Top Features of Samepage: An Award-winning Collaboration Software

Online business is changing rapidly, shifting all the way from traditional offices to home-based employees working in different regions. Such developments highlight the importance of working online or at least introducing collaboration tools for exchange of information in every firm trying to keep the pace. Working with online collaboration software can have its ups and downs. While for some, bringing different skills and capacity under the same roof is a challenge of utmost difficulty, others choose to observe it as their opportunity to meet talent in diverse places and locations.

In this article we’ll analyze one of the popular collaboration software solutions called Samepage. We’ll take a look at Samepage features, ways it can help you improve your work and save time, and finally pricing. Hopefully after reading the article you’ll have a good idea about what Samepage features can offer you and if it’s a software that can actually help your company.

Samepage is one of the best collaboration software suites our team has used in quite some time. We’ve made sure that we carefully evaluated and tested all the features of the application to come up with a detailed assessment. Samepage’s another advantage is its flexible pricing plan that can be adjusted to a specific work process and budget of your company. What’s more, you can test the software first with an excellent free trial plan they offer.

Samepage: a smart collaborative solution

1. Reducing emailing

Emailing is essential to your work, and there’s no exception to this rule. The problem lays in the fact that answering mails and checking updates sidelines other tasks, and interrupts the flow of day-to-day work (not even to mention the misunderstandings and lack of group communication!). If there is one thing you can do to make life easier, it is to get a personal chat service integrated with other project functionalities.

2. Boosting productivity

How many of your board room meetings ended up in precious, idle chitchat loss of time? Keeping everybody at their desks, yet involved in group discussions is a good way to push productivity ahead, as you ensure accurate information based on commodity and fingertip-reachable information. Once the meeting is done, everybody is back on their tasks, and no clutter is left to be cleaned.

3. Eliminating out-of-office excuses

You get to choose your online channels for communication, and to keep employees on board even when they’re out of office.

4. Discovering stars

Young arrivers in the crew have no interest to hold on to traditional methods, and they carry the potential of revealing thousands innovative ways to improve your work. A good collaborative space will motivate them to share ideas, and to contribute transparently.

5. Improving communication

That’s the ultimate mission. Clear correspondence, transparent intentions, and effective division of tasks are the things we’re all striving towards.

You can find more information about Samepage advantages and disadvantages here, or simply read on to learn more about what the software has to offer.


Product Introduction: A successful experiment

Feel free to call it a successful experiment, since Samepage is built upon a design metaphor of bringing the incompatible together. What this program does is it shares widget-element pages, such as files, images, maps, tasks, text regions, and HTML among working communities. As entrepreneurs, we would never know the value of this approach if we hadn’t struggled to have elements structured in a better wiki.

The parent company, Kerio, discovered one interesting fact before building Samepage: They understood that integration with existing tools is not enough, since it still requires you to shift attention from here to there, giving you fair knowledge of everything and enough knowledge of nothing. Instead, they took the old, good DIY way, and they saved many employees from blowing hot and cold each time they change systems.

Another reason to tag Samepage as a successful experiment is that it was the ultimate result of companies’ communication inroad in cloud-based solutions; something the company knew nothing about, but still managed to flash famous collaboration tools out of the noisy market. It made its own place due to its ease-of-use and simplicity, which can be easily confirmed if you as any user if they see any reason not to implement it. The answer is obviously negative, since we are discussing a tool that organizes content, looks inviting and comfortable, shares content among large groups, and ensures communication.

Finally, Samepage is an award winner that ensures smooth communication between employees, customers, consultants, partners, and vendors; and it combines all sorts of tasks and events in cohesive pages that can easily be edited or updated.

6 Ways Samepage Can Improve Your Work

1. It’s easy and it can make business work smarter, not harder

The top advantages of Samepage are easiness and simplicity, not that much in terms of implementation, but rather purposefulness and accomplishment of technical tasks. Usage is supposed to begin with the creation of multiple spaces for all of your teams, departments, and units; or even for the different projects you are working on. A single space can be used on multiple levels of communication, depending on the pages and people you’ve included in it.

The next step is to create pages within the spaces. Pages stand for different content units, organized in three recognizable columns with multiple managing options. Interestingly enough, users are given plenty of room to employ creativity and customization skills, as the system itself doesn’t provide premade page templates. The lack of such templates is sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always justified by the mere idea of de-standardizing collaboration software, and being unique.

2. It manages projects, tasks, and meetings


Samepage is the place where you’re going to meet up with contributors for all sorts of projects or tasks within the company. It is simply the future of managing projects’ progress via monitoring of real-time tasks and separate milestones on shared calendars. One of the best functionalities of the system is that it organizes events and meeting agendas, and notifies actions to all parties simultaneously. Sounds like a lot of work to be chewed in a single bite, but the truth is that Samepage is very simple to use, and even non-techies get hands around it fast.  

Due to its project management capacity, Samepage proved to be an equally valuable asset for HR and Sales Departments, meaning that it handles both recruiting and on-boarding; and market opportunity forecasting. Support comes as a collateral benefit, having in mind that the platform provides even for creation of customer databases packed with shared forms, documents, and policies. Everything you need is packed there, so you can lean back and let the miracle of technology take over your work.

