Who Is Using for Project Management?

Who is using for project management? is used by companies of all sizes across different industries. These organizations use this project management software in different ways but share the same goals of improving productivity, organization, and collaboration. Users include manufacturers, software developers, and familiar brands such as Wix, Discovery and Pioneer Studios.

Project management applications have found numerous applications across business types, industries, and project methodologies. One of these, project management solution has features that are meant to resolve some of the most significant project management problems around. Here, we will seek to answer the question—who is using for project management? is a feature-rich project management platform but its core functionalities revolve around three aspects of project management—collaboration, work organization and enhanced productivity. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the companies who are using We’ll also discuss common use cases and how these organizations have been utilizing the software.

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Being agile is the ultimate goal of every project management team. For some agile project management processes, such as in the case of Scrum, the roles of project managers have been scrapped and distributed within teams, owners and Scrum masters. Each stakeholder is assigned a set of responsibilities that make it possible for the realization of a project’s goals. Top online project management tools, more often than not, offer this. In addition, agile project management is known to resolve a variety of project management problems like the ones below.

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Most Significant Project Management Problems 2018

Most Significant Project Management Problems 2018
Lack of trained workers: 24

Lack of trained workers

Most Significant Project Management Problems 2018
Unexpected work changes: 22

Unexpected work changes

Most Significant Project Management Problems 2018
Project team communication: 16

Project team communication

Most Significant Project Management Problems 2018
Contingent work not finished on time: 14

Contingent work not finished on time

Most Significant Project Management Problems 2018
Project material and equipment ordering: 11

Project material and equipment ordering

Most Significant Project Management Problems 2018
Adapting plan to changes: 7

Adapting plan to changes

Most Significant Project Management Problems 2018
Cost tracking and reducing overruns: 6

Cost tracking and reducing overruns



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A common problem among project managers, costs, risks and overall value continue to plague projects to this day. But ensuring timely project delivery times can help mitigate these problems. According to a report, companies who are capable of delivering projects on time improves value and control costs while minimizing risks. And guess what? project management software helps improve delivery times.

However, despite the benefits that project management software, the problem of slow adoption still persists. In fact, only 22% of companies have been found to use project management software. Also, project management continues to undergo change, resulting in companies’need for tools that can adapt as changes occur.  Flexibility is always a must-have for such systems, a quality that makes robust project management software like the go-to tool for highly-competitive organizations. Most project management reviews you’ll find on the Internet present basic features of similar products, things that has but is not limited to.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for free trial here.

Who is Using for Project Management?

Discovery, Inc.

Discovery Inc. uses to keep its creative team organized and always on top of its deliverables. The team is responsible for creating B2B sales and marketing materials more than 17 networks. The company found itself juggling between creative talents just to meet the requirements of its clients. Customer requirements dictate that custom solutions be drafted by the company, with their clients serving as focal point for the materials.

The company works on different types of materials across different networks and platforms. To deal with this complex process, Discovery Inc. uses’s creative project management tools. What the tool does is basically identify every need of each creative project. Projects can be moved for approval, put on hold or marked completed as the situation demands. Task assignment is also made easy with the tool, which also identifies that best resources to use on a task.


Popular app developer Wix is another prominent user of The company utilizes the qpp for managing events like meetings and conferences. Users benefit from the app by staying informed of what events will take place, who will the principal event sponsors be and who the participants in the event are.

The software makes event management straight and simple, displaying individual events. All events displayed in the dashboard are organized into a variety of groups by country. gives users visibility across all their events, eliminating the need to switch between different systems. Work efficiency and team communication are likewise improved, with a common context shared among various teams from different geographies.


Software developer Loginno used to manage tasks with Google spreadsheets and Google Keep, making regular reporting necessary. The company developed a more efficient system when it started using Loginno created a software development template using the solution, which can be updated as needed. Indeed, turning to a top project management software for developers has significantly boosted Loginno’s software development processes.

However, the template is not confined to software development as it can also be used to craft any idea into reality. It facilitates task creation, prioritization, and assignment while tracking task completion times. All tasks are also visible to users, allowing them to understand task status at a glance. Using the system has resulted in faster project completion times and time savings for the company. comes with a variety of pre-built templates.

CSU Advancement Marketing

Marketing firm CSU Advancement Marketing is poised for growth but was having difficulty tracking the high volume of projects it receives. The company had been using spreadsheets prior to discovering, tools that are handy at times but are not exactly that hot when used in project management. Modern project management software features eliminate the need to use these outdated methodologies.

All the company’s project management workflows were simplified by, including task assignment, management, and scheduling. The tool has also improved team productivity while allowing managers to set a specific timeline for every project. This way, over-promising project delivery dates are avoided. 


