Is Top Choice for Intuitive Visual Project Management?

Is the top choice for intuitive visual project management? is definitely one of the top intuitive visual project management tools, considering its numerous features that transform project information into easy-to-understand visuals. The software’s support for collaboration also enhances the benefits from visualizations by providing a central communication hub that keeps all project team members on the same page.

The continued demand for information-driven project planning and real-time analysis is seen to drive businesses’ reliance on visual project management. One platform known for visual project management features is This intuitive tool comes with numerous features designed to replace text-based displays. But is the top intuitive visual project management software?

In this article, we will discuss some of the tool’s visual project management qualities. After this reading, you should be able to gain a deeper understanding of how visual project management can benefit your business.

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Project management helping businesses minimize loss of money has made it a popular methodology. But visual project management is becoming a better alternative to traditional project management tools like reports and spreadsheets owing to their impact on the way users process information.

Visualization of data with the use of charts of graphs has proved to be better replacements to conventional tools. Visuals easily convey concepts that are critical to the success of a project, making them today’s favored tools.

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Project Management Performance in 2018

Project Management Performance in 2018
Projects that met original goals: 78%

Projects that met original goals

Project Management Performance in 2018
Project completed within budget: 67%

Project completed within budget

Project Management Performance in 2018
Project completed on time: 64%

Project completed on time

Project Management Performance in 2018
Project experiencing scope creep: 45%

Project experiencing scope creep

Project Management Performance in 2018
Projects deemed failures: 12%

Projects deemed failures


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Many organizations now rely on visual project management to help them save time and realize deliverables, unlike before when 50% of companies spend days collating reports.

Visual project management features that users go for include vidual innovations such as Kanban boards, task and activity view, project team dashboards, and calendar view.

These visuals provide users with greater visibility over every aspect of a project, ensuring better workflows and faster project completion times. is designed to function as a visual project management tool, with a communications hub that makes working as a group a more dynamic activity.

Its transparency provides teams with a clear view of tasks and their statuses. These are but some of the visual project management components of

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for free trial here.

Why is the Top Intuitive Visual Project Management Software?

To provide you with a clear picture of how supports visual project management, we need to dive into its features. The platform is known to offer beneficial project management software benefits, but which ones make it the ideal visual project management software? Here, we discuss what the solution brings to the table in terms of visual project management.

It Easily Lets You Assign Tasks lets you assign tasks and track their progress through completion. The software allows you to stay on top of your project management game and efficiently meet your deadlines. You also get to know task information at a glance, including the task owner while being able to follow task status.

What’s more, you can call the attention of anyone working on the task as the system allows for better communication among managers and team members. Project management statistics will show you how businesses have been benefiting from these features.

view tasks and progress

Project team members and managers can view task progress with

You Work from a Single Console

One striking feature of is its ability to store all project-related information in a single hub. It is a feature that results in a convenient system that lets you access any project data from a single dashboard.

All information can be accessed by all relevant users, allowing your team to put their heads together when making data-driven decisions. This feature makes one of the versatile project management platforms around.

It Gives You Functional Boards lets you use boards to manage everything in your project. You can go and use the pre-built templates that come with the system once you have familiarized yourself with boards.

These templates can be used to manage a variety of projects, including sales flows, issue tracking, software development, and marketing. Working with these templates is quite easy as they can be customized to fit your workflows.

use templates

Create your own or use the pre-built templates that come with

It Allows You to Beat Deadlines

You’ll never have to miss a deadline again because enables you to identify what needs to be done early on. You only need to determine what tasks need completing to be able to create them and set deadlines.

The system lets you see both completed and overdue tasks. The functionality is quite useful to growing businesses that are continually trying to beat deadlines by using top project management tools.

It Gives You a Timeline View

Using will give you a visual timeline view that is updated continuously. This board displays everything you know about your projects and tasks, including status and deadlines.

This view eliminates the need to switch from one window to another to see the information you want. All your project data are stored in a single location and represented by visuals.

timeline view gives you a timeline view of your process management.

It Easily Lets You Track Progress

Another visual project management capability of is that it allows you to track the progress of your projects and tasks using reports. The tool connects projects and functions and stores them in a spreadsheet using powerful analytics.

These spreadsheets can be searched and accessed by any relevant user. Meanwhile, figures in each report contain can be easily understood and provide actionable insights.

track progress

Track the progress of your tasks with

Its Kanban View Is Easy to Grasp

If you need to improve the way you organize your tasks and projects, provides you with Kanban view. Kanban remains a standard project management method owing to flexibility, simplicity, and visual nature.

A single click will give you a view of items in Kanban mode. The visual also enables you to modify a task status by using its drag-and-drop functionality. New entries can be created straight from the Kanban view, which automatically shows up in both the board and Kanban view.

It Works with Tags’s tag feature is designed to help you organize and track your tasks, projects, and to-do’s across your boards. All you need to do is add a column and write and tag anything you want.

The same tag can be used over and over again if you choose to. If you need to use different tags, you can do so from a dropdown menu, which displays all tags used in a particular board.

You can view all tagged pulses regardless of what board they’re in, including shareable and private boards. The view can be used the way you want to and gives you the ability to prioritize, categorize, and keep tabs on your tasks.

Tags are useful to project managers who work on projects across a variety of departments. Businesses in point include software developers who depend on best project management software to organize their work. Are You Ready to Go Visual? truly offers a more viable alternative to text-based project management by visualizing critical project data. The tool is bound to increase its user base, with more and more companies committing to visual project management.

The platform’s popularity stems from the advantages that visuals bring to the table. Visual project management allows users to understand data without having to process complex text-based information. This is why it is considered to be one of the best project management solutions in the market today.

More than these, is easy to use and does not require users to possess too much technical knowledge. Using the platform in conjunction with efficient project management approaches is bound to result in project success.

By now may have made up your mind about taking advantage of’s visual project management capabilities. You can leverage the tool’s project and task management features, progress tracking, boards, and scheduling functionalities to improve project outcomes.

These benefits are reason enough to adopt the system. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for free trial here.

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