Top 10 Alternatives to Mavenlink: Analysis of Leading Professional Services Automation Software Solutions

Professional services automation software have been aiding businesses in engaging clients throughout the life cycle of projects. A project is considered started upon the creation of a sales opportunity, the closure of a deal and allocation of resources.

This so-called project life cycle is considered to be in near-conclusion with the issuance of invoices and collection of cash. Imagine having to handle these processes manually, one would surely have to put in a lot of hours to accomplish such tasks. 

Professional Services Automation software was developed to address these tasks, establishing an effective process by which to plan, manage and measure project performance throughout its life cycle. PSA software has three essential functionalities–resource, project and time and expense management–all of which contribute to the growth of a professional service. Business processes and information are centralized, making sure that services are accurately and timely delivered while, redundant processes are automated and streamlined. Although sharing many qualities with project management tools, PSA solutions are a lot like Enterprise Resource Planning software, hence, are at times referred to as ERP for service companies. You can read more about ERP software here.

PSA tools have been so beneficial to many companies that they are considered as among those influencing the future of professional services. They are even seen to resolve the profitability issues besetting architecture, engineering and construction firms

Top alternatives to Mavenlink


The use of PSA software, coupled with back-office automation and business intelligence use have been shaping the professional services automation landscape. These have been found to be highly-effective in driving organizational efficiency and client satisfaction, especially in the accounting sector. Aside from these, cloud technology has given PSA systems a whole new meaning. making it possible for vendors to accelerate implementation of such systems. Cloud computing and high-speed Internet have paved the way for more powerful PSA platforms. Cloud technology has also made it possible for small players to get their hands on such tools by making them accessible through inexpensive subscription rates.

Advantages of Using Professional Service Automation Software

1. It Boosts Project Profitability

Using professional service automation software can help you determine the types of projects that are most likely to be profitable. This is accomplished as the solution provides in-depth project data right after its completion, which allows companies to come up with better processes and focus on projects that best match its specialization.

2. It Protect Profits

Higher competition results in higher profit margins. PSA solutions help protect your profit margins by setting accurate bidding prices. This is done by providing a view into the history of project costs, performance and any opportunity or risk associated with them. They also ensure that projects are delivered on time and at the right costs. 

3. It Manages Projects and Materials 

Many PSA systems offer capabilities like budgeting and project planning, which provide a clear view of projects. This allows project managers to focus on tasks while staying on budget throughout the entire life cycle of a project. Material tracking and purchasing should also be included in such a tool, which is makes possible order tracking at every phase of a project.

4. It Manages Resources 

Resource management ensures that managers get to make adjustments to resource usage. Resourcing can be reviewed using a PSA platform, making sure that it is used to generate revenue.

5. It Gives Total Project Visibility/Control

Platform unification is an important feature of a PSA solution. Unlike siloed systems, PSA platforms lets users easily pull key data accurately. The ideal PSA tool provides businesses with complete project information.

6. It Increases Cash Flow

Using a PSA solution results in less waiting time for payments as system can generate invoices quickly and easily because materials and labor are linked to the correct project level, with transaction validations conducted at entry points. This leads to minimal errors and timely payments from clients.

One such system is Mavenlink, a robust online project management tool, which sports features such as advanced project management, collaboration, financial and resource planning tools. It comes with an interface that is highly-intuitive and capable of managing any team or project activity. This piece of software is also loaded with collaboration functionalities, which centralize and prioritize activities, convos, financials and tasks in a singular location.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 alternatives to Mavenlink. All their features and functionalities will be discussed in detail.

What is Mavenlink?

Mavenlink is an online project management, collaboration, resource planning and financial tool rolled into one. It comes with a very intuitive dashboard from which one can manage all project and team activities. Its collaboration functionalities allow the solution to prioritize and centralize all activities, convos, financials and tasks from a single location.

Depending on the plan you choose, Mavenlink can also provide you with additional functionalities, including creative and professional service automation, compulsory automated insights and financial and benefits management features. These additional features help keep workflow quality at optimal levels.

