12 Best Event Management Software for Venues & Restaurants

What is the best event management software for venues and restaurants?
The best event management software for venues and restaurants is Wrike Event Management. With a robust task management platform at its core, this ever-reliable event management tool optimizes your to-do lists and make them ensure your event’s success. Over 18,000 organizations and more than 2 million users across the world have already turned to Wrike to help them better coordinate events, big and small, and they continue to do so.

You know that managing events for venues or restaurants is no piece of cake. That’s why relying on calendars, emails and spreadsheets alone won’t cut it. With so many moving parts to address simultaneously, a lot of problems are bound to emerge… and they will.

But with the help of a meticulously prepared plan, a team of well-trained and highly-engaged managers and staff, and the correct tools at your disposal, success will not be that difficult to achieve. Today’s event management software, in particular, are quite advanced that they start to mirror project management systems, if indeed they are not one yet.

On top of the standard tools for registration, on-site processing, social media integration and badge printing, you get advanced features such as mobile check-ins, event marketing, online promotions, budget management, analytics and online payments.

You won’t need all these features, for sure. That’s why it’s important you get to compare the options. As a venue and restaurant owner, we know that you’re always busy which is why we took the time to prepare this review of 12 best event management software for venues and restaurants so you don’t have to. 

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What are the 12 Event Management Software for Venues and Restaurants?

Everywhere in the world, event management is a booming industry. In the US, the number of event, meeting, and convention planners and organizers is expected to increase 11 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all types of jobs. While in the UK, 1.3 million business events on the average are being held annually, with a total event spending of 42.3 billion pounds. The need for professionally planned events is anticipated to be sustained as organizations, both profit and non-profit, are expected to host events frequently.

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Source: Cvent.

It’s also not a secret anymore that behind every event ninja is an efficient event app. In fact, more than half of B2B and B2C companies utilize event management software to prepare and coordinate their events, indicating that more and more businesses, especially those that primarily host events, are using technology to achieve better efficiency, stay ahead of competitors and realize other benefits of event management software. Indeed, technology has changed our lives as we know it, even how we plan and host events.

It’s no wonder that technological advances have led to significant improvements in the event management field. As more and more technological innovations are deployed in corporate gatherings and other events, attendees will continue to feel more engaged than ever and become more excited to attend the next one. This review of today’s 12 best event management software for venues and restaurants will definitely help you in selecting a new tool or upgrading your existing event management solution, complete with features and reasons why they have been the choice of event experts, venues, and restaurants.

12 Best Event Management Software for Venues & Restaurants

1. Wrike

Wrike dashboard example

Wrike Event Management easily tops our list of 12 best event management software for venues and restaurants. It is a powerful, all-in-one event planning, scheduling, and management solution for venues, restaurants, and any gathering, from the simplest business meetings and board meetings to large, complex industry conferences or trade shows. It offers a rich set of event-related tools specifically designed to help you more efficiently manage your events, seamlessly coordinate with suppliers, and better use your time and resources.

Central to Wrike’s efficiency is its intuitive Event Planning Template, which helps event organizers to remain in control of everything and prepare their event calendar effectively. It provides organizers a single, unified interface for a real-time overview of every aspect of your event, makes each team member responsible for their assignments, helps guarantee that deadlines are observed, and allows easy planning for upcoming events.

In essence, Wrike is a robust task management solution that enhances your planning efficiency and helps better organize simple gatherings as well as multi-team coordination for large events. Wrike Event Management provides you an end-to-end platform for managing and completing your events from start to finish. Why not try this popular event management tool for a test drive?

You can easily do so when you sign up for Wrike free trial here.


This award is given to the best product in our project management software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

Try out Wrike with their free trial

Why Choose Wrike?

  1. Planning for event calendar
  2. Designating tasks with accountability
  3. Centralizing supplier management
  4. Event marketing template
  5. Preparing for future events

2. Gather

Gather dashboard example

Gather is a widely-used all-in-one cloud-based event management platform for any type of venue designed to streamline all event workflows to help ensure the success of any kind of gathering. By providing all the relevant and add-on tools, this event management solution empowers venues, restaurants, and other places for holding various events.

Gather allows marketers to use your website to directly obtain leads and leverage on Gather Booking Network’s extensive listings to significantly broadened the reach of your venue. As leads come in directly into this platform, you can immediately respond to them, including assessing performance reports and KPIs with its intuitive interface.

