Top 10 Alternatives to Time Doctor: Analysis of Leading Time Tracking Software Solutions

The hassles and problems associated with timekeeping have hounded businesses to this day. Organizations continue to deal with lost time, productivity loss and time theft owing to the continued use of old timekeeping methods. Efficient timekeeping has a lot to offer today’s businesses, all the more reason to start tracking your time. These benefits are not limited to the recording of worker attendance. Many such tools have surpassed conventional uses to offer more capabilities such as analytics, security and even mobile optimization.

Time tracking software was developed to effectively manage all sorts of projects with minimal effort and deliver them on time, every time. If you choose to, you can even use such apps to create your own target and deadlines. Potential issues and scenarios can likewise be anticipated, providing ample time to modify procedures to prevent such from materializing. There are more problems that can be resolved with the use of time tracking solutions.

Features that businesses want in a project management software

In this article, we take a look at the top 10 alternatives to Time Doctor. These equally robust tools will be discussed in detail, along with their features, functionalities and pricing.

Advantages of Using Time Tracking Software

There are a lot more benefits that businesses stand to reap from using such systems than simply tracking employee time. Here are some of them:

  1. It boosts productivity. Time tracking software monitors the work that a user performs, along with unproductive periods. Having such data allows users to plan work and get rid of these complications.
  2. It saves time and money. “Cyberslacking” is a practice by which an employee avoids work by searching the Internet for non-work related amusements such as games. This activity causes a business to lose hundreds of working hours in a week as most employees engage in cyberslacking. Time tracking software is known to reduce lost working hours from cyberslacking and therefore, money.
  3. It generates timesheets  Most time tracking software have the ability to generate timesheets based on their records. Such can be used in running payrolls, making the job a lot easier.
  4. It enhances workflows. Improper timekeeping could lead to flawed workflows. With time tracking solutions, managers get to have full visibility into the team, along with improved communication. This way, both employer and employees are always on the same page and know exactly what needs to be done at any given time.

One such platform is Time Doctor, an extremely accurate tool that offers users a detailed analysis of where and how time is spent during every single workday. It is a virtual monitor, allowing businesses to see what websites and apps that their employees use during working hours.

What is Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is a powerful solution that boasts high accuracy in providing users with details on how time is being spent every single day. Users are given a complete view of the websites and apps that staff visit during working hours, along with screenshots of their computer screens every few minutes or so. Aside from accounting for time spent on work, the solution also tracks those spent on breaks, resulting in increased productivity and reduced time losses. The system’s time tracking capability is accurate down to the second, making it ideal for use in billing customers, record keeping or time verification. You can also upgrade your business processes using the tool, as it offers analysis of where exactly time is spent. This will allow for the management of remote workers while maintaining high productivity.

Benefits of Time Doctor

  1. Time tracking. The application performs accurate time tracking, making sure that all employees are efficiently working.
  2. It helps prevent distractions. The system alerts users when they are distracted from doing work.
  3. It monitors websites and apps. Users are given detailed insights into how work time is spent, allowing them to see their weaknesses and work to rectify them.
  4. It lets clients log in. Clients are allowed to log in, without paying extra. Such access can also be white-labeled to reflect your brand and appear on your business domain. Screenshots and task reports can also be viewed by clients.
  5. It can help with payroll. The app can help users pay employees using time tracked as a basis. Payroll can be set up and customized according to payroll periods, while all currencies are supported.
  6. It is private and secure. With Time Doctor, all your data is kept safe, including screenshots, which undergo encryption prior to being sent to the app’s servers. Top-of-the-line encryption tools are used, making sure that all user information are secure.

However, unlike many other tools in the category, Time Doctor has yet to support IP address restrictions, which is a very useful feature, especially in this day of the mobile workforce. This means that workers could claim to be in the office despite being offsite. Time Doctor also does not support advanced tracking options. These are apart from the fact that the app continues to make use of an interface that has been around for quite some time.

Top Time Doctor Alternatives

It is but a fact that no single system can provide all your needs. The same goes for Time Doctor, which, along with its strengths, also has its limitations. For such reasons, we have come up with this top 10 alternatives to Time Doctor, which we believe can provide you with more options in your search for a time tracking tool. Here they are:

1. Wrike

wrike dashboard example

First on our list of top 10 alternatives to Time Doctor, project management platform Wrike is equipped with excellent tools that make sure that work is truly being done. For one, the app’s Activity Stream provides managers with the big picture while being able to micro-manage small tasks. All team activities are likewise monitored by a single dashboard widget, so that users are always abreast of everything that is happening with regards to a project.

Shared activities, on the other hand, are chronologically displayed, while team members can readily view each other’s activity progress at any time. Simply using the @mention feature allows users to draw attention to a particular issue as it also notifies relevant parties automatically. 

Wrike is available in a variety of pricing models, starting at $9.80/user per month.


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Why Use Wrike Instead of Time Doctor?

  1. It allows for the micromanagement of small tasks.
  2. It monitors all team activities.
  3. It automatically notifies users on specific issues.

