Top 10 Alternatives to CoConstruct: Popular Construction Management Solutions

CoConstruct is a web-based and mobile construction project management solution designed to meet the needs of builders and design-build companies. It offers three functionality modules to help builders and remodelers meet common project challenges such as activity planning, scheduling, client communication, and budgeting. In this article, we analyze the main features and benefits of this app and compare them with those offered by top CoConstruct alternatives.

What is CoConstruct?

What makes CoConstruct stand out in the market is its unique design that enables management of perpetually changing concepts, instead of limiting constructors to particular types of materials, designs, and activities. The vendor’s development team has made this possible by offering unrestrained customization and this product accommodates client revisions and modifications. This is the app’s main secret for streamlining customer communication.

How does CoConstruct improve business productivity? To start, this single-entry and estimation solution gathers all important information in a single hub, from where you can manage budgets, bids, orders, and even specific selections. You can use dedicated client portals as well as lead and content tracking to help your company manage all orders and deliver top rate notch customer service. The app also offers a comprehensive financial module that you can use to manage proposals and estimates, handle biddings, and generate summaries for intelligent forecasting.

CoConstruct is a cloud-hosted system which means you don’t need to worry about installation and maintenance. Plus, it offers an intuitive interface which makes it easy to learn and use. The pricing is reasonable as the vendor offers customized individual quotes for each customer. Finally, the app integrates seamlessly with any software environment to boost efficiency and productivity.

If you’d like to try out the software on your own the vendor offers a great free demo that will let you see all key features in action. You can easily request a free demo of CoConstruct here.

Benefits of CoConstruct

  • Streamlines scheduling and project coordination
  • Simplifies bidding
  • Facilitates better internal and external communication
  • Enables budgeting, accounting, and finance control
  • Marketing and customized branding
  • Native mobile apps
  • Simplifies timesheet management
  • Helps to improve client communication

If you think CoConstruct is too basic for your needs, do not go away. Read on to learn about the main features and benefits of top CoConstruct alternatives. We give you good reasons why you should consider CoConstruct instead of the alternative app and vice versa.

Top 10 CoConstruct Alternatives

1. PlanGrid

PlanGrid is a sophisticated software solution that provides tools to meet all online construction management needs. In particular, it facilitates collaboration on project plans, punchlists, RFIs, photos, and specs utilizing desktop or mobile devices in real-time from anywhere.

PlanGrid is an intuitive, sheet-based construction system that helps users to build from the current set and enables them to control problems such as overruns in schedule and cost. For this reason, it has been used by top construction companies on more than 400,000 projects. It currently stores more than 30 million pages of digital blueprints and has become one of the most downloaded construction management applications. If you want to look beyond this app, browse these viable PlanGrid alternatives here.

Why use PlanGrid instead of CoConstruct?

  • Its basic packages are cheaper.
  • It takes care of the whole lifecycle of an RFI (request for information).
  • Thanks to its built-in cloud technology, you can maintain just one master set.
  • It eliminates time and effort wasted on doing manual data entry.

Why use CoConstruct instead of PlanGrid?

  • It offers a more extensive feature set.
  • It keeps the selections process simple and flexible for both team members and clients.
  • It helps you to provide individualized and knowledgeable client support.
  • It assists your agents to collect information for accurate financial planning and smarter decisions.

2. Autodesk BIM 360

Autodesk BIM 360 is a comprehensive project management solution designed for the construction industry. The system helps project, field, and BIM managers to accelerate delivery of their projects while staying within budget and adhere to project specifications, safety rules, and industry standards.

Autodesk BIM 360 equips teams with the tools they need to better coordinate their activities, effectively design and implement work schedules, improve communications, and resolve issues quickly. These benefits enable managers to exercise full control over their projects and complete them more quickly and efficiently. To offer you a wider choice, we present good Autodesk BIM 360 alternatives here.

Why use Autodesk BIM 360 instead of CoConstruct?

  • It can be used by design teams, project engineers, subcontractors, virtual construction managers, and superintendents.
  • It enables construction management professionals to exercise full control over the processes and phases of their projects.
  • Project managers can centralize all information and make them easily accessible to team members.
  • It comes with a useful documentation module.

Why use CoConstruct instead of Autodesk BIM 360?

  • It is a flexible system that helps companies make the right selections.
  • It works well for standardized and custom projects.
  • Your creative team can organize all activities and understand all specs, prices, and documents related to each project.
  • The solution’s drag-and-drop mechanism makes it easy to manage projects and tasks.

