Top 10 Alternatives to Procore: Leading Construction Management Systems

What is the top alternative to Procore?

The top alternative to Procore is Contractor Foreman, a cloud-based construction management system. This comprehensive software can handle everything from estimates and purchase orders to project tracking and inspections. Moreover, it has a mobile-ready interface that makes it easy to connect managers and employees with customers and partners.

Procore is a best-in-class construction solution trusted by organizations worldwide for its user-centric interface and comprehensive functionalities. However, just because it is one of the leading construction management software on the market doesn’t mean it will automatically work well for your company. So, it’s best that you first take a look at some top alternatives to Procore before you make a decision.

To help you out, we have compiled other leading construction systems that are most comparable to Procore. We will be discussing their key features, interface usability, and price range so you get a better idea of what to expect from each product. Moreover, we have listed down some factors that make each product better than Procore. This way, it is simpler for you to zero in on which platform is the most suitable for your operations.

top 10 alternatives to Procore

Construction projects are perhaps one of the most difficult tasks that a company can undertake. It requires thorough planning and careful execution to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Above all, you will need to closely collaborate with clients on every aspect of the project. What’s more is, once you’ve finished the task, there’s no turning back–there’s no undo button or room for revisions.

In addition to these factors, there is more to construction projects than the actual building process. This is why it is pertinent that construction firms, home builders, and general contractors invest in construction management solutions.

As a result, 79% of construction companies now focus on technology and innovation. According to the 2019 KPMG Global Construction Survey, this is not only to stay ahead of their competition but also to attract and retain new recruits.

Wearable Tech Uses for Construction Industry in 2019

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Source: 2019 Construction Technology Trends and Predictions by Triax

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The 2019 Construction Technology Trends and Predictions report further reinforced this when they found out that 74% of contractors anticipate adopting new technologies in the next three years. In the study, they showed that construction companies use tech for many reasons. These include adopting wearable technology to improve safety (83%), workforce management (56%) and productivity (36%). However, wearable tech is more likely to serve as a peripheral to the main digital construction tools to be used in the next few years for the same reasons.

Luckily, there is plenty of reliable construction software that you can choose from today. One of which is Procore. This popular platform is known for its powerful planning, documentation, and communication functionalities. Moreover, it is completely mobile-friendly making it great for keeping field employees in the loop about projects.

However, it also has its fair share of disadvantages depending on what you are looking for in a construction management tool. This is why we have compared and contrasted the top 10 alternatives to Procore to help you find a software that meets your requirements.

What is Procore?

Procore is a popular construction management software solution that streamlines project communication and documentation. It offers access to real-time data which can help you to minimize risks and delays. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it is used by numerous companies to construct projects such as industrial plants, apartment complexes, office buildings, university facilities, retail centers, and more.

Why is Procore such a successful application? It is because the vendor has designed the solution based on three main ideas: Firstly, they listen to customer issues. After which, they create easy-to-use products for these issues, and lastly, they ensure buyers are able to use the systems immediately. The company also gets constant feedback from users and utilizes it to create new functionalities.

In addition, you’ll see in our Procore overview that it comes with user-centric software development features that make the app easy to configure. As a result, companies that invest in this platform can quickly implement it, get it adopted widely among their employees, and enjoy good value for the money they shell out.

Last but not least, Procure enables effortless collaboration allowing you to work with anyone in real-time from anywhere. All that within the same platform, without the need to integrate external online collaboration tools.

Price Range: Procore is only available by quote so be sure to get in touch with the vendor for more information.

procore dashboard

Benefits of Procore

  1. It offers access to unlimited users.
  2. You can use its open API to integrate with your existing business systems.
  3. You can connect your office and field seamlessly.
  4. It offers real-time updates and instant tracking.
  5. You can use the email tracking feature to streamline project communications.
  6. You can make real-time budget decisions in the field.

