The Pros and Cons of CoConstruct: A detailed analysis of the popular construction management software

Construction systems of today look nothing like dull and technical programs of the past, nor do they require the same amount of training and maintenance efforts. Instead, they tend to simplify building and remodeling as much as beginners would ask for, but still incorporate the professional toolkit they’ll expect once business starts expanding. CoConstruct is exactly one of these systems.

CoConstruct is often referred to as a smart and simplified home building and remodeling tool, which not only helps build and execute projects, but also handles the accounting needs of construction companies, and gives teams a pleasant environment to cooperate.

What our experts liked the most about this system is the unique degree of customization that allows users to configure each and every function to their needs, while still adhering to rules and standards prescribed for their industry. At the same time, CoConstruct is a cloud-hosted and maintenance-free application, open for integration and mobile usage, and on top of that – reasonably priced. This makes the system a good-to-go alternative for every business or contractor interested to win tenders, or simply streamline and accelerate delivery.

In short, CoConstruct will help you:

  1. Facilitate selections and simplify bidding
  2. Introduce single-entry estimations
  3. Track change orders, time, and expenses
  4. Respond to all of your accounting needs
  5. Provide access to warranties and punchlists
  6. Improve internal and external communication
  7. Manage your leads
  8. Take customer service to a more professional level
  9. Support your branding and marketing strategy
  10. Help you go mobile

The Advantages of CoConstruct

The true value of CoConstruct is not its ability to address specific requirements across the construction industry, but rather give players in this arena an all-in-one compact suite to complete their operations. The system doesn’t use any outer world technology to ease the pain of planning, executing, or delivering orders to customers, but works around resources that are already there to make that happen. Most importantly, it maximizes the potential of manpower and human relationships.

From a more technical point of view, CoConstruct is surprisingly well-equipped with punchlist features and functionalities, backed up by the rationale of making deciding easier for competing businesses. Hence, you should expect it to streamline selections and introduce single entry estimations, simplify bidding to allow you to prepare proposals in time, and of course manage all accounting requirements. In parallel, CoConstruct will be the most CRM-alike construction software you’ve used, as it helps attract and manage leads, and deliver impeccable service to customers.

Which are the biggest advantages of this system?

An unparalleled bidding experience

What CoConstruct does, and what has not yet been implemented by most construction applications, is to clarify trade communication prior to the bidding process itself. This is why the system is known for building bids within seconds, and making data available with minimal to none manual entry – the heavy lifting was done much in advance!

You can use CoConstruct to create custom proposals and import files with a simplified drag-and-drop mechanism, or simply apply some of its beautiful pre-made templates that cover all required fields and information. As it is usually with this system, all files are open for adjustment, and all changes are immediately inserted and accounted for to dismiss potential misunderstandings.

What you get at the end of this process is the possibility to submit projects prior to the deadline, and control the activity of trades instead of waiting for them to make a move.

Improved communication with teammates and clients

CoConstruct dedicates a whole module to streamlined communication, thanks to which you can easily coordinate agents, and get them involved with ideas and proposals. At the same time, you get to track how each agent is performing, and distinguish the ones where least assistance was needed.

CoConstruct’s communication virtue, however, becomes most visible while building and maintaining relationships with clients, as this is one of the very few construction systems that collect, track, and manage leads. Thanks to its timely scoring and neat organization, you will give each customer the time he/she deserves, and an accurate answer to their query once it has been redirected to the right person. During the process, all agents will have unlimited access to consumer history and lead details, and will thus build the perfect approach for each customer.

At the end of the day, what quality communication does is to boost the results of your punchilst and warranty processes, and make your business appear both credible and professional. To make matters even better, developers prepared CoConstruct for all types of marketing customization, and made sure it will work in line with your brand’s values.

Modernized project coordination

Most of us still perceive project management tools as automated spreadsheets, and that’s exactly the understanding CoConstruct is trying to dismiss. Instead, the company is trying to inject a creativity vibe in the construction process, and make it just as interactive and enjoyable as it actually is.

How does this work? To start with, CoConstruct is one of the most flexible and nit picky selection systems we’ve so far reviewed, and thus eliminates the guesswork that leads to problems and inconsistencies. The large list of selection criteria gives businesses the chance to plan unique projects, instead of sticking to a standardized framework where no details are taken into account.

Projects are easily divided in tasks, and agents have access to all files, specs, or prices with reasonable comparisons and explanations. They can build to-do lists, prioritize assignments in line with what has been scheduled, and of course share and discuss ideas to arrive to the best decision. The unique method of this system is single-entry estimation, which not only saves time, but builds and prepares specs with unparalleled accuracy.