Mavenlink has a lot more to offer your organization. Below are some of the platform’s features:

  • Task management
  • Team collaboration
  • File sharing
  • Google integration
  • Email integration
  • SSL security
  • Gantt Charts
  • Task dependencies
  • Custom branding
  • Custom project names
  • Time & Expense tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Online payment
  • Project/job costing
  • personnel planning
  • Utilization reporting
  • Time, Expense & invoice reports
  • Project summaries
  • Work-in-progress
  • Accounts receivable

Benefits of Mavenlink

1. Robust Project Management

Businesses, regardless of type and size can manage the whole life cycles of their projects using Mavenlink. These include process such as messaging, project and team management, file management, invoicing, time and expenses, online payments and even financial reporting.

2. Collaboration

Using Mavenlink, businesses can better manage and organize their projects and effectively plan and assign tasks, thanks to the tool’s collaboration features. It allows users to share, post or receive project updates–all in real time, so that all project team members are always on the same page.

3. Advanced Search

The software’s advanced search functionality also gives it an advantage over most systems. All information received by the solution are stored in a central database, which can be searched and accessed whenever needed. This enables employees to quickly find files and messages, without having to rummage through mountains of emails.

4. Asset and Resource Tracking

Mavenlink is capable of tracking resources and assets as it does conversations. This allows managers to determine company margins and indicators anytime. Time tracking is also possible with the system, which include those used up on any tasks or expense for that matter.

5. Integrations

The platform has popular integrations, which also allow it to simplify data import and export. Such integrations include those with Google Apps and most business systems and applications.

Top 10 Alternatives to Mavenlink



Topping our top 10 alternatives to Mavenlink, popular collaboration and communication application is designed specifically to cater to project management teams. It is capable of syncing all project data and storing them in a singular location, allowing both team leaders and members to make data-driven decisions. Department and team performance get a significant boost as the system streamlines contributions. Project progress data are assembled and explained logically, so that every single user get to understand them.

The app likewise offer user incentives, which can help them in accomplishing individual assignments and tasks. The software has a sleek dashboard, which is especially designed to promote collaboration. It is easy-to-use and does not require users to undergo intensive training. Perhaps the software’s most striking feature is its advanced scheduling functionality, which can be used for both project and tasks management, helping users get rid of tedious paperwork.

You can easily sign up for a free trial here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.

Why Use Instead of Mavenlink?

  • It enables both leaders and members to make smart decisions.
  • It boosts department and team performance.
  • It comes with an advanced scheduling feature.

Why Use Mavenlink Instead of

  • It promotes collaboration.
  • It has an advanced search functionality.
  • It can track assets and resources.

But if you think that the product is not right for you, find alternatives here.

2. Clarizen

Clarizen is an enterprise-grade application that is a combination of social and project management solutions. It has excellent collaboration features that align teams to better project execution. As it is cloud-based, the system is quite easy to deploy and much easier to use. It can significantly improve project team performance, making it a popular choice among many companies around the world. Businesses are able to succeed using the software, which connects projects, conversations and tasks. They are also able to speed up management of projects, initiatives and work.

In the same manner, Budgets, projects, resources, tasks and portfolios are automatically prioritized by the system, resulting in better control over data and resources. It offers all the transparency needed to boost productivity and profitability, allowing businesses to grow. Clarizen has a comprehensive array of mobile and conditional formatting options, along with data analysis updates, making the platform ideal for those who are always on the go. 

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for a Clarizen free trial here.

Why Use Clarizen Instead of Mavenlink?

  • It combines social and project management features.
  • It accelerates project management.
  • It boosts productivity and profitability through transparency.

Why Use Mavenlink Instead of Clarizen?

  • It has an advanced search functionality.
  • It tracks assets and resources.
  • It simplifies data import and export.

In case you think that the app cannot meet your requirements, you can check out these Clarizen alternatives.

3. ProWorkflow

Professional service automation solution ProWorkflow helps users collaborate with project teams while focusing on project visibility. It has highly-scalable tools and features that are very useful to SMBs, large businesses and even freelancers. The system’s Homepage Dashboard offers a total view of all active, finished and future work. Users can also update all relevant personnel using the messaging tool that comes with the app. This can be used to attach files, making information sharing much easier for team members.

