Easy Project Management Software: Is Wrike The Top Choice?

easyMore and more businesses all over the world realize the need for project management that is effective at automating and streamlining projects and tasks. However, finding a solution that is also easy to adopt, set up and train your employees in using may not be as simple as it seems.

Why? It is because at first glance, you may find it difficult and complicated to tell one project management software program from another. Most of the solutions seem to be robust and functional, and if you follow their marketing pitch, all say they are ideal solutions for your project management needs. One of the key criteria that individuals, companies, and organizations should pay attention when it comes to reviewing project management software solutions is the ease of use.

While all project management solutions have outstanding features and interfaces that will take some time for you and your team to learn, the one you should get must be easy to learn and utilize. As a whole, a project management software solution is a tool. By their nature, tools are built to make processes and tasks easier and more effective. If the project management software solution you got for your business does not or cannot accomplish these things, then it is not the perfect choice for you and your business. In this article we’ll cover the most popular project management tools that apart from solid functionalities are also easy to use and implement. Since we won’t be able to describe all the solutions out there and we’ll only pick the best ones, you may also want to have a look at our list of top 10 project management solutions.

1. Wrike: The Easiest Project Management Tool

wrike dashboard example

When it comes to ease of use, Wrike should be on top of your list. It is a tool chosen by millions of users worldwide and acclaimed by industry critics and review sites, partially because of its easy-to-use features. It is an easy project management software solution that can efficiently automate and streamline your projects and tasks, improve your company’s productivity, and boost efficiency.

After a review of our B2B experts Wrike emerged as the number one product in our project management software listing. It offers a very useful free trial plans that allow for an easy way to test the tool’s main functionalities. Companies with teams of up to 5 users can even stick to the free trial plan indefinitely and use Wrike’s basic at no cost whatsoever. If you want to test their service on your own you can easily try it out with Wrike free trial. You can read Wrike detailed review and get a free trial here.


This award is given to the best product in our project management software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

Try out Wrike with their free trial

Wrike is a web-based solution that enables you to easily handle and monitor projects, tasks, deadlines, and other schedules. It allows you to quickly share information with your team members and collaborate on projects and tasks with easy-to-understand functionalities and intuitive interface.

With a clear and flexible user interface, Wrike can make your business operations faster, more transparent, and effective. This application can pack a lot of punch in terms of features, too. Surprisingly, it does not take a lot of time and effort to train employees to use the platform. Wrike is an easy project management software tool, especially for individual team members assigned to specific tasks. The platform works especially well in this manner. The tool’s clearly defined task management features can help you organize projects into more manageable formats.

Email collaboration is one of Wrike’s main features which can help you centralize management. Because it syncs with your email, Wrike ensures your important tasks and projects will never get lost. You can also quickly transform emails into doable tasks and send them back to the platform for necessary action.

Additionally, dashboards give you a clear overview of the pending tasks, with a focus on items that are nearly due or overdue. Wrike’s activity stream is established in a linear fashion. Timeline features enable you to easily track various tasks. You can also create custom workflows to streamline work and gain visibility into your work progress. These custom workflows are best for budgeting, prioritization, and customized work status.

A quick look at Wrike pricing plans, including the great free trial for small teams

A quick look at Wrike pricing plans, including the great free trial for small teams

In addition, Wrike integrates with most of the popular business applications, such as Google Drive, Word, and Excel. This means that with Wrike, you can use all the business platforms you need all in one place. Think of Wrike as your company’s Command Center. In addition, you can synchronize tasks and project milestones that you have to virtually any calendar including iCalendar, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar with the help of Wrike.

If you want to learn more about the features, pricing and advantages of Wrike you can have a look at our detailed review of Wrike. You can also experience the tool with a hands-on approach by signing up for a free trial plan that will allow you to test all the essential features.

2. Trello

trello dashboard example

A uniquely structured, and at the same time highly, visual project management solution, Trello is mainly inspired by a Kanban concept. It serves as a bulletin board where your organization’s tasks are used, pinned, and then shared as virtual 3 x 5 cards.

Trello uses the concept of boards (basically corresponding to projects). Within these boards, there are cards (essentially representing tasks). On these cards, you can have lists that can effectively track the progress of your company’s projects or if you want merely categorize things.