3. Procore

Procore is a popular construction management system that helps companies to enhance project accountability and efficiency by streamlining and mobilizing project documentation and communication. This real time data and accessibility minimizes delays and risks, and improves profits. For these reasons, this app is used by numerous customers to manage all types of construction projects including industrial plants, office buildings, apartment complexes, university facilities, retail centers and more. The product is designed on three basic ideas: the vendor listens to customer issues, develops easy-to-use solutions for these issues, and ensures clients are able to use the systems immediately. If you want more options, consider these good Procore alternatives here.

Why use Procore instead of CoConstruct?

  • The vendor’s team works with users to create new features and build the software.
  • Its user-centric product development makes the solution easy to use.
  • It facilitates unlimited collaboration in real time.
  • It streamlines construction project management.

Why use CoConstruct instead of Procore?

  • It helps to save time with single-entry estimations.
  • The system helps to create bids in minutes.
  • It is a smart solution that enables you to focus only on promising works and projects.
  • It helps to improve internal and external communication.

4. e-Builder

e-Builder is a construction management solution that is designed for the needs of construction professionals and facility owners. The app focuses on providing low-risk, fast-deployment options to its users.

e-Builder is a fully-integrated, cloud-based, owner-centric construction management solution. It is also a reliable central repository and knowledge-base for enhancing performance. The app allows owners to easily manage all steps of the capital project delivery process including planning, design, procurement, construction, and operations. This cloud-based product reduces cycle times, saves dollars, minimizes risks, and boosts productivity. To offer you more good choices, we present viable e-Builder alternatives here.

Why use e-Builder instead of CoConstruct?

  • It offers financial control and audit features in a secure environment.
  • You can manage project budgets across one project or even an entire construction program.
  • Its forecasting feature enables better budget planning and management.
  • It allows users to build their own workflows.

Why use CoConstruct instead of e-Builder?

  • It offers attractive pre-made templates you can use to make proposals more engaging.
  • It provides a dedicated communication module and a range of advanced features that make communication easier.
  • It helps to make your brand look more professional and credible.
  • Your agents can have all client information displayed on their screens, which can assist them to provide timely and accurate client service.

5. Aconex

Aconex is a cloud-hosted project management solution that enables construction businesses to achieve top level efficiency and productivity. It is used by leading construction firms to smoothly carry out their projects. The app delivers full control and transparency to users. Businesses can utilize it to manage all details and execution right from project conceptualization to its successful completion and handover, and thus delight their clients.

With Aconex’s project-wide solutions, construction get insights and control for complex projects that have thousands of participants and millions of documents, and need tons of smart decisions. The app provides portability for users with its cloud + mobile platform that you can use to keep project management at your fingertips. If you want more choices, take a look at these good Aconex alternatives here.

Why use Aconex instead of CoConstruct?

  • It gives general contractors easy access to essential project information.
  • It helps in the coordination of processes between project managers, subcontractors, consultants, and clients.
  • It accelerates workflows and eliminates chances of duplicate work.
  • The system can be deployed as a project-wide suite with features that offer actionable insights.

Why use CoConstruct instead of Aconex?

  • Its communication module coordinates work between field and office agents.
  • Your clients can access your info database 24/7 on all devices.
  • It provides intelligence you can use to improve your lead management skills.
  • You can track all lead contact details and history, and assign tasks in line with them.

6. Acculynx

Acculynx offers construction businesses a vast range of project estimating and project management solutions. The system is designed for the needs of construction management companies, specialty contractors, property owners, general contractors, and custom home builders. It offers a diverse set of features including customer relationship management, service management, accounting, project management, project scheduling, and bid management.

AccuLynx helps businesses track the history of their work from lead to payment and deal closure. It records all conversations, enabling users to go back through history and understand why certain decisions were made. The vendor offers a mobile app that enables field executives to interact with each other and coordinate their activities. To give you more good choices, we present viable Acculynx alternatives here.

Why use Acculynx instead of CoConstruct?

  • It presents a range of benefits to project managers, business owners, team members, and sales reps.
  • It ensures all team members are connected and work in synchronization.
  • Users get quick and easy access to files, contracts, images and more.
  • It provides real-time job communication features to enable team members to discuss projects and tasks in real time.

Why use CoConstruct instead of Acculynx?

  • CoConstruct offers a more extensive feature set.
  • It gives you the tools to impress subscontractors and enhance communication with them.
  • It seamlessly integrates with accounting solutions like Xero and QuickBooks.
  • This integration can help you to prepare clear and consistent invoices without any recurrent costs or hidden fees for your clients.

