanks to the Freshservice free trial.



Try out Freshservice with their free trial

What is Unique about Freshservice

  1. ITIL-aligned setup. Freshservice is built using ITIL best practices. This way, it standardizes ITSM processes including problem management, release management, and change management. 
  2. Gamification. Additionally, Freshservice brings gamification techniques to the internal service desk. It eliminates the boredom associated with the IT service desk making it a highly engaging and fun experience. 
  3. Robust SLA management. Even better the platform allows you to stipulate multiple SLA policies for creating ticket categories. This way, it makes it easy to track and resolve tickets based on priorities. 
  4. Collaboration. Moreover, Freshservice comes with powerful IT project management features. It helps streamline IT project workflows with an integrated ITSM platform, task management tools, and real-time project dashboard. 
  5. Easy to use. Freshservice is not only easy to set up but also easy to use. Its modern and intuitive user interface requires minimal to no training.  

Detailed Freshservice Review

7. HubSpot Service Hub

Hubspot Service Hub dashboard

HubSpot Service Hub is a reliable customer support software designed for startups and small businesses. Boasting a set of innovative features, the platform enables growing businesses to deliver exceptional customer experience. Primarily, it enables businesses to fashion unique self-service solutions that delight customers at scale and leverage customer feedback to improve service delivery. The key HubSpot Service Hub features include ticketing, knowledgebase, reporting and analytics, live chat, conversation Inbox and contact management.  

HubSpot’s live chat is built to boost efficiency and improve agents’ productivity. With chatbots and canned responses, the tool ensures that even when the agents are away or busy,  customers get efficient help. Most importantly, besides answering customer questions HubSpot Service Hub helps businesses to convert leads and close more deals. Should want to learn more about this product, be sure to check HubSpot Service Hub free trial. 

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub

Try out HubSpot Service Hub with their free trial

What is Unique about HubSpot Service Hub

  1. Universal inbox. HubSpot Service Hub conversation feature allows you to engage customers at scale. This is a universal inbox that brings customer conversations from all channels in one dashboard, allowing support teams to collaborate in one spot.  
  2. Powerful ticketing system. Additionally, the platform tickets board provides a central hub for all tickets, allowing support teams to track and solve tickets collaboratively. 
  3. Robust knowledgebase. Moreover, the HubSpot Service Hub knowledgebase tool is built to simplify customer self-service. It allows you to collect helpful pieces of articles and information in one place that’s easily accessible to the customers.  
  4. Surveys. Better still, HubSpot Service Hub allows you to collect customer feedback through surveys. The feedback can then be analyzed to derive insights that help turn customer service into a growth opportunity. 
  5. Powerful reporting. HubSpot Service Hub doesn’t just help you collect tons of valuable data. The systems also provide powerful tools to analyze the data and glean helpful insights. It allows you to understand the NPS, most viewed articles on the knowledge base and average response time. 

Detailed HubSpot Service Hub Review

8. Atera

Atera Dashboard

Atera is a cloud-based, all-in-one platform that provides powerful managed IT solutions including professional service automation (PSA) and remote monitoring and management (RMM). Built primarily for MSPs, VARs and IT support organizations, the software also provides integrated cloud and remote access tools. Other notable Atera features include ticketing, network discovery, billing and reports. 

The key value proposition for Atera is evident through its simple users (technicians) based pricing model. Most importantly, the solution is designed to offer rapid onboarding with intuitive user experience. Also, thanks to Atera’s ease of use, IT companies can leverage its monitoring capabilities to pinpoint issues before they escalate and negatively impact the user experience. You can leverage Atera free trial at no cost to learn more about the product’s capabilities. 



Try out Atera with their free trial

What is Unique about Atera

  1. Multiple security features. The best part about Atera is that it employs numerous security features including role-based access protocol, mail shield, file blocking, and mail trace. 
  2. Powerful remote monitoring features. Thanks to Atera’s RMM capabilities, you can monitor and manage hundreds of networks from a central hub. It delivers real-time updates and offers 360-degree visibility into your entire IT stack health. 
  3. Remote support. Additionally, the solution provides powerful remote access and support tools that make it easy to control workstations and servers anywhere, anytime. 
  4. Professional service automation features. Moreover, Atera’s PSA module comes with a feature-rich CRM module that helps manage customer contacts, devices, SLA tickets, contracts and files with ease.
  5. Advanced analytics. Most importantly, Atera provides multiple reports that include technician performance, monitoring, satisfaction, profitability, and general reports.

