Top 10 Alternatives To Dropbox: Popular File Sharing Software Solutions

Keeping countless file cabinets after file cabinets of important paperwork is such a big hassle. Even worst is to have to look for specific data in a file cabinet filled with folders. Those are not the only problems the traditional method of file safekeeping poses to companies worldwide. The problem for companies that focus on using file cabinets and papers is the difficulty of sharing these files in a fast and more convenient manner.

Lucky for us, file sharing is no longer limited to such a hassle-filled method. Thanks to several companies, file storage, and sharing can be done online through cloud storage devices and file sharing software. More and more companies offering this service is beginning to pop up and that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone as it’s the most convenient method of doing such office and company work.

More and more businesses are beginning to see the good in cloud services that aid in file sharing and storing. IDG’s 2018 Cloud Computing Survey revealed enterprises planned to invest an average of $3.5 million on cloud apps, services, and platforms. Additionally, 76% of enterprises were looking into accelerating IT service delivery through cloud platforms. Both small and big businesses are beginning to be drawn into cloud storing but how could these companies trust in this new method?

Many companies don’t want to shift to software use because of security concerns. However, a recent study by RightScale has revealed that security is no longer the top concern. Lack of knowledge and resources in cloud technology is. Since more and more file-sharing software offers up better and more secure networks, security breaches are hardly an issue.

What is Dropbox?

dropbox dashboard example

Standing as one of the most popular and most used Cloud storage and file sharing software today is Dropbox. Many businessmen and regular users are very familiar with Dropbox. It’s an easy-to-grasp software and its reputation in the community has cemented its spot as one of the top service providers of its kind.

Dropbox gives clients the chance to sync files online and through the client’s several devices with ease. This software has Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, and countless other versions so regardless of what device a client has, Dropbox is almost guaranteed to run on it. A great feature of DropBox is freedom when it comes to sharing files. There’s no restriction on the number of files a user can share and even better is that clients aren’t being limited on how many people he chooses to share these files with.

Aside from this in-demand software, there are countless other file sharing solutions that companies should look into signing up for as soon as possible. Since this new tech is becoming a trend when it comes to how companies share and keep their files, there are many competent developers looking to take advantage of the market. Here are top 10 alternatives to DropBox that one should really try out.

1. Google Drive

google drive dashboard example

Sharing files online isn’t a venture that all are willing to be a part of. For those who aren’t willing to trust their file transactions with just anyone, Google’s own file sharing service should do the work as it’s already an established name in the tech industry. Businessmen can subscribe to Google Drive’s 1TB plan and that subscription is going to be worth it. Google Drive is one of the fastest solutions so file transaction doesn’t take too long to do. Another feature worth noting is Google Drive’s easy-to-use interface which allows users to share files with others in just a few clicks. It has both an app and a desktop version so users can take it whenever they are for emergency transactions. You have plenty of Google Drive alternatives if you’re not happy with this platform

2. Box

box dashboard example

Developers understand that not all businessmen are familiar with the intricacies of software and that’s why most of them try to create simple solutions. One of those simple solutions is Box. Although this file sharing solutions storage capacity isn’t as big as the other brands it competes against, Box makes up for this minor flaw by being one of the file sharing solutions that’s the easiest to use. Even novices with file sharing can get the grasp of Box easily. It’s also a software that caters to professionals so it’s a good choice for businesses and establishments to use Box. For a subscription, clients can get up to 100GB of storage space which should be enough to last them a year or two without having to erase anything. You can try Box alternatives to see if this solution is topnotch.

3. OneDrive

onedrive dashboard example

What better way to secure file sharing and storage than with Microsoft; a company that it is a time-tested giant in the software industry. OneDrive has a version for personal use, but what really shines most is the business version. The business version gives clients access to their files regardless of where they are working and this should be an amazing feature to have for business representatives who are always on the go. OneDrive also boasts one of the most secure solutions to date. Clients shouldn’t have to worry about getting their files tampered with while using OneDrive. It’s available for a number of devices as well so clients don’t have to worry about whether or not their device is compatible. Not happy with this software? Try OneDrive alternatives.

