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Discover Our Story

Before FinancesOnline became the fastest growing independent review platform for B2B, SaaS and financial solutions it was first an innovative idea of a directory that would help business owners find the best solution to fit their needs.

Its CEO and founder Sebastian Lambert explains that it all started when he was looking for reliable software solutions that would allow him to improve the efficiency of his employees and let his company grow by automating sales and customer support processes.

He soon realized that there are literally hundreds of such solutions and there was no easy way to find the ones that would fit his company best. Finding such tools that met his requirements took him weeks of time-consuming and frustrating research and testing.

Sebastian Lambert

That's when he decided to create his own platform that would gather information about all the popular solutions from various SaaS and B2B categories.

The platform would combine opinions and recommendations from experts with carefully selected reviews from real users sharing their experience with each product.

Now, with FinancesOnline available as a source of detailed product information gathered in a single space our constantly growing base of users saves huge amounts of time and is finally optimize their decision making processes.

Your Source
of Comprehensive Research

FinancesOnline Research Center provides you with rigorously researched data that will drive your competitive advantage and let you focus on the right opportunities. We’re always on top of the most current data and trends to help you make optimal investment decisions. Our reports will offer you a 360 overview of your customers based on hundreds of insights about their behavior and needs.

FinancesOnline research team comprises of experienced journalists and industry experts whose mission is to provide our readers with high-quality, unbiased reviews, guides, and market analyses that will allow you to make the right business decisions and stay competitive.

Our research is always based on the customer, and we gather thousands of data points to provide you with accurate information. We focus on how customer behaviors, preferences, and expectations change and evolve over time. We also value your time, so we always help understand key insights from our data to allow you to make informed decisions.

Comprehensive research

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Our Scoring System & User Satisfaction Algorithm

SmartScore SmartScore™ System

What makes our site really unique is our SmartScore™ system and our method of evaluating overall user satisfaction with the software.

Our team of B2B and finance experts prepares a detailed and unbiased analysis of every solution’s main features, but they also pay close attention to other elements we realize are important to clients: collaboration features, customization, integration with other tools, customer support and mobility.

All these elements are taken into consideration when calculating the final score (on a 1 to 10 scale) giving our users a great initial impression on how useful a product actually is.

Since different aspects of the product have different significance on the overall impression each factor has a different impact on the final score.

Here are all the factors used in calculating the SmartScore and their score weights:

Scoring Factors

Main functionalities


Collaboration features

Customization capabilities


Available integrations

Ease of use


Quality of help and customer support

Security and data safety



General impression

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™

We know that a detailed review is in many cases not a deciding factor for many clients, and quite frequently reviews and experiences of other customers who used the same solution or service are what is really important.

We emulated that dynamic known from traditional online shopping and not only did we implement a user review system that enables you to learn what other users think about the product but we also created a unique Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™.

The algorithm gathers user reviews, comments and opinions across a wide range of social media and calculates a satisfaction rating based on what people think about the product. This provides you with a transparent and reliable method to easily compare customer experience not only on our platform but across all the popular social media channels.

Verified Quality Seal™
A Guarantee Of Solid Experience

We made it one of our goals to allow customers easily spot reliable and trustworthy products by means of our Verified Quality Seal.

Our team of experts evaluates each product's quality and its vendor's credibility based on several key factors including: quality of customer support; SmartScore; user satisfaction rating and verified contact details of the vendor.

If a product meets our quality requirements it receives the seal which is a guarantee of effective and pleasant collaboration with the vendor and their product.

Verified Quality Seal