Top 15 CMMS Software for Business Facilities

What is the top CMMS software?
The top CMMS software is Hippo CMMS. It is a user-friendly maintenance software for facilities and plants across different types of industries. Hippo CMMS provides a simple work order and preventive maintenance features all in one platform.

You want to minimize equipment downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and expand the lifetime of your assets. But as your business grows, the old methods just can’t seem to keep up with your changing business maintenance needs. Instead of driving you forward, it seems to be pulling you behind.

Fortunately, the right maintenance management software can give you the solutions you’ll need for efficient asset management. But with so many of them out in the marketplace, just which one will work perfectly for you?

In this article, we’re going to list down the top 15 CMMS software based on their capabilities, user-friendliness, and pricing plans. We will present their best features and discuss how you can leverage them for your maintenance process. This can help you determine which CMMS software is right for your business.

CMMS Software for Business Facilities

The idea of deploying CMMS software solutions in various industries has been around for quite some time now but these days, these platforms are becoming even better. The maintenance industry is pushing for more advanced digital technologies into operations. By having a cloud-based system, each point of your maintenance operation is now efficiently accessible over the Internet.

Preventive maintenance is one of the most widely sought strategies for different businesses all over the world. In fact, according to the same survey mentioned above, about 75% of maintenance professionals take preventive maintenance as the primary strategy of their maintenance operations.

Source: Cyient (2018)

For many companies, however, the biggest reservation in implementing CMMS solutions is the technical know-how of the users. This is why most CMMS companies today are into the optimization and efficiency of their software. Other than that, a good CMMS platform should provide you with reliable data on your maintenance history, costs, and other significant KPIs. It should also be able to organize your inventory and asset management.

To help you choose a CMMS software solution, you can take a look at the list of CMMS platforms we have below. Some of these solutions have free trial versions so you can inspect their features on a hands-on level. You can also check out the factors leading to successful CMMS implementation.

1. Hippo CMMS

hippo cmms dashboard example

Hippo CMMS tops our list of the best CMMS software solutions available in the market today. The software is loaded with functionalities for effective maintenance and asset, equipment, and inventory management, all packed in one easy-to-use to platform. Hippo CMMS provides all the necessary tools you’ll need to track, organize, and manage the maintenance operations of your business.

One of the best attributes that a CMMS solution can offer is having a simple and user-friendly platform without sacrificing the necessary operations in maintenance and management, which can be daunting and complicated. This is exactly what Hippo CMMS offers. It gives you an easy and manageable platform for maintenance management. It is capable of full-circle customer onboarding to ensure that users can well adopt and get used to the software.

Hippo’s maintenance management software is suited for companies in various industries and businesses of any size. They have clients across different sectors, like manufacturing, healthcare, education, and hospitality. With its robust set of facility and equipment management tools, the software proves to be effective and revolutionary when deployed in facilities such as hospitals, malls, resorts, and municipal buildings.

If you want to check its comprehensive feature set you can easily sign up for Hippo CMMS free trial here.

Price range: Hippo CMMS offers three plans, Hippo Lite at $40 per month, Hippo Pro at $165 per month, and Hippo Pro Plus at $195 per month.

Key features of Hippo CMMS

  1. Hippo CMMS make work order management more simple, where you can submit work orders, track maintenance requests, and assign documents and assets to the appropriate team member.
  2. With reliable notification tools, you can be notified of requests and get status updates in real-time, right from your desktop.
  3. The software’s preventive management features allow you to maximize the longevity of your assets and schedule calendar- and meter-based preventive maintenance tasks.
  4. Hippo’s CMMS software provides for reliable asset and equipment management, allowing instant access to documentation and equipment location on floor plans and maps.
  5. You can rely on the software’s detailed database to store all the information about part numbers, minimum and maximum thresholds, storage location, and more.

2. Dude Solutions

dude solutions dashboard example

Dude Solutions is a cloud-based operations management solution that can help you in tracking your assets, improving your workflow, and making data-driven decisions for your business. The software boasts of easy-to-use management features so that you can better collaborate with your teams and engage your end-users. It also comes with optimization tools that can simplify your work orders and assets.

The platform that Dude Solutions offers work well in all sorts of industries, especially education, government, healthcare, senior living, manufacturing, clubs, and associations. No matter the type of organization, Dude Solutions can empower your operation management by streamlining tasks and easily recording work on locations and assets. This way, you’ll know better about your operations inside and out.

Should you want to investigate the platform firsthand, you can easily do so when you sign up for Dude Solutions free trial here.

