Inventory Management Software Reviews: 15 Most Popular Applications

Inventory management software is utilized to track inventory levels, orders, sales processes, and deliveries. It can also be used to create production-related documentation such as bill of materials and work orders. Businesses make use of this solution to avoid overstocking of products. The benefits of inventory management software include ability to track trends, security, upgraded data, warehouse organization, enhanced efficiency, and reduced costs.

Furthermore, inventory management software never operates in a silo because it impacts sales and the company’s overall profitability. As such, it is often bundled or integrated with other key business processes such as accounting, shipping, ERP and CRM. 

Do you need this software? Yes, to enhance your overall efficiency and profitability and ride on future trends as the Internet of Things (IoT), which is predicted to boost the industry by $1.9 trillion, according to a DHL study. Product cloud connectivity will speed up order-to-fulfillment-to-repeat sales cycle. Can your manual process keep up?

Furthermore, a major benefit of inventory management system is that it consolidates and centralizes various business processes. In a study by Aberdeen Group, researchers noted that improving cross-departmental workflows and collaboration is the top priority of supply chain officers.

To help you appreciate the features of reliable solutions, you need to understand first what comprise a good inventory management software.

What are the key features of inventory management?

  1. Order management. It monitors order placements and alerts you of restocking based on preset levels. Stocks are managed at cost-effective levels, not too much nor too little to avoid costs while anticipating revenues.
  2. Tracking. It monitors in-stock products, commonly through barcoding of serial number, lot number or batch label.
  3. Purchasing management. It process reorders and their associated costs and features purchase history.
  4. Sales management. It manages quotations, invoicing and receipts.
  5. Product catalog. It acts as a central hub of product specs including
  6. Inventory optimization
  7. Manufacturing inventory. It handles the specific requirements of manufacturers like job costing, work orders and kitting assembly.

Top 15 inventory management solutions

1. Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory dashboard example

Zoho Inventory enables businesses to automate their order and inventory management and track their delivery. It is an ideal app for eCommerce businesses of all scales. Plus, the solution integrates seamlessly with popular shipping systems and cloud retailers.

What gets Zoho Inventory a place in this article on inventory management software reviews? The main advantage is it facilitates end-to-end tracking meaning it can monitor inventory from order to delivery. Plus, the app offers mobile tracking for iOS and Android devices. Other key features are a robust reporting and analytic kit. On top of that, the app works smoothly with other Zoho solutions and with important shipping providers, online retail platforms, and external systems. The best part is you can access this software’s useful features at a cheaper rate compared to advanced inventory management platforms.

The vendor offers a great free trial plan that lets you try out all the key features first. You can easily sign up for Zoho free trial here.

What is unique about Zoho Inventory?

  1. End-to-end tracking. Zoho Inventory facilitates monitoring from orders to deliveries.
  2. Free app. It provides a free version for 2 users, featuring, among others, 20 online orders, three e-commerce integrations, five automated workflows and composite items.
  3. Create and organize POs and SOs fast. Zoho Inventory allows you to create purchase orders and sales orders in minutes and put all your online and offline orders on one central place.
  4. More shipping options. It integrates with a host of shipping providers for more options on rates.
  5. Native Zoho integration. It’s part of the Zoho cloud ecosystem, a suite of over thirty business and productivity apps for various business processes like CRM, helpdesk, marketing automation, project management and accounting.

2. Cin7

Cin7 dashboard example
Cin7 provides a complete, automated point-of-sales package and inventory management suite created to cater to the needs different business sizes and industries. Fully cloud-based, the platform offers top-of-the-line features that let you sell and distribute your products more quickly and efficiently. It connects all your inventories and lets you manage multiple sales channels in one platform, giving you a better idea of how your stores and online sales are being managed across outlets.

In addition to being an all-in-one inventory, POS, EDI, and 3PL system, Cin7 can also be integrated with more than 100 third-party applications so you can have access to all the features you need in one platform. This tool is also great for owners of online shops as it can be used alongside multiple eCommerce systems.

You can easily try its features at no cost when you sign up for a Cin7 free demo here.

What is unique about Cin7?