Detailed Atera Review

9. Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk dashboard

Jira Service Desk is a cloud-based information technology service management (ITSM) platform that provides end-to-end service delivery on IT infrastructure and services. The software helps IT teams to monitor and resolve requests and issues sent from various channels, including tickets, from internal (employee) or external sources. Businesses with a significant IT backbone or IT assets turn to Jira Service Desk because it is fast and reliable. Some of the key Jira Service Desk features include knowledgebase builder, SLA delivery, ITIL compliance, and reports and analytics.

As part of the Jira family of products, it’s also highly extensible. It can work with other Jira software and can connect with thousands of apps on the Atlassian marketplace. If this doesn’t scratch your integrations itch, it’s also open-source, which means you can customize the Jira’s engine to work exactly as you would want it for your business. Plus, it also has a native mobile app for iOS and Android so your agents can answer queries anywhere they go.

As for pricing, Jira Service Desk offers three paid plans and a starter plan that’s completely free for up to 3 users. You can sign up for a free trial for their paid plans as well.

What is Unique about Jira Service Desk

  1. ITIL compliance. Jira Service Desk employs all ITSM best practices so your customers only get the fastest, best resolution of their problem.
  2. Task automation. Another benefit of using Jira Service Desk is that it enables businesses to manage issues and requests using templates. Using these templates, agents can simply automate repetitive requests or respond to inquiries quickly without losing their attention on things that matter.
  3. Incident management. Jira Service Desk has built-in custom ruleset that either escalates or assigns tickets to the best possible agent that can accommodate the request.
  4. Powerful analytics. Besides, thanks to the powerful reporting tools, you can track and monitor agent stats and performance.
  5. Seamless integrations. Additionally, Jira Service Desk integrates seamlessly with popular business applications, especially those on the Atlassian marketplace.

Detailed Jira Service Desk Review

10. SysAid

Sysaid dashboard

SysAid is a powerful ITSM, IT help desk and service desk software built to enable different types and sizes of businesses to solve a wide swath of technology-related issues. Billed as a feature-rich, multilayered ITSM, the platform provides tools that enable SMBs and fortune 500 businesses to enhance the end-user experience. Some of the key SysAid features include a ticketing system, help desk, IT asset management, IT service management and advanced BI and analytics. 

Moreover, with these tools, SysAid reduces the Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTTR) for the ticketing cycle. It also offers a centralized dashboard to manage the entire ITIL framework and simplify asset monitoring. Should you want to learn more about the product capabilities, you can do so at no cost thanks to the SysAid free trial. 



Try out SysAid with their free trial

What is Unique about SysAid

  1. Powerful help desk. The SysAid help desk module provides flexible tools including ticket management, a self-service portal and a knowledgebase. 
  2. Feature-rich ITSM module. Besides, SysAid has a powerful ITSM module that includes all the features you need to manage incidents, change and service requests. Moreover, the module provides insights that help implement better control over service delivery. 
  3. ITAM module. Additionally, the platform provides an IT asset management module fully integrated with the Help Desk software. The module provides a centralized dashboard where you can view, control, manage and secure all IT assets. 
  4. Remote control. Even better, SysAid has powerful, built-in remote control capability. It helps support agents to give remote assistance to the end-user with ease.
  5. IT analytics. SysAid provides a set of user-friendly analytics tools that help you to gain a 360-degree view of IT service performance.

Detailed SysAid Review

11. Genesys PureCloud

Genesys PureCloud DashboardGenesys PureCloud is an easy-to-use customer experience platform designed to empower businesses to deliver personalized experiences and build stronger relationships. The platform offers an all-in-one cloud contact center solution that enables businesses to follow customer conversations across all digital channels. Boasting, intuitive real-time dashboard, the solution helps turn every call, chat, social comment and email into a conversation. The most notable Genesys PureCloud features include omnichannel contact center, collaboration tools, and seamless system integrations. 

Additionally, Genesys PureCloud provides up-to-the-second analytics to uncover insights for agents across all digital channels. It provides real-time visibility into performance and helps you to understand omnichannel interactions better. This way, you can tweak the nature of customer service to help agents meet expectations throughout the customer journey. The Genesys PureCloud free trial allows you to use the product features for a period of time. 

Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud

Try out Genesys Cloud with their free trial

What is Unique about Genesys PureCloud

  1. Omnichannel customer support. One salient attribute of the Genesys PureCloud is its all-in-one architecture. The platform provides a single omnichannel interface where agents can handle all interactions from chat, phone calls, social channels, email, and mobile app. With the solution, there is no more switching between screens to handle consumer interactions.   
  2. Easy access to information. Moreover, Genesys PureCloud provides easy access to relevant information through screen pops and pop-ups. Whether its customer current case information, contact profiles, or interaction journey history, the software puts the vital details at the agent’s fingertips.
  3. Faster omnichannel routing. Even better, since customer conversations and interactions are handled in one system, routing messages to relevant departments is a breeze.   
  4. Powerful system integrations. Most importantly, Genesys PureCloud allows you to customize your call center and add functionality as needed through multiple system integrations.
  5. Collaboration tools. Moreover, Genesys PureCloud provides powerful collaboration tools. It allows internal teams to access softphone, screen sharing, video and chat channels all in one robust solution. 

Detailed Genesys Cloud Review

12. JitBit HelpDesk

Jitbit Helpdesk dashboard

JitBit HelpDesk is an innovative ticketing system that is available as a SaaS software or an on-premises tool. Built with businesses of all sizes in mind, the solution provides features that empower help desk teams to manage requests from multiple sources. Some of the notable JitBit HelpDesk features include automation engine, knowledgebase, file attachments, a self-service portal and incident management. 

The ticket grid embodies JitBit HelpDesk’s effectiveness in ticket management. This intuitive interface provides instant access to all customer requests and files related to these cases. The best part is that the requests are updated in real-time and agents have the right information at the fingertips to solve each case. Should you want to learn more about JitBit HelpDesk, be sure to try its free trial. 

JitBit HelpDesk

JitBit HelpDesk

Try out JitBit HelpDesk with their free trial

What is Unique about JitBit HelpDesk

  1. Organized ticketing. JitBit HelpDesk doesn’t just help agents to resolve customer tickets, it helps do it in an organized manner The solution helps categorize and assign tags to tickets to simplify the search.
  2. Every ticket information one place. With JitBit HelpDesk, the days of digging around for information related to a ticket are long gone. The solution puts all attachments, messages and a history of team action right in the ticket activity feed.  
  3. Automation engine. Besides, the software features a powerful automation engine. The engine helps stipulate automation rules and set actions and conditions for inbound tickets. 
  4. Fully-featured mobile apps. Moreover, JitBit HelpDesk allows you to handle tickets on the go with iOS and Android apps.
  5. Reporting. JitBit HelpDesk comes with several customizable reports. The reports provide insights into team performance and help in the decision-making process.

Detailed JitBit HelpDesk Review

13. Qualtrics CX

Qualtrics CX Dashboard

Qualtrics CX is an extremely flexible and agile customer experience platform designed to empower businesses to delight consumers at each touchpoint. Primarily, the solution makes it easy for businesses to monitor, respond and improve every customer interaction along the customer journey. Besides, the platform helps gather customer feedback and glean insights that drive customer satisfaction and help improve team performance. Some of the core Qualtrics CX features include dynamic case management, role-based dashboards, integrated analytics and call center process enablement. 

The platform ultimate goal is to improve customer satisfaction and boost team performance with real-time insights. Qualtrics CX puts business leaders in total control of their customer experience programs. Most importantly, it helps leverage customer feedback and to monitor keys trends. This way, it empowers businesses to uncover new niche opportunities and automate actions to enhance efficiency and ultimately, financial outcomes. You can use the product features for a period of time at no cost thanks to Qualtrics CX free trial.

Qualtrics CX

Qualtrics CX

Try out Qualtrics CX with their free trial

What is Unique about Qualtrics CX

  1. Improve retention and loyalty. Qualtrics CX uncovers real-time customer intelligence through key driver analysis, text analytics and management scorecards. This way, it helps drive customer satisfaction, thus boosting retention rates. 
  2. Improve financial outcomes. Additionally, the platform provides a consolidated view of operational and performance metrics by location, business line and customer type. It uncovers critical insights that enable businesses to seize opportunities for growth. 
  3. Boost conversion. Better still, Qualtrics CX helps create targeted content and promotion materials informed by insights from customer feedback. The content drives online satisfaction, thereby improving conversion rates.
  4. Customizable dashboard. Even better, Qualtrics CX offers a customizable, role-based dashboard to help you map customer responses with ease.
  5. Centralized channels view. Most importantly, the platform allows you to manage all customer interactions from multiple channels on a single dashboard.