4. Apple iCloud

icloud dashboard example

Apple is a tech giant and it loves getting it’s hands on a lot of fields. One of the fields it got into a few years back is file sharing and storage. The brainchild of this new move is the iCloud. Using this service, users can save any files they want and these files can be accessed on any device regardless of whether or not the client is using an iOS or Windows device. Moreover, iCloud is integrated with essential apps like iCalendar, Microsoft Office, and Pager Duty, all of which are essential to a busy businessman. Through the iCloud, the clients won’t only have access to their files wherever they are, they’ll also have access to their contacts, inbox, and other important things. You have plenty of iCloud alternatives to compare this platform with.

5. Egnyte

egnyte dashboard example

One of the trusted brands when it comes to file sharing and storage is Egnyte. This acclaimed brand has been trusted by some top brands across the globe and there’s no reason why start up businesses should think otherwise of Egnyte. Many praise Egnyte’s dashboard which is easy to understand and get the hang of. The user dashboard is very easy to use and the interface makes organizing an easier job to do. Another reason why Egnyte’s such a fine software is that interested clients can choose from an array of flexible plans depending on what form of business they have. There are plans for office use and huge businesses, all interested clients have to do next is to simply pick which is more suited for them. You can also compare this solution with Egnyte alternatives to see if it’s your best choice.

6. Hightail

hightail dashboard example

Companies who are always sending large files online often find it hard to do so because not all of the file sharing solutions offer a feature that makes this job easy. For jobs like this, one solution to look at is Hightail. The maker touts that this solution is the “professional way of sending files” and no one can argue with that statement as many testimonials does say that Hightail makes sharing heavy files a lot easier. To be precise, clients can send 10GB files safely using Hightail and no other solution offers this kind of convenience. Well, other solutions do offer this kind of feature but none of them can guarantee security like Hightail. Clients can edit files offline and the moment they connect online, the files are updated automatically. If you’re unsure about this software, we also reviewed Hightail alternatives for comparison.

7. SugarSync

sugarsync dashboard example

There are companies who need to be fast-paced and in doing this, everyone in the company being updated on all the recent changes made in an important file is of utmost importance. That’s the field where SugarSync shines at the most. This neat file sharing solution provides a central space wherein every worker and manager can be a part of. Whenever a change is made on a shared file, each of those with access to the file will be updated in real-time. Aside from that, setting up and joining SugarSync is pretty fast and easy. All clients need to do is register a few credentials and important details and the rest is up to the solution to work on. Overall, SugarSync is best for companies who are very competitive and are always raring to go. Remember to compare this solution with SugarSync alternatives for a more informed choice.

8. ShareFile

sharefile dashboard example

ShareFile has been touted as one of the best reviewed file sharing solutions that businessmen could get their hands on. What makes ShareFile such a need software to get is not only it’s very flexible and huge file size limits, ShareFile also allows third-party integration which allows users share through a very secure network. This is big news for businessmen as they’ll be able to make file transactions with nearly anyone without having to worry about others getting to their files.. Those who are using ShareFile will also be making transactions through one of the most secure solutions out there so data breaches are hardly an issue. If you’re not satisfied with the software’s features, consider the ShareFile alternatives.

9. dashboard example

Sync.Com caters to small and large businesses alike. The array of features it has is that of any standard file sharing solutions out there and Sync.Com has been boasted as a good alternative to DropBox. The solution is secure, fast and reliable and that’s why it earns it’s spot as one of the top 10 alternatives to DropBox. With the help of Sync.Com, clients can easily share, edit, view files from an array of devices regardless of whether or not they are online. Aside from being a secure and fast file sharing solution, Sync.Com also prioritizes the privacy of its clients so it’s hard for a client to worry about whether or not his files are being tampered with. Also try alternatives and see if this software passes your assessment.

10. Tresorit

tresorit dashboard example

Rounding up our top 10 alternatives to dropbox is Tresorit. Most companies have files that they want to keep for themselves and unsecure ways to store and share these files are a big no-no. When it comes to providing clients with the most secure and private Cloud server, then Tresorit might just do the trick. Tresorit prides itself on security and with the way it was developed, this solution prevents data breaches, and unauthorized access from unwanted people. Its end-to-end encryption gives clients a big sigh of relief as this is feature is responsible for Tresorit’s top-notch security. Other noteworthy features of Tresorit is it’s organized interface that allows users to upload heavy files with ease. Again, we have Tresorit alternatives just in case you’re unhappy about this platform.

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