Top 10 Alternatives to Adobe Experience Manager: Best Digital Asset Management Software Solutions

Digital asset management software is a business process for governing the rules and systems implemented by an organization. It gives effective solutions for storing, organizing, finding, retrieving, editing, securing, and distributing rich media assets. These digital assets come in various content formats such as images, videos, PDFs, podcasts, word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Top 10 Alternatives to Adobe Experience Manager

The innovative technology impacts the way businesses are managed today. The number of digital assets in an organization is higher than ever before. Companies used to carry out the management of their digital assets through file and folder structures with strict naming conventions. These are ineffective due to the high volume of rich media assets and it increases employee attrition rates. Locating files also hampers productivity because of the time-consuming process where a report shows 19% of an employee’s workweek is spent on searching for and gathering information.

Some examples of digital asset management software solutions include a photographer’s photo database and a user’s digital file library. Core capabilities like easy sharing of assets, assets retrieval, and cloud storage are valuable for your organization’s operations. Managing assets properly is crucial as an erroneous method can cause a waste of $10,000 a year while companies not using it lose an average of $44,000 yearly. Moreover, a McKinsey report showed that 19% of an employee’s work week is lost to searching files.

Utilizing a DAM solution is cost-effective as you can get a return on investment (ROI) worth $8 to $14 for every dollar you spent using the system. This in light of a double increase in digital assets over the past 15 years (Harvard Business Review).

Benefits of Digital Asset Management Software

  1. 24/7 Access. Have secured access to your business files using any device anywhere you are, whether you’re at home, on your office desk, or at a coffee shop anywhere in the world.
  2. Central Location and Content Retrieval. Your digital files are secured in one place so you can manage them easily and locate them instantly to increase your efficiency and maximize the asset.
  3. Easy Integration. Deployment of the tools and solutions in your organization is quick and hassle-free with seamless integration.
  4. Analytics. An insight into the top digital assets that provide the best ROI. This data is essential for your company’s content marketing strategy by focusing on which ones are effective and tweaking strategies for weak digital assets.
  5. Permission Levels. Implement employee permission on who can access and make changes to your organization’s digital assets to protect your assets’ integrity.

Using the software is crucial to your company’s operations. Various products are available with the relevant arsenal for managing your digital assets efficiently and choosing one that matches your business needs best is vital.

What is Adobe Experience Manager?

adobe experience manager dashboard example

Adobe Experience Manager is one of the most popular and leading digital experience management solutions in the market. Businesses use it to deliver compelling content on the web, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) intended for increasing engagement and branding. A centralized location lets you handle and create compelling and engaging content to your customer’s while connecting the system to your existing creative workflows for efficiency and productivity. With Adobe named as the leader in digital experience platforms, it guarantees a dynamic solution to building your brand and managing rich media assets.

Key Features of Adobe Experience Manager

  1. Creative cloud integration. Marketing and creative workflows are connected.
  2. Search and metadata management. Metadata and tags are automatically assigned to assets.
  3. Project, task, and workflow management. Design workflows for marketing asset production, planning, reviewing, and approving.
  4. Dynamic media. Mobile-optimized to easily do variations for a single set of assets like changing format and size or adding features like zooming.
  5. Video. Optimized for all devices and screen. Create, manage, and analyze interactive video.
  6. Personalized media. Personalized and targeted media for boosting engagement.
  7. Viewer designers. Design intuitive rich media and video.
  8. Smart tags and analytics. Data and insights from best assets are used for improving content campaigns.
  9. Self-service portal. A custom-branded web portal is available to quickly make approved assets accessible to internal and external teams to save time in marketing.

The focus of your content’s format may vary. If you are interested to know the other options aside from this DAM solution, we have compiled the top 10 alternatives to Adobe Experience Manager that may fit with your digital assets best whether it’s images, illustration, video, and other types of rich media.

Top 10 Alternatives to Adobe Experience Manager

1. PicMonkey

picmonkey dashboard example

PicMonkey is a DAM software that’s designed mainly as a photo editor and graphic design maker meant to empower creatives in communicating visually. You can access it on your web browser or smartphone through its mobile application. Its main features include photo editing by adding filters, overlays, and texts, touching up of facial features, implementing design tools for album covers and watermarks, and creating collages. The Hub storage can accommodate up to 50 images or unlimited for the Supremium pricing option that you can easily sort, share, export, and save. It has top-shelf templates for a faster implementation of design elements. Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, and SmugMug are some of the social media integrations supported by PicMonkey. To get a fuller picture of this software you can match it against other PicMonkey alternatives.

2. Inkscape

inkscape dashboard example

Inkscape is a free and open-source digital asset management solution and vector graphics editor for illustrators, designers, web designers, and enthusiasts. Most of its users are freelancers and small and midsized businesses. The software offers a powerful design tool consisting of a pencil tool for freehand drawing in simple paths, pen tool for more complex Bezier curves and straight lines, and calligraphy tool for calligraphic strokes. It also has object manipulation, text tool, fill and stroke, operations on paths, and rendering. File formats are available in a wide variety. It is compliant with SVG format file generation and XML editor. The export formats include PNG, OpenDocument Drawing, PDF, EPS, PostScript, sk1 and more. Not sure about this solution? You can check other Inkscape alternatives.