By optimizing the power of the Cloud, Gather helps event managers and marketers take advantage of a streamlined workflow–which include step-by-step event monitoring, PCI-compliant payment processing, and templated contracts and proposals — to eliminate mistakes, hasten the completion of tasks, and gain considerable cost and resource savings. To ensure the handling of tasks are seamlessly conducted within and outside the office, its built-in Android and iOS mobile apps provide the optimized capability to view, coordinate, manage, and track events and activities.

You can check all the features of this event management solution when you sign up for Gather free demo here.

Why Choose Gather?

  1. Native mobile app
  2. Booking widget
  3. Streamlined workflow
  4. Document and form tracking in real-time
  5. 24/7 lead inquiry forms

3. ProjectManager

ProjectManager dashboard example

An award-winning cloud-based event and project management solution, ProjectManager integrates robust event and project planning and scheduling functionalities with collaboration tools for event organizers, venues, restaurants, and other businesses. Using a single efficient dashboard, event organizers can effortlessly create new events, assign and schedule assignments, distribute assets, and track the status of all event-related activities.

Whether your venue or restaurant holds simple events or large gatherings, this platform can supply all the needed tools to assist you to successfully hold any event, from start to finish. With, you can level up your event planning and management to help you gain a strategic advantage of your competitors. It can make real-time comparisons of the planned and actual progress of an ongoing event, which allows you and your events team to quickly see whether everything’s going as planned or not, which enables organizers to immediately make adjustments or quick solutions to any identified problem.

You can try this event management app when you sign up for ProjectManager free trial here.

Why Choose ProjectManager?

  1. Complete event management platform
  2. Real-time dashboards
  3. Full customization
  4. Comprehensive support
  5. Extensive integration

4. EventMobi

EventMobi dashboard example

EventMobi is an all-in-one event experience solution that encompasses the whole lifecycle of your gathering, conference, or any event. By providing all the technological tools and functionalities needed to engage attendees in one, user-friendly event platform, event venues and restaurants gain significant effort and time savings, while ensuring the successful delivery of corporate events and gatherings. It offers the end-to-end event solutions that you need to effectively engage your attendees before, during, and after each event that you hold, including digital signages, registration, gamification, networking, live polling and surveys, analytics, and event apps.

A very customizable platform, EventMobi is an advanced event solution yet is easy to install and use for event organizers and even for their guests. This robust event management platform is designed to empower organizers to successfully plan and host synergistic, enriching and remarkable experience for attendees.

You can sign up for EventMobi free trial here.

Why Choose EventMobi?

  1. End-to-end experience manager platform
  2. Multiple-event event capability
  3. Event gamification
  4. Live branded digital display
  5. Helps deliver an engaging experience for attendees

5. Eventbrite

Eventbrite dashboard example

Eventbrite is a highly flexible event management solution that adapts to the specific needs of organizers, venues, and restaurants. Packed with smart tools designed to boost sales and achieve time savings, this platform can handle the smallest meetings and even the biggest events and gatherings. User-friendly and customizable, Eventbrite allows organizers to easily set up and promote events online using pre-built professionally-designed event pages. Features include ticketing, registration, event listing design, fundraising, advertising, and payment handling. It also allows the monitoring of event progress in real time to enable users to have full control of events, including attendee details and financials.

Why Choose Eventbrite?

  1. A comprehensive array of features to simplify event management
  2. Customization of event registration and tracking
  3. easy widget website integration
  4. Robust open API
  5. Free Organizer app for Android and iOS

6. Cvent

Cvent dashboard example

Cvent is a cloud-based event management solution designed to help venues and restaurants better manage their events to boost attendance and cut expenses. Can be used by companies and events organizers of any size, this platform covers the whole event lifecycle and provides the needed tools and features. Its event automation tool enables organizers to concentrate more on expanding their guest lists and reaching out to a wider audience rather than consuming time and effort on cumbersome, routinary tasks. It also streamlines most of the event management processes, including venue search, events planning, attendee engagement, performance measurement, among others.

Why Choose Cvent?

  1. Helps organizers transform events into experiences
  2. 300,000+ active users in 100+ countries
  3. Housing and travel management
  4. Offers a four-phase event planning roadmap
  5. Award-winning 24/7 customer service

7. Bizzabo

Bizzabo dashboard example

Bizzabo is a comprehensive event management suite that handles all the necessary aspects to ensure the holding of successful and remarkable events. This is a robust all-in-one platform that helps events professionals as well as venue and restaurant managers a become better in every event that they handle. If you need to streamline your ticketing process, strengthen sponsorship opportunities, enhance networking drives, or organize your customer data, Bizzabo can deliver whatever events-related needs that you require. It also provides intelligent event reporting and analytics

Why Choose Bizzabo?