  1. Streamlines Your Workflow. Cin7 is built for adaptability. It keeps stock in line with orders no matter how or where a brand holds or sells its products. Cin7 adapts to the unique way you do business, with integrations to 200+ eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, 3PLs, EDI retailers, accounting, shipping, payment and CRM services and channels and with built-in warehouse, retail POS and B2B modules.
  2. Optimizes Financial Tracking.Do you own an online shop? If so, then, Cin7 will be a boon for you. It allows you to connect your inventory to the most widely used eCommerce applications and manage transactions via the platform. This way, you can easily keep track of accounts and finances without having to jump from software to software. On top of that, Cin7 can support offline services thanks to its cloud-based operations. With this feature, you can be confident that you will never miss out on sales even if your internet connection doesn’t work.
  3. Better Stock and Cost Visibility. Its cloud inventory features lets you enjoy a more connected and streamlined sales system. It consolidates all the information you need to make sure that your operations flow as smoothly as possible and makes it accessible from different dashboards.

3. QuickBooks Commerce

QuickBooks Commerce dashboard

QuickBooks Commerce, formerly TradeGecko, sports winning features, customization, quality of customer support and other aspects. What makes QuickBooks Commerce included in the top of our inventory management software reviews?

To start, it offers an elegant interface as well as automated delivery of asset management services. Multichannel and multiregional wholesalers and distributors can use this tool to manage sales and supply chains, inventory, and customer relationships in a single platform. On top of that, the solution integrates smoothly with eCommerce and accounting systems. Plus, the vendor offers a mobile app for iOS devices and you can use Android and iOS tablets to access the product on the go.

Additionally, QuickBooks Commerce allows you to invite your buyers and sell on a private B2B eCommerce ordering platform. If you operate a physical store, you can integrate this solution with Shopify. Another advantage is each product gets an individual description page that managers can use to track stock supply and performance. Using this data, they can depict sharp sales cuts and positive trends. If the stocks run low, managers are notified by automatic reorder reminders. Finally, this app facilitates sales and order management as you can use it to process orders, send quotes, and fulfill them after getting payment.

What is unique about QuickBooks Commerce?

  1. All-in-one platform. QuickBooks Commerce allows for syncing and managing all your inventory, orders and customers on one place.
  2. End-to-end system. Aside from inventory management features, QuickBooks Commerce has powerful analytics and can act as a collaboration platform.
  3. Unique B2B e-commerce site. QuickBooks Commerce has tools to help you put up a wholesale ordering platform for B2B selling.
  4. Suitable for a wide array of sellers and industries. QuickBooks Commerce is suitable for wholesalers, distributors, e-commerce businesses, retailers and global businesses. It meets the needs of various industries, from jewelry to sports equipment and mother care to automobile parts.
  5. Supports kitting/bundling/assembling. QuickBooks Commerce allows for bundle promotions or sales while inventory of all stock components are kept updated.
  6. Supports serial numbers, lot numbers and batches. QuickBooks Commerce handles batch and expiry tracking.
  7. Offers CRM functionality. It allows you to categorize customers and suppliers, assign notes to their profiles and control visibility.
  8. Seamless integration with major accounting systems. QuickBooks Commerce is compatible with Xero and QuickBooks, allowing for smooth creation and transmission of quotes and purchase orders.
  9. Seamless integration with top e-commerce platforms. It acts as a central inventory for your various online shop streams like Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon and Magento.
  10. Free mobile app. Access QuickBooks Commerce features and your data anywhere you have internet connection from any mobile device like iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows.

4. Brightpearl

Brightpearl dashboard example

Brightpearl is a multichannel retail management solution that companies can use to manage their important processes such as orders, inventory, accounting, reporting, and customer data in one place. Plus, the app offers real-time reports on customer buying behavior, profitability by SKU and channel, cash flow, inventory and more.

Brightpearl integrates smoothly with ekmPowershop, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, eBay, and Amazon which gives companies access to many new channels to expand their business. On top of that, the solution provides built-in accounting and reporting as well as insights that go down to channel, SKU, and customer levels. To ensure accurate and timely shipments, the vendor has tied up with major shipping carriers. To sum up, Brightpearl gives companies channels, insights, and tools to make more profits.

