Top 10 Alternatives to Facebook Pages Manager: Leading Social Media Management Solutions

Social media sites are actively used by netizens all over the world to stay updated on the activities of their contacts and friends and to provide details of their personal lives to them. Businesses also use social sites to engage their customers, get feedback on their products and services, and build closer relationships with their fans and followers. Moreover, it is a source of entertainment, a landing page for online stores, and a digital newspaper, especially for monitoring the latest developments on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the most popular social networks in the world is Facebook, and for good reason. The site is a complete platform in that it carries all of the aforementioned functionalities. With this, creating dedicated pages for your businesses on Facebook is a must given the astounding mileage it offers, allowing you to tap into large audiences worldwide. Social media teams are tasked to handle a multitude of Facebook pages for their clients, which is easier said than done. For this reason, Facebook Pages Manager has been the go-to social media management software given the way it makes the process faster and simpler.

Facebook Pages Manager happens to be only one of many apps that effectively streamline social media management. In this article, we will navigate all the other worthwhile options in the market. This affords social media managers more options as they find one that suits their work styles better.

Alternatives to Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook has been the runaway leader in the social media race since its early days. After all, it predates other major social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, which allowed it to amass a massive following early on. It also amalgamated the best features of previous networks like Friendster and MySpace. As of January 2021, there are about 2.74 billion active users on Facebook. This is more than the user bases of Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok combined.

With nearly 60% of the internet population on the platform, Facebook has become a medium for businesses and personalities to touch base with their followers. And the latest social media statistics suggest that this is a good idea. A Facebook user, on average, spends 37 minutes on the site per day. And that user is most likely to be within the 25-34 age bracket, which represents a group that earns significant income from their jobs.

Source: Facebook 2021

As such, Facebook has accumulated over 10 million active advertisers. With this many players on the platform, the competition is expectedly stiff between them as they try to gain more ground. Facebook Pages Manager comes as an instrumental tool since it provides analytics and allows users to manage multiple accounts.  This allows social media managers to make informed decisions through each post. They also get to recognize the types of posts that gain the most engagement.

Useful as Facebook Pages Manager is, however, there are other tools that can yield similar results and potentially expand the manner in which social media management is streamlined. We gathered 10 that can raise your social media game.

What is Facebook Pages Manager?

Facebook Pages Manager dashboard example

Facebook Pages Manager is a mobile application designed to help you manage your Facebook Pages account using your smartphone or tablet. With this app, you can easily share videos and images, submit posts, update your pages, and engage with users. Plus, the app notifies you about page activities, reminders, and tips. You can utilize the page insights to learn what your customers need and demand, and devise methods to fulfill those needs. Plus, you can streamline the app’s interface for your business needs and facilitate simpler page updates. The best part is the app is offered free and you can download it from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Benefits of Facebook Pages Manager

  1. The app offers up to 50 pages.
  2. You can get actionable insights on what your audience wants.
  3. You can manage multiple page activities simultaneously.
  4. It keeps you updated on important activities so you don’t miss anything.
  5. You can schedule your posts and save time.
  6. You can promote your services and products, and boost your online and local sales.

If you think this app is too basic, don’t be disappointed. We also provide you expert analyses of the top 10 alternatives to Facebook Pages Manager. You can compare their features side by side and decide which one is better suited for your needs.

Top 10 Alternatives to Facebook Pages Manager

1. Hubspot Marketing

Hubspot Marketing dashboard

Hubspot Marketing is a compact yet versatile marketing platform for a wide variety of channels. Considered an all-in-one package, the software offers features for marketing through email and social media, along with mobile marketing capabilities. Through the platform, you can craft dynamic or static HTML messages that are customized according to your audience’s preferences and behavior. For added convenience, you can easily schedule these messages, too. Moreover, analytics features allow you to get accurate numbers behind your marketing campaigns and create easy-to-understand reports for your stakeholders. If you’re looking for similar software, check out these Hubspot Marketing alternatives.

