12 Infusionsoft Alternatives You Should Consider in 2022

Top Alternatives To Infusionsoft

We have updated this article with information on the leading 2022 customer relationship management (CRM) software alternatives to Infusionsoft to stay on the lookout for the newest solutions in the niche.

Infusionsoft is undoubtedly one of the leading relationship management products available, as it helped turn a simple CRM rule into a business cornerstone: The more organized your leads are, the more you will sell, and your current market share will have nothing to do with it.

From an expert point of view, Infusionsoft does indeed help small businesses grow and become credible, being one of the few one-size-fits CRMs that are applicable in all corporate environments. The robust feature suite, handy integrations, and fairly affordable pricing speak in favor of this statement, and so do the 23,000 developing businesses around the world that have experienced Infusionsoft’s managerial capacity.

Why choose Infusionsoft?

To start with, this web-based and fully optimized solution coordinates and automates tasks managers find cumbersome and complicated, and allows businesses to grow sales, stay organized, and most of all improve relationships with current and prospective clients. From a CRM perspective, Insfusionsoft’s power is concentrated on structuring contact information and boosting the efficiency of decentralized sales teams, acquiring and nurturing leads through several channels, and integrating with leading sales and marketing systems to make the transition for on-budget teams as smooth as possible.

Nevertheless, the fact that Infusionsoft’s offer goes beyond standard CRM happens to be overwhelming for certain businesses. For cases like these, we’ve prepared a list of prominent Infusionsoft alternatives we believe you should consider in 2022:

1. Salesforce CRM

Backed up by the reputation of today’s leading software producer, Salesforce CRM is one of the reasonable Infusionsoft alternatives for any business looking to improve customer relationships. The system helps you track and organize customer integration in a single hub, features real-time and accessible data for your agents, and automates core sales and marketing processes. Reasonably priced and well-integrated, Salesforce CRM won’t impose the need to adjust your software ecosystem in order to implement it – simply subscribe for their service, and you run it right away.

Features to consider: Sales Communities; Distinguishing Marketing & Sales Leads; Opportunities & Quotas; Customer Engagement on Several Platforms; Mobile Accessibility

How can Salesforce CRM help your business?

It manages your opportunities. Get a full view of the customer, such as activity history, communications, discussions, and social mentions using the Contact Management. You can also set set metrics-based goals and amplify winning performances of sales reps to motivate a healthy competition in the team.

It drives leads in. Salesforce CRM makes it possible to create a systematic pipeline from lead to conversion, and automate the whole process to generate quality leads and cut the sales cycle. Thanks to its handy integrations, it collates customer data from leading email service providers and social media.

It generates valuable insights. With Salesforce CRM, you get a real-time view of your sales team’s conversions to help you create adaptive weekly forecasts. Use the Reports and Dashboards to collect and accumulate data for detailed reporting and analysis, set boundaries and customer values, and balance assignements for each of your reps.

2. Hubspot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a free, open-source relationship management platform which nevertheless delivers enterprise-grade functionality to small and growing businesses. Our experts recommend it because of its simple and intuitive interface, which allows users to create beautiful and complete customer profiles, control the performance of agents, and manage inbound sales all from the same platform. HubSpot CRM is also a certified Premier Google Partner, and one of the best rated, award-winning apps in this category. You can easily sign up for free HubSpot here.

HubSpot CRM

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out HubSpot CRM for free

Features to consider: Drag-and-Drop Communicator; Templates, Tracking, and Scheduling; Phone & Email Integration; Website Integration; Lead Enrichment

How can Hubspot CRM help your business?

It is flexible and customizable. HubSpot CRM is flexible enough to meet the needs of individuals, B2B and B2C businesses, those operating in retail, accounting, real estate, construction, or any other industry. will help you close more deals with less work involved, because it organizes and tracks each aspect of your sales pipeline, and helps you grow it and develop in the right direction.

It automates lead importing, and offers unique data enrichment capabilities. HubSpot CRM helps businesses close deals faster and cut the time they are spending on arranging customer documentation. It also offers some of the most powerful data enrichment functionalities, thanks to which you can import leads from your emails with a single click.

It is absolutely free. Any business out there, regardless of budget, can use HubSpot CRM at no cost and integrate it with just as many business systems and applications as necessary.