What is unique about Brightpearl?

  1. High performance e-commerce and marketplace connectors capable of processing 25k orders per hour. Brightpearl works with Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Amazon, eBay and more.
  2. Real time accounting. Designed for retailers who trade in today’s omnichannel world with full multi-currency capability.
  3. Provides clear view of inventory across sales channels. Whatever stage the sale is, you see how much of its product is in stock, allocated or on hand.
  4. Manages inventory requirements of various business types. Brightpearl matches the
    inventory processes of different businesses like single retail, multiple warehouses and outsourced or drop-shipped.
  5. Full automation. Powerful, easy to use automation module to allow customers to manage their
    key processes by exception. Allowing retailers to spend less time on admin and more on growth activities.
  6. Customizable to bundles and product variants. Brightpearl offers flexible inventory for bundles, kits and assemblies and can handle different products by size, color and other variants.
  7. Provides real-time insight on reorders. Brightpearl consolidates current inventory levels, low stock reports, historic sales trends and cost-of- goods accounting to help you prioritize items for stock resupply in a cost-effective way.

5. SellerCloud

sellercloud dashboard example

SellerCloud is an eCommerce system designed to help online retailers. It provides automation, simplification, and synchronization tools to enable retailers to manage multichannel selling operations.

SellerCloud is an innovative solution that you can use to accomplish a range of tasks including warehouse and inventory management, publishing listing, marketplaces, order processing and shipping, accounting integration and more. The highlight is this app simplifies complex eCommerce operations enabling companies to better track and manage their online sales. Top features include Webservice API, accounting, reports, shipping, orders, multichannel, purchasing, inventory, and single entry catalog.

What is unique about SellerCloud?

  1. Integrates with a wide range of sales channels with no per channel fee. SellerCloud doesn’t charge a channel fee, helping you to further extend your reach.
  2. Subscribes to single-source approach. SellerCloud provides an end-to-end process from purchase to delivery and returns.
  3. Single-entry point for product inventory. SellerCloud’s catalog gives you a single source of all product specs, which can be retrieved from multiple sources like Amazon listings and vendor feeds.
  4. Supports multiple warehouse management. It can allocate stocks and assign orders based on presets or rules, including by region, shipping method or a special inventory designation.
  5. Synced automation order management. Orders from different sources are downloaded to and fulfilled from one place.

6. FinancialForce ERP

FinancialForce ERP dashboard example

FinancialForce ERP is designed for mid-market organizations. The solution helps businesses resolve the the confusion that can occur when they switch from CRM to ERP systems. Employees in a company see only a part of what their customers go through. This can confuse them as well as customers because they have to contact multiple departments to resolve their queries. FinancialForce ERP is the answer as it removes the boundaries between business units by offering a unified ERP solution that is designed on the Salesforce platform.

Why is FinancialForce ERP on our list? One of the reasons is it links products, partners, employees, and customers in a single solution and provides all parties with a consistent view of the customer journey. Users utilizing FinancialForce ERP and Salesforce CRM can benefit from cross-departmental workflow, analytics, reporting, and collaborative tools including Salesforce1 Chatter. Top features include human capital management, financial management, CRM engine, analytics and dashboards, and 360° view of your customers.

What is unique about FinancialForce ERP?

  1. Consolidates inventory with other key processes. FinancialForce ERP organizes your sales, finance (includes inventory), services and HR in a single system.
  2. Holistic view of customers. The ERP processes are built around customer experience, so it’s easy to see the impact to customers of business decisions made across the organization.
  3. Flexible warehousing model. FinancialForce ERP supports offline and online inventory and gives you five-level deep visibility. It also accommodates kitting and assemblies.
  4. Warehouse-to-warehouse transfer. It allows for mass transfer of goods from one location to another whether with or without shipment and receipt requirements.
  5. Automated supply requisition. Set rules on safety stock, reorder points, min/max and acquisition lead time and put your stocking process on self-drive.

