10 Benefits of Event Apps For Conferences & Shows

What is the best event app?
The best event app is EventMobi, given its ability to cover the entire lifecycle of an event. It is designed to keep your attendees and guests engaged using technologies like digital signature and online registration. The app is also known for providing attendees with the best experience, which helps contribute to event success.

Event app benefits can do tons for your business, given the fact that event planning is one of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming activities there could be. As a professional event planner, you should know that complications and issues are bound to pop up all over the place despite your best-laid plans. Situations such as oversight, unfavorable weather conditions, and a high number of attendees could wreak havoc on any event.  This is why we deemed it necessary for you to be aware of event app benefits that can help you create engaging and inspiring events, and bring in the big bucks.

Here, we discuss the benefits of event apps for conferences and shows. By the end of this reading, you should be able to realize what you can get out of these tools and maybe decide that you are in need of one. It doesn’t matter if you run an event planning service or work as one in an entirely different business. You can be a “master event planner” by using event management software

event management apps benefits

Planning for an event such as a trade show or conference can be a pain, especially when done the traditional way. For most B2B companies, a successful trade show can be measured by what a business got from an event, in this case, the number of leads, opportunities, and returns-on-investment. Needless to say, the events industry has been doing rather well, with B2B events generating over $1.07 trillion in direct spending in 2018.

Trade shows have been around forever. They have evolved to become a major marketing channel for most companies. One segment that has found trade shows to be very effective marketing tools is B2B businesses. In fact, B2B organizations have been found to devote around 40.7% of their marketing budgets to trade shows

Direct Impact of Business Events

Event management software has proven itself quite useful in improving a variety of business areas. It is, therefore, no wonder that the market for these tools is expected to grow to $10.57 billion by 2023. Large corporate end-users are seen to take the largest chunk of the market share. This market growth is a testament to the efficacy of this software category. So let’s just say you have all the above-said requirements covered. What more can an event management software do for you? Read on to find out more about the benefits of event management software to shows and meetings.

Should you decide that you need an event app, you might try EventMobi as it addresses most event planning problems while offering features that make event planning tasks much easier to accomplish.

If you want to see more of the app’s features, you can easily sign up for free EventMobi trial here.

Benefits of Events Management Apps

Now that we know some of the most pressing concerns that event planners face, it’s time we have a look at how event management tools can help mitigate such complications. The following are but some of the event management software benefits that you can leverage to plan successful conferences and tradeshows.

1. Stay within Budget

Like it or not, everything about planning corporate events involves money–lots of it. Event-related expenses such as travel, housing, and venue can pile up and negatively impact your already limited budget. And this is true for most event planners, who say budget cuts always make their jobs harder. This is why it is important to anticipate such complications and seek to cushion their effects by trying to get more value for less spending. It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that many planners and venue owners also go for top event management tools.

As event management software provides you with clear visibility overall operations related to event planning, you can keep your budgets at bay. Being able to do so will help you make not only higher revenues but more savings as well.

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Business Events Spending By Region 2018 (US$ M)

Business Events Spending By Region 2018 (US$ M)
North America: 381

North America

Business Events Spending By Region 2018 (US$ M)
Western Europe: 325

Western Europe

Business Events Spending By Region 2018 (US$ M)
Asia : 271


Business Events Spending By Region 2018 (US$ M)
Latin America and the Caribbean: 33

Latin America and the Caribbean

Business Events Spending By Region 2018 (US$ M)
Central and Eastern EUrope: 25

Central and Eastern EUrope

Business Events Spending By Region 2018 (US$ M)
Africa : 23


Business Events Spending By Region 2018 (US$ M)
Middle East: 13

Middle East


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2. Manage Time Better

Your event is bound to hit snags that can easily be resolved with proper work management. When planning an event, many things can go wrong–invite errors, late attendees, and complications related to supplier quotes, to name a few. These things can be avoided by simply using an event app.

3. Boost Efficiency

As event management software can keep all your workflows in line with your needs, you get to boost your event planning efficiency. Specific processes can be automated while allowing you to track relevant details. Features such as marketing, contract management, checklists, and CRM, which often come with event management software, also help you get a better handle on your daily activities.