Price range: Dude Solutions is available on a by-quote basis. You have to contact the vendor for more information about their subscription plans.

Key features of Dude Solutions

  1. Dude Solutions offers measurement tools to help you track your progress toward your maintenance goals.
  2. With its preventive and predictive planning tools, you can prevent backlogs from occurring and work seamlessly in your field.
  3. The software also comes with asset awareness features that can help you forecast and identify problems and solutions from a detailed asset data.
  4. By being cloud-based, you will have access to a steady stream of updates and innovations that accompanies the on-premise (single-tenant) software.
  5. The software provides data-based insights, effective asset visibility, and consolidated workflows, allowing you better control over your work and giving you a great user experience.

3. Fiix

fiix dashboard example

Fiix allows easy organization, tracking, and scheduling of maintenance and management tasks. It is a cloud-based CMMS solution that simplifies your actions from reactive to preventive maintenance. The software is perfect for organizing assets, managing work, connecting to business systems, and making data-driven decisions. It also has features for improving asset performance.

The software is built for any type of business and organization, providing a simple and user-friendly interface for your entire team. It offers solutions for industries such as manufacturing and production, energy and resources, transportation and distribution, and facilities management. Fiix offers solutions to slash downtime, cut maintenance costs, and improve productivity.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for Fiix free demo here.

Price range: Fiixx offers three types of plans. They have a basic plan at $40/user/month and professional plan at $60/user/month. For the enterprise plan, you may contact the vendor for pricing details.

Key features of Fiix

  1. Fiix is equipped with asset management tools for importing existing assets from CSV, Excel, or other maintenance software.
  2. As a cloud-based software, Fiix allows you to easily access the tools and features you’ll need for tracking, assigning, and prioritizing work orders.
  3. The software has a business intelligence system to help you see the important metrics and KPIs that you need. to improve performance with the customizable Fiix dashboard.
  4. The dashboard is fully customizable and allows you to see the tasks assigned to each of your team members.
  5. With the mobile application of Fiix, you can work on the go, updating work orders, improving productivity with user-focused features, and offline mode.

4. Fracttal

fracttal dashboard example

Fracttal is a cloud-based CMMS solution that helps in the management of your company’s assets, such as equipment, facilities, vehicles, and goods. The software can assist in ensuring that your assets are in optimal running condition. With the help of the maintenance tools that come with the software, you’ll gain better control of your stock purchases, inventory levels, and inventory management costs.

Fracttal is perfect for maintenance managers looking for solutions for the maintenance department. The software provides state-of-the-art technologies for the digitization of your maintenance system. It is available on any internet-enabled device with no downtime, with predictive maintenance features and monitoring tools for your assets.

You can easily sign up for Fracttal free demo here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.

Price range: The pricing schemes for Fracttal ranges from $5 per user monthly to $40 per user monthly.

Key features of Fracttal

  1. Fracttal has optimization features for all your maintenance tasks. It improves equipment uptime and helps in streamlining your processes all from a single platform.
  2. Being cloud-based, you can rely on 24/7 access to your data from anywhere.
  3. Through Fracttal’s mobile application available on Android and iOS, you can raise and assign work orders to your team members, conduct inspections, and capture meter readings.
  4. With Fracttal’s innovative virtual planner, you can easily and quickly automate management notifications, processes, and routine tasks.
  5. In the built-in KPI dashboard, you can monitor all your maintenance metrics in real-time that are displayed through an intuitive and visual report.

5. UpKeep

upkeep dashboard example

UpKeep is a maintenance management solution equipped with features for work requests and orders, inventory and workflow management, QR generation, and PM scheduling. The asset management software increases uptime and automates preventive maintenance tasks. The features also enable the creation of maintenance requests and allow operators to quickly assign work orders to technicians.

UpKeep works well in various industries and businesses, including in the facility, property, restaurant, and manufacturing sectors. With UpKeep, you can manage and track every asset from a unified platform. The software also allows the creation of one-time or recurring work orders for forklifts, injection machines, conveyor belts, and transport vehicles.

Price range: The pricing schemes for Fracttal range from $35 per user monthly billed annually to $180 per user monthly billed annually.

Key features of UpKeep

  1. UpKeep’s PM scheduler allows you to manage recurring work orders on a regular basis.
  2. With the software’s inventory management, you can easily manage and keep track of your inventory.
  3. UpKeepalso has a downtime tracking feature, which makes it easier for you to create insightful maintenance reports and predict future equipment failures. This way, you can make data-driven decisions when repairing or replacing an asset.
  4. With UpKeep’s facility management features, you can manage your facility’s technicians, assets, and inventory.
  5. The meter-based maintenance system allows you to log meter readings, keep track of your assets, as well as trigger new work orders based on runtime and conditions.