7. Stitch Labs

stitch labs dashboard example

Stitch Labs simplifies business, decisions, and commerce for retailers and wholesalers. It is an intuitive app that streamlines orders, data, and inventory across multiple channels. Plus, the system integrates robustly with leading commerce tools such as eBay, Amazon, ShipStation, QuickBooks, Xero and others.

What is unique about Stitch Labs? We would like to point out that it simplifies multichannel retail business. It automatically syncs orders, inventory, and sales across channels, which gives retailers a full understanding of their operations. Companies can use this app to make smarter decisions, save time, and expand their business. Finally, the platform offers sales forecasting and predictive analytics for retailers in 4- and 12- week increments to help them make intelligent decisions.

What is unique about Stitch Labs?

  1. Highly scalable for high-growth brands. Stitch Labs can keep with the growth pace of fast-growing companies that utilize multiple channels, forward-thinking retail workflows and require on-demand operational requirements.
  2. All-in-one inventory platform. It manages the entire inventory process, from order to processing and fulfillment from a single interface, giving you full inventory control.
  3. Extensively configurable order management. Fulfill special order requirements to meet a wide range of customer preferences using customizable workflows.
  4. Seamless integration with multiple sales channels and systems. Stitch Labs can integrate with different sales channels like brick-and-mortar or online shops, retail or wholesale, and with different systems like POS, EDI and e-commerce platforms.
  5. Accurate forecasting & planning. It features taxonomy and categorization management to prevent understocking and overstocking.

8. Skubana

skubana dashboard example

Skubana helps eCommerce websites accelerate their sales. Its modern features are used by top brands and businesses. The app is smartly designed and offers an intuitive interface. With this solution, you can save plenty of time managing your eCommerce store and use it for productive tasks.

The vendor believes that businesses should get at least 1,000 orders a month and to facilitate this they offer numerous useful features. You can learn about these features by visiting their website and signing up for demos for ordering, warehouse setup, shipping setup and more. The Skubana dashboard offers stats on fulfillment performance, low stock levels, incoming stock, and order aging that give users a comprehensive overview of the current store position. Top features include inventory monitoring, automated workflow, revenue tracking, order tracking, and analytics.

What is unique about Skubana?

  1. Handles key operations from a single interface. Skubana places all your business tools on one place, automates repetitive tasks and generates insights for forecasting, profit-loss analyses and demand planning.
  2. Unlimited customization. Its open API allows for deep customization of its base platform.
  3. SKU-level profitability reporting. You get the true picture of your profitability when Skubana accounts for all costs utilizing sources from Amazon settlement reports, overhead costs and FIFO values.
  4. Cost-cutting insight. Skubana alerts you for patterns where costs can be cut, thus, increasing the margin.
  5. Dynamic overselling protection. Skubana alerts you of low inventory so you don’t oversell; it also uses predictive insights to forecast peak demand so you can schedule restocks.

9. Erply

erply dashboard example

Erply is a popular web-based retail system that offers business owners the tools they need to manage their operations. The software is easy to use, stable, and affordable. It is a cloud-based, iPad-optimized POS and inventory management solution that helps retailers handle multi-store operations.

What makes Erply such a good app? One of the highlights is its robust API that retailers can use to integrate with existing solutions to centralize management. Plus, the vendor offers numerous POS applications. For these reasons, this system is utilized by 100,000 global users across multiple industries. It is a hosted software platform that is supported and managed by certified engineers. This makes installation easy, quick, and cost-effective. Key features include intuitive dashboard, custom barcodes, purchasing report, stock replenishment report, and supplier database.

What is unique about Erply?

  1. Part of an extensive retail system suite. Its inventory management is integrated with other systems like POS, CRM and PIM.
  2. Open platform for extensive integration. Erply is an open retail system designed to help you integrate with other open apps for extended functionalities.
  3. Deep customization via API. Erply provides an open API to custom built your integrated apps without any charge.
  4. You’re not bound to fixed proprietary system format. You’re free to migrate data to and from other enterprise solutions.
  5. Wide scalability range. It can handle business of various sizes, from those with less than 10 retail stores to those with 500 outlets.

