Promapp Pros and Cons: Features, Benefits and Pricing of a Popular BPM Software

Managing variations is a challenge for organizations facing with different customer types in different regions or companies offering a wide range of product lines and operating with shared services and myriad business units. Process standardization involves the entire organization and can be full of obstacles. Ideas are disparate and disconnected, suggestions lost in space and frictions are common between teams.

You need good business process management software to deal with that. This kind of software clears up the way for you to maneuver through the corporate jam common in process standardization initiatives.

There are plenty of reliable options in the BPM software field and, arguably, one of the best choices is Promapp. We have plenty of reasons to like this process management solution, so in this article we will discuss the main advantages and disadvantages to share our experience with you.

Overall, our team was really impressed with Promapp for its intuitiveness and as an end-to-end solution to enhance processes. Likewise, we found that businesses that adopt this software can greatly improve the participation of “silent” talents hiding in cubicles. 

If you like to see how this software can improve your processes, you can also easily sign up for a Promapp free trial.

Overall, we liked Promapp for the following:

  • Simple navigation – clean Visio charts, neat process maps
  • Collaboration – everyone is kept in the loop without leaving the interface
  • Dashboards – quick lookups for maps, procedures, tasks, teams
  • Integrated documents – use of text, images, videos to build knowledge library
  • Risk management – quick overview of critical metrics
  • Quality management – incidents arranged in varied meaningful ways

Price points are available for small business and large enterprise and features are scalable to your needs. For more details you need to contact the vendor for a customized quote.

Promapp Pros and Cons

Promapp exhibits all the characteristics you’d expect from a top business process management solution. After a thorough review and subjecting it to different use cases, we were able to outline five major Promapp benefits this solution has to offer.

1. Ownership of processes

Process mapping is simplified with drag-and-drop Visio charts, text-to-map generation and drill-down link to documents. Functions are designed for casual users with no coding background.

Likewise, teams have their own workspace and can designate a process owner. With accountability clearly defined, process improvement tasks are transparent and goals are more easily met.

As ownership and system access are democratized, the most creative and analytical minds outside of IT can add to the process improvement conversation. You greatly expand the talent pool involving, perhaps, Sally the star sales performer or Mary the secretary who knows the nooks and crannies of administration.

We find Promapp also a good brainstorming platform to bank ideas and suggestions. Ideas can be posted and indexed. Counter ideas can be chipped in, discussed, debated on, until a clear, refined process improvement strategy emerges.  Your team may have unrealized talents and Promapp can unleash these hidden gems.

2. Good handling of process variations

One of the challenges in standardizing processes is how to manage variables. They can come in myriad forms, such as, customer profiles, market regions, business units and product lines. Frequency and whether the process is fixed or ad hoc add to the confusion.

Promapp’s Process Variation module gives you flexibility to address this issue. It features triggers and inputs to accommodate variables, including when to start the process, how long, its goal and the approval process. This framework can adapt to almost any function, from HR to product development and to marketing strategies.

You can then create and group tasks and map them in task boxes across an organizational chart to see at once who’s responsible for what. In each task box, you can attach files and links to relevant documents or sites. Outputs are also defined in variables. You can describe output, process, objectives and performance targets.

3. Intuitive risk and quality management

Risk management is critical to keeping deadlines and protecting goals. Promapp delivers a visual, quick overview of critical metrics like severity of inherent and residual risks, overdue deadlines and risk portfolios and the person in charge. You can quickly identify bottlenecks or potential conflicts without having to get down to details.

Heat maps plot the portfolio risks on an x-y coordinate graph, which helps you gauge quickly what and who is falling behind schedule. Similarly, the Risk Management module includes a risk register, audit reports, stakeholders and admin. It’s a simple, straightforward interface–exactly what busy and multitasking managers need to focus on the most critical process aspects.

Meanwhile, the Quality Management module helps you to keep tab of issues that might disrupt goals and deadlines. You can create incident categories to lump related issues together. Likewise, incidents are neatly categorized as new, open, overdue and high-priority. Incident indexing is a great way to cherry pick issues when you’re pressed for time.

Similar to risk management, this module uses graphs for quick lookups and tables to arrange categories and plot them across a milestone pipeline. You’re also shown an incident summary for that big picture.

4. Efficient dashboards

We’ve seen plenty of dashboards that try to cram everything in one window. These dashboards try to give you all important data in one swoop, but end up cluttering your mind. That’s why we find the Promapp dashboard intuitive.

It gives you quick, uncluttered lookups for maps, procedures and tasks or other metrics that you only need. You get an overview of key aspects like outdated, new and in-progress process concepts of teams and persons in charge. You also get to see macro metrics like total processes in pie chart, total improvement ideas and idea-vs.-adoption success rate. The Promapp dashboard, in short, helps team leaders, managers and senior executives stay on top of their game, with a clear mind.

Here are a few more reasons to like this dashboard:

  • Respond to suggestions inside the dashboard
  • Edit or add items in tasks or subtasks fast with movable text blocks
  • Get notified of any change or addition, such as, a new process item is added or navigation is streamlined or expanded
  • Updates are synced which keeps everyone in the loop

5. Easy to set up knowledge library

Process improvement and management requires a lot of documentation to standardize knowledge and policies. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with piles of content, which makes file search difficult and your library in disarray. We like that Promapp can integrate with a wide range of file types like documents, images and videos.

It gives you flexibility in setting up a library of forms, templates, policy guides, training manuals and video tutorials. Likewise, files are neatly indexed by their type or purpose and dated at their latest revision. They can also be arranged in alphabetical order.

However, you need to scroll down to do manual checks. This can be cumbersome once you’ve built up a good deal of content. Indexing can be more visual to speed up manual browsing. Sure, the search tool can surface what you’re looking for, but if you don’t know exactly what you want, better get your fingers pumped up for a lot of scrolling.

Other things we like about Promapp

A SaaS solution, Promapp features these standard cloud benefits:

  • Fast deployment
  • Easy to use, designed for average users with no coding skills
  • Accessible central online repository anywhere, anytime   
  • Integration with other EDRMS, intranet
  • Scaled pricing for small business and enterprise


Process improvement and standardization is best approached with a top-down perspective. However, it’s also important that you capture ground details and experiences–especially ideas and suggestions from the frontline staff–to ensure the process covers all corners and scenarios. With the aid of an intuitive software like Promapp, both the big picture and details are in one centralized platform, where teams can share ideas, collaborate on tasks, while managers keep tab of everything. The task ahead is greatly democratized and organizational goals become a shared enterprise among managers and employees and between business units.

Stephanie Seymour

By Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour is a senior business analyst and one of the crucial members of the FinancesOnline research team. She is a leading expert in the field of business intelligence and data science. She specializes in visual data discovery, cloud-based BI solutions, and big data analytics. She’s fascinated by how companies dealing with big data are increasingly embracing cloud business intelligence. In her software reviews, she always focuses on the aspects that let users share analytics and enhance findings with context.

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