3. Bandicam

bandicam dashboard example

Bandicam is a DAM technology for screen capturing and recording. You can use it to capture and record from various devices like PlayStation or Xbox, webcam, IPTV, and smartphone. Record your 2D and 3D 4K UHD Video gameplay in up to 144 FPS and easily upload it to Youtube and Vimeo. Screen recording your PC is made simple and hassle-free with the tech as well which you save in formats such as image files, MP4 or AVI, according to your needs. The system has various features to offer high-quality recording results like selective area recording, real-time drawing on the screen, integration of overlays, own-voice mixing, adding a logo, incorporating mouse effects and animations while recording. If you’re unsure about this software, you have other options. Check these Bandicam alternatives.

4. Cloudinary

cloudinary dashboard example

The SaaS technology Cloudinary is an image and video management tool that offers an end-to-end solution for image-related operations and photo back-end for web and mobile developers. Comprehensive APIs and an interactive web interface are available for managing and handling your media library easily. It lets users take complete control of the file’s lifecycle from the initial upload, processing, and embedding on the website. The smart content recognition feature lets the system automatically add categories and tags to each asset for an easier browsing and searching. Metadata information like size, type, and format are automatically stored and extracted while custom metadata can also be integrated. The team gets an up-to-date version of every asset for a seamless and efficient process. It has other features like performance and usage analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), private and public sharing, and more. There are more Cloudinary alternatives out there if you want to expand your options.

5. Panopto

panopto dashboard example

Included in the top 10 alternatives to Adobe Experience Manager is Panopto, a video platform and digital asset solution for managing, recording, and sharing videos and doing live streams across your organization. An all-in-one platform lets you do various video management actions with features like hosting and sharing video content, a unique engine for video search, bringing videos into LMS, CMS, and multiple portals. Its video content management system offers a secure, central video library in the cloud or on premises to manage and store your video assets. Uploading is done with ease either one by one or all at once. Video transcoding automatically formats the video file type for optimal playback. Customize video portal with your branding by changing the colors, icons, and logo and edit clips by trimming, remixing, and combining segments in the web-based editor. Want to try other options? Go check these Panopto alternatives.

6. Krita

krita dashboard example

If you’re looking for an open-source and free raster graphics editor for animation and digital painting with digital asset management features, you might be interested in Krita. It’s designed with the VFX industry, texture and matte artists, illustrators, and concept artists in mind whether they’re professionals or amateurs. Despite being free, it is packed with powerful tools and features. The workflow is improved with its intuitive user interface that you can save as your own workspace after setting up. It takes care of various digital drawing must-haves like brush stabilizers, pop-up palette, brush engines, wrap-around mode, and resource manager where you can manage and deliver your artworks. You have plenty of Krita alternatives also to choose from if you’re not sure about this solution.

7. Filmora

filmora dashboard example

Filmora is a robust DAM and video editing platform that is known for being simple and easy to use. Users who have never tried a video editor before can easily learn the software with its intuitive interface design. Anyone can use it on any device because it is optimized for Windows and Mac computers or smartphones for Android and Windows users. Editors who are interested with integrating creative features can utilize its filters and graphic overlays, attractive texts for titles, openers and lower thirds, drag-and-drop motion elements, seamless video and image transitions, a royalty free music library. The video files are stored in the system and can be easily retrieved when needed. Remember to compare this software with other Filmora alternatives for a more comprehensive product review.

8. Interplay MAM

interplay MAM dashboard example

Interplay MAM is a developing advanced media asset management to improve its system. Top broadcast, post-production, and news facilities use it because of its fully customizable and highly scalable media asset manager that streamlines media operations and finds assets quickly. It handles the asset’s entire lifecycle for easy browsing and retrieval of the media for reuse or repurposing. You can access it anywhere you are in the world at any time because of its innovative platform. It saves you time and money because the centralized system effectively stores and handles your assets. This frees your team’s time to create more creative and relevant activities. You also get analytics and insights to help you monitor your assets and make informed decisions regarding your services and resources to improve and grow your business. Check these Interplay MAM alternatives if you’re looking for more options.

9. Cacoo

cacoo dashboard example

A digital asset management software that offers cloud-based diagrams makes Cacoo a unique solution for handling assets. It is designed for a multi-user environment where your team can share and edit the same diagram at the same time, track changes by saving its multiple versions, and providing direct feedback and comments for an efficient and collaborative work process. Sharing is also hassle-free with its exporting options like PDF and SVG, embedding diagrams in web pages and sharing through links, email, or on social media. There are various types and templates available for diagrams such as flowcharts, wireframes or mock-ups, network diagrams, minds maps, database diagrams, UML diagrams, and more. Because the software is cloud-based, it eliminates the need for downloading, installing, and waiting for a timely response and action. You have more Cacoo alternatives should you feel this software doesn’t match your needs.

10. eTEAM

eteam dashboard example

eTEAM is a SaaS digital asset management solution that combines core functionalities of multiple systems into a single platform, namely Product Information Management, Document Management System, Content Management System, Customer Relationship Management, and Publishing Management System.

Companies and organizations achieve total control of the operating flows while attaining complete content uniqueness with zero error. Streamlined and accurate content and digital asset management save users time, costs, and resources as well.

eTEAM makes its simple for organizations to create, manage, and publish content on multiple media channels as well as centralize their content management processes and workflows, greatly enhance communication effectiveness, and align their strategies with their goals, resulting in better efficiency, data security and global control.

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