A closer eye on change orders & expenses

These may not be the priorities of every constructor, but we can all agree that clarifying change orders and expenses is the core reason why customers trust or distrust their deliverers. Keeping a close eye will also help avoid accounting miscommunication, and cut the time needed to prepare detailed invoices.

CoConstruct makes this process painless by simply turning selection overages into change orders, and providing customers secure signoffs to move the project forward. The financial structure of the project will be irrelevant, as you can manage both open-book and fixed-price projects, and still let the customer know exactly how much you’ve progressed.

Time-effective lead management

CoConstruct does more than simply gathering all leads under the same roof – it allows you to plan tasks day to day, and thus prioritize assistance where most needed. With a personalized approach, it will be much easier for you to understand what the client wants, and to respond accordingly.

To start with, the program will assemble and organize all of your leads with details and communication history. Then, it will categorize and score each of them, so that you will understand which are the hottest ones and turn towards them. From there on, you can easily rearrange them and add them to your projects and selections, or simply mention them on your don’t forget sales list.

Absolute financial control

At the moment, CoConstruction works in synergy with two popular accounting systems, namely Xero and QuickBooks. What this means to a current user is that he can easily relate the costs of each project to his current and planned spending, and hence release consistent invoices where customers won’t be burdened with recurrent costs.

What CoConstruct is also perfect at is forecasting expenses, as it generated automated budget values and cost codes for each spec/selection, and reflects all adjustments in the overall financial balance of the company. The same as the rest of data imported in this system, numbers and calculations become instantly accessible to concerned teammates and clients.

Customized marketing & branding

Customized marketing & branding makes CoConstruct a unique provider in the construction software industry, and the choice of multiple established enterprises which’d automatically exclude a product that doesn’t support their identity. What we have in mind here is that the user gets to customize and design a customer portal in line with his brand, and include all of his recognizable symbols and relevant company materials. To make matters even better, the mobile app is designed in a way to resemble the company’s identity.

Facilitated sharing

To support its enhanced collaboration ideology, CoConstruct also allows sharing of photos, construction plans, and other files. The docs can be exchanged independently, or attached to any of the selections, specs, and changed orders. What is good to know is that the system is 100% secure, and thus eliminates all risk that data will end up in the wrong hands.

The system also supports a direct sharing option for Facebook, so that the company can share the progress with new audiences, and gather more leads.

A dedicated portal for customer self-service

CoConstruct allows you to be there for customers at any point of time, but what is even more beneficial is the possibility to allow access to information at any moment. For the purpose, CoConstruct presents a customer self-service portal, where they can find answers to their questions 24/7, and from any device. All of the files available in the database will be instantly shareable on Facebook, and clients will be invited to provide feedback which can improve the quality of your future decisions.

Native apps for Android and iOS users

Construction systems and programs have been on the market for quite a while, but the reason why they’re so demanded in the last few years is their applicability on mobile devices. Co-Construct took this into consideration, and made the product just as functional for wearable technology as it is in the office. With it, field agents can always stay connected and report on their work.

What is even better is the CoConstruct’s apps are designed for clients, and can thus me made company-specific, and include its logo, name, images, and contact information. This way, clients won’t be seeing CoConstructs mobile interface, but an app that belongs to the company and was designed to present its activities.

The Disadvantages of CoConstruct

Obviously, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all software, and digitized construction management is no exception to this rule. CoConstruct’s development team, for instance, is one of teams we’d all agree made an effort to approach perfection, but there may still be some bottlenecks one should know about before making an investment. Which are the cons to consider before making a decision?

No free trial

Due the company’s quote-based pricing scheme, CoConstruct doesn’t offer a limited free version of their software. Nevertheless, the user can request a full demo of the product, and have all specific features and functionalities explained during a live session. The company also has a money-return guarantee policy, so in case you’re not satisfied with the product, you can easily contact them and recover your investment.

Slightly expensive

CoConstruct can be perceived as a costly alternative to similar construction systems, but you should also consider the fact that the system wraps up project/task management, sales, accounting, collaboration, and CRM features in the very same package, and it may turn out to be way cheaper than investing in several apps to complete those functions. Besides, the pricing scheme is quote-based, which means each client receives an individual plan tailored to his specific needs so it’s quite possible it can be scaled to your budget requirements..

Limited integrations 

Alongside the seamless QucikBooks and Xero integration, many of CoConstruct’s current users would like to see the system integrated with other CRM and accounting tools, and social networks.

Stephanie Seymour

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