Review of Brightpearl: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning Inventory Management & ERP Software

bpthBrightpearl is one of the best multi-channel retail management applications. It helps companies manage all the main aspects of their business—accounting, reporting, customer data, inventory, and handling orders—in one place. In this Brightpearl reviews, we will scrutinize all the important features of the app and discuss the main aspects and benefits of this service. We will also discuss common user comments about the application in order to help you better understand what customers using Brightpearl think about it. Hopefully, with this review you’ll get to know Brightpearl better and our analysis will help you decide if its a software that can actually fulfill your business needs.

Brightpearl really impressed our review experts. In our deep analysis of all leading solutions from the same category it got a high score and a few awards. We will reveal more information about the reasons for these awards later in the review. You will also be able to read our interview with Brightpearl’s CEO who answered a few of our questions about the app’s usability and its capability to solve specific problems.

If you wish to check how Brightpearl can boost your company’s productivity, you can also easily test ride its features by booking a demo to get a hands-on experience with all the important features.

What are the Highlights of Brightpearl?

  • It is a cloud software that offers many useful features in one integrated system
  • Inventory and order data are accurate and integrated across all channels
  • You can use one central hub to manage orders across your sales channels
  • It reduces stockouts by automatically updating inventory levels and reorder statuses
  • All employees can access real-time customer information
  • It offers real-time automatic syncing and seamless integration


You can learn more about Brightpearl advantages and disadvantages by reading the full review of this product on our site.

5 Things We Like about Brightpearl

Order Management


Customer orders are fulfilled by a sequence of activities in the app. Orders can be either automatically downloaded or created manually, as a benefit of the various integrations of Brightpearl with the top online selling sites like Shopify and Magento. To eliminate the possibility of double-selling one item, inventory levels automatically decreases in all sales channels.

The order management functionality of Brightpearl ensures data consistency and accuracy. It enables sellers have their order completion plans standardized as well as use filters to maximize their stock levels using sales channel, order data, shipping method, etc. Such functionality informs retailers which brands or products are more appropriate for certain channels and which improvement strategies are required to boost sales and enhance client satisfaction.

Inventory Management


Brightpearl makes inventory replenishment easy. You simply need to send the supplier an email and the moment the delivery is received, you label the purchase order as completed, which automatically adds to the inventory levels. The data is centralized which makes it easy to know which supplier you need to pay and the corresponding costs.

Brightpearl helps growing businesses simplify the inherently complicated processes of managing inventories. The software automatically increases or decreases the levels of your inventories in relevant sales channels, either as received or sold items. Plus, you can generate cash flow summaries and inventory audit trails in actual time.

Shipping Management

Since order details are sent automatically to your depots, retailers can quickly deliver customer orders. Customers receive emails that contain tracking references and these are returned to your retailers. After the shipping is completed, the accounting functionality of Brightpearl is updated with the cost of inventory which tells you the generated profit figures.

Brightpearl’s shipping management system gives you complete oversight of your entire shipping process. It also helps you to more efficiently prioritize orders based on the schedule, customer, or shipping method. For more customization and automation, the app can collaborate with popular online selling shipping fulfillment applications like Metapack, Shipstation, and Shipworks.

 Integration with Online Payment Systems


Customers can pay through PayPal, SagePay,, Stripe, and WorldPay. Brightpearl integrates with PayPal as a method of payment for downloading transactions. Payment processing can be set up within the app to enable customers make payments via PayPal using your online site. The app records all online payments made using PayPal, which include transaction information that are reflected in the transaction log of PayPal. Through Brightpearl’s integration function, all transaction information with PayPal can be synced.

Brightpearl also allows online payments using SagePay, either through back-office payments (e.g., MOTO) or via its own website. This feature enables customers to use the traditional phone-based payments. For Magento Users, payment arrangements via SafePay can be conducted using Magento.

Automated Accounting in Real-Time


It offers a comprehensive accounting solution that helps users to track daily sold items, find out which sellers are generating profits, which products are performing well in the market, and other details. Revenues can be evaluated by SKU, customer, or channel, helping sellers to make sound investments in better-performing channels and products.

Brightpearl also provides various comprehensive reports that are accessible to your accounting staff to make new entries, updates, or adjustments. Users can export or download data in CSV format. The vendor’s customer support team offers an online library of video tutorials, responsive email support available 24/7, documentations, and onboarding services to provide training to get you started.

Brightpearl Pricing Plans

Brightpearl offers three quote-based pricing plans that are tailored for your requirements as a high growth business, enterprise or brand leader. Below are some details.