If you think Procore does not meet your requirements, don’t worry. There are plenty of other construction management platforms on the market. To help you explore your options, here are the top 10 Procore alternatives. We have closely analyzed their key features and main benefits so that gauging which one suits your company is much simpler.

Top 10 Alternatives to Procore

1. Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman is a cloud-based construction management platform built to handle the different aspects of your business. It provides tools to manage estimates and billing that can be up to par with the best billing software systems, oversee project progress, and perform QA and ensure timely deliveries. Moreover, it reinforces collaboration within construction organizations by giving teams a way to share files and photos as well as stay in the loop about their project timeline. They may even track incidents and inspections so that everything that happens during your project is accurately documented.

In addition to the abovementioned, Contractor Foreman also provides users with a correspondence module. With this, teams can easily coordinate with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in one hub. This allows you to keep a record of all interactions and make sure that no detail falls through the cracks. To top it all off, as the platform comes with mobile apps, users can easily leverage all these functions while on the go.

In case you want to learn more about what this platform has to offer, the vendor offers a free trial plan that will allow you to test its functionalities.

Contractor Foreman

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Try out Contractor Foreman with their free trial

If you feel that this platform is not for you, be sure to check out these Contractor Foreman alternatives.

Price Range: Contractor Foreman offers different pricing options depending on the features you need and the number of users you have. You can choose from their Standard plan ($49/month), Plus plan ($87/month), Pro plan ($123/month), and the Unlimited plan ($148/month) which are billed annually.

Why choose Contractor Foreman over Procore?

  • Contractor Foreman supports Gantt charts and other project management tools.
  • It comes with a client portal and correspondence options to keep team members, vendors, partners, and clients in the loop at all times.
  • It offers inspection options, daily logs, incident tracking, and more to boost accountability

Why choose Procore over Contractor Foreman?

  • Procore comes with open API capabilities. As a result, it can integrate with virtually any other business system.
  • It offers a wider variety of tools covering all aspects of construction management, so you won’t need multiple software solutions for your operations.
  • The platform offers custom plans, allowing you to make sure you are only paying for the features you actually need.

Detailed Contractor Foreman Review

2. Corecon

Corecon dashboard

Corecon is a cloud-based, mobile-ready construction management platform trusted by general contractors, engineers, and homebuilders. It offers robust modules for project management, procurement, contract administration, collaboration, quality control, and financial management. Moreover, it even offers human resource tools for easier employee management. Thus, it allows you to oversee and streamline your operations in one convenient interface.

In case the features we’ve mentioned aren’t enough, Corecon also allows users to gain insight into their projects’ progress through best-in-class analytics functionalities. Therefore, it can generate reports on your running expenses, contract value, labor hours, and equipment hours for easier evaluation later on.

Should you want more information about this platform, you can easily sign up for free Corecon demo. This should give you a more in-depth understanding of its functionalities.



Try out Corecon with their free trial

Of course, in case you feel that this platform still doesn’t meet your requirements, you can always check out these Corecon alternatives.

Price Range: Corecon offers personalized licensing plans. Be sure to get in touch with their representatives to request a quote for your company.

Why choose Corecon over Procore?

  • Corecon offers a more extensive set of functionalities, making it great for companies who want an all-in-one construction solution.
  • It comes with comprehensive contact management options.
  • The vendor offers live support so you can get fast tech assistance whenever you require.

Why choose Procore over Corecon?

  • Procore offers construction management features for large enterprises.
  • It has a more streamlined interface that makes it easier to use.
  • It is equipped with open API capabilities so you can integrate it with a more extensive set of third-party applications.

Detailed Corecon Review

3. CoConstruct

coconstruct dashboard example

CoConstruct is a web-native construction management software made up of three modules. With this, home building and remodeling businesses have tools for budgeting, client communication, and activity planning and scheduling in one platform. And as home building and renovation is a process fraught with plenty of changes, it is uniquely designed to handle those. Customization is unrestrained in the platform, so designs, materials, and products are open to modifications anytime.

