Top 3 Communications Software: Comparison of RingCentral, 8×8 and Jive

If you are interested in discovering the best communications software for your company, we may have just what you’re looking for. Our experienced teams of SaaS and B2B professionals follow market developments and examine new products all the time. Today, we have prepared a list of the top communications software products and services you can consider for your company.

We have evaluated all features and details of each service to narrow the list down, and came up with a list of top 3 communication software. We hope it will help you decide which software will correspond to your needs and expectations best.


What are the top 3 communication software solutions?

1. RingCentral

RingCentral’s variety of great features as well as the innovative approach towards PBX telephony has convinced our team that its one of the best communications software solutions the market has to offer right now, and a tight comparison with our other two leaders is about to show it.

The vendor offers a great free trial plan that lets you try out all the key features first. You can easily sign up for RingCentral free trial here.


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Try out RingCentral with their free trial

The cloud-based phone system has been awarded multiple times, both by our platform and similar software comparators. What impressed us the most here, is that the system never stopped developing, and is probably about to introduce some new features as we’re discussing it now. In addition to great features it also offers a great free demo.

The main advantage of RingCentral is that it is a cloud-based system which doesn’t require expensive installations and maintenance, but where you still get to migrate your current phone system. The process is smooth and quick, as it is every operation you will be performing within the system. Its interface is designed in a way which allows calls to be forwarded or recorded with a single command, while the drag-and-drop mechanism helps you organize information in a way which is most suitable for you. All of this, however, is the basic suite the system has to offer. On enterprise level, it revolutionizes communication to the extent of voice previewing, online meetings, video conferencing, and a plethora of third-party integrations. The way things are now, RingCentral didn’t only replace landline business communication, but it drove it to a level none of us believed was even reachable.

2. 8×8 VoIP Phone Service

8×8 VoIP is another of the leaders on our list and it is very likely to remain there for quite a while. Fairly similar to RingCentral, 8×8 mastered the cloud telephony craft to the extent of becoming businesses’ one and only communication server. The combination of caller and collaboration features reminds of the one of RingCentral, and so does its online management component. The serious drawback in the case, however, is that IP and provision phones are not provided, and that 8×8 is a quote-priced VoIP (the price is raising in parallel with every additional feature you want to include). The lowest possible price for a basic package is $19.99.

Still, VoIP is a solid and reasonable choice for enterprises that want and can modernize their telephony system, and where price is not the first factor to be considered. While we do believe RingCentral offers the best value at the best price, we are still in support of the fact that 8×8 is more than a fair competitor, and that paying for it is a reasonable decision. At the end of the day, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support won’t be necessary, considering its advanced phone system and the variety of business collaboration features, as well as the customization capacity which can also compete with the one of RingCentral. As for implementation, users do think there is a steep learning curve here and there, but praise at the same time the devoted support team that never abandons a customer in need.

3. Jive

Jive also holds a high position on our list. We responsively claim it as one of the top communications software systems with tons of features and capabilities, but it has a specific target group and cannot respond to phone system requirements the way RingCentral and 8×8 can.

In fact, Jive offers a suite of communication capabilities, where hosting VoIP services are tackled way briefer than in the previous two cases. The focus is on inner-corporate and social communication and email correspondence between employees, meaning that the choice will depend on which specific areas of communicating you wish to cover.

At the same time, Jive is the top solution to look at if you want a single system that can cover employee collaboration, HR management, community management, and powerful analytics all in one. The integrations are massive, and the advanced security considerations remind of RingCentral more than 8×8 VoIP. Compared to 8×8 VoIP, Jive leads also in the sense of usability, as customers find it almost as simple as intuitive as they consider RingCentral to be.

Comparison of Telephony Features

When it comes to phone system features, the undisputed leaders are RingCentral and 8×8 VoIP. Jive, even if an advanced communication app, tackles telephony only briefly, and focuses more on messaging, chat, and corporate emailing. For a business that wants to put a customer phone central in place, the first two options are way better.

Our experts estimated that RingCentral is the prioritized solution of the two, but it was nuances that motivated such decision. Observing the whole picture, RingCentral leads due the fact is it solely focused on telephony, and it allows you to transfer your existing phone system in the cloud to preserve the customer relationships that are already in place. At the same time, it stands out with HD video conferencing and online meetings, the same as the premium voicemail preview no other VoIP we’re aware of can provide.

The feature suite, however, looks quite similar: Both RingCentral and VoIP offer an auto-receptionist, and call forwarding and recording options. You can identify and block callers with a similar procedure, and line up callers until the next agent is free in both cases.

Conferencing is available as well, with the main difference that RingCentral supports both audio and HD video conferencing, the same as group calling. What is also specific about this system are extensions, because all features are designed to be flexible, and grow with the same gear your business does. In the case of 8×8 VoIP you get what you initially asked for, and as your business develops, you will be expected to purchase additional functionality.