HubSpot Marketing

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Why choose Hubspot Marketing over Facebook Pages Manager?

  • Hubspot Marketing allows users to design their own workflows and prepare and publish their own content.
  • The platform comes with a ready-to-use marketing funnel and specialized timelines for nurturing and scoring leads.
  • Through the software, users can prepare static or dynamic HTML messages for more personalized marketing.
  • The platform’s built-in features for content marketing and keyword research make SEO easier.

Why choose Facebook Pages Manager over Hubspot Marketing?

  • The software is a free platform for interacting with your target audience.
  • The platform lets you manage multiple pages from one location.
  • You’ll receive notifications, tips, and reminders for various page activities.
  • The platform provides you with valuable insights into your audience’s needs and demands.

Detailed HubSpot Marketing Review

2. dashboard is popular as a project management tool, but this software also packs useful features for social media marketing. For instance, the platform comes with built-in templates for scheduling, so you can easily create monthly schedules for creating and distributing content. Task lists ensure that everyone on the team knows their responsibilities and deadlines. Moreover, the platform makes it more convenient to share progress and plans with stakeholders and clients. Check out alternatives for software with similar features.

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Why choose over Facebook Pages Manager?

  • lets you manage a wider variety of social media channels, great for teams who handle omnichannel social media strategies.
  • The platform comes with built-in templates for managing social media schedules.
  • Through the platform, you can create task lists to keep everyone on the team updated of deadlines.
  • A communication feed makes it easy to keep clients and stakeholders in the loop.

Why choose Facebook Pages Manager over

  • Facebook Pages Manager lets you schedule posts to help you save time.
  • Through the software, you can manage up to 50 pages from the mobile device of your choice.
  • The mobile app’s unified interface lets you post updates, images, and videos as well as track page activity.
  • You can also use the app to crosspost content to your Instagram account as Instagram Stories.

Detailed Review

3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud dashboard

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is Salesforce’s marketing platform that allows businesses to take their clients on a personalized journey. Information on customers is unified, with Salesforce Marketing Cloud collecting data from CRM and analytics to present a detailed profile. This information can be easily manipulated with drag-and-drop tools to easily segment users.

Email automation is a breeze using email triggers based on customer behaviors. Push notifications and targeted ads can also be sent automatically based on collected client information. Social media marketing is another strength of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, as it allows businesses to boost digital marketing alongside social listening and analysis. For more good choices, make sure to check our Salesforce Marketing Cloud alternatives list.

Why choose Salesforce Marketing Cloud over Facebook Pages Manager?

  • Access top business systems and applications such as Shopify and Workfront.
  • It provides you with a powerful marketing digital platform that specializes in creating a tailored journey for clients, complete with a powerful social media marketing tool.
  • Take advantage of email triggers based on client behaviors, with push notifications and targeted ads to further boost your interactions.

Why choose Facebook Pages Manager over Saleforce Marketing Cloud?

  • It lets you manage multiple page activities at the same time.
  • It is free of charge.
  • With it, you easily add videos and images to your posts.
  • It enables you to promote your products and services, and enhance your local and online sales.

Detailed Salesforce Marketing Cloud Review

4. TweetDeck

TweetDeck dashboard example

We have included TweetDeck in this list of top 10 alternatives to Facebook Pages Manager because it is a free solution that empowers Twitter subscribers to manage unlimited accounts using a single interface. With this app, businesses get real-time engagement, organizing, and tracking capabilities on Twitter. Plus, you can use it to monitor hundreds of Twitter hashtags, searches, lists and more. In addition, you can utilize the customizable dashboards to easily send and receive tweets. TweetDeck can be deployed as a desktop, Chrome, or web app. For these reasons, it is rated as a leading Twitter application. If you want more options, browse these good TweetDeck alternatives here.

