Top 10 Video Conferencing Platforms in 2022

What is the best video conferencing platform for 2022?
The best video conferencing platform is RingCentral MVP. The software offers smooth video meetings with all teams connected, regardless of where they are. Users can expect HD video and audio at all times on any device so communications are always crisp and clear. What’s more, meetings in the app are powered by AI, making them more immersive.

Prior to COVID-19, employees working remotely for less than a year numbered at around 56%, according to a survey. Meanwhile, only 7% had been working remotely for more than 10 years. When the pandemic hit, working from home became a crucial adjustment and one that many realized brought plenty of benefits despite its challenges.

Employees are not the only ones enjoying remote work. Employers are also seeing an uptick in productivity. However, remote work can also be a barrier, particularly when it comes to team communications. That is where video conferencing platforms come in handy.

They let you meet with colleagues or clients as if you are meeting face to face. Not only that, they offer collaboration tools to make working together as seamless as in the office. In this article, we look at the top 10 video conferencing platforms that can help you face the future of work.

top video conferencing platforms

What are the top video conferencing platforms for 2022?

A host of new and enhanced video messaging solutions came out because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, Facebook, one of the giants of social media today, came up with a web conferencing application called Messenger Rooms that can host up to 50 people at a time. In line with that, the use of video calling on Messenger increased over the next few months since March 2020.

Further, video and web conferencing statistics show that there were 62 million downloads of video conferencing apps in March 2020. That is a record-breaking number. We can assume that people downloaded those both for personal and business purposes.

downloads, video conferencing apps

And talking about business, the global web conferencing market is expected to grow to $19 billion by 2025. This is largely due to the impact of work-from-home and hybrid work setups. The video conferencing tools listed below are but a handful of solutions that drive the market today.

Top 10 Video Conferencing Platforms

1. RingCentral MVP

RingCentral MVP dashboard

RingCentral MVP brings enterprise-grade communication tools into your business, even if you are just starting out. The software is easy to set up so you can use its features immediately. This, of course, applies to its video conferencing component. Another good thing about it is that it does not require complex and costly hardware to go with it. Rather, you can just use regular phones and headsets to facilitate online communications.

This video conferencing software makes internet-facilitated meetings seamless with clear and crisp HD video and audio. It is available across multiple devices so you can rely on RingCentral MVP to deliver even when you are mobile. And if you need to send messages in the middle of a video call, you can switch to messaging and then back again quickly. There is even no need to switch apps.

Moreover, you can have more immersive meetings on RingCentral MVP, as the platform leverages AI. The solution even has a live transcription feature for record-keeping and has a speaker identification to go with every word.

You can experience these features, and more, when you sign up for a free trial.

RingCentral Office

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Why choose RingCentral MVP?

  1. HD video and audio. RingCentral MVP offers crystal communications to your teams. You can enjoy audio and video that are clear regardless of the device you are on.
  2. Call and messaging switching. You can switch between being in a call and messaging quickly in the same window. This allows you to reply to urgent queries even when you are in the middle of a meeting.
  3. Live transcription. What did you say? RingCentral MVP removes the guesswork in figuring out what a speaker uttered with its live transcription feature. Not only that, but it also identifies the speaker at all times.
  4. Breakout rooms. In some cases where a meeting is large, you can create breakout rooms. These serve to create more intimate discussions to address issues and concerns or to better come up with new ideas.
  5. Team huddle. This is the video meeting version of watercooler chats. This feature is always on and participants can hop on and off as they like. Casual meetings held here can be impromptu Q&A sessions with the HR, IT service desks, or just simple conversations with colleagues.

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2. BrainCert

BrainCert dashboard

BrainCert is an enterprise learning management software that has a powerful real-time web conferencing feature. It allows users to create meeting rooms for them to have focused conversations about certain topics. On top of that, you can invite attendees using a personalized meeting link. In this way, you can give them assurance that they are clicking on a legitimate link.

Once the meeting starts, BrainCert’s collaboration tools are ready for you to use. It has multiple whiteboards that are truly responsive. You can write or draw anything you need to demonstrate ideas or actions.

Group screen sharing is also possible with BrainCert. Everything is in HD as well to ensure that all participants can see clearly what is being shared. Meanwhile, the instructor or the moderator can switch between screens. No confusion can happen as each tab is color-coded to identify them better.



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Why Choose BrainCert?