7. Newforma

Newforma is an engineering and construction project management software that connects professionals in the construction, engineering, and architecture industries with each other. This connection enables them to collaborate effectively on project information, processes, and other elements to deliver successful projects. The app’s key features include: RFI, web-based markup, link building model elements, specification indexes, submittals, live collaboration, document control, and visual context sharing for construction info.

Newforma is designed on an intuitive project information management (PIM) technology that enables users to optimize their processes. This technology helps to capture, manage, and share critical information, and delivers a smart and productive user experience to owners, builders, designers, architects, and construction teams. The good part is the vendor uses a quote-based pricing system which means you need to pay only for the features you use. If you think this platform is too basic, take a look at Newforma alternatives here.

Why use Newforma instead of CoConstruct?

  • It ensures all project information and data can be easily accessed and shared by all users.
  • It helps ensure profitability based on sound management and productivity.
  • It enables users to implement risk reduction solutions.
  • Construction companies can save money and effort with this system.

Why use CoConstruct instead of Newforma?

  • It is good at is budgeting and forecasting project expenses.
  • Summarized cost information with the latest expenditures can be made available to your team members and clients.
  • The system is very simple and easy to use.
  • You can design it in your own way to meet your specific business needs.

8. Viewpoint

Viewpoint provides innovative construction-specific software and tools to help users collaborate effectively with team members, manage risk, and boost project visibility and profitability.

Viewpoint is a configurable software solution that helps users to understand and resolve the problems and challenges that hinder successful project completion. It offers a suite of features and services for the needs of global capital project and construction industries. These include content management, mobile field-to-office, project and BIM collaboration, and construction-specific enterprise resource planning. You have the option of deploying it in the cloud or on-premise. To give you more choices, we present good Viewpoint alternatives here.

Why use Viewpoint instead of CoConstruct?

  • It offers robust features such as risk management, data management, job costing, and integrated project management.
  • It helps to enhance analysis and productivity.
  • It enables a simpler, smoother, and more efficient construction workflow.
  • It fully integrates all aspects of the construction project lifecycle.

Why use CoConstruct instead of Viewpoint?

  • You can make the mobile apps brand-specific and include you own image, logo, and contact information.
  • It helps in budgeting and forecasting project costs.
  • You can easily share images and files with your team members and clients.
  • It simplifies timesheet management.

9. Textura

Textura offers a suite of construction management solutions to improve collaboration and productivity. These solutions are designed to enhance project outcomes from start till successful completion. The app was created based on the idea that construction projects can be executed successfully when there is effective collaboration between owners, architects, developers, general contractors, and subcontractors. This philosophy has enabled the vendor to design this efficient product that encompasses all elements of the project lifecycle. To give you a wider choice, we present good Textura alternatives here.

Why use Textura instead of CoConstruct?

  • It provides a range of solutions that users need in the lifecycle of the construction process.
  • You can simplify, automate, and enhance the construction prequalification process.
  • It helps to simplify bid management.
  • It offers efficient payment management, field management, and document management solutions.

Why use CoConstruct instead of Textura?

  • CoConstruct offers a more extensive feature set.
  • It helps to track jobsite activity and progress.
  • It integrates seamlessly with popular accounting solutions.
  • You can use it to track and manage leads.

10. BuilderTREND

BuilderTREND is a popular construction management system designed specifically for home builders and remodelers. It is a single comprehensive suite that offers standard features such as service management, customer management, project scheduling, and project management.

BuilderTREND is a web-based solution which means you can access it anywhere with a computer or mobile device. It offers pre-sale tools such as a built-in CRM feature, and quick bids and proposals. Plus, there are useful project management tools such as timesheets, scheduling, and budgeting. The package also includes customer management tools such as payment processing, warranty requests, change order, and selection management. If you are looking for more choices, browse these good BuilderTREND alternatives here.

Why use BuilderTREND instead of CoConstruct?

  • It is loaded with features designed to help users find more business opportunities.
  • You can use its lead management tool to build and monitor leads, and convert them into projects.
  • Making proposals and bids is easy as you can refer to historical data for accurate estimates.
  • It offers a useful scheduling feature that automatically shifts when changes are entered in the system.

Why use CoConstruct instead of BuilderTREND?

  • It offers scheduling, to-do, and task management tools.
  • It helps to track and convert prospects into clients.
  • It makes communication about selections simple and hassle-free.
  • Its communication tool tracks all texts and emails in one central location.
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