10. Sellbrite

sellbrite dashboard example

What makes Sellbrite stand out among competitors? The main advantage is it enables online retailers to list and sell their products easily across multiple channels and fully manage their inventory. You can use the single simple interface to easily supervise business processes such as syncing inventory, managing listings, and fulfilling and managing orders.

Sellbrite offers cross-channel intelligence that online retailers and merchants can use for successful selling. Plus, it integrates deeply with popular shopping carts and online marketplaces such as ShipStation, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Magento, Bigcommerce, and Shopify. This makes it simple and smooth to list and sell your stuff online. Top features include easy imports, channel flexibility, multiple accounts, multichannel, and listings.

What is unique about Sellbrite?

  1. One-click integration with top e-commerce platforms. Sellbrite gives you a quick way to link inventory to, among others, Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Sears, Etsy and BigCommerece.
  2. Synced multi-channel inventory. Sellbrite allows for listing inventory in bulk across different marketplaces. Stocks are likewise updated once orders are placed on any of your listings.
  3. Handles multiple and discounted shipping labels. Orders placed from any of your listings are displayed on a single interface including applicable discounts, and can be automatically routed to a centralized fulfillment process.
  4. Reports on multiple channels. Sellbrite can generate granular details on performance or profitability of each sales channel.
  5. Wide range of fulfillment integration. Sellbrite integrates with top delivery service providers like USPS, ShipStation, Amazon Fulfillment and Shippo.

11. Unleashed Software

Unleashed Software dashboard example

Unleashed Software is an inventory management app used by thousands of companies in over 80 countries. It offers suitable features for individual entrepreneurs and small traders as well as large enterprises with massive business targets. Businesses can use this software to accurately manage their inventory in real time and also to get dynamic inventory information to make smart business decisions.

What benefits can you expect from Unleashed Software? To start, you can get real-time data related to your items and use the smart dashboard to gauge your business’ performance. Second, you can control your stock totally and get actionable insights through real-time updates of your profit and loss. Plus, you can track your stocks across multiple warehouses and locations in different cities, states, or countries. On top of that, you can carry out transactions in any currency. Finally, the system allows you to customize your documents.

What is unique about Unleashed Software?

  1. Real-time inventory. Unleashed Software gives you full visibility on orders and stock levels as they happen, including their location or listing.
  2. Inventory cost management. Unleashed Software allows for perpetual control over all associated inventory costs to a product for more accurate profitability reporting.
  3. Flexible reporting to keep stocks at healthy levels. Filters can be customized for different suppliers, warehouses, product categories, bin locations and others.
  4. Flexible product management. Catalog can be configured with product dimensions, weight, bar code, visuals, etc.
  5. Allows serial number and batch tracking. Unleashed Software can track product’s purchased or manufactured dates through serial number or batch tracing.

12. Ordoro

ordoro dashboard example

Ordoro offers built-in inventory management features and smart shipping. The software is thoughtfully designed and helps sellers efficiently manage orders on their online store. It automates and error-proofs tasks such as inventory management, dropshipping, and shipping.

Ordoro is affordably priced and offers a host of features to help businesses improve the overall eCommerce experience. You can use the robust API to integrate the solution with leading online sales channels and ship orders effectively with leading carriers. The system allows users to compare rates between shippers. If you have negotiated rates with Fedex or UPS, the solution automatically pulls in these rates into your account. Top features include built-in kitting, unified inventory, flexible label printing, cheaper shipping rates, and comprehensive shipping options.

What is unique about Ordoro?

  1. End-to-end inventory control. Ordoro encompasses the whole range of inventory processes, including shipping, dropshipping, kitting and supply management.
  2. Advanced analytics and automation. It features automation and advanced analytics to streamline and generate insights from inventory processes, like full view of your financials, shipping efficiency and profit-loss analysis.
  3. Built-in kitting feature. Ordoro helps you bundle items as a single SKU, giving you flexibility in moving products.
  4. Max Export Quantity promotes scarcity effect. You can limit the product quantity seen by customers even as you stock up on supplies.
  5. Efficient supply management. Ordoro allows for batch setup of suppliers to schedule restock more efficiently.