Project Feature Checklist:

  • Project Management
  • Contact Management
  • Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Task Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Synchronous Editing
  • Group Calendars
  • Multi-Platforms

3. It enables simple file sharing

An important part of leaning back and relying on technology is the knowledge that you’re no longer supposed to wander through Dropbox folders to find the document you need. Samepage does real-time file attaching, sharing, and updating; all of it happening on a single page where every member of the team sees, downloads, or edits those files. The platform works with all sizes, shapes, and formats, and it accepts content coming from Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and Box through a seamless process.

Even when players are not following developments, they get an instant notification about every modification that has been performed. This doesn’t mean, however, that old versions are irreversibly lost. The originals are always preserved in the File Library, and you can locate them easily by using an advanced search filter. Once you’re in, the platform provides for offline access to documents, and this is not such a common feature in the world of online business collaboration.

The reason why we are emphasizing the meaning of file sharing is that we know how important it is to present an idea visually, or to communicate a thought to multiple users at the same time. This is important for team players, but critical for clients, because they need that virtual tour to understand what you’re offering them. A picture is worth a thousand words or even a million when you share via short drag-and-drop actions.

Finally, sharing happens everywhere, any time, and with everybody. Depending on access permissions, a user in the system could create pages and upload files to the attention of outside players, such as contractors, partners, consultants, and customers. The page can even be given a public status, meaning that it will become available on relevant social networks, blogs, and forums.

Sharing Feature Checklist:

  • Database
  • Context-Sensitive Search
  • Rapid Integration
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Social Directory
  • File Transfer

4. It empowers live communication


Samepage is a wise business choice for companies dealing with communication issues, since it eliminates the struggle of back-and-forth emails and rescheduled meetings. The live chat keeps everyone connected, and it provides for creative brainstorming and instant feedback.

While some would discuss that chat is not such an issue for collaborative software, there is one distinctive advantage that makes Samepage a primary solution: discussion happens alongside content that is being discussed! There is no need to use a separate messenger, or to contact colleagues one at a time. Each page has a team chat empowered with instant notifying whenever someone sends a message or adds content. The convenience is that you get a glance on a particular document or project development, and you contribute to it straight away. The very same page unties your hand to edit that document to the attention of everybody that would be somehow concerned with your editing.

From the perspective of the manager or the hiring authority, communication is a precious insight in the performance of their team disciples. It helps them to analyze results contribution, pull off amazingly accurate reports, and identify valuable progress opportunities.

Communication Feature Checklist:

  • Team Conversation
  • Group Scheduling
  • Discussion Board
  • Instant Messaging
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Collaboration Management
  • User Access Controls
  • Mobile Access.

5. It’s accessible and affordable

Samepage is intended to serve the purposes of businesses of all sizes and activities, meaning that you will find it useful in small, mid-sized, and large companies. We could all agree that timely communication is critical for the productivity of every business, which is why Samepage is adored by public administrations, growth-orientated companies, and even nonprofit organizations.

It is supported by both Windows and Linux, and it is equally friendly when used as an iPhone/Android mobile app and a classic desktop system. Supported countries are the United States of America and most European countries. The system is available in English and Czech.

As for pricing, there is an excellent free package we recommend for starters or mini-businesses. The free package provides access to an unlimited number of users, together with the ability to create 25 pages and to store 25 GB of valuable documentation.

Transition towards paid plans is also painless, since a limitless collaboration package with admin controls costs no more than $10 per month. This plan provides unlimited number of pages, unlimited storage, permission management and security controls, user & activity insights, integration with external calendars, and prioritization. Before purchasing it, you can take a free 30-days trial and check whether the capacity is suitable for the needs of your business.

Finally, non-profit and educational organizations are entitled to 40% discounts, depending on their size or the cause they are supporting. You can find more information about Samepage prices here.


6. It’s an uninterrupted, scalable and secure service

There is much to worry about security and data protection in the cloud, and the developers of Samepage treated this problem as their priority. As a result, they designed a safe and uninterrupted product with inbuilt safeguards for data protection. The security architecture is robust, providing for daily data backups, continuous testing, and reliable support. The best part of the process is that they make that support visible through every component, practice, and technical service.

The company has a well-elaborated security policy consisting of the following elements:

  • 24/7/365 security monitoring
  • Fast system patching
  • Daily login tracking
  • Accurate bug tracking
  • Analysis and code assessment reviews
  • Encryption techniques
  • Employment awareness and communication training programs
  • Specific security procedures for separate projects and tasks

Overall, the multi-tenant network architecture and interactions are governed via access credentials and restrictions, meaning that a page will be hidden and protected unless you’ve deliberately chosen to share it with other organizations and third parties. This doesn’t mean that the manager or the person authorized for recruiting has to take full responsibility on employment/third-party user behavior, since every person being provided access to sensitive customer/company data is being questioned and trained for the purpose.

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