Why Use Time Doctor Instead of Wrike?

  1. It allows clients to login.
  2. It helps prevent employee distractions.
  3. It can help with payroll.

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2. Zoho Projects

zoho projects dashboard example

Popular project management platform Zoho Projects is a powerful solution that helps users become more productive while being able to deliver projects on time. It has myriad features that are designed to boost team collaboration, project monitoring and productivity, and output. It is also a task monitoring tool that enables staff to discuss and share information at an organizational level.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

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The system is quite secure, with client data accessible only to relevant personnel. As security is of paramount importance to just about any business, users can rest assured that their data are in good hands as all transactions are done in the cloud. Aside from being very intuitive, the system also plays well with just about any system, thanks to its numerous integrations. 

Zoho Projects can be purchased in different pricing models, starting at $20/month (billed annually). For teams of 5 users, the app comes absolutely for free.

Why Use Zoho Projects Instead of Time Doctor?

  1. It boosts collaboration.
  2. It secures user information.
  3. It allows users to discuss and share information.

Why Use Time Doctor Instead of Zoho Projects?

  1. It monitors apps and websites visited.
  2. It can help in payroll runs.
  3. It allows clients to login.

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3. Sage HR

Sage HR is a human resource management solution that is fully loaded with cutting-edge features that help companies streamline HR functions including recruitment, employee performance, and timesheet management.

Depending on your business needs, you can choose from six modules under Sage HR. If you want to focus on improving your recruitment processes and make sure you attract the best candidates, using the Recruitment Management module is can be an excellent tool to achieve this goal. On the other hand, if your HR professionals are having a difficult time tracking employee hours due to different shifts and distributed teams, Sage HR’s Timesheets Management module can address this issue.

The best thing about using Sage HR is that it can reduce all the manual paperwork done by your HR department thanks to its automation features. This means your employees can focus on more valuable work, while the mundane, repetitive tasks involved in human resource work can be automated.

Sage HR

Sage HR

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Why Use Sage HR Instead of Time Doctor?

  1. It has several modules to improve each aspect of your HR functions.
  2. It can lessen manual paperwork via its powerful automation features. 
  3. It can be accessed on mobile devices, so your HR professionals can still be productive on the go. 

Why Use Time Doctor Instead of Sage HR?

  1. It’s a dedicated app for monitoring websites visited. 
  2. If you only need a time tracker and payroll app, it can be a cost-effective solution.
  3. It allows you to drill down on where time was spent for different tasks and activities. 

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4. Clarizen

clarizen dashboard example

An enterprise-grade platform, Clarizen is a project management and social engagement tool rolled into one. These features allow the software to align project teams while directing ideas to the path of execution. It is easy-to-use and can be deployed in no time at all–qualities that have made Clarizen the tool of choice for over 2,300 organizations in 76 countries worldwide. It has powerful monitoring and execution capabilities, helping users find out about obstacles that hinder project progress early on. Such is done by comparing data during critical phases, providing users with the opportunity to generate reports on any such occurrence.

As for data access, the tool has eliminated limitations that come with time and geography, allowing users to access information even while on the go. This, while keeping diverse and distributed teams connected at all times. 

Clarizen’s pricing information are not publicly displayed on its website. You have to contact the vendor and ask for a price quote.

Why Use Clarizen Instead of Time Doctor?

  1. It aligns project teams
  2. It can be quickly deployed.
  3. It allows users to access data even on the go.

Why Use Time Doctor Instead of Clarizen

  1. It makes sure all employees are working efficiently
  2. It helps prevent employee distraction.
  3. It monitors accessed websites and apps.

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5. ProWorkflow

proworkflow dashboard example

A project management solution, ProWorkflow’s emphasis is on helping users collaborate with project teams by focusing on providing them with absolute control and visibility. It has tools and functionalities that would fit businesses of all sizes and types. What’s great about the platform is that it has time tracking and budgeting tools that allow for the streamlining of tasks and project processes.

Quotes and invoices can be generated based on actual and budgeted time spent on tasks and projects. Individual employee workload can also be appraised throughout the duration of a project. For managers, the system’s advanced reporting apps can help identify and measure metrics, from which custom reports may be generated and subsequently used to make informed business decisions. 

ProWorkflow is being sold in three pricing schemes, starting at $10/user per month. If you want to take the app for a spin first, a free trial is also available.

Why Use ProWorkflow Instead of Time Doctor?

  1. It promotes collaboration among project teams.
  2. It’s ideal for any size and type of business.
  3. It streamlines project and task processes.

Why Use Time Doctor Instead of ProWorkflow?

  1. It prevents employee distractions.
  2. It is highly-secure.
  3. It monitors apps and websites that employees access.

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6. Workamajig Platinum

Project management system Workamajig Platinum is known for being a multifunctional and fully-integrated system. It is designed to cater to creative teams of in-house and advertising agencies, allowing them to streamline project planning, management and organization. This cloud-based platform offers users an end-to-end solution to agency management, accounting, resource management and CRM while allowing individuals to focus on their roles by giving them their own apps.