Detailed TweetDeck Review

Why choose TweetDeck over Facebook Pages Manager?

  • It is legit because it is an official Twitter app.
  • You can efficiently manage your Twitter feeds from anywhere.
  • It is a versatile and flexible platform for managing Twitter accounts and features.
  • It provides monitoring tools and notification alerts.

Why choose Facebook Pages Manager over TweetDeck?

  • You can translate your posts into multiple languages.
  • You can create offers and events.
  • Engage your readers by boosting your posts.
  • Add images and videos to your posts.

5. Hootsuite

hootsuite dashboard example

Hootsuite is a widely used social media management software platform that enables you to craft and execute effective social media strategies and campaigns. With this system, you can convert your messages and posts into meaningful long-term relationships. The product is utilized by more than 10 million users in greater than 175 countries. The main advantage is you can manage multiple social media accounts in one location. This means you do not have to visit each individual social site or remember a ton of passwords. For more good choices, peruse these viable Hootsuite alternatives here.

Detailed Hootsuite Review

Why choose Hootsuite over Facebook Pages Manager?

  • You can manage more than 35 leading social networks.
  • You can also connect to many other platforms using third-party applications.
  • Manage multiple contributors.
  • Make use of social analytics reports.

Why choose Facebook Pages Manager over Hootsuite?

  • You can manage up to 50 pages using your tablet or smartphone.
  • You can check page activity, share with your readers, and view insights.
  • Focus on managing specific pages.
  • Write posts and comments and share them easily.

6. Zoho Social

zoho social dashboard example

Zoho Social is a smart application that you can use to engage the right social media followers at the right time. You can utilize a single dashboard to collaborate with your team, schedule unlimited posts, track keywords, manage multiple social sites, and monitor revenue gained from your social media marketing campaigns. A big advantage is you can integrate this solution with Zoho CRM. Companies can listen to their audience and engage them in real time. In addition, they can utilize custom as well as pre-built reporting tools to get actionable insights to measure and enhance performance. These reports can be easily shared with team members for effective decisions and collaboration. If you wish to scout for more solutions, take a look at these excellent Zoho Social alternatives here.

Why choose Zoho Social over Facebook Pages Manager?

  • You can automate your publishing tasks.
  • You can view the percentage of readers who are likely to view a post at any specified time.
  • Schedule posts to be published at specified times in different time zones.
  • Track what followers are saying about your brand and respond instantly.

Why choose Facebook Pages Manager over Zoho Social?

  • You can get notifications on comments, likes, and new followers for each page.
  • Share images and videos easily.
  • Get access to a filter button.
  • Enable admins to manage all their pages from one app.

Detailed Zoho Social Review

7. AgoraPulse

agorapulse dashboard example

AgoraPulse is an easy-to-use and effective social media moderation and community tool. The advantages are you get flexibility and versatility, as well as top rate customer support from the vendor. With this app, you can easily reach new audiences and build profitable connections with them. Plus, you get high-quality insights that you can utilize to craft and implement effective campaigns. The highlight is you get a range of useful apps to maximize your Facebook presence. If you want more choices, browse these viable AgoraPulse alternatives here.

Detailed Agorapulse Review

Why choose AgoraPulse over Facebook Pages Manager?

  • It offers useful tools for content automation and analytics.
  • It notifies you about all comments, tweets, and messages that come to your inbox.
  • You can reply to, assign, or tag these messages.
  • Use the calendar function to visualize all your tweets and posts.

Why choose Facebook Pages Manager over AgoraPulse?

  • Admins can easily select from a list of pages and begin posting comments, updates, and images.
  • It offers a lot of space for composing posts.
  • Makes it simple to add text to uploaded images.
  • Notifies you about new activity on your page.