Beyond managing the construction process, users can better oversee client communications. That is possible through CoConstruct’s dedicated module where office staff and field agents can coordinate as well. Because of that, a streamlined exchange of ideas and files is possible.



Try out CoConstruct with their free trial

Should you want to check out more construction management tools, you can check out these CoConstruct alternatives.

Price Range: CoConstruct’s pricing plans start at $99 per month for two months. After which, the solution charges $349 per month for the subscription. If you want to go beyond the core features of the solution, you can sign up for or upgrade to the Plus tier.

Why choose CoConstruct over Procore?

  • CoConstruct has two no-nonsense pricing plans that are within reach of small and medium construction and home remodeling companies.
  • The vendor offers one-on-one coaching for new clients to ensure that users are fully familiar with the features and get the most out of them.
  • It has a dedicated communication module that eases communication challenges internally and externally.

Why choose Procore over CoConstruct?

  • Procore offers more advanced construction management tools. In other words, you get a more extensive set of functionalities.
  • It comes with open API options. So, you can expect the platform to be highly configurable and extensible.
  • This platform comes with native mobile applications that simplify team communication and ensure accurate project details across the team.

Detailed CoConstruct Review


Stack dashboard
STACK is a construction software that focuses on the preconstruction process. With this, contractors can create estimates ten times faster and increase their bid volume by as much as 35%. Because of that, construction firms can reach more potential customers in a shorter amount of time.

Furthermore, everyone in the team can get onboard STACK. The platform offers real-time collaboration features such as markups and callouts. There is a robust sharing functionality as well that keeps the team aligned.



Try out STACK with their free trial

If you want to look for more options, you may check out viable STACK alternatives here.

Price Range: Businesses can start using STACKT for free. After that, you can choose between three annual pricing plans that start at $1,999 per year.

Why choose STACK over Procore?

  • STACK is a unique software that focuses on the preconstruction process.
  • It helps you generate estimates at a faster pace, leading to higher bid volume.
  • The solution connects everyone in the team with its robust in-software communication tools.

Why choose Procore over STACK?

  • Procore can be integrated with your existing business systems to streamline operations.
  • It uses top-of-the-line security protocols to protect your data.
  • It has the capability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Detailed STACK Review

5. SmartUse

SmartUse dashboard

SmartUse is a construction management system geared towards project planning and progress monitoring. In the same vein as the other options on this list, this platform comes with features such as plan viewing, as-built drawing support, and issue tracking to simplify the process of overseeing construction projects. It even comes with instant reporting and inspection tools to optimize QA/QC processes.

Plus, SmartUse comes with robust collaboration tools to streamline project delivery. For instance, it uses punch lists that allow users to add comments, attach photos, and assign issues to a particular team member. It also has markup tools and hyperlink options for as-built drawings. Moreover, SmartUse comes equipped with a version control option with search and filtering tools so it’s easier to spot differences in multiple versions of a construction plan.



Try out SmartUse with their free trial

If you would like to check out similar products, you might want to see these SmartUse alternatives.

Price Range: SmartUse offers two subscription plans. Both plans provide all the features that the platform has to offer. The only difference is that one is billed monthly while the other is annually. These are priced at $65/month and $45/month, respectively.

Why choose SmartUse over Procore?

  • SmartUse offers punch list tools that make it easy to perform audits and inspections as well as manage QA/QC processes.
  • It has collaboration features like drawing viewers and markup options that contractors and clients can use to stay on the same page.
  • The platform has an on-premise version and it comes with an online/offline mode.

Why choose Procore over SmartUse?

  • Procore offers more sophisticated functionalities. That is to say, it goes beyond construction management and provides document management, quality management, financial management, and more.
  • It has a highly configurable interface and it is built to play well with existing business systems.
  • It comes with employee management options such as scheduling and time tracking.