Detailed Qualtrics CX Review

14. ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control dashboard

ConnectWise Control orients its efforts towards remote support, letting agents and teams control the devices of their clients regardless of their location. The system is very reliable, fast (enables instant, 3-step access) and secure (surpasses cyber threats with AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication); and offers premium assistance for new teams and first-time users. Other notable ConnectWise Control features include remote access, remote meetings, shared toolbox, file transfer and device monitoring.

Just recently, the system was upgraded with an array of collaboration and in-team assistance options for faster solving. Mac and Linux agents, for instance, will now get a personalized kit that allows remote execution of scripts and applications through the host UI and a Mac-exclusive window option allows for quicker session switching. To learn more about the product capability, be sure to try the ConnectWise Control free trial.

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control

Try out ConnectWise Control with their free trial

What is unique about ConnectWise Control?

  1. Identity-centered delivery. ConnectWise Cloud lets you change and adjust the logos, icons and even language in which you provide the service and give customers flexible solutions when connected to their machines.
  2. Automated reconnection. ConnectWise Control is also empowered with automated reconnection, which means that service can be provided even when the network conditions are not exactly favorable. You get to connect with customers regardless of your device or location.
  3. A very collaborative system. ConnectWise’s Toolbox is cloud-hosted and remote. This lets agents exchange files, comment and share opinions and work simultaneously on the same task wherever they are.
  4. Enhanced security. ConnectWise’s reimaged version leans heavily on self-governed controls and authentication, as a result of which it lets users create clone roles and use multiple authentication sources.
  5. Advanced features for Linux and Mac users. With ConnectWise Control, agents get a personal Linux toolbox for remote execution of scripts and applications and a Mac-exclusive window option for assistance and quick session-switching. What you will also like is the facilitated, drag-and-drop data transfer to Mac and Linux guests from Windows, Mac and Linux Machines.

Detailed ConnectWise Control Review

15. Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce-Essentials dashboard

Salesforce Essentials brings together two solutions – a CRM and customer service – in one platform. The package is designed for small businesses so they can use Salesforce’s renowned CRM software to help them speed up sales processes as well as provide quality customer service and support without having to get separate solutions for these two important customer-facing functions. Salesforce Essentials features set embodies its sales and service capabilities with robust tools and functionalities that are offered at budget-friendly prices.

The CRM side of Salesforce Essentials is powered by a built-in intelligence to facilitate faster and smarter selling and total visibility over your customers and your entire business. The other side of the software is powered by an automation engine that puts most customer support and service tasks on auto-pilot for increased efficiency and better agent productivity.

What is unique about Salesforce Essentials?

  1. Deliver true and consistent customer experience. Studies have shown that the majority of today’s consumers prefer dealing with companies that provide consistent service and support. Salesforce Essentials help desk solution offers unhampered connectivity and real-time communication flow such as when you need to continue your conversation with your customer from live chat to phone call and vice versa.
  2. Provide multi-channel support. Regardless of what channel your customers use to reach out – email, phone, chat, social media, etc. – you’ll be able to promptly respond since the system offers multi-channel capabilities, keeping communication lines clear and conversations and messages organized.
  3. Automate daily routines. Automation can be a set for repetitive tasks and processes so your agents can concentrate on more important matters. The help desk solution can automatically forward queries or allocate tasks to the right agent based on parameters you set such as expertise and availability.
  4. Extend customer self-service. Encourage your customers to get into the habit of self-service through a white-labeled knowledgebase where they can quickly search for answers to frequently asked questions.
  5. Harness robust integrations. You get powerful integration with all tools and apps that work with Salesforce’s CRM. You also have access to Salesforce Trailhead, a learning program of CRM courses and to Salesforce Einstein which uses AI algorithms to give you insights and best next-step actions.

Detailed Salesforce Essentials Review

16. PhoneBurner

phoneburner dashboard

PhoneBurner is a cloud-based, outbound call center and sales acceleration platform built for salespeople who use the telephone as a primary sales tool. The software allows users to log in from a computer and call customers from a connected phone. Fundamentally, the solution is designed to simplify and streamline the sales workflow, contact management, and follow-up. Some of the PhoneBurner features include lead management, power dialing, performance management, analytics, and email followup. 

The solution automates repetitive tasks, saving time for salespeople and allowing them to handle each opportunity better and close more deals. For better dial sessions, PhoneBurner offers an integrated sales CRM module that keeps detailed customer contact records. Also, the intelligent lead filtering helps search contacts based on last call results, tags, location, custom fields and more. The PhoneBurner free trial allows you to try the product’s features for a period of time at no cost. 