3. Nutshell

If looking for a cute and comprehensive CRM focused on small and inbound sales teams, look no further than Nutshell CRM. This powerful, yet user-friendly app allows sales reps to be more agile in dealing with a number of CRM challenges. What you will like the most about it is you’ll be up and running in less than 24 hours, with no need for an implementation consultant or “CRM administrator.” Nutshell provides onboarding assistance as well as free and friendly customer support.

Features to consider: Collaborative Environment; Lead Relationship Management; One-Click Task Creation; Bulk Email Templates; Nutshell Intelligence

How can Nutshell help your business?

It keeps track of every contact and conversation. Nutshell will become your company’s central repository for customer knowledge. Inside, you can store all your contact details, call notes, and email conversations in one place so everyone on your team can quickly access them.

It brings all team players on the same page. Nutshell lets you easily bring colleagues into the conversation, see who’s talking to your customers outside of the sales team, and stay notified of everything that needs your attention.

It boost sales, and converts random numbers into operable intelligence. Nutshell is above all a great reporting system, which won’t only multiply online orders, but also help you develop smarter strategies based on the volume and quality of leads your team has attracted so far.

4. Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM is just as easy to tweak to the specifications of your business, especially if you’re interested in a product that will grow in parallel with it. With more than 25 years of industry experience, Maximizer guarantees centralized lead management and unlimited access, regardless of the size and needs of your team. The thing to remember about it is that it makes use of all your resources to maximize efficiency, which, surprisingly enough, doesn’t affect the ease of its deployment.

Features to consider: Unlimited Access Options; Quote-Based Dashboard Indicators; Sales Intelligence; Customer Service Management; Time Tracking

How can Maximizer CRM help your business?

It generates leads. Many companies miss out on sales opportunities by letting information seep through the cracks. Maximizer CRM solves this problem with 24/7 relationship management, marketing communication, and customer record updates that maximize your revenue potential.

It retains customers. Maximizer CRM is an all‐in‐one CRM solution that includes customer service functionality along with sales and marketing tools, makes customer retention decisively easier. Its valuable sales insights will also help develop personalized strategies for loyal and promising contacts.

You can tailor it as you wish. Maximizer CRM is one of the most customizable solutions on this list, that will certainly match your business processes, workflow and requirements.

5. Less Annoying CRM

The name will certainly make you remember this software, but so will its out-of-the box capabilities. In short, Less Annoying CRM is a straightforward customer relationship management solution that is built to address the CRM needs of small enterprises. The system delves on ease-of-use, transparent pricing, and free customer support, and it is also hosted in cloud for undisturbed configuration and maintenance.
Features to consider: Contact Management; Calendars and Tasks; Multiple-User Dashboard; Daily Agenda Emails; One-Click Data Exporting

How can Less Annoying CRM help your business?

It is affordable. As a web-hosted and well integrated CRM, this system eliminates costs associated to installment and training, and also offers a 30-days free trial you can use to explore its functionality. Pricing starts as low as $10/month, which is an awesome amount having in mind its multiple-user dashboards.

It combines contact management with sales force automation. Less Annoying CRM sees the value of leads, thus the system comes with an innovative feature where users can track all leads and their stages. The leads information is displayed on priority basis, which allows the sales and marketing teams to set their priorities and to make the right decision at any time.

It summarizes your data. The CRM dashboard offers a view of the summaries of all activities and access to all functions of the CRM. Users can look at a summary of the leads, activities, to-do lists, pending or overdue tasks, ongoing projects, events for the day, and a separate activity feed that lists the recent activities of all people.

6. Relenta CRM

If interest to organize and manage emails and transform those into immediate assignments, Relenta CRM has you covered. It is email-based contact and task management app that connects together sent and received email, files, notes, and tasks, and displays them on the same page. The tool works by automatically linking all sent and received email to contact timelines. This allows your team to retrieve a complete relationship history with a single click.

Features to consider: Email Campaigns; Auto-Responders; Email Filters; Mail-Merge & Personalization; Group Contacts Editing; Automated Assignment

How can Relenta CRM help your business?

It is the only 100% email-based CRM. If your email archives exist separately from your CRM records, you probably lose 80% or more of your productivity. This void between email and CRM is where things fall through the cracks. Relenta’s approach to email management and CRM is a time saver.