6. Corrigo

corrigo dashboard example

Corrigo provides features necessary to turn actions into actionable insights, which in turn let you make smarter management decisions. The software simplifies the management of commercial facilities by delivering process automation, smoother administration, and a powerful business intelligence system. Corrigo is built on a sophisticated platform designed for improving efficiency.

Corrigo is a solution for companies in a variety of fields, ranging from restaurants and grocery stores to educational institutions, homebuilders, and manufacturing. The software provides complete visibility into maintenance operations, and Corrigo’s advanced analytics transform your data into relevant, actionable business intelligence.

Price range: Corrigo is available on a price quote basis. Kindly contact the vendor for more information about their subscription plans.

Key features of Corrigo

  1. Corrigo’s work order network equips managers and the workforce to perform periodic inspection checks on the assets with the appropriate set of features.
  2. The software provides real-time reports, dashboards, and other modules for better maintenance management.
  3. Corrigo has mobile and web-based apps to connect everyone on your team anytime, anywhere.
  4. It improves service provider connections by creating end-to-end transparency in service interactions.
  5. The software’s benchmarking tools compare your performances and operation and asset costs against millions of data points.

7. Asset Infinity

asset infinity dashboard example

As a CMMS solution, Asset Infinity proves helpful in barcoding your assets, equipment tracking, and accomplishing regular maintenance tasks. The platform offers pre-built reports where you can monitor the status, condition, and location of your assets. Maintenance management is also made easy by features that allow for creating and tracking services maintenance schedules, AMC contracts, and EMIs.

This robust software solution works well across businesses in different industries, such as sports, manufacturing, hospitality, education, and emergency services. With its powerful yet simple architecture, asset tracking is made easier and more efficient. The software comes equipped with a knowledge base and support tools and reports and graphs for scheduled reporting tasks.

Price range: Asset Infinity is available in three types of subscriptions. They have a standard plan at $25.50 per month billed annually and professional plan at $300 per month billed annually. For the enterprise plan, you may contact the vendor for pricing details.

Key features of Asset Infinity

  1. Asset Infinity boasts of features that let you to create, edit, and share databases through the use of real-time reports.
  2. The software’s maintenance management feature creates schedules based on your unique needs.
  3. You can track your maintenance costs with checklists and sign-off sheets provided by the software.
  4. The software’s features also allow you to create tasks, schedules, and view your assets all in from a single platform.
  5. With the built-in checklist functionality, you can mark activities off as you complete your individual tasks.

8. Maintenance Care

maintenance care dashboard example

Maintenance Care is one of the most comprehensive CMMS software available in the market today. It has full features for easier management of work orders and assets in your facility. The software also has tools for preventive maintenance, as well as a live maintenance list for work orders. It also covers the effortless processing of work request forms and orders, as well as asset repair and cost tracking.

The software is suitable for businesses of any size, and its operation does not require much technological know-how. It keeps a user-friendly and flexible design to simplify maintenance management tasks while at the same time providing for complete maintenance tracking. The software’s dashboards are also beautifully designed and fully customizable, instantly giving you an overview of all your systems.

Price range: Maintenance Care has a free version while a Work Order Edition plan is available for $75 per month for an unlimited number of users. For the Enterprise Edition, you may contact the vendor for pricing details.

Key features of Maintenance Care

  1. The software offers a live maintenance list to keep everything easily accessible, especially when you are managing all your tasks for work orders.
  2. Maintenance Care’s work request form enables your team to use the software for submitting maintenance requests via web form.
  3. The software helps your team in processing work orders and receiving tasks from others in the management team.
  4. With the asset repair and cost tracking tools, you can easily capture and access repair transaction history.
  5. The complete maintenance tracking tools give you a comprehensive report, allowing you to maintain facility standards for compliance.

9. Limble CMMS

limble dashboard example

Designed by actual technicians, Limble CMMS offers an easy-to-use platform for maintenance operations. Its asset management tools provide you with insights about the health and costs of maintaining your assets. With the software’s sensor connectivity, you can receive real-time asset data and quickly find information with QR codes. The interface also gives you an overview of your entire facility.

Limble CMMS is the perfect software for companies requiring assistance in the management of their assets and facilities. Its preventive maintenance system allows for easy automation of PM scheduling to ensure that tasks are assigned to the right person, at the right time, and to the right asset. The software is also equipped with a built-in calendar so you can see all open work and upcoming PM schedules.