Likewise, productivity and communication get a boost from the solution, ensuring that members work only on the right projects. Resource allocation and project requirements are likewise determined by the system, ensuring that staff allocation remains accurate. Account managers are notified of potential issues even before they become problems, while project profitability reporting and revenue forecasts are also generated. 

Workamajig Platinum can be purchased in different pricing plans, starting at $32/user per month.

Why Use Workamajig Platinum Instead of Time Doctor?

  1. It streamlines project planning and management.
  2. It boosts team communication and productivity.
  3. It determines resource allocation.

Why Use Time Doctor Instead of Workamajig Platinum?

  1. It performs accurate time tracking.
  2. It helps prevent employee distraction.
  3. It monitors apps and websites that employees visit.

Detailed Workamajig Platinum Review

7. Basecamp

basecamp dashboard example

Popular online project management platform Basecamp offers users an easier means by which to organize staff, delegate tasks and monitor work progress. Setting up the system is a breeze while use is even more so, as it does not involve a steep learning curve. It is capable of remote project management as the system is fully mobile-optimized.

Using the software, you’ll be able to organize tasks using to-do lists, which also offer due dates and employees who are assigned to them. Tasks can be prioritized or reordered, making the solution highly-adaptable to your needs. It likewise makes a summary of all accomplishments, allowing users to generate reports automatically. Another great thing about the app is that it allows users to share ideas, proposals or organize convos, ensuring that all team members are always on the same page. It also acts as a documents and files manager, where users can store, share, tag or comment on documents as needed. 

Why Use Basecamp Instead of Time Doctor?

  1. It can be used immediately after setup.
  2. It effectively organizes tasks.
  3. It also serves as a documents and files manager.

Why Use Time Doctor Instead of Basecamp?

  1. It makes sure that all employees are efficiently working.
  2. It helps prevent employee distraction.
  3. It allows clients to login.

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8. Paymo

paymo dashboard example

A modern project management tool designed for SMBs, Paymo is capable of managing projects from inception to finish. This only means that the system takes the place of multiple apps so that a seamless workflow throughout a project’s lifecycle is achieved. It basically makes project management a simple undertaking, by accurately tracking time spent on tasks and projects. It also identifies bottlenecks, helping boost team productivity.  

Time tracking is accomplished by recording time spent on projects and tasks, all of which are done by a desktop app that monitors all activities. This allows for the allocation of time to projects, which is ideal for multi-taskers who often miss clocking in. 

Paymo is being marketed in two distinct pricing models, starting at $9.56/user per month. For those who are interested only in the app’s basic features, a free version is also available.

Why Use Paymo Instead of Time Doctor?

  1. It can manage a project throughout its lifecycle.
  2. It accurately monitors all project activities.
  3. It tracks time spent on projects and tasks.

Why Use Time Doctor Instead of Paymo?

  1. It allows clients to login.
  2. It can be used in payrolls.
  3. It monitors apps and websites accessed by employees.

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9. Harvest

harvest dashboard example

Web-based business management app Harvest was developed to offer individuals and organizations the ability to accurately track time. It can monitor employee time, while being able to create and send out invoices to customers. The solution is easy-to-use, having been equipped with an intelligent interface. It essentially modifies the time tracking process by making it smooth and streamlined.

However, time tracking is not the only thing that the software is good at. It also comes with robust reporting tools that give users access to time, project and budget data. These likewise provide managers with insights that can be used to come up with sound business decisions, project estimates and profitability. 

Harvest can be purchased in a variety of pricing schemes, starting at $12/month. If you want to take it for a spin first, a free trial is also available. 

Why Use Harvest Instead of Time Doctor?

  1. It can generate and send out invoices.
  2. It makes time tracking smooth and streamlined.
  3. It comes with robust reporting tools.

Why Use Time Doctor Instead of Harvest?

  1. It helps prevent distractions.
  2. It monitors apps and websites visited by employees.
  3. It allows even clients to login.

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mavenlink dashboard example

Robust online project management platform Mavenlink is a project management, collaboration, resource planning and financial software, rolled into one. It is a simple easy-to-use platform that has the ability to manage any project and team activity.

However, one remarkable feature of the solution is its ability to track time for every task and expense incurred. Such can be imported/exported with ease as Mavenlink can seamlessly integrate withthe most popular business apps and systems. Assets and resources are also tracked by the system, allowing decision-makers to know key indicators and relevant margins at any time. Also, the platform offers other features such as financial and benefits management, advanced search, automated insights and creative and professional service automation. 

Mavenlink can be availed in different pricing modules, starting at $19/month. For those who want to explore its features first, a free trial is also available.

Why Use Mavenlink Instead of Time Doctor?

  1. It can manage any project and team activity.
  2. It can track time for any expense and task incurred.
  3. It can also track assets and resources.

Why Use Time Doctor Instead of Mavenlink?

  1. It allows clients to login.
  2. It helps prevent employee distraction.
  3. It keeps tabs on sites and apps that employees visit.

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