It actually get things done in large teams. Relenta is perfectly designed for collaboration: everything is centralized and shared. Email is no longer trapped in personal inboxes. Your team collaborates on contacts, emails and calendars in real time. You can access any piece of information anytime, anywhere.

It supports major productivity frameworks. Relenta is amazingly flexible and it smoothly guides you to adapt to a productivity mindset (Zero Inbox and GTD), even without your realizing it. Once you get set up with Relenta, productivity comes naturally. It’s like having a full-time personal assistant for each member of your team.

7. Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM was designed as a small biz-friendly feedback collector that allows users to thrive productivity for their business, and has been completing that promise for 13 years already. The web-to-CRM forms provided by Vtiger help in capturing the relevant contact information, prioritizing and using that information for making smarter business decision. At the same time, Vtiger is able to deliver great sales automation capabilities, email marketing functionalities and project and inventory management.

Features to consider: Contact Management; Opportunity Management; Workflow Automation; SLAs;  Subscription & Product Management

How can Vtiger CRM help your business?

It builds strong and long-lasting relationships. The purpose ultimate of Vtiger CRM is to gather collaboration and organization tools in one place, all of them designed for the sake of the ideal customer experience. Vtiger CRM helps the organizations to improve both prospective and current customer experiences by automating their sales, support, and marketing tasks and developing a variety of business-enhancing insights.

It automates complex and repetitive tasks. Users reduce the repetitive tasks, and save the time as a result. Vtiger tracks the marketing campaigns over time, and helps in pinpointing what is working for the business and what is not. The most agile solution Vtiger provides is the strong client base management functionality.

It facilitates access to data. The portal support of Vtiger allows the customers to search trhough the past issues and their resolutions, and to customize the database to make it suitable for future operations. At the back end of the portal, the support agents can create, document, and track the issues with the help of automated follow-ups. All issues are open for tracking from order to closure.

8. Infor CRM

Infor CRM offers a state-of-the-art and connectable technology solution that enables businesses to fully optimize the value of their most important corporate asset— customer data. Infor CRM’s exceptional usability and versatile configuration capabilities allow rich, personalized user experiences, helping companies to ensure adoption and productivity. At the same time, this is a quote-priced system where every company receives a package tailored to its needs.

Features to consider: Embedded CRM inside Microsoft Outlook; Seamless Integration with Back-Office Systems; Open API; Easy to Use; Mobile Optimized

How can Infor CRM help your business?

It creates some of the richest customer profiles. Using Infor CRM, you can create detailed customer profiles based on accurate information and interactions that are captured across your organization as well as external data sources. You also enjoy enhanced productivity and collaboration via rich integration with business management tools as well as productivity applications.

It focuses on your mobile workforce. The platform extends its rich CRM functionality to smartphones and tablets, ensuring that your field personnel and mobile employees have that strong and distinctive competitive advantage that can help drive productivity and significantly raise your business revenue.

It comes with an open API architecture. Infor CRM provides back office integration with several ERP applications through Infor ION™, Infor’s Intelligent Open Network, a purpose-built middleware platform that offers businesses a simple but robust and scalable framework. The open API architecture allows you to connect it to any app/system you wan, and skip unnecessary adjustments whenever a new tool is introduced.

9. bpm’online CRM

bpm’online CRM is the most prominent member of the company’s sales+marketing bundle which can also be purchased independently. Our experts qualify it as a process-driven CRM designed for the retail industry, and built around an extensive BPM framework which makes it reliable for many different operations. It works with an easy drag-and-drop editor which gives uses an almost unlimited freedom to tailor processes, and lets them choose between on-premise and in-cloud deployment (prices vary accordingly).

Features to consider: Customer Data Management; Integration with Social Networks; Real-Time Analytics with Diagrams and Dashboards; Multi-Channel Marketing & ROI Estimation based on Responses; Knowledge Management Library

How can bpm’online CRM help your business?

It offers an individualized Customer Success Management program. The Customer Success Management Program is a unique service exclusive to bpm’online. At no additional cost, CSM supports and enables the client to maximize the CRM software capabilities.