Detailed SmartUse Review

6. ComputerEase

ComputerEase dashboard

ComputerEase is regarded as an all-in-one construction management platform. It comes equipped with features for contractor management, fleet management, job scheduling, inventory management, and equipment monitoring. This way, you can reinforce collaboration between you and your team, increase the accountability of your workers, as well as get a better grasp of the progress of your construction projects.

Another great thing about ComputerEase is that it has built-in tools to help you with the financial aspect of your projects. These include job costing, bid management, accounts receivable/payable, and payroll administration. With these, you can automatically compute your finances within the platform instead of relying on separate software solutions.

To learn more about how this platform can help your business out, you can take advantage of the vendor’s free trial plan. This way, you can test out its features firsthand at no cost.

If you want to further expand your options, don’t worry. Take a look at these ComputerEase alternatives.

Price Range: ComputerEase is only available on a by quote basis. That said, if you want to learn more about their rates, be sure to get in touch with the vendor.

Why choose ComputerEase over Procore?

  • ComputerEase has a more extensive feature set allowing for an end-to-end construction management approach..
  • The system comes with a compliance management suite to help you keep tabs on HR requirements.
  • It offers a highly scalable interface that makes it ideal for small and large businesses alike.

Why choose Procore over ComputerEase?

  • Procore offers unlimited user licenses to reinforce team collaboration.
  • This platform is built to support the needs of large enterprises.
  • Lastly, Procore comes with open API capabilities, allowing it to integrate with any software ecosystem.

Detailed ComputerEase Review

7. RedTeam

redteam dashboard example

RedTeam is a cloud-based, mobile-ready construction management solution built for large enterprises. It offers end-to-end functionalities for bid management, business development, construction planning, and project management. Furthermore, the platform comes with a financial module where you can monitor and predict project costs. This way, you not only ensure that your projects are always on time; you also make sure that you stay on budget.

Aside from giving you complete visibility over your entire construction operations, RedTeam also makes it easy for you to work while on-the-go. This is because the platform comes with its own mobile application that can be accessed through your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, it is equipped with smart updates so you get real-time information on your project’s progress without having to be at the office or at the job site.

For your convenience, you can learn more about the platform’s functionalities if you sign up for a RedTeam free demo.

Should you want to explore other options, be sure to check out these RedTeam alternatives.

Price Range: RedTeam offers a straightforward pricing plan that costs $4200 per year. This is inclusive of all the features that the platform has to offer and can accommodate unlimited users. It also comes with unlimited storage capacity and premium tech support.

Why choose RedTeam over Procore?

  • It offers employee management tools that include time tracking and scheduling
  • It is equipped with solicitation analytics to simplify getting responses from vendors.
  • The vendor offers more hands-on support on multiple channels.

Why choose Procore over RedTeam?

  • It offers a complete field management module with inspection management and daily logs.
  • It offers drawing management and photo support for better project visualization.
  • It comes with open API capabilities so it can seamlessly blend with your existing software ecosystem

Detailed RedTeam Review

8. Autodesk BIM 360

Autodesk BIM 360 dashboard

Autodesk BIM 360 is a comprehensive platform developed for the construction industry. It brings together features for project control, change visualization, and BIM coordination in one easy-to-use interface. With it, users can accelerate project delivery while adhering to specifications, safety rules, and industry standards. Moreover, it allows teams to resolve issues quickly, implement practical schedules, and coordinate their activities effectively.

Another reason why this product snagged a spot on our list of top Procore alternatives is its versatility. It not only simplifies the work of project managers; it also provides functionalities that design teams, subcontractors, and virtual construction managers will find handy. Thus, this tool is ideal for companies who are looking to streamline operations across different teams.

Detailed Autodesk BIM 360 Review

In case you feel like this still isn’t the right fit for your business, we present viable Autodesk BIM 360 alternatives here.

