Awards & Certificates

Awards & Certificates

Here’s a list of quality certificates and awards that can be given to products in our listing.
All awards are a result of thorough and objective evaluation handled by our experts.

Industry awards can increase your sales by up to 15%

FinancesOnline awards are given annually after a thorough and detailed examination of all leading solutions from each software category. Each award is assigned based on opinions from a panel of experts working for our research team to ensure several different perspectives are taken into account.

Supreme Software Award

awardThis award is given only to top B2B products and represents the highest possible level of service. It highlights the vendor's extensive knowledge of the industry they're selling to and the needs of their customers.

Expert's Choice Award

awardThis award is given by our team of experts to products that we think show especially good quality in terms of satisfying the current needs of the B2B and SaaS markets and helps companies they currently face with solid and efficient solutions.

Great User Experience Certificate

awardThis award is granted to products that offer especially good user experience. We evaluate how easy it is to start using the product and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process.

Rising Star Award

awardThis award is given to new SaaS products that recently got increasingly popular on the market, are currently getting very good traction with the customers and are viewed as a service that's really efficient for solving problems users face now.

Exceptional Customer Support Award

awardThis award is given to products that offer exceptional quality of support to their clients. This includes both very fast response time, ability to seamlessly solve any problem encountered by the user and generally positive feeling about the whole experience.

Recommended For Enterprises

awardThis award is granted to products designed with big enterprises in mind that provide services and functionalities aimed specifically at what large companies require. It underscores the quality of both complex solutions offered and the ability to customize software to a partcular industry.

Best Mobile Support Award

awardThis award is given to products that provide high-quality support for a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems and ensure an effective work experience with the software on these devices.

Recommended For Small Business

awardThis award is granted to products that are designed with small companies in mind and offer features and services that are addressed to facilitate smaller businesses taking into consideration such factors as pricing, simplicity, customer support and customization.

Publication in other media

Vendors recognized with FinancesOnline awards as well as other media outlets are free to share and publish information about the awards and to use visual elements associated with them as long as our platform is properly mentioned. We would appreciate getting in touch with us for the final approval of any such publication so that our editorial team can ensure all information is presented correctly. At the same time, we urge all vendors and media outlets who want to link to FinancesOnline as an institution behind the awards to use only no-follow links.

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