Both RingCentral and 8×8 VoIP record and preserve information, and can deliver it in organized scripts via email. RingCentral also supports an advanced analytic and reporting suite that can allow you to transform caller data into workable material, and supports multi-level IRV.

Comparison of Collaboration Features

This is probably the most complex comparison that can be made between the three product, as they’ve all mastered the collaboration craft to perfection. It wouldn’t be fair to put any of them on the top position, as they can all serve in a decentralized team, and keep employees connected when most needed. What made things somehow easier for us was the different approach they’ve all undertaken to handle this question, and thanks to which you will have no problem finding the ideal product for your company.

RingCentral is a known connector of remote teams because of its impeccable quality and record uptime. Location means nothing for this product, as it supports online meetings to be triggered whenever necessary. At the same time, it makes sure all agents are notified upon the need to establish contact, meaning that they are still active even after they’ve abandoned the office. To make matters even better, they can transform their phones into BYOD line extensions to make sure calls are automatically transferred from the official line to their private mobile devices. In case the internet connection fails, the special RC data network and cellular voice will preserve the call and the information until such is reestablished.

8×8 VoIP is also very powerful in the collaboration aspect, focused on bigger teams rather than medium and small ones. Instant messaging is available even in this case, and all office calls are recorded for further usage. What is more distinctive in the case of 8×8 is that it supports an online virtual office where all employee documentation can be stored and operated with, and thus eliminates the need to keep a separate HR database on the local device.

Collaboration is where Jive shines the most. While it wasn’t that compatible with phone services, Jive is absolutely devoted to social collaboration, and that can be seen from the very first moment you open the app. It allows employees to communicate with an instant messaging and chat app, and forms a community where you can find the people you need in a neat mobile directory, and communicate with them in real time. At the same time, there is a unique dashboard that allows you to follow and evaluate engagement, export the data, and perform complex community sentiment analysis. What is more, every user has an individual profile which can be used as a blog to post content, and in order to make it, users can choose some of the beautiful premade pages and sites, or even give such to their business partners. The same as in the previous two cases, all communication administration is handled in the same system.

Comparison of Security Schemes

The most powerful tool here is RingCentral, as it offers enterprise-grade security for its users, and end-to-end SSL 256-bit encryption of their data. The system supports a private data network where all information is regularly backed up, and conversations are saved and reestablished even in the case of internet connection failure. Needless to say, the system is ISO 27001:2013 certified.

Jive offers the same encryption mechanism and certifications, but it lacks an internal protection & backup mechanism outside the local one, which means it is still exposed to complete data breach more than RingCentral. The ‘weakest’ security scheme among the three can be prescribed to 8×8 VoIP, which can turn into an even bigger problem once you realize you have to pay extra cash for your data to be backed up.

Comparison of Integrations

The most massive integrations are offered by Jive, which was expected due to the large number of collaboration features the system can provide. Most of its integrations are ERP systems, project management apps, CMSs, document management and file transfer systems.

In the case of RingCentral and 8×8 VoIP, the list is a bit shorter, and focuses exclusively on document management tools, communication platforms, customer service apps, and CRMs. RingCentral may have a slight advantage here, because its features are extendable, and the problem of integrating it is often surpassed by the platform itself.

Comparison of Mobile Apps

All three products offer fully-functional mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Our Final Verdict

Our expert B2B team gave these three communication software leaders a closer look, and compared all their particularities in order to help you choose the right one for your business. Most attention was paid to the problem of whether they cover customer communication rather than corporate one, and the leadership was prescribed to RingCentral, which covers both, provides outstanding telephony services, and analyzes the available data afterwards. In the meanwhile, we were able to conclude this system is the easiest one to use, the most moderately priced one, and the only one that won’t ask you to sacrifice your current communication channel (phone device in particular), but it will simply blend it inside. Finally, RingCentral is the only system of the three that offers free trial to test the features before a final decision is made.

8×8 VoIP stands shoulder by shoulder with RingCentral in many aspects, and we may even say there are specific caller administration features that are unique to this system. However, we believe the capacity of this product is more accommodated to large teams, and so is the price.

Jive got the last position, which however, shouldn’t stop you from checking it out. The reason why we believe Jive can’t compete that good with our two suggestions is that it almost doesn’t offer telephony services, but focuses solely on messaging and chat within the company. Long story short, you can’t use Jive to communicate with your customers, unless you intend paying for an unlimited number of users (which may cost an arm and a leg, as Jive is priced per user). Another reason to give it a try are the numerous high-quality integrations with all sorts of systems and apps.

Stephanie Seymour

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