  1. Streamlined ticketing and registration
  2. Design on-brand digital experience
  3. Integrated marketing and sponsorship apps
  4. Easy-to-use performance analysis
  5. Unified communication channels

8. XING Events

XING Events dashboard example

XING Events is an event management software solution programmed to assist event organizers, venues, and restaurant businesses from start to finish, including post-event activities. It is flexible and offers smart tools that can be customers to address your specific needs. Made up of three parts — event management, event promotion, and ticketing — XING Events offers a wide array of tools and features, including CRM integration, smart event builder, online ticket shop, online registration, and a payment processing system. It also allows users to have access to its 12 million-member database and provides support for multilingual ticketing and multiple payment methods.

Why Choose XING Events?

  1. Manage complex events more easily
  2. Powerful, flexible online ticketing
  3. Customer retention/CRM integration
  4. Extensive audience reach
  5. Real-time reporting

9. TicketSource

TicketSource dashboard example

TicketSource is a free, self-service online event management solution for venues, restaurants, and attendees. For selling 10 to 10,000 tickets for any venue, this solution boasts of an integrated platform for managing online bookings, customer information, and in-house ticket sales 24/7. Organizers can easily create event-branded interfaces — complete with their logos and graphic designs — which attendees can use to easily buy their tickets. It also has a TicketShop app for selling tickets in company websites and in social media sites. Used by a wide range of organizers for schools, churches, clubs, festivals, and others, TicketSource does not charge organizers and only applies booking fees on attendees.

Why Choose TicketSource?

  1. Customize event details
  2. Manage the audience and track results
  3. Sell ticket in-house and online
  4. Market your box office
  5. Fast and offline ticket scanning

10. Aventri

Aventri dashboard example

A cloud-based event management platform, Aventri (formerly etouches) offers the tools needed to effectively manage all event tasks and activities to provide event performance insights in real time and to drive attendee engagement. Along with its management features for handling logistics, marketing, data analysis, and registration, the platform now offers an integrated Mobile Event App, a feature-rich smart mobile application that allows event managers to continue performing all their events management tasks even while on the field. It also has multilingual support to address the demands of event professionals in multiple locations worldwide.

Why Choose Aventri?

  1. Promote your event via a dedicated website and email blasts
  2. Badges and certificates generation
  3. Floor and seating management
  4. External integrations include Salesforce and Marketo
  5. PCI Level 1 Compliant system for data security

11. Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor dashboard example

Ticket Tailor is an easy-to-use commission-free online event management and ticketing solution allows professional events organizers to sell tickets online on their own. Aside from removing the need for outside ticketing agencies, this platform is different from other events solutions because it doesn’t charge anything for each ticket sold. It also offers the lowest fee in the market today. Ticket Tailor can help you manage any kind of gathering or event, big or small, just as how you want it to be held.

Why Choose Ticket Tailor?

  1. Multiple events and ticket allocations
  2. Lowest fees to enable the highest savings
  3. Determine and keep your own booking fees for extra revenue
  4. Automatic order confirmation and email e-ticket delivery
  5. Multi-lingual and multi-currency support

12. Eventdex

A user-friendly event management solution, Eventdex can help you stay on top of all your event management responsibilities, from gathering leads and engaging with prospects to payment processing and handling attendee check-ins. In a nutshell, this software features a plethora of functionalities that can make life easier for both event managers and attendees. Moreover, thanks to its data and analytics  tools, you have access to crucial information across all events so that you can make better and smarter decisions.

Why Choose Eventdex?

  1. It is a mobile-first solution for managing events.
  2. Event registration portals can be customized to match company branding.
  3. It utilizes a scanning tool to accelerate the check-in process for attendees.
  4. The software is intuitive and easy to use.
  5. It comes equipped with a business matchmaking functionality.

As a venue and restaurant owner, you’ll definitely agree that it’s always good to do our homework — like conducting some research, reading comparisons of top events management apps, and other best practices — before we make that purchase decision, either for a new tool or an upgrade. It is not only advantageous to know enough; it’s also empowering. Finally, if you’re now on the lookout for an event management app for your restaurant or venue, why not try first our top-picked app to save you the usual hassles hunting for that perfect tool for you? You can easily do so when you sign up for Wrike free trial here.

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