Price range: Limble CMMS comes in monthly and yearly plans. For the enterprise plans, you may contact the vendor for the pricing details.

Key features of Limble CMMS

  1. Limble CMMS provides a centralized database where you can easily and quickly organize all of your work orders, PMs and other tasks.
  2. The software’s features also allow you to view critical KPIs like the actual completed work, time spent on tasks, and your planned and unplanned work.
  3. Limble offers customizable dashboards, as well as rotatable features so you can present them on a large screen and bring your entire team into the loop.
  4. With the software’s inventory management tools, you can gain control of your spare parts inventory.
  5. Real-time reporting lets you know the usage of your assets and equipment and how much they are costing you.

10. iMaint

imaint dashboard example

iMaint boasts of an intelligent CMMS platform helpful in eliminating paperwork and improving productivity. The software allows for the centralization of all your data and automation of your maintenance management tasks. It is also fully customizable and scalable at company and user levels. Moreover, the inventory management helps ensure that the correct parts are available to your maintenance department when they need it.

The software is suited for a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, hospitality, facilities, logistics, government, and more. Small, single-site companies, as well as global enterprises operating in many branches from different locations, utilize the software for a better maintenance management system.

Price range: iMaint offers a free version of the software, while the iMaint Online Small Business plan is available for $79 per user per month. The iMaint Online Enterprise plan starts at $60 to $110 per user month. You can avail of the iMaint On-Premise plan for a one-time payment of $9,995.

Key features of iMaint

  1. iMaint improves equipment performance and reduce breakdowns and emergency repairs.
  2. The software’s tools fully support the planning and follow-up of all maintenance tasks, assuring timely completion of all jobs
  3. iMaint also provides cost tracking features for projects, service agreements, and maintenance activities.
  4. With its inventory management tools, you can optimize your purchasing activities and stocking policies.
  5. The software gives you immediate access to all your equipment’s history.

11. TakeAim

takeaim dashboard example

TakeAim is an equipment and maintenance management software that helps you manage your workplace equipment. The software provides insights and visibility to reduce maintenance downtime and improve safety. By using the software’s built-in tools, your team can easily identify all quarantined equipment, as well as inspect all your assets and communicate potential issues directly to your head office.

The software supports businesses that need better management and inspection of workplace equipment, and helps to analyze equipment, identify recurring issues, and find advanced solutions right before they happen. TakeAIM also helps many companies by enabling a comprehensive view of the performance of all equipment.

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for TakeAim free trial here.

Price range: TakeAim is available by quote. Kindly contact the vendor for more information about their subscription plans.

Key features of TakeAim

  1. TakeAim performs equipment inspections, creates status reports, and conveys equipment issues.
  2. The software allows for unlimited assets and users so you can add all your inspectors and workplace equipment into the system.
  3. Through the built-in messaging tool, you can directly message your inspectors, inform them of maintenance and repair times, as well as remind them of overdue inspections.
  4. You can make inspections quicker by assign QR codes and scanning your equipment.
  5. The software shows you details of previous inspections and thus allows for a complete view of equipment performance.


servicechannel dashboard example

Service Channel is a great facilities management platform, helping in the management and tracking of all your physical equipment across many locations. From a single dashboard, you can manage your repair and maintenance processes even from several different branches. With its service automation tools, you can validate your team’s work in the field and manage risks and all planned and demanded service requests.

The software supports retail, hospitality, financial, and government industries, among many others. It comes with a contractor management feature, allowing you to optimize costs and monitor critical contractor data. Service Channel’s CMMS solution also has reliable analytics and business intelligence tools. With such features, you can control and manage your expenses. You can also increase the quality of your services through the use of a real-time reporting and management dashboard.

Price range: Service Channel is available by quote. Kindly contact the vendor for more information about their subscription plans.

Key features of Service Channel

  1. Service Channel initiates and validates task assignments.
  2. The software comes with financial management features that help you to reduce remittance costs, have more efficient payment cycles, and capture greater discounts.
  3. With the planned maintenance manager tool, you can follow up on scheduled repairs and services.
  4. The asset manager feature helps you track your equipment and manage your assets by location.
  5. The software also provides a work order manager tool to help you track, manage and automate work orders.


emaint dashboard example

eMaint offers a flexible CMMS solution, with features that can assist you in managing maintenance operations. It also helps in managing teams, workflows, inventory, compliance, and other tasks. The software centralizes all your data, including your assets, work orders, materials and inventory, and other vital information for maintenance teams. With the platform, you can better track work activities, asset lifecycle, and parts usage.