13. Dear Inventory

dear inventory dashboard example

Dear Inventory is a complete inventory management solution that you can use to manage your stock and orders. It is an all-in-one system that you can utilize to fulfill your company’s needs. The best part is you can use its features to manage your products, customers, and suppliers in an organized manner.

Why should you choose Dear Inventory? For one, it helps you to manage finances and payment history and you can track all past payments to get a fast analysis of your business growth. On top of that, the app tracks and manages your purchases and sales accurately and enables you to explore new business prospects to take your company to greater heights. Main features of this solution include organized inventory control, efficient customer management, systematic order tracking process, detailed history of all the suppliers, and finally, management of purchases done for the business.

What is unique about Dear Inventory?

  1. Provides manufacturing inventory. Dear Inventory enables 360-degree view of the production-to-inventory process, including Bills of Materials, cost estimates and expense tracking.
  2. Integrates with POS and accounting modules. Its inventory management can be integrated with POS and accounting modules for a seamless product-to-profit process.
  3. Purchasing analytics. Dear Inventory provides built-in integration for insights on supplier history and accurate costing for smart purchasing decisions.
  4. Sales functionalities. It integrates with sales tools for order tracking, splitting orders and dropshipping options.
  5. Handles large volumes. Dear Inventory allows for wholesale-level product management.

14. Infor SyteLine ERP

Infor SyteLine ERP dashboard example

Infor SyteLine ERP helps manufacturers to accelerate their process and deliver more goods with the same high quality. This system is used by more than 5,000 manufacturers around the globe to speed up their production and meet customer expectations.

Infor SyteLine ERP offers smart features to help manufacturers spot and resolve important business challenges. The advantages of this platform are you need to maintain fewer IT resources, short implementation time, and lesser need for customization. Businesses can benefit from this setup as they can get quicker returns on their investment and significantly reduce total cost of ownership in the long run. Top features include materials and inventory management, product control, product configurator (PCM), business intelligence, advanced planning & scheduling (APS), order management, and customer service.

What is unique about Infor SyteLine ERP?

  1. Covers wide range of industries. SyteLine ERP can meet the inventory requirements of various industries like medical devices, equipment, metal fabrication, shipbuilding, control instruments & fixtures and tech and electronics.
  2. Focuses on manufacturing inventory. SyteLine ERP is targeted at manufacturers for their ERP requirements including inventory.
  3. Industry-specific features. It features sophisticated functionalities like complex product configuration, materials and inventory management and advanced planning and scheduling.
  4. Role-based interface. Different users with different roles can customize how they view the interface, displaying metrics and data that matter to them.
  5. Personalized UI. SyteLine ERP allows for editing fields, labels and screens to match the applicable UI for specific industries, teams or individual roles.

15. Handshake

Handshake dashboard example

Handshake is a wholesale sales order management application that you can use to receive and write orders using the Web, iPhone, and iPad. This package is utilized by sales professionals around the world to sell B2B services and products from their catalog, manage customers, and fully streamline their order fulfillment process.

What makes Handshake a preferred app among consumers? One of the main features is it is a widely used sales order management system for wholesale. Plus, the vendor provides mobile apps for field sales and B2B eCommerce tools to brands. Wholesale brands can use this platform to provide a modern sales experience to their customers, use customer data to sell more products, enhance order fulfillment times, and eliminate human error from the sales process. Main features include interactive quotes, barcode scanning, custom branding, offline access, instant sync, and order writing interface.

What is unique about Handshake?

  1. Comprehensive sales order platform. Handshake acts as a hub for managing sales orders, fulfillment and supplies and integrated with your back office systems.
  2. B2B-first platform. Its processes and priorities are aligned with the unique requirements of business customers.
  3. Mobile convenience. Handshake enables you to access, create or update product catalog, listing, sales history and reports from the convenience of your iPad or iPhone.
  4. Custom online buyer portal. Handshake helps you build a frontend portal where clients can place orders, review their purchase history and access product knowlege base.
  5. Integrates with core business systems. It can sync with important back office enterprise systems like NetSuite, Oracle, Sage, Salesforce, Xero and SAP.
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