Sevencapital uses to plan, write, produce and distribute all their content, all of which are tracked using the tool’s content calendar. The company modified the board to help it review content from various teams by adding custom fields. The move simplified Sevencapital’s content tracking process across the company.

The template created by the company has improved its workflows as users are provided with total visibility over their projects. It also helped teams save time by letting them focus on content creation and distribution. In addition, Sevencapital’s design team are also able to track content, enabling them to quickly come up with great graphics.

Pioneer Studios

For Pioneer Studios,’s ability to track both monthly and annual expenses proved to be a boon. The system comes with a board that lets you view all monthly and yearly expenses, along with outgoing payments. As you will find in many project management books, this feature makes it easier for users to better understand their overheads.

Also, can help users get a snapshot of its costs and anticipate large payments. Time spent on data entry is reduced as users need only a single day in a month to make all the needed updates. Another good thing about the solution is that it can handle recurring payments despite any changes in bank accounts or the addition of new credit cards.


Ofcdesk was looking for a project management tool that can help them keep track of new projects. Good thing they decided on, which alerts development teams whenever a new project is approved by a client. This works well, especially for repeat businesses. It likewise works for the company’s sales team as the system can track project status and invoice.

Ofcdesk also uses to assign tasks while tapping project managers to work on more pressing jobs. Teams that handle specific products and services can easily receive tasks as the solution organizes them by products, allowing for easy task assignment. But perhaps, the tool’s best attribute is its ability to give teams a heads up whenever work should get started on a project.

You can easily manage your teams’ tasks with

Boreal Technique

One notable feature of is being able to manage the sales process. And this is just what Boreal Technique accomplished using the app’s sales tracking feature. First, it created a template, which makes all project information accessible from a single dashboard. The board gives users access to anything relevant to a project—contract value, projects, customers and place of contract, to name a few.

The system tracks estimates from the time an estimate is created to post-purchase. The status of a sale is changed as modifications to a deal take place. Forgetting any detail is virtually impossible as every status is equivalent to an action. In a nutshell, the board serves as a worksheet for sales reps, who work with the system most of the time.


For Amsprotractor, was very handy when it comes to tracking their implementation and onboarding processes. The solution lets users identify the sales agent and personnel responsible for an order. The template created by the company helps users identify how the implementation and onboarding processes are doing and even see if any customers are unable to keep up.

Using the feature has enabled Amsprotractor to boost its sales and adopt a remote setup. It has also enabled the company to handle multiple parallel projects at a time, which was just impossible with its old system. And since bottlenecks are reduced, all project data are readily accessible. helps you manage your processes.


For elevator manufacturing firm PLI, managing production flow has always been a challenge. But turned the tide for the company. The software allowed PLI  to view individual jobs on the production floor while providing them with an idea of incoming jobs. The software covers all aspects of production ranging from engineering to metal fabrication to finishing. Heck, it even takes the company through the billing and shipping stages.

The solution works through a board that allows users to create product categories. These categories are divided into those that are “in production” and those “in que.” Task assignees can be tagged using a checklist, which they, in turn, can use to confirm task completion. And because the system is able to display all jobs in real-time all team members can monitor how jobs are doing on the production floor.


Noviqu uses a template to plan and execute its agile sprints on a weekly basis. The software works by setting tasks as pulses with an estimated time of completion appropriated to each pulse and user story. The process allows the company to track tasks, including status. Using the software has remarkably improved Noviqu’s workflows, getting rid of the need for notes scribbled on post-its.

The board that the company uses basically represents a week’s worth of workload. User groups are represented by user stories, which are stated in a simple straightforward manner, detailing work goals and how to achieve them. How pulses should be done are voted upon by team members. Team members are then allowed to pick the tasks they want to work on. 

Manage weekly tasks easily with

Are You Ready to Make That Change?

Now, you may be thinking if worked with the aforementioned companies, perhaps, it would for you too. And you’re not wrong in thinking this. It is evident from the use cases presented that has something to offer just about any company as one of the more reliable project management solutions in the market. It does not matter what product or service you are offering or what workflows you have in place, the software can still work for you.

If you’re still relying on traditional systems for your project management needs, maybe it’s time you embrace a modern tool like It can help you manage, assign and schedule just about any task. You can also track sales, production and even new projects. Also, you no longer have to jump from one system to another as has every piece of project information you need, which can be accessed through the dashboard. These feature are but some of the reasons for the popularity of project management software. Just look at project management statistics to confirm this.

By now, you most probably have made up your mind about With all the powerful features that this tool offers, it’s not really that hard to recognize that you need such a tool. However, if you’re still unconvinced, then you should take it for a spin. You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for free trial here.

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