It follows your customers’ journey end-to-end. bpm’online allows you to manage the entire customer life cycle from initial contact to continued account maintenance. Connecting the dots between marketing, sales, and customer service allows companies to effectively manage every stage of their customer interactions.Ready-to-go processes guide users through the most effective actions and make it easy for clients to jump-start using the system, bringing industry best practices to their work.

Its CRM processes are agile and easy to change. Bpm’online offers an extensive set of features that let you improve and maintain your business operations as well as adjust it according to the changes in your industry’s landscape. With this, you can modify processes on-the-fly and even test your modifications for good measure.

10. Capsule CRM

Touted as one of the most affordable products in this category, Capsule CRM is an effective and web-based relationship management platform worth of every penny you’d invest in it. It is simple and flexible, and keeps track of all your contacts and companies you do business with, the communication with them, the sales opportunities; and always knows in advance what activities and tasks that need be completed.

Features to consider: Tracks Bids, Deals, Proposals, and Opportunities; Easy Customization of Information Categories; Linking Milestones to Success Factors; Quick Document Management; Secure Access & Data Backup

How can Capsule CRM help your business?

It is the perfect data storage and sharing CRM platform. Capsule allows you to have a complete contact management program by storing and organizing information about your customers and contacts, including tasks and to-do lists. You can also create custom categories for various data about your contacts. When it comes to sharing, you can easily distribute files across the team, import content from a variety of sources, and add notes for each file.

It summarizes opportunities on a robust sales dashboard. Capsule gives you a quick summary of opportunities via the sales dashboard. You can keep track of the various opportunities and milestones that are linked with a success factor which you can use to forecast potential sales revenue. Based on this information, you can configure your own reports and extract them in the desired format.

Its servers are 100% secure and hosted in Amazon data centers. Capsule’s servers are hosted in Amazon’s data centers, assuring your data is safe and secure. In addition, information that passes between your computer and our servers is encrypted using a technology called SSL, the same technology that banks use to protect data.

11. Goldmine Premium

Goldmine Premium is another popular and easy-to-use CRM we predominantly recommend to medium and large businesses. It helps eliminate duplication with a central database of sales and marketing prospects, customers and suppliers with easy sharing, and target the right contacts with segmented marketing campaigns, including phone calls, emails and direct mail. It is also a smart solution to automate and track day-to-day marketing activities.

Features to consider: Calendars & Communication Management; Customer Service and Support; Campaign Management; Dedicated Users Inbox; Social Media Integrations

How can Goldmine Premium help your business?

It gives you a centralized database for all of your information and employees.  GoldMine allows users to read and create activities and notes on prospects and customers, tracking all interactions. Data is neatly arranged and organized on a single dashboard, and therefore accessible by the entire team.

It offers shared concurrent licenses. Despite of being referred to as a slightly more expensive CRM than the average, Goldmine Premium offers shared concurrent licenses where you can include also infrequent users without paying the usual amount.

It targets the right contacts. Goldmine Premium helps target the best contacts for your business with its personalized approach to communication, but also with segmented marketing campaigns, including phone calls, emails and direct mail.

12. Act!

Act! is a handy contact and customer management software made for small businesses. It brings together contacts, their account history, notes and activities in a single centralized location. With Act!, users can make notes, manage different prospects, access customer information, and track interactions on a single friendly interface, instead of making use of spreadsheets, or documents, or other multiple software.

Features to consider: Contact and Activity Management; Flexible Deployment; Sales & Opportunity Tracking; Email Marketing; Social Integrations

How can Act! help your business?

It offers access to in-depth contact details. Act! enables users to access contact details and editions for relationship tracking that includes stats, competitors, sources, opportunities, and much more. With Act!, sales teams can segment customers and deliver targeted messages to them by emailing campaigns within the software.

It builds prioritized contact lists. The emailing feature of Act! and its prioritized contact lists help in creating, sending, and tracking emails and contacts. The software allows managers to track and measure performance with dashboards and reports on the lead sources etc. This way, Act! helps improve the quality of your business decisions.

It is understandable and easy to navigate even for inexperienced users. The clean and intuitive layout of Act! allows easy navigation. No matter where you need the data to be stored, the software offers both on-premise and cloud-based solutions in terms of CRM. Integrations are also available to manage emails and social media messages from the same platform.

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