As a collaboration tool, Trello enables members of your team to discuss projects in real-time. This project management solution enables you to get updated through task assignments, email notifications, and activity log. Compared with other tools, Trello is more visual-oriented. The information about your projects is presented in a straightforward and visual way, making it very useful for those who want to get updated and manage internal development. Trello’s drag and drop functionality is also helpful. Trello is accessible on all web browsers as well as through iPhone and Android devices, which gives you great real-time collaboration capabilities.

Our experts gave Trello a very good score of 9.5/10 which makes it one of the top 3 project management solutions after Wrike and Asana. More information about its features, pricing and integration options can be found at our detailed review of Trello.

3. Asana

asana dashboard example

The simplicity of Asana is reflected in both the tool’s design as well as navigation. Asana’s infrastructure is straightforward, with all teams given workspaces. This is made up of individual projects which are broken into tasks, which can be in the form of comments, notes, and tags. In essence, Asana breaks the work down into more digestible granular components. Users can customize their workspace with the use of simple drag and drop interface.

The tool works not only on web browsers but also on mobile devices. Whether you are on the go or at your desk, Asana is very easy to use. Asana’s flexibility makes it a good tool for both freelancer and small business teams as well as those in the bigger companies and enterprises.

If you’d like to read more details about Asana’s capabilities, pricing and features you can have a look at our detailed review of Asana.

4. WorkFront (formerly AtTask)

workfront dashboard example

Formerly known as AtTask, WorkFront is a cloud-hosted project management solution that allows you to work, collaborate, as well as report in real time. The tool intelligently merges social media techniques with traditional project management features to engage you in more productive activities.

Given its ease of use, versatility and value of reporting, Workfront is now becoming one of the best workflow management solutions out there. It offers a comprehensive and scalable tool to handle your work and project management needs. Workfront offers a 360-degree view of your operations, letting you spot issues and trends quickly.

If you want to get more information about features, benefits and pricing plans of Workfront you should read our detailed review of Workfront here.

5. Nutcache

nutcache dashboard example

Ideal not only for small businesses but also medium-sized companies and enterprise firms, Nutcache combines collaboration, project management, invoicing, and time management into a single but powerful platform. Neat in design and function, Nutcache also offers multilingual capability features, making it a good partner for companies that aspire to have a global reach and for those that are based outside the United States.

Because the tool’s project dashboard and reports are easy to use and understand, you can immediately see the big picture and therefore make more accurate and strategic decisions. Nutcache is also efficient in creating invoices and handling payments. What is more, this project management solution is great alerting you about sending reminders to your clients as well as about any overdue invoices. A very secure solution, Nutcache also enables you to effortlessly monitor the time of your employees, letting you bill your clients accurately.

Know more about its features, pricing and integrations of their service from our detailed review of Nutcache.

6. Podio

podio dashboard example

An easy to use project management solution, Podio is a good tool for small and medium businesses as well as freelancers. Social activity streams showing status updates, and comments make Podio fully social. The tool also allows you to have complete flexibility in defining content overviews, structure, and reports. With Podio, you can immediately oversee projects without spending a lot of time learning how to use it.

With Podio you can also put your team’s communication in a single place to save precious time and collaborate more effectively instead of using separate tools, emails, and documents.

You can get more information about pricing, integration capabilities and features of their tool from our detailed review of Podio.


After a detailed analysis of a wide range of project management solutions available on the market our team of B2B experts found Wrike to be the one offering the most intuitive and easy to use services. With easy to use features and robust capabilities, Wrike is currently the best choice for companies that look for easy to implement solutions. What’s more, Wrike offers a great free trial plan that allows for risk-free testing of their services. Read Wrike detailed review and sign up for a free Wrike trial.

Stephanie Seymour

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Alan says:

Hi! I'm trying to choose project management tool which is easy to use in a small company and Wrike is one which I was advised to choose (actually it was one of three advised tools: Wrike, Jira and Worksection). Your article helped a bit but price of Wrike still stops me as it's so much higher than prices of two others that I really can't understand if it's really worth it. Could you please give any advice?

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