Top 5 Asana Alternatives: List of Project Management Software Market Leaders

asThere is no doubt that project management software is becoming imperative even in the smallest companies, but getting one tends to be more and more confusing with all those amazing solutions available on the market. For the good or the bad, companies are overcoming themselves trying to make digitized work spaces friendlier, but sometimes, they become the culprits for their own unpopularity. And while there are enterprises out there that are willing to get a product packed with extras they’ll never use, the vast majority is still looking for a simple yet practical system that won’t do more than required.

Asana is exactly what our experts like to call ‘a balanced system’, as it stands right in the middle between what large companies want to acquire and what their smaller counterparts can afford. It performs professionally and offers a detailed project management hierarchy, where the company can include all of its projects, tasks, and subtasks, and categorize those in selective lists. What it does particularly well is assigning and task relating, while the multiple integrations ensure it will also track time and measure progress. The reason why our experts often recommend it is its unique approach to collaboration, as the system allows users to participate in all activities invited through a special inbox, it keeps them updated with a social media-like Activity Feed, and stores all of their conversations on Team Pages. Another important reason to consider Asana is that it is focused on individuals, and allows them to prioritize their assignments, organize work, and join any discussion they believe is relevant to them. Asana meetings are also open to third-party participants, which is quite rare in the collaboration software industry.

asana dashboard example

In short, Asana makes it possible to:

  • Notify employees using a dedicated, personalized inbox
  • Add as many projects, tasks, subtasks, and lists as you need, and assign them to chosen employees.
  • Keep in line with all project updates using the live Activity Feed
  • Use the Focus Mode to engage agents and keep them concentrated on their work
  • Use a simple, drag-and-drop mechanism to organize your Dashboards
  • Schedule and prioritize tasks on a special Asana calendar, or the calendar you’re already using
  • Store conversations on Team Pages, and share various file formats
  • Generate detailed Progress reports
  • Use their unique Customer Success Program

Depending on what you need, Asana may or may not be the ideal system for your needs. For instance, it may turn out too complex or packed with bells and whistles you don’t really need, which is why we prepared a list of handy Asana alternatives you should consider.

What are the top 5 Asana alternatives for the project management software solutions of small and medium-sized companies?

  2. Wrike
  3. Trello
  4. Basecamp
  5. Microsoft Project

1. is a robust, yet easy-to-use collaboration, communication, and project management solution for teams of any size or function. Formerly dapulse, this multi-awarded, widely-used collaboration platform has one of the widest use cases in the market today. Currently with 35,000 paying business clients, syncs all business data in a single, easily accessible location to help teams gain better efficiency in the performance of their tasks, aside from ensuring the timely completion of projects.

Designed with a clean, user-friendly and smart interface, is configured to streamline project management by assisting business units and project teams achieve productivity in the best means possible. It gathers and presents progress data in a smart and easily understandable way, thus enabling project teams to effortlessly monitor shared tasks and projects.

You can try the software features at no cost when you sign up for free trial here.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out with their free trial

This platform is deployed in an extensive range of business and project applications, from agile project management, project roadmap, and project planning to business digitalization, consultant project management, and venture capital portfolio management.

monday dashboard example

Why use instead of Asana?

  • It won the prestigious 2019 Webby award for the best productivity app.
  • It is an open API solution so you can develop customized features and integrate easily
  • It provides a template for practically every use case.
  • It offers a complete range of customer support: email, phone, live support, training, and tickets
  • It empowers users to decide which features or design to use per project
  • It allows teams to keep all project files, conversations, etc. in a single, convenient place.

Why use Asana instead of

  • It is considerably more affordable and offers a Free plan
  • Replaces traditional spreadsheets with advanced and configurable task lists
  • It focuses on collaboration just as much as it does on project management

Should you want more options, you can check our alternatives list.

2. Wrike

Wrike is another popular project management app featured on our platform. It is a suitable Asana alternative for experienced users, as it looks and performs similarly, and keeps users engaged using the same method. What Wrike is potentially better at is displaying data in 3-pane views and reporting in a transparent manner, as unlike Asana, it focuses on the team rather than the individual. Smart collaboration is another highlights, knowing that Wrike allows users to create forms and special requests to join literally every discussion that concerns them. And while there is no difference to as how these apps handle PM and collaboration questions, Wrike happens to have a steeper learning curve than Asana. For more similar systems, check our list of best Wrike alternatives. A free plan for teams up to 5 users is also included if you want to test the app first. You can easily start your free trial of Wrike here.

wrike dashboard example

Why use Wrike instead of Asana?

  • It tracks progress with Gantt charts
  • It automatically converts emails in project requests
  • Doesn’t rely on third-party integrations to track time
  • Generates audit reports
  • Manages changes to ensure both internal and external protection of your data
  • You can contact support by phone and live chat
  • Large enterprises get special packages priced by quote

Why use Asana instead of Wrike?