Why not check such features firsthand and how they can level up your event management? Simply sign up for free EventMobi trial here.

4. Optimize Promotions

In the event that funding becomes a problem, event promotion can become cumbersome as they do not come cheap. But there are ways to come up with powerful event promotions without breaking the bank. You can leverage a number of platforms such as email, SEO, and the creation of an event page or website, which can significantly impact your audience’s interest.

Any kind of event deserves a great promotion that can be sustained for long periods of time. Event marketing campaigns can last months or even years before the scheduled date of an event. Many event management platforms provide channels by which prospective attendees can communicate with planners.

They also offer email marketing features that you can use to target specific audiences. You can likewise see how your marketing campaigns are doing by looking at KPIs such as media pick-ups, social media engagement, and the number of leads generated by the event. These tools are bound to generate more leads from your event, in which case, you may need to know how to choose a lead management system.

EventMobi sponsorship dashboard

EventMobi helps you keep a close eye on your sponsors.

5. Consolidate Teams 

Lack of coordination among stakeholders from the very start of the event planning process can result in chaos. This problem can give birth to smaller and even big issues such as failure to win executive buy-in. To address this concern, you must understand the goals of your stakeholders and observe cost transparency.

So how do you keep all stakeholders on the same page when planning an event? Event management tools keep all your teams in touch from the comfort of a single dashboard. It can keep your logistics, marketing, travel managers and accounting staff connected. This way, any sudden change can be immediately addressed by the concerned department. 

Communication is likewise improved as these platforms link all managers and team members at all times.

6. Simplify Registration

It’s a fact that most event planners are struggling to get their hands on new tech just to meet the demands of today’s customers. Most consumers nowadays want to keep tabs on event experiences digitally and register online, making it vital for event planners to invest in new technologies. This can be remedied by using mobile event apps, which house online event registration and management platforms. These tools have been proven to boost event ticket sales.

7. Leverage Online Payment

The good thing is with the advent of eCommerce, most consumers have grown to rely on online payment channels. The same technology works for event planning. Event management solutions are imbued with online payment processing and registration features that allow attendees to pay for events online. Bookings can also be handled online using these systems.

EventMobi ticketing dashboard

EventMobi allows you to sell tickets to your event online.

8. Automate Tasks

Another thing that helps you reduce costs lies in event management solutions’ ability to automate certain tasks, which means you can cut down on manpower costs. Automating processes like event registration, information management and responding to inquiries also eliminates the need to hire external providers.

9. Meet Customer Tech Expectations

It’s a fact that most event planners are struggling to get their hands on new tech just to meet the demands of today’s customers. Most consumers nowadays want to keep tabs on event experiences digitally and register online, making it vital for event planners to invest in new technologies. This can be remedied by using online event registration and management platforms. These tools have been proven to boost ticket sales.

10. Make a Case for ROI

Most meeting planners base their forecasts on return-on-investment on the success of previous events. Proving ROi may be a taxing job but you have to do it anyway to be able to save on costs and improve efficiency. Event management apps like Eventmobi can help you by providing data, helping you better justify decision-making by making an attractive ROI proposition.

Event Management Software: What to Look For

There are tons of event management platforms out there. So how do you go about looking for one? The first thing to ask yourself is why do you need such a tool? Event planning, meetings, in particular, can be a pain but using event management tools coupled with adopting better meeting habits, should allow you to come up with successful conferences. Here are the key features to check for an event app:

  1. Event Registration
  2. Robust Reporting
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Website/Landing Page Construction
  5. Multiple Events Management

So what have we learned so far? Now we know that business events have become an integral part of any organization, driving growth and even significantly impacting economies. We have also learned that planning for such events is more complex than we thought with major problems such as budget constraints, lack of technology and scheduling confusion, cropping up when least expected. However, we also rest assured that these complications can be avoided with the use of top event management software.

Event management platforms help reduce cost, keep all stakeholders up to speed and effectively keep up with new technologies that your attendees are using. You can choose among the many tools out in the market or you can give EventMobi a try. You can experience all the app’s features for yourself when you sign up for free EventMobi trial here.

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