High Growth 

This plan offers sales and retail solutions for high growth companies with annual gross merchandise volume (GMV) from $500K to $2 million, up to 2,000 orders per month, two to five sales channels, and one or two stock locations. The plan gives you options to integrate through plugins all the current software you’re using, sync inventory management across your sales channels, and automate processes from end-to-end.


For those with annual GMV of up to $5 million; orders per month from 2,000 to 5,000; two to five sales channels; one to three stock locations; and 10 to 30 staff. The plan can be fully customized to match exactly with your business operations and needs, with options for ERP and a retail-specific platform.

Brand Leader

This is designed for businesses with over $5 million GMV per year; more than 5,000 orders per month; five or more sales channels; multiple stock locations; and staff of over 30. The plan gives you options for a large accounting-focused ERP, tech resources for a fully operational system, and a platform that is retail-specific with best practice processes built-in.

You can find more information about Brightpearl prices here.

What Customers Say About Brightpearl

We analyzed a lot of online user comments about Brightpearl and found that most customers use this application for order management, multichannel retail, and inventory management. Here are some of most frequently appearing comments about Brightpearl.

Richard, a user from the retail industry, said Brightpearl has helped him streamline all his business processes. As a result, he has “been able to keep staff to an absolute minimum as turnover has grown.” Plus, he has been able to add sales channels and manage them without extra staff which makes these channels profitable.

Another user, Priscilla, described Brightpearl’s interface and inventory management as impressive features. She said that the “interface allows a small business to act like a big business.” Plus, Brightpearl helps her “efficiently manage hundreds, if not thousands of different inventory items.” She also added that Brightpearl helps her categorize things in a meaningful way.

Joy, a bookkeeper from Atlanta, said she found Brightpearl’s reporting, inventory tracking, and customer service features particularly useful. She highlighted the excellent support offered by Brightpearl saying, “The customer service is awesome, they respond very quickly with any question/comment we may have.

An Interview with the CIO of Brightpearl

Andrew Porter CEO of Brightpearl

Andrew Porter
CIO of Brightpearl

We talked to Andrew Porter, CIO of Brightpearl, and asked him a few questions about the effectiveness of his application and how exactly it can help users in their daily work. Here’s what he told us:

Why is Brightpearl unique or different from its competitors? 

Porter pointed out two most important value propositions of Brightpearl. First of all, he said, Brightpearl is a cloud-based order and inventory management system for multi-channel retail and wholesale businesses. He pointed out that “the application offers a rich API around the core functional areas — customers, suppliers, orders, inventory, warehouse management, and accounts — which allows the platform to be integrated into the broader marketplace.

The CEO also pointed out that Brightpearl currently supports 1,200+ independent merchants who processed over $2 billion of gross merchandise value (GMV) in the last 12 months. He specified that the reason they chose to run their businesses on Brightpearl is “because it offers them the control, efficiency, and insight previously only available to much larger enterprises.

What typical problems can be solved by Brightpearl? 

Porter explained that Brightpearl helps you take control of your selling channels. Selling through more than one channel immediately creates complexity. This is where Brightpearl is helpful, said Porter, as “with our software you have a central location for all your orders, and a unified workflow for managing them through to delivery.” He also mentioned that you can easily configure Brightpearl to immediately allocate goods from the appropriate warehouse or store for efficient fulfillment. The software will automatically update channels as goods are allocated, preventing any double selling.

The CEO pointed out that one of the best elements of Brightpearl is that it helps you serve your customers efficiently. “Companies find it difficult to cope with increased volume of orders“, he said. “To handle the large volumes businesses can use Brightpearl to efficiently fulfill orders, whether that is through an efficient print, pick, pack, and ship process, back-to-back ordering and/or drop-shipping. They can select from a wide range of shipper integrations available in Brightpearl to secure the best shipping rates.

Finally, Porter shared his opinion on how to use insight to increase the lifetime value of your customers. “It pays to identify repeat customers and communicate effectively with them. Brightpearl can help in this aspect as businesses can use it to automatically log all orders, returns, payments, and email communications against the customer timeline. They can use past behaviour to segment their customer base and then deploy an integrated email marketing tool to send messages relevant to each segment.

Brightpearl SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction

Our experts have prepared thorough Brightpearl reviews detailing all its features, pricing and other important aspects. The application has received a very high SmartScore of 9.3/10, and our customer satisfaction algorithm gives it an impressive rating of 98%. If you have a B2B software product that you would like to have reviewed for any of’s awards or quality certificates please contact us.


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