  • It offers a dedicated, smart inbox
  • Saves conversations on Team Pages and prioritizes tasks in Focus Mode
  • The list of prominent marketing automation partners is longer

3. Trello

Unlike the case of Wrike and Asana , where it took to look at tiniest nuances to give advantage to one of the systems, Trello is specific enough to be distinguished from both of this apps. What we like about it is its entertaining and friendly interface, somehow reminiscent of social media to help employees adapt to it. It doesn’t have to mean that simplicity compromised its functionality, but we must say that from the analytic or project management aspect, Trello is not as powerful as Asana is. If you have simpler needs or are looking to humble a decentralized team, we do believe Trello’s unique card and board system will help you arrange work smarter than before. Its specific Power-Ups make sure you can connect it to a variety of apps and systems, and you should also keep in mind that this is the most personalized corporate communication system on the market. A great idea is also to check the best Trello alternatives featured on our platform.

trello dashboard example

Why use Trello instead of Asana?

  • The card system allows in-line editing and gives access to premade templates
  • You can create Checklists and add comments while working on a project
  • You can use Power-Ups to improve administrative control
  • You can group users in Teams without necessarily associating a team to a project
  • You can liven up discussions with stickers and emoji
  • All data is sent over a secure, SSL/HTTPS connection
  • The number of users in the Free Plan is not limited to 15
  • Large enterprises get special packages priced by quote

Why use Asana instad of Trello?

  • It integrates with Harvest to let you track time and progress for each employee
  • It offers a smart inbox and an advanced notification mechanism
  • You can contact support by email
  • You can initiate private conversations

4. Basecamp

Basecamp is in fact quite similar to Asana, knowing that both systems make it easy for users to jump on managing projects right after they’ve deployed them. Their interface is friendly and neatly organized, and team members are engaged with similar tags, invites, and notifications (excluding of course the fact that Asana created its own inbox to inform employees). Readers may also not be familiar with the fact that Basecamp is very effective when it comes to time & budget management, and thereof able to assemble as many large and complex projects as Asana can. You should also keep it in the loop for accurate task assignment, powerful and automated reporting, and the large user community where experts exchange their opinions and experiences. For extra suggestions, check our Basecamp alternatives list.

basecamp dashboard example

Why use Basecamp instead of Asana?

  • It takes less time to learn and it is easier to use
  • It offers effective and on-budget monitoring
  • The highlight of the system is reordering and prioritizing tasks
  • It is automatically maintained and updated
  • You will have access to 24/7 technical assistance

Why use Asana instead of Basecamp?

  • It offers a Free plan for teams up to 12 users
  • It stores conversations and data on Team Pages
  • It allows employees to organize their own activities, and to prioritize tasks using their Focus Mode

5. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is another trusted and popular project management program, commonly chosen for agile project development and portfolio management. It is commonly preferred by small and startup companies looking for an affordable and intuitive tool developed by a leading provider, which will certainly respond to their customization needs, let their teams collaborate, and facilitate the management of their resources. Our experts recommend it because of its flexibility and adaptability, as developers created it with real-life projects in mind, and made sure no change will affect the positive outcome and timely delivery this system is so proud of. On our Microsoft Project alternatives list, we’ve mentioned several similar products you can consider.

microsoft project dashboard example

Why use Microsoft Project instead of Asana?

  • It is suitable for Project Portfolio Management
  • It simplifies IT Management
  • You can use it for documents sharing and information discovery
  • It helps anticipate and manage changes
  • You can contact support via live chat
  • Pricing is adjusted to different user types

Why use Asana instead of Microsoft Project?

  • It offers a more creative and powerful collaboration suite
  • It offers open API suitable for non-developer uses
  • It offers a free plan for small teams

Pricing Considerations



Payment Plans

Accepted Payments


  • A free plan for teams up to 15 users
  • Enterprise packages cost $8.33/month
  • Free
  • Monthly payment
  • Annual subscription
  • Credit Cards
  • Mailed Check
  • Bank Transfer


  • Offers 4 paid packages
  • Basic plan (starts at $49/month), Standard ($59/month), Pro ($99/month), and Enterprise (per quote)
  • Paid plans per number of users (from 2, 10, 15, 25 up to 200 users)
  • 200+ users are by quote
  • Free trial
  • Monthly payment
  • Annual subscription
  • Quote-based
  • Credit Cards
  • Mailed Check
  • Bank Transfer


  • A free plan for individuals and teams up to 5 users
  • Paid plan costs $10/month for 5, 10, or 15 users.
  • Larger teams are priced $35/month or by quote.
  • Free trial
  • Free
  • Monthly payment
  • Annual subscription
  • Quote-based
  • Credit Cards
  • Mailed Check
  • Bank Transfer


  • A free plan for small teams and attachments up to 10 GB
  • Paid plans are: $9.99/month for 250 GB storage
  • Enterprise plan priced by quote
  • Free
  • Monthly payment
  • Annual subscription
  • Quote-based
  • Credit Cards
  • Mailed Check
  • Bank Transfer


  • Internal Teams – $29
  • Clients – $59
  • Enterprise annual subscriptions starting from $3000.
  • Free trial
  • Monthly payment
  • One-time payment
  • Credit Cards
  • Mailed Check
  • Bank Transfer


  • Managers ($25-$1,159)
  • Team members ($7/user/month)
  • Executives ($33/user/month)
  • Monthly payment
  • Annual subscription
  • One-time payment
  • Quote-based
  • Credit Cards
  • Mailed Check
  • Bank Transfer
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