8. Sendible

sendible dashboard example

Sendible is a popular platform for audience engagement, tracking, and analytics. You can use a single dashboard to manage social sites, schedule messages, and measure ROI. With this application, you can involve up to 20 team members and manage up to 360 social media services. Plus, you can utilize the open APIs to connect to any service you want. The best part is the pricing packages are affordable even for businesses with small budgets. On top of that, you can count on expert customer support offered via phone and email. For more good choices, browse these Sendible alternatives here.

Detailed Sendible Review

Why choose Sendible over Facebook Pages Manager?

  • It enables simultaneous or scheduled posting across multiple social sites.
  • It offers detailed analytics to measure the effectiveness of your posts.
  • It is ideal for companies that manage multiple contributors and clients.
  • You get 360-degree reputation and brand building and monitoring.

Why choose Facebook Pages Manager over Sendible?

  • It is a free app.
  • You can filter between hidden posts, the page’s posts, or individual posts from users.
  • It is especially helpful if you manage multiple pages.
  • You can effortlessly check insights and notifications for each page on the go.

9. Social Studio

social studio dashboard example

Social Studio is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite and it offers effective social media marketing tools. With this app, businesses can use social media to achieve their marketing, sales, and customer service goals. Social Studio enables enterprises to engage, analyze, and listen to customers at a personal level. Thus, it helps to enhance overall interaction and gives good returns. On top of that, you can benefit from quote-based pricing as the packages are tailored for your specific business needs. If you are not satisfied, check out these excellent Social Studio alternatives here.

Detailed Salesforce Social Studio Review

Why choose Social Studio over Facebook Pages Manager?

  • It enables global collaboration.
  • It helps in flexible content creation and social publishing.
  • It provides pre-built dashboard and reporting templates for social listening.
  • You can create and share content in advance across social sites.

Why choose Facebook Pages Manager over Social Studio?

  • It offers up to 50 pages.
  • It keeps you updated on crucial activities and ensures you don’t miss anything.
  • You can translate your content into numerous languages.
  • You can check page activity, view insights, and share with your followers.

10. Sprout Social

sprout social dashboard example

Sprout Social is a widely used tool that promotes communication between enterprises and people. It streamlines communication between a company and its prospects and customers. The application consists of three main tools for analytics, engagement, and publishing, and together they facilitate effective social communication. Your company can utilize it to create and maintain your community. Plus, you can quickly respond to your followers’ questions and issues to build a closer relationship with them. The best part is you can manage your full social media portfolio with this single application. For more good options, browse these Sprout Social alternatives here.

Detailed Sprout Social Review

Why choose Sprout Social over Facebook Pages Manager?

  • It offers tools for social media management, marketing, customer service, and analytics.
  • It also provides a social CRM feature.
  • You can get authentic feedback and use it to improve your product.
  • You can identify and engage with high-value customers.

Why choose Facebook Pages Manager over Sprout Social?

  • You can get operable insights on what your readers want.
  • You can save time by conveniently scheduling your posts.
  • You can create events and offers.
  • It enables you to concentrate on managing specific pages.

Choosing an Ideal Facebook Pages Manager Alternative

Many of the aforesaid social media management platforms are built to make the preparation and execution of content calendars quick and easy. But if you look closely at the entries, you would notice that they are different types of software. For instance, Hubspot is a marketing platform while is mainly used for project management. Meanwhile, Tweetdeck consolidates posts from a singular social media site. These are three different tools designed to address specific sets of needs.

So, in choosing one, you have to determine the areas of your work that need streamlining. Using a marketing tool gives you the flexibility to design your workflow and allows you to leverage the marketing funnel. A project management software consolidates tasks and sets schedules, which makes content creation organized. And social media monitoring software provides visibility to the sentiments of audiences.

If you have trouble picking one, you can deem Hubspot Marketing as a starting point and you can add software from there. The popular marketing tool offers unparalleled flexibility and lets you craft HTML messages tailored to your audience’s preferences.

Should you wish to know more about what marketing platforms can do, you can read our guide on the top 3 marketing software. A lot of insights can be picked up there.

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