Price Range: Autodesk BIM 360 is free for those who only require basic construction management and only handle 1 project at a time. Meanwhile, should you want more advanced functionalities, they have paid plans ranging from $29/month to $599/month.

Why choose Autodesk BIM 360 over Procore?

  • Autodesk BIM 360 lets you centralize all information and make it easily accessible to all stakeholders.
  • It lets you implement standardized processes to minimize issues.
  • It allows you to track key performance indicators via custom reports.

Why choose Procore over Autodesk BIM 360?

  • Procore offers unlimited connectivity capabilities.
  • It comes with a project directory to store contact data of vendors and project team members.
  • It permits access to data across the organization based on user roles.

9. Aconex

Aconex dashboard

Aconex is a cloud-hosted project management solution designed for the needs of construction businesses. Top firms in the industry use it because of its comprehensive features that go beyond construction management. It gives users get access to BIM collaboration tools, document management options, and quality control functionalities. As a result, it makes it easy to take full control of a project from conceptualization to completion.

In addition to its end-to-end capabilities, Aconex also offers powerful analytics tools. Meaning, this generates detailed reports on your project progress so that you can make more data-driven business decisions. Plus with its mobile-ready interface, you can easily access all of these functionalities on-the-go.

Detailed Aconex Review

If you want to explore more options, feel free to check out these Aconex alternatives.

Price Range: Aconex only offers quote-based pricing packages. If you’d like to learn more about their rates, feel free to contact the vendor.

Why choose Aconex over Procore?

  • Aconex speeds up workflows and eliminates chances of duplicate work.
  • It offers actionable insights.
  • It has detailed reports on project progress to make informed decisions.

Why choose Procore over Aconex?

  • Procore lets you track information constantly and get real-time updates.
  • It lets your team members stay connected even while working from diverse locations.
  • It comes with an integrated project scheduling feature to stay within deadlines and budget.

10. Newforma

newforma dashboard

Newforma is a project management software solution designed for the construction, engineering, and architecture sectors. Users in these fields can utilize the application to collaborate live on project details and processes to ensure successful project completion. Some of its other features include RFI, web-based markup, link building model elements, specification indexes, submittals, document control, and visual context sharing for construction information.

The highlight of this product is that it has been created on intuitive project information management (PIM) technology that facilitates process organization. As a result, this technology allows you to capture, manage, and share crucial information, and deliver a productive experience to all project stakeholders.

Detailed Newforma Review

To give you more options, take a look at our list of Newforma alternatives.

Price Range: Newforma’s pricing information is only available upon request. Don’t hesitate to contact the vendor’s representatives for details.

Why choose Newforma over Procore?

  • Newforma enables sound management and boosts productivity.
  • It facilitates process organization, reducing project risks.
  • It lets users capture and evaluate information even in the field.

Why choose Procore over Newforma?

  • Procore offers unlimited user licenses.
  • It provides real-time access to all project team members.
  • It has a centralized email solution to manage your communications and project-related emails.

Find the Right Construction Management Software

Procore is one of the most trusted construction management software solutions for a reason. It is an all-in-one platform equipped with robust functionalities that go beyond project management. So, it can easily streamline your operations from start to finish. However, the quality of this software won’t ensure its compatibility with your workflows. That is to say, there’s still a chance that it won’t be able to meet your specific needs.

To sum up, whether you are looking for specific features or one that falls within your budget, we hope that our list of top 10 alternatives to Procore was able to help you find more suitable options for your operations.

In case you haven’t made up your mind yet, we highly recommend that you start your search with Contractor Foreman. It offers a similar interface and set of base functionalities as Procore but it offers more supplementary features that may come in handy for those looking for an all-in-one solution. To learn more, you can simply sign up for a free Contractor Foreman trial.

Of course, should you find that this is still not the solution for you, you can always check out other options on the market. To help you start your search, a good lead would be our list of 20 best construction management solutions. This should give you in-depth details about the other construction management tools available on the market.

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