  1. Branded link. When you send out links to participants, you do not send them a generic platform link. Instead, BrainCert lets you create a personalized, branded link that assures meeting-goers that they are really meeting with you.
  2. Availability across platforms. Many software today are only limited to MacOS/iOS/iPad, PC, and Android. But BrainCert goes beyond by also supporting Linux.
  3. Virtual whiteboards. While other platforms provide only a single whiteboard, BrainCert goes above and beyond by offering numerous ones. These make drawing or writing effortless and also less prone to misinterpretation because they are projected clearly on any screen.
  4. Group screen sharing. Instructors or moderators used to be the only ones who can share their screens. With BrainCert, that changes. Participants can share their screens as well and moderators can switch between these actively throughout. All tabs are color-coded so they can easily identify tabs.
  5. Precise attendance checks. BrainCert helps you keep accurate attendance records for reliable reporting.

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3. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting dashboard

GoToMeeting is a familiar name when it comes to video conferencing software. It is ultra-reliable even on mobile. The solution is also very dependable, with a well-known 99.95% service uptime. Best of all, you can have virtual meetings on the platform without downloading an app.

To ensure that communication lines are unhampered by background noises, GoToMeeting offers background suppression. With enhanced audio, exchanges are much clearer. There is a similar feature that on-the-go people would like, too. This is the commuter mode, which can help save data and allows you to do hands-off presentations.

Additionally, GoToMeeting comes with account management functions. It can integrate with numerous software and can provide you with reporting analytics. Plus, the solution has unlimited cloud recording to help you save important meetings.



Try out GoToMeeting with their free trial

Why Choose GoToMeeting?

  1. No download meetings. Yes, it is possible. You can have GoToMeeting video or call conferences without downloading an app or software on your devices.
  2. Webcam preview. If you are not quite sure how you will look on the webcam yet, you can preview your image. This will allow you to adjust your lighting or arrange your setup before you go on air.
  3. Keyboard and mouse sharing. In GoToMeeting, participants can share their keyboards and mice with each other, a unique collaboration feature. Every participant can point out things and make clarifications this way.
  4. Background noise suppression. Struggling with making your point with background noises going on is a thing of the past with GoToMeeting. It has a suppression feature that makes sure you deliver with clarity.
  5. Attendee dismissal. Did you suddenly get an unwanted visitor in your meeting room? Boot them out immediately with the attendee dismissal button.

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4. GoToWebinar

GoTowebinar dashboard

GoToWebinar is a platform that’s similar to GoToMeeting but it focuses more on webinars. It is great for businesses and sole proprietors alike who want to engage their stakeholders through webinars. The platform is hassle-free, as it allows you to pre-record videos or to create live events expeditiously.

But streaming a webinar is not all that GoToWebinar is capable of. The solution also offers tools to assist you during the planning stage. With it, you can flexibly schedule webinars and even organize a series in one go. You can create events from an array of templates or produce a new one based on previous settings.

During the webinar, you can keep an eye on the engagement of your audience. GoToWebinar has a dashboard for this. It also serves as a time tracker. You can even make the event more interactive for digital attendees through polls and surveys. Meanwhile, participants can click a button to virtually raise their hands to grab the presenter’s or the host’s attention.



Try out GoToWebinar with their free trial

Why Choose GoToWebinar?

  1. Webinar planning. You can create events to host a live webinar or you can stream a pre-recorded session instead. But before that, you can attract attendees by setting up personalized registration forms and emails. GoToWebinar can even remove the pain of sending invitations, reminders, and follow-ups.
  2. Flexible scheduling. Organize one-off events or plan a series of webinars. You can do so using available templates or the settings from a previous occasion.
  3.  Audience engagement tools. Watch how engaged members of the audience are via a dashboard and keep an eye on how much time you have left for your webinar. You can also keep their attention with polls and surveys and provide live results. Afterward, you can check the event analytics to see how engaged they were.
  4. Know your loyal audience. GoToWebinar’s after-webinar reporting lets you know who attended your webinar. This way, you do not have to manually list the names of attendees as they enter your webinar room.
  5. Source tracking. If you are holding a web conference for a larger audience and not just the people in your company, you can use GoToWebinar’s source tracking feature to find out where external attendees came from. By knowing this, you can create better targeting promotions for your future webinars.

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5. Lifesize

Lifesize dashboard

Lifesize is an enterprise meeting solution that molds to the way you operate. It allows you to customize it however you want so that you can work and communicate the way you want. Despite that, it does not compromise the quality of video meetings.

This award-winning video conferencing and meeting rooms platform was one of the first to provide 4K video conferencing. With it, you are guaranteed to have smooth-flowing conversations and better collaboration. What’s more, you can join and host meetings straight from your favorite modern web browser. With no download required, you can jump right into productivity.