The software offers a complete view of all tasks and projects using a Gantt style timeline. Schedules can be easily set with a drag-and-drop feature, while time can be tracked on a timesheet. ProWorkflow is mobile-optimized, supporting devices that run on iOS and Android. It has numerous popular integrations, including Xero and Quickbooks. If you choose to, you can add more productivity applications with the use of the system’s dedicated App Store.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for a ProWorkflow free trial here.

Why Use ProWorkflow Instead of Mavenlink?

  • It focuses on project visibility.
  • It is highly-scalable.
  • You can add more features using its dedicated App Store.

Why Use Mavenlink Instead of ProWorkflow?

  • It can handle just about any project management process.
  • It has an advanced search feature.
  • It can track resources.

If you want to know more tools like this one, this ProWorkflow alternatives page can help you.

4. Scoro

Scoro is a cloud-based business management platform that is viewed as the most comprehensive tool of its kind currently in the market. The solution essentially offers users total control of their businesses from a single location. And because the software provides real time visibility into tasks, users are constantly informed of their organization’s performance. Task scheduling is possible with the system, changes to which can be seen in real time. It is also a secure tool, allowing user access on different levels so that only relevant people get to work on specific projects.

As a project management solution, Scoro helps businesses save precious time by allowing users to add tasks to accelerate the process. These can be linked to clients and can be archived in a smart box. The product also has a CRM feature, which can keep a record of client and supplier contact details. Such can be searched, filtered and sorted based on location, tags and categories. They can be accessed by saving filtered views as bookmarks. Project status can be viewed in real time from the system’s dashboard.

You can try all its premium features at no cost when you sign up for a Scoro free trial.

Why Use Scoro Instead of Mavenlink?

  • It gives users total control over their businesses.
  • It is highly-secure.
  • It accelerates task management.

Why Use Mavenlink Instead of Scoro?

  • It promotes collaboration.
  • It can manage a project’s entire lifecycle.
  • It comes with an advanced search functionality.

If you want to know more tools that are similar to this one, there are lots of choices in this Scoro alternatives page.

5. Clio

Clio is a powerful software that is especially designed for use by law offices, helping those in the legal world in managing their data, operations, scheduling and other processes. It also comes with a number of features that help streamline just about any office process. Clio is a trusted name among lawyers and others who work in the legal field.

The system can perform numerous processes, including client and case management, information management, appointments, finance, accounting and reporting and time tracking and scheduling. Clio can be accessed from any machine or device that has an Internet connection. Popular integrations include Xero and Quickbooks.

Why Use Clio Instead of Mavenlink?

  • It can streamline just about any business process.
  • It can be accessed using any device.
  • It can automate numerous processes.

Why Use Mavenlink Instead of Clio?

  • It promotes collaboration.
  • It can track assets and resources.
  • It can manage the whole lifecycle of projects.

In the event that you feel that the software does not fit your organization, you can find Clio alternatives here.

6. WorkFront

Cloud-based enterprise work management platform WorkFront is known for helping project team members collaborate, work and report–all from a single location and in real time. It mixes traditional project management capabilities with social media techniques to engage project team members in productive activities. The system also offers personnel all the data and visibility that they require to make maximum use of their resources.

With the solution, you can unify all data, processes and communication in a single system. It is highly-suited to distributed teams as all transactions take place in the cloud, making the system accessible anytime, anywhere. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, so that it can immediately be used without having to go through massive training. Integrated tools, meanwhile, make it easy for users to collaborate, communicate, proof documents, assign tasks and report progress. WorkFront also makes sure that users get to have access only to the latest project status and information.

Why Use WorkFront Instead of Mavenlink?

  • It mixes project management features with social media techniques
  • It unifies all data processes and communication.
  • It offers access to latest project status and data.

Why Use Mavenlink Instead of WorkFront?

  • It manages projects’ whole life cycles.
  • It has an advanced search feature.
  • It can track resources and assets.

There are more tools like this one out there. Read this WorkFront alternatives page to find out more.

7. Genius Project

A powerful online project management tool, Genius Project has been helping thousands of medium to large businesses in managing their project portfolios. The platform offers users real time collaboration capabilities, along with risk and change, project portfolio, budget and cost, document and demand management. It can also perform processes that include planning, resource management and project tracking. The product is easy-to-use and can be easily accessed using any browser, helping businesses cover all phases of a project.