Furthermore, eMaint is a CMMS software that grows as your business needs increases. Many users all over the world rely on eMaint to predict failures, eliminate downtime, and improve reliability. With the software, you can launch a pilot and then prove the concept, followed by rolling it out to your entire team, departments, and locations.

Price range: The subscription plans for eMaint are available at Team plan for $33 per user per month, Professional plan for $85 per user per month, and Enterprise plan for $120 per user per month.

Key features of eMaint

  1. eMaint’s enterprise asset management software allows you to work flexibly without the constraints of your maintenance management system.
  2. The software generates reports and dashboards, simplifying audits and reporting tasks.
  3. With the software’s tools, you can track your work order history, work requests, and calibration.
  4. eMaint also supports preventive maintenance tasks by generating calendars and meter-based PMs and setting up PM schedules.
  5. With eMaint’s built-in reporting tools, you can analyze patterns and trends and make data-driven management decisions.

14. ManagerPlus

managerplus dashboard example

ManagerPlus is a transformative solution for businesses of any size when it comes to maintenance management processes. The software is cloud-based, making it accessible from anywhere and easy to use. It simplifies tasks such as organizing, tracking, scheduling, and managing asset maintenance. It harnesses the power of the cloud to provide you with reliable data security, privacy, and storage for your system.

The software comes with features designed to address asset maintenance challenges. It has tools for asset and work order management, as well as maintenance planning and scheduling features. The inventory control and purchasing tools also help in ensuring that you always have enough stocks for planned maintenance schedules.

Price range: The pricing schemes for ManagerPlus are available starting at $45 per user per month to $800 per user per month. For enterprise custom solutions, you may contact the vendor for  pricing details.

Key features of ManagerPlus

  1. ManagerPlus provides asset management tools for collecting, integrating, and unifying all your assets data.
  2. The software supports work order management by generating automated work orders right when maintenance is due.
  3. ManagerPlus has proactive maintenance planning and scheduling tools helpful in improving your equipment uptime and asset life.
  4. The software also has inspection features to keep track of compliance-based or preventive inspection tasks.
  5. The business intelligence and reporting tools ‘that come with the system can intuitively analyze your data and give you valuable business operation insights.

15. Maintimizer

maintimizer dashboard example

The idea of wisely managing company assets is what’s behind the development of Maintimizer. The software allows for quick and easy set up to immediately get you running your planned maintenance schedules. Maintimizer also generates work orders, manages spares, and tracks and calculates repair costs in minutes. Moreover, the software is fully customizable, giving you complete control of the system. It also lets you add custom fields, users, and manage permissions with its user-friendly administration tools.

Maintimizer is a proven software for small or large companies. It provides for full audits and customized reports. This allows you to effortlessly create and print reports with a single click of a button. The software also has features to ensure compliance with food and quality standards and health and safety regulations. Furthermore, it has an intuitive design so you can easily navigate the entire system with no technical training required.

Price range: The pricing schemes for Maintimizer starts at $35 per user per month, with an additional $195 startup fee to $99 per user per month, with a $795 startup fee.

Key features of Maintimizer

  1. You can track spares and consumable parts and set minimum stock levels and alerts with Maintimizer’s inventory management features.
  2. Maintimizer allows for the management of facility maintenance and reactive equipment.
  3. With asset management tools, you can maintain complex equipment and gain access to property lists across multiple sites.
  4. Maintimizer has features allowing you to optimize technical resources and create maintenance schedules.
  5. The software provides a vendor and purchasing module for the generation of purchase orders and requisitions through custom-built forms.

The Perfect CMMS Software For You

So there you hve it, our top 15 CMMS solutions. They all offer the most intuitive tools for you to achieve your goals and solve maintenance and management issues. With the variety of CMMS solutions out in the market, we hope this list helped you in taking your pick. In case you’re still having a hard time determining the right CMMS software for you, try to remember what kinds of CMMS features your business requires. Consider your budget, and then evaluate and compare your available options.

If you still can’t decide, consider our recommended CMMS software, Hippo CMMS. It’s the first and best choice for many, what with its promising set of features. It has tools for preventive maintenance, work orders, and facility management. The software is capable of eliminating the most recurring issues in maintenance, like having piled-up work orders. It also prevents unplanned and costly equipment repairs. To explore more of its features, you can sign up for Hippo CMMS free trial here and see for yourself if it’s the perfect solution for you.

In case you own a smaller enterprise and are looking for the appropriate CMMS software, you can check out our list of the best CMMS software for small businesses.

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