The solution also provides out-of-the-box interoperability. The best thing about it is that the functionality does not come at an extra cost. That way, you can get to virtual meetings directly from your Microsoft or Google calendars.

Detailed Lifesize Review

Why Choose Lifesize?

  1. Supreme customizability. Lifesize allows you to personalize many aspects of the platform, so you can work and collaborate the way you want.
  2. Multi-app room systems. You can connect Lifesize with third-party video conferencing services to have more rooms for conferences.
  3. 4K videos. Stunning quality is what you can expect with Lifesize, as it offers 4K video.
  4. Browser-based meetings. With Lifesize, you can join and host meetings straight from your web browser. You can enjoy HD video conferences even without downloading an app.
  5. Interoperability. Jump straight into meetings from your Google or Microsoft calendar. Lifesize integrates with these to allow you to seamlessly join meetings from your favorite calendaring tool.

6. Skype

Skype dashboard

Skype is a stalwart of the video conferencing world. Despite new solutions coming out, it remains one of the most popular platforms for video calls. It has a robust feature set that gives you the ability to have multiple modes of communication. On top of that, it provides collaboration tools like image and document sharing.

Skype is also known for its ability to connect to landlines and mobile phones. The rates to take advantage of this functionality is low. Because of this, you can get people who are unable to join video calls onboard a conference without a hitch.

You can also take advantage of Skype free. It includes functionalities such as screen sharing, call recording, and live subtitles.

Detailed Skype Review

Why Choose Skype?

  1. Reliable. Skype provides crystal clear video and audio at any time. This applies not just to one-on-one video calls but to video conferences, too.
  2. Collaboration tools. Even with its free version, you can access collaboration tools that can make video meetings go smoother. You can exchange documents, send images, as well as share screens with participants.
  3. Call recording. Having an important conversation? You can start recording from the beginning or choose certain parts of the video call only.
  4. Live subtitles. With Skype, you can turn on live subtitles to doubly make sure that there are no misunderstandings.
  5. Landline and mobile calling. In case there are people who cannot join the video call, Skype still lets you connect with them. The solution has landline and mobile calling capabilities that lets you reach people even internationally.

7. Zoom

Zoom dashboard

Zoom stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide people another option for business and personal video calls. This full-featured video conferencing solution offers great quality calls that allow workers to collaborate naturally. It is known for its ease of use that lets you hop into meetings without a hassle.

The solution also brands itself as a platform that supports hybrid work. It has tools that are friendly towards remote and hybrid workers such as meetings, rooms, phone, chats, and webinars. With these, everyone can communicate and work together even when they cannot join a video meeting.

And if you are concerned about security, you can rest assured that your meetings and calls are secure. There are now more rigorous settings that ensure you can have video conferences that are free from interruptions. You can easily weigh Zoom’s pros and cons to decide whether this is the right solution for you.

Detailed Zoom Review

Why Choose Zoom?

  1. Ease of use. There are no complicated settings to tweak with Zoom. You download it, sign up for an account, and hold or join a meeting.
  2. Unified experience. Zoom can integrate with your calendar. Because of this, you do not have to fear missing a meeting anymore. Plus, it can synchronize across all your devices so there is no need to update your status or meeting settings on whichever device you are on.
  3. Interactive whiteboarding. The solution steps up its game when it comes to collaboration. It now has interactive whiteboarding as well as a co-annotation feature.
  4. Engaging meetings. Zoom makes meetings more fun with reactions, polls, and music or video sharing. In the platform, attendees can also virtually raise their hands to get the attention of the host.
  5. Tight security. Zoom was once known for Zoom bombing or unwanted interruptions in video conferences. The platform has since tightened its security protocols to prevent such attacks from happening again.

8. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex dashboard

Cisco Webex is a flexible and trustworthy video conferencing solution. It can accommodate teams of all sizes, which is why it is the platform of choice for the majority of Fortune 500 companies.

With Webex, presentations are immersive. Rather than provide you only with a screen sharing feature, the software allows you to layer yourself over your presentation. This makes video conferences as good as on-site ones.

Additionally, if you start out with a voice call, you can switch seamlessly to a video meeting. This applies to your participants, too. On top of that, you can transfer to another device without interruptions.

Detailed Cisco Webex Review

Why Choose Cisco Webex?