For projects that are more complex, it provides relevant users with a complete view of their resources and portfolios so that their deliverables and activities may be aligned with their project goals. Using the right mixture of projects and tasks, the software allows users to boost productivity, so that accomplishments may be prioritized. Data security is impeccable as the system hosts information in secure SSAE 16 and SOC 2, ISO 27001-compliant data centers in several locations, making sure of redundancy and balanced loading.

Why Use Genius Project Instead of Mavenlink?

  • It offers a variety of business management features.
  • It aligns activities with project goals.
  • It secures user data.

Why Use Mavenlink Instead of Genius Project?

  • It has an advanced search functionality.
  • It tracks assets and resources.
  • It offers additional features.

If you think you need to see more of such tools, check out this Genius Project alternatives page.

8. FinancialForce PSA

Popular cloud-based Professional Services Automation solution FinancialForce PSA combines robust automation tools with powerful cloud computing capabilities. The software is popular among reputable professional service companies, using the product to boost revenues, accelerate project completion and gain competitive edge. It helps both sales and service teams work together by offering a cloud-based environment and providing them with a total view of their projects, receivables and customers.

The software keeps all process flows from sales to service going, while keeping total visibility into the whole lifecycle of a project. It also boosts revenue, resource management metrics and project profitability. Users are also given the chance to adjust their operations as they get to access insights and tools. All project data are likewise unified, providing businesses with an idea of a project’s standing.

Why Use FinancialForce PSA Instead of Mavenlink?

  • It allows sales and service teams to work together.
  • It keeps all process flows going.
  • It unifies all project information.

Why Use Mavenlink Instead of FinancialForce PSA?

  • It can manage additional business processes.
  • It has an advanced search functionality.
  • It can track assets and resources.

If you feel that the software is not what you’re looking for, read this FinancialForce PSA alternatives page.

9. Accelo

Cloud-based professional services automation software Accelo is designed to cater to professional services, allowing them to keep the flow of projects going by getting rid of manual processes. The product was originally designed to aid in project, billing, sales and service management but has since expanded its reach to client services and CRM, allowing users to provide professional services to both clients and staff. Its CRM application is capable of creating and nurturing professional relationships. Accelo’s project management tool allows businesses to manage individual projects against schedules, budgets and resources. It can readily respond to changes without being affected by processes associated with such changes.

The solution drives just about any business process, notifying users in case things are going as planned. Forecasts can also be made by the system, ensuring that business goals remain as the operation’s main focus. In addition, the platform also streamlines billing, saving personnel precious time and effort.

Why Use Accelo Instead of Mavenlink?

  • It includes client services and CRM features.
  • It enables users to provide professional services to both staff and clients.
  • It manages projects against schedules, resources and budgets.

Why Use Mavenlink Instead of Accelo?

  • It promotes collaboration
  • It can track assets and resources
  • It comes with an advanced search feature.

If you think that the platform is not for you, read this Accelo alternatives page for more choices.

10. Replicon


Cloud-based time tracking solution Replicon is known for its speedy installation and  ease-of-use. This eliminates the need for additional hardware, resulting in cost savings. The tool essentially makes employee management a lot easier using its billing and client management functionalities. It can cater to any business size and type, owing to its scalability.

The platform comes with individual tools and app bundles, depending on what you need. It has time tracking capabilities, which can further be customized using its Professional Service Automation tool. Customers and project portfolios can be easily managed with the software, with business decisions improved using historical data. You can export real time data at any time, effectively reducing the chances of errors from manual data entry. Other notable features include payroll management and centralized dashboards.

Why Use Replicon Instead of Mavenlink?

  • It makes employee management easier.
  • It is highly-customizable.
  • It allows for real time data export.

Why Use Mavenlink Instead of Replicon?

  • It can manage the whole project life cycle.
  • It promotes collaboration.
  • It can track resources and assets.

There are many other platforms like this on the market. Read this Replicon alternatives page to find out more about them.

So there you have it, our top 10 alternatives to Mavenlink. After this reading, you should be able to decide for yourself if the products mentioned will suit your company. But if you feel the need to know more similar tools, read our guide to the top 20 ERP software tools.

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