Pros and Cons of amoCRM: Evaluation of the Popular CRM Software

AmoCRM is a cloud-hosted CRM software designed to help small sales teams close more deals and increase business revenues. Its easy and smart automation capability streamlines vital lead and sales processes, enabling you to develop contacts into leads and eventually convert them to buying customers.

Have you ever felt that your CRM solution is bogging you down instead of driving your sales team and business forward? Rather than providing you benefits, it seems to be giving you more stress. There are warning signs that your CRM is not working for you:

  • It is not easy to use for you and your team.
  • You have to manually integrate other apps.
  • You can’t find data or information that you need.
  • It takes you hours to maintain data quality and integrity.
  • It requires you to input the same information in different fields.
  • It takes time to produce standard reports.
  • You have poor conversion rate.

If you’re experiencing any or all of the above, it’s time to overhaul your CRM software or get a better one. Consider trying out amoCRM to supercharge your leads and sales activities. In this article, we’ll present to you the pros and cons of amoCRM so that you are fully informed of its capabilities. You can easily sign up for amoCRM free trial here.

The visual below shows you some of the most important benefits that a good CRM can bring to your frontline sales, marketing, and support initiatives. The fact is not lost on businesses, big and small alike, which have realized CRM’s many advantages and driving its adoption. Statistics show that half of small companies with less than 10 employees use CRM, and an overwhelming 91% of companies with more than 11 employees use CRM.


What features and capabilities should a good CRM have? Look no further than amoCRM with its comprehensive tools and rich offerings:

  1. Contact management
  2. Lead management
  3. Lead generation
  4. Lead nurturing
  5. Sales pipeline
  6. Sales reports
  7. Sales automation
  8. Pipeline automation
  9. Custom fields
  10. Email integration
  11. Import/export
  12. Tags
  13. Task management
  14. Widget integrations
  15. Webforms
  16. Webform placement
  17. Landing pages
  18. API
  19. Webform builder
  20. Customer activity tracking
  21. Design settings
  22. Mobile CRM app
  23. Business card scanner
  24. Contact sync
  25. Caller ID
  26. Smart notifications
  27. Cloud sync
  28. 2-way email sync
  29. Personal and shared inboxes
  30. Lead grabbing from email
  31. Smart email addresses
  32. Email marketing
  33. Email templates
  34. Built-in VoIP
  35. One-click dialing
  36. Call recording and logging
  37. Call redirection
  38. Built-in team messaging
  39. Recurring sales
  40. Extensions

We have gone over this CRM software and have come up with the pros and cons of amoCRM in order to provide you detailed information on the product’s functionality, benefits and downsides. Subscribing to the SaaS solution won’t break the bank as it is offered in three budget-friendly premium plans. With this write-up on the pros and cons of amoCRM, you’ll learn all about the software and determine if it is the right CRM solution you’re looking for your business.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty and gritty and analyze the main pros and cons of amoCRM. Why should you choose this app among the scores of CRM solutions available in the market? The reason is this product offers almost all the key tools you can expect from a high-quality CRM product. What is more, its interface is simple and easy to use for small teams and at the same time the platform offers advanced features for the needs of fast-growing companies and large enterprises.

Pros and Cons of amoCRM

Automated digital pipeline

This sets up your entire sales process in auto mode. It completely automates your lead nurture and follow-up sequences, sending emails and displaying targeted digital ads, enabling you to engage prospects and keep them moving forward. Leads are guided seamlessly through your sales flow, so whether its showing leads targeted ads, alerting a rep to call, or even adding data to analytics, amoCRM puts all the pieces in place.

The digital pipeline tracks lead behaviors, triggering nurture and follow-ups with the most responsive leads. You can set it in such a way that when leads visit your pricing page, it prompts a task for the responsible sales rep to call them. You simply choose which lead behavior sets off which actions and the system does the rest. This keeps leads engaged and moving through your pipeline automatically with the system taking care of repetitive tasks.

Focused ad campaign

As a result of your automated sales pipeline, you can now focus your add campaign on the right prospects. You can combine the automation precision of your digital pipeline with the power of Facebook ads to display ads only to leads who have reached a specific sales stage. By showing ads to the right prospects at the right time, leads are guided well in the sales pipeline which increases the chances of conversion and closing a sale. Your targeted advertising is facilitated by automated lead nurturing to ensure that no information or corresponding action slips through.

Easy to use

AmoCRM offers a familiar and user-friendly interface with minimal learning curve. Your sales team can use this app to improve their relationships with customers and ensure no prospect or client is missed. The platform collects all important info on a single dashboard that your sales agents can use as the main hub to perform their operations. They don’t have to waste time clicking around vague features as they can do all main tasks by pushing a single button. On top of that, their mobile app is also easy to adopt and use.

Helps track all prospects closely

AmoCRM helps you to make maximum use of the leads and prospects you have gathered. It collects leads from all communication channels and organizes their contact and behavior information for your benefit. The channels include phone numbers, live chat, email addresses and social media. This ensures that all prospects are effectively added to your leads list.

Scan and log business cards instantly

A sophisticated business card scanner is one of the unique features offered by amoCRM. You can use it to import your prospect’s data quickly and easily, and make entries from any location. It is a fast and effective deal-closure mechanism that can be used profitably by creative sales teams.

Syncs client emails completely

Most enterprises invest in a CRM system because they are unable to keep track of all their email correspondence and find it difficult to resolve queries using multiple accounts at the same time. The designers of amoCRM know this fact well, that’s why the app has been empowered to completely sync all customer emails. You can attach all communication history and addresses to the lead’s profile and access this info from anywhere, anytime.

Click-to-call fast dialing

AmoCRM enables your customers to contact you quickly and easily by embedding a one-click button on your website. This option is also available in each client’s profile, enabling you contact them immediately without using your office or mobile phone. Plus, the platform records and logs these calls, enabling you to use them later for statistical and analytical purposes. Currently, however, you cannot export raw data such as inbound and outbound calls which limits the software’s reporting capability. Hopefully it will be introduced in the next version of the app.

Sophisticated customer tracking

AmoCRM not only helps you to add customers to your database, it also assists in managing your relationships with them. The app offers a dedicated pipeline activity view for each client enabling you to easily identify churning locations, and make sure your clients get back to performing the actions you desire from them.

Digital ads

Your sales agents can use amoCRM to effectively engage customers as the solution offers a digital pipeline to nurture prospects and automate follow-ups. Based on this pipeline, the platform sends emails to targeted leads, displays digital ads, and encourages them to get more info about your product or service. Basically, it makes the job of your sales agents much easier as it prepares and informs those leads thoroughly.

Useful collaboration features

AmoCRM offers a fast and dedicated communication platform for your sales team which means your company does not have to invest in additional software for this work. The app’s intelligent notification center ensures all messages are read and helps to complete tasks more quickly.

Knowledgeable customer support

The vendor knows the importance of quality customer support and that is why their reliable and knowledgeable tech agents are available any time to provide prompt assistance via phone, live chat, and email. While the system is very intuitive, having an extra training resource such as comprehensive tutorial would be most welcome.

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