  1. Enterprise-grade capabilities for all. Cisco Webex has powerful voice and video calling capabilities that are available to everyone, whether they are a small business, a growing company, or an enterprise.
  2. Adaptable solution. Webex matches your work style or role so you can work as comfortably as possible.
  3. Seamless switching. With Cisco Webex, you can switch from a voice call to a video meeting real quick. There are no interruptions in the process so you can maintain the flow of conversation.
  4. Ready-to-go integrations. For businesses, there are no major disruptions in the workflow when you implement Cisco Webex. This is because it comes with pre-built integrations that you can tweak as you need.
  5. Ready for the hybrid reality. Hybrid or remote work is the future. That is something that Cisco knows, which is why Webex is designed to accommodate remote and hybrid teams.

9. Townscript Live

Townscript Live dashboard

Townscript Live is the extension that your events need. It is a virtual event hosting and management solution that lets you continue with your plans despite unforeseen circumstances. The software can hand attendee management as well as audience engagement.

For your training and workshops, Townscript Live lets you have one-on-one Q&A sessions with attendees. This makes for a more intimate discussion and it would give participants the confidence to ask questions and air their ideas or concerns. And in case you need to share content, you can do so by uploading files to the session or by sharing your screen.

If ever you have conferences and panel discussions, you can set up a virtual stage. It is also possible to have several tracks and sessions, much like an actual conference. The host can even invite speakers and attendees to the stage.

Detailed Townscript Live Review

Why Choose Townscript Live?

  1. Conference registration. Regardless of whether you are having an internal or an open conference, you can set up a conference page. Therein people will find details of the conference such as the time, the venue, the speakers, and others. They can register for the conference on the same page, too.
  2. Real-time conference reports. Townscript Live offers real-time reports regarding your conference. These include attendee numbers, ticket transfers, cancellations, and refunds. This would allow you to take immediate actions to circumvent further cancellations or to attract more attendees.
  3. One-on-one Q&A. During training or workshop sessions, you can hold intimate Q&As with participants.
  4. Recurring events. Planning to organize more of the same event in the future? Townscript Live helps you set them up and turn them into recurring events to reduce manual entry.
  5. Engagement tools. You can keep your audience engaged throughout a conference with live polls and surveys. The audience can offer feedback as well.

10. Google Meet

Google Meet dashboard

Google Meet, formerly known as Hangouts Meet and Google Hangouts, is a service of Google that provides enterprise-grade video conferencing to everyone. With it, you can meet safely with your team anytime and on any device.

In any video call, video and audio quality are a major concern. This is something you can set aside with Google Meet. The solution approaches the dilemma differently. It adjusts to your network speed so that you can have high-quality calls even if you have a spotty internet connection. You can also skip the noise-canceling headphones, as the application applies AI techniques to reduce background noises during meetings.

Google Meet has also become more inclusive. It has live captions that it generates using Google’s speech recognition technology. This is very helpful to those who are hearing impaired, are non-native speakers, or are in noisy environments. The feature, though, only supports meetings in English.

Detailed Google Hangouts Review

Why Choose Google Meet?

  1. Safe meetings. Google Meet is backed by security protocols that Google uses to protect sensitive information and user privacy. Meetings are encrypted and you can rest assured that it is compliant with regulatory requirements regarding privacy and security.
  2. One link to start it all. Setting up scheduled or instant meetings with Google Meet is easy. You only have to get a link that you can share with participants. Or if you are having an impromptu meeting, you can start the conference and invite others one by one.
  3. Adjustment to network speed. Even when your internet connection is not at its best, you can rely on Google Meet to give you a high-quality call. This is because the application adjusts to your network speed.
  4.  AI-noise canceling. Google Meet uses AI enhancements to ensure that your calls are clear despite background noises.
  5. Inclusive meetings. The service has live captions, available in English only, that can help the hearing impaired, the non-native speaker, or the colleague in a  noisy place to participate more effectively.

More Than Video Conferencing Platforms

They may be called video conferencing platforms, but the software listed above are more than that. They are robust collaboration and communication solutions that have common and unique features. All of them also boast strong security and encryption. Those are only a few things that make a video conferencing software.

Choosing one that is great for your business can be extra challenging. This is understandable, as each one of these platforms packs a punch in terms of functionality. Plus, they all promise high-definition video and clear and comprehensible audio.

How, then, are you supposed to know that a platform is the right one? Budget, of course, is a primary consideration. But you also have to think about the features you need. Perhaps you need consolidated communications software. You can also think about device compatibility. Then there is the matter of live transcriptions, which can be helpful to other participants and are beneficial for reviewing a meeting.

RingCentral MVP ticks a lot of boxes in that regard. It is incredibly easy to set up, allows for flexible meetings or breakout sessions, and has plenty of collaboration tools. Other video conferencing software solutions are also on par so it would be a great idea if you try those that catch your attention.

You can check top communication software systems as well to see whether they have the video conferencing and collaboration functionalities you require.

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