What is Unique about PhoneBurner

  1. Smart search. PhoneBurner provides intelligent filters to help you find leads and high-value prospects. The filters help run perfectly targeted outreach to get more out of your dial sessions. 
  2. Workflow automation. Besides, the platform moves manual tasks out the way. It automates critical tasks like dialing, voicemail and emailing empowering sales reps to reach more prospects and hits stipulated milestones faster. 
  3. Instant alerts. Moreover, when prospects respond to your SMS and text messages, the solution sends real-time alerts prompting you to take immediate action. 
  4. LeadStream. This is a revolutionary lead distribution feature designed to enable sales reps to create more opportunities, connections and close deals.
  5. Robust reporting tools. Even better, with PhoneBurner reporting tools, you can leverage data to spur sales performance. The tools make it easy to generate reports to monitor, measure and even motivate sales agents.

Detailed PhoneBurner Review

17. RingCentral Engage Digital

RingCentral Engage Digital dashboard

RingCentral Engage Digital, formerly Dimelo by RingCentral, is a cloud-based customer support platform built for various businesses including banks, telecom, transport, insurance, retail and energy. The platform empowers businesses to spearheads digital transformation through exceptional omni-digital customer relations. The RingCentral Engage Digital features include message filters, queue management, reply assistant, smart routing, identity merge, automatic responses and knowledgebase. 

Primarily, RingCentral Engage Digital enables users to manage all digital customer care channels from a centralized hub. Whether its requests, reactions, questions, or complaints from social media, mobile, email, or live chat, the solution assembles them all in a single platform. The issues are automatically routed to agents based on their availability, nature of the request and customer profiles. This way, it reduces response time thus improving customer satisfaction, streamlines resource allocation and improves the management of peaks. To learn more about the product features, be sure to try the RingCentral Engage Digital free trial. 

What is Unique about RingCentral Engage Digital

  1. Omnichannel platform. Thanks to RingCentral Engage Digital, you don’t have to compel customers to use specific channels. Rather, the platform allows you to connect with them on their channel of choice. 
  2. Smart routing. RingCentral Engage Digital leverages the power of AI to route incoming messages. It ensures that inbound messages are relayed to the next available agent based on their skills and urgency. 
  3. Identity merge. This is another notable feature that helps create a holistic view of each customer. It merges customer identities and collates all historical interactions and avails the information to the support agents to help them deliver more personalized experiences. 
  4. Support analytics. Besides, RingCentral Engage Digital provides comprehensive analytics that helps improve KPIs and optimize strategy. 
  5. Open platform. Even better, RingCentral Engage Digital is built to be flexible. The solution can be embedded within the underlying ecosystem with ease. It enhances the existing tools and allows you to collate relevant customer data without a struggle. 

Detailed RingCentral Engage Digital Review

18. Ytel

Ytel dashboard

Ytel is a robust call center platform built for organizations and businesses that connect with a huge number of customers for customer care or campaign purposes. As such, the software is apt for businesses that want to streamline lead generation, coordinate marketing campaigns and accelerate sales. Primarily, the solution enables SMB businesses to manage their multichannel communications and optimize the efficiency of their outbound calling. Some of Ytel features include auto-dialing, call distribution, a scripting module and voice response. 

As you may have known, Ytel is a renowned telephone carrier with notable experience in the telecom industry. The decades of experience coupled with the use of proprietary technology help the vendor engineer an intuitive solution that enables businesses to engage customers on any channel. This way, businesses can reach more prospects and initiate conversations to turn leads into customers. You can learn more about the product feature at no cost thanks to the Ytel free trial. 

What is Unique about Ytel

  1. Better lead management. Ytel allows you to incorporate ringless, voice and SMS channels to your lead generation campaigns. This way, you can initiate more conversations and drive better inbound engagements to close more deals. 
  2. Centralize customer engagement. Additionally, the platform allows you to handle all customer interactions from multiple digital channels in one simple interface. It helps you to connect with customers on their channels of choice rather than compel them to use certain platforms. 
  3. Simplicity. Even better, Ytel is built to be easy to use. The vendor offers an in-house guided experience that flattens the learning curve. 
  4. Reliability. A good customer support solution should be reliable. Ytel ticks this box as it helps coordinate all campaigns and manage all programmable messages without a struggle.
  5. Compliance. Most importantly, Ytel has assembled a team of compliance experts who are on standby to guide businesses through regulatory requirements and best practices in communications.

Detailed Ytel Review

19. Velaro

Velaro dashboard

Velaro is an easy-to-use, cloud-based live chat solution designed for SMBs in various verticals including higher education, ecommerce, insurance, health care, online retail, pharmaceuticals and more. The platform empowers businesses to provide stellar support on their websites and manage customer interactions with ease. Some of the main Velaro features include workflow and routing, customizable surveys, visitor monitoring, performance management, sales, and conversion tracking and reporting.

Besides, regardless of how complex the customer engagement challenge is, Velaro provides apt tools to make every chat better than the last. Even better, the solution provides reliable data collection and reporting tools that make it easy to monitor agent performance and track critical support KPIs. Overall, Velaro aims to increase operational efficiency, drive customer satisfaction and boost sales. Should you want to learn more about the product capability, be sure to try the Velaro free trial. 



Try out Velaro with their free trial

What is Unique about Velaro

  1. Skill-based routing. Velaro employs skill-based chat routing to ensure every chat is routed to the qualified agent. 
  2. Innovative visitor monitoring technology. Besides, with the Velaro visitor monitoring feature, you can monitor a visitor’s activity and behavior on your website. You can even examine the visitor’s survey questions to route their issues to the right department.
  3. Better chat performance management. Additionally, the platform provides chat management tools like response rating and A/B canned response testing. These tools help keep agents on their toes and ensure their performances meet the set standards. 
  4. Powerful reporting and analytics. Thanks to Velaro’s reporting and analytics tools you can monitor, view and analyze aspects of live chat performance in real-time. 
  5. Sales and conversion tracking. Even better, the platform allows you to determine what each piece of business is delivering. With custom conversions and conversion reports, you can analyze sales conversions at the granular level. 

Detailed Velaro Review

20. CloudTalk

Cloudtalk dashboard

CloudTalk is a feature-rich call center software that enables small and medium businesses to create virtual phone systems for their customer service and sales teams. Primarily, the software is designed to help SMBs build better relationships with customers around the world. Some of the key CloudTalk features include call recording, call queueing, voicemail, intelligent routing, click to call, call tagging, callback, call monitoring, agent reporting, and a real-time dashboard.

The platform is easy to adapt to the unique needs and size of business. As such, whether you operate a large call center with numerous busy agents or are a soleprenuer who handle calls rather rarely, the solution is designed with you in mind. The CloudTalk free trial allows you to learn more about the product features at no cost. 



Try out CloudTalk with their free trial

What is intriguing is that CloudTalk allows you to keep your local number and engage customer across the globe with an easy to use a virtual phone, anywhere anytime. It automates the call management process making it a breeze to make and receive phone calls from over eighty countries around the world.

What is Unique about CloudTalk

  1. Intelligent call routing. Features such as call flow designer, automated call distribution, skill-based routing and caller based routing, ensure that calls are routed to relevant agent-based on predetermined criteria. 
  2. Feature-rich call center module. CloudTalk provides the voice features you need to deliver stellar customer support. From call queueing to call recording to the conference call, the platform has all the tools you need to build better relationships.
  3. Productivity tool. Additionally, call tagging, click to call, callback and transfer are some of the features that boost agent productivity. 
  4. Real-time dashboard. Moreover, the real-time dashboard allows you to keep an eye on all call center activities from a single interface. The dashboard provides critical data on agent productivity and inbound calls. 
  5. Seamless integration. Even better CloudTalk integrates seamlessly with the business tools you use. It works without a hitch with popular applications like Zendesk, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce. 

Detailed CloudTalk Review

Have you picked your customer support software yet?

There you have it, our list of the best customer support software. As you may have noticed, the solutions offer features that are designed for different industry verticals. Ideally, you should have a predefined selection criterion based on your needs, the size of the business, and your budget.

Luckily, our list certainly offers solutions that are designed to suit different needs profiles. As a result, it should be a piece of cake to find a solution that ticks all the boxes, one that will boost customer loyalty, increase sales and grow your bottom line.

However, if you are torn between solutions and can’t make the final decision, worry not. Our experts put all these solutions to test and found Freshdesk to the best. We highly recommend using Freshdesk because it’s intuitive and easy to use. Besides, the software offers customizable workflows and is designed to help businesses of all sizes deliver exceptional customer experience. The best part is that you can check the solution closely when you sign up for Freshdesk free trial.

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