Review of RevampCRM: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning CRM Software

rvmpRevampCRM is a leading sales and marketing CRM for e-tailers and small businesses. It was designed to automate reporting and streamline your workflow. In this detailed RevampCRM reviews, we evaluate the main features and functionalities of this app and discuss its key aspects. We will also take a look at the most frequent user comments to gauge the user reaction and feedback for the software. After you read this review you should have a good idea about the capabilities of RevampCRM to an understanding how it can be useful to your business. Hopefully, this will let you make a sound buying decision and choose an app that will actually change and improve your business.

RevampCRM is a popular app for good reason. Our review team was highly impressed with the features and quality of service provided by this software and have recognized its excellence by honoring it with a few awards. You can learn more about the reasons for these awards later in the review where we also interview the CEO of RevampCRM to get some of his thoughts on how the app can be used by companies to solve their typical business problems.

If you wish to check how the app can help to boost your business productivity and sales, you can easily test its services with the great 30-day free trial of RevampCRM. It  will give you a useful overview of the app’s important features and you can get a hands-on experience with it’s capabilities.

What are the Highlights of RevampCRM?

  • You can dynamically segment leads and conduct email campaigns
  • Users can automate a wide range of tasks including reminders and follow-up emails
  • You can nurture leads with timely relevant messages via RevampCRM’S dynamic segmentation, sales and marketing automation engine
  • You get to know your customers better via the contact 360 view
  • You can use the built-in invoicing and ticketing, or integrate the software with your external apps
  • You will sell more effectively with the powerful eCommerce recommendation engine

You can learn more about RevampCRM features and pricing in our full review of the software.

5 Things We Like about RevampCRM

1. It Has Intuitive, Modern Dashboard


RevampCRM offers a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard that gives you a quick snapshot of all important activities on your calendar, the ability to reach to your integration list, and view important notifications. The dashboard is a feature that will help you stay organized. It allows you to see a list of your upcoming tasks with due dates to help you focus on your daily activities and meet deadlines. Plus, you can see your workflow approvals, overdue deals, and invoices all in a single place. It is also very easy to reach out to key contacts without leaving the dashboard.

2. You Can Manage Your Contacts in One Place


Contacts are vital for your business. In RevampCRM each contact has its own contact profile where you can store and organize important files, emails, notes, communication history and more to keep information at your fingertips and track customer history. The app makes it very easy to connect with prospects and send relevant messages.

It is also possible to tag contacts with words that help you keep your database organized and your messages relevant. RevampCRM’s unified contact profile provides you with all the information you need. Its dynamic contact profile helps you to prepare for meetings even when you’re in the field. You can also get a complete picture of every contact and view the deals linked to the contact profile. This will give you valuable context when you are on calls or meetings with clients.

3. It Offers Powerful Email Marketing


You can use RevampCRM’s robust email marketing feature or utilize its two-way sync with your existing email marketing tool. The platform provides an efficient email marketing system based on your contacts’ activities and history, enabling you to keep track of customer interactions and create a seamless experience.

After you finish connecting your email and importing your contacts to your RevampCRM account, you can easily start sending pre-built campaigns such as Welcome New Customers, Educate your Subscribers and more in just a few minutes. The app also allows you to connect your RevampCRM account with your existing email marketing tool, and use the app’s intelligent segmenting and tagging tools to quickly create lists based on your customers’ purchase and visit history to execute targeted campaigns and offers for more effective communication.

4. A Wide Range Of Productive Automation


RevampCRM’s automated workflows help you spend less time on repetitive tasks and focus on actually growing your business. Workflow allows you to set off a customized sequence of actions from sending follow-up emails, to creating tasks. RevampCRM also offers pre-built workflow templates that were created based on recommendations of top sales reps. You can use them for better follow-ups that will allow you to close more deals.

5. You’ll Enjoy Smooth Integrations With Other Tools


RevampCRM integrates with popular tools and services to make your work even more productive. You can save time spent on data entry by easily importing your existing data to RevampCRM. You can also quickly import your contacts and leads from your emails, spreadsheets or other CRM accounts. RevampCRM offers various apps and add-ons for collaboration that can improve your efficiency while working with contacts, leads, deals, and sales. You can also use its integrations to connect to the apps you already use to get more feature-power and a streamlined workflow.

RevampCRM Pricing Plans

RevampCEM offers two groups of pricing plans: one aimed at small businesses and the other for businesses using Shopify. You can also sign up for a free trial that will give you a great overview of all key features of the tool. For more information about RevampCRM pricing check out our review of the app.

Small Business Plans:

Strawberry Plan: free

This plan offers everything you need to manage your customers, prospects, and sales. It includes support for a single user, Contact Management, Segmentation and Sales Pipeline Management features as well as 50MB for storage.

Orange Plan: $10 per user/month (billed annually) or $12/user/month (billed monthly)

This plan is ideal for companies with sales teams. Features included in the plan are: Contact Management, Segmentation, Sales Pipeline Management, Sales Automation, Email Marketing with support for 5,000 emails/mo and Automation. The plan also provides integrations for more than 20 premium apps such as FreshBooks, MailChimp, Freshdesk, Harvest, Wufoo or Dropbox. You will also enjoy 2 GB for storage

Shopify Plan

Pineapple Plan: $16 per user/month (billed annually) or $19/user/month (billed monthly)

This plan is ideal for companies with sales teams and/or online store. One of its highlights is its Shopify Integration, but you will also get access to features like Contact Management, eCommerce Segmentation, Email Marketing for 5,000 emails/mo and Automation. This plan also supports integration with popular tools like FreshBooks, MailChimp, Freshdesk, Survey-Monkey, Wufoo, and Gmail. 2 GB of storage is also included.


What Customers Say About RevampCRM

We analyzed a wide range of online user comments about RevampCRM to better understand customers’ experience with this product. One of the most frequent opinion was the fact that RevampCRM is a powerful tool that works really nicely with MailChimp. According to many users, it helps segment their contacts into different groups in just a few minutes. Many people are also satisfied with the ability to set reminders to help them follow up with potential buyers, attach files to each contact, and keep track of their email communication history.

Awards Won by RevampCRM

2016 Expert’s Choice Award

expert2016This award is given by our panel of B2B experts only to products that we think show especially good quality in terms of satisfying the current needs of the B2B and SaaS markets and help companies with solid and efficient solutions. RevampCRM meets all our requirements as it is a full-featured sales and marketing CRM that offers effective solutions for both small and medium companies as well as large enterprises. Its ability to automate reporting, streamline workflow, and provide prompt and helpful customer support is something that our experts were really impressed with.

Great User Experience Award

userexperienceThis award is granted to products that offer especially high level of user experience. We evaluated how easy it is to start using RevampCRM and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process. We spent some time working with the software and found its interface easy to understand and use. Plus, RevampCRM offers an intuitive and modern dashboard that provides a quick snapshot of all important activities on your calendar as well as offers deep insights to help decision makers make strategic plans for business growth.

2016 Best Free Trial Award

trial_2016This award is won by products that provide an exceptionally well-crafted experience with their free trial plan. This includes both the quality of functionalities included in the trial as well as the ability to evaluate the product based on the trial version. We were really impressed with how well you can experience RevampCRM through their 30-day free trial version. It’s a great way to learn more about the strengths and possibilities offered by the app before you decide to invest in a paid plan.


An Interview with CEO of RevampCRM

Sameh Meligy CEO of RevampCRM

Sameh Meligy
CEO of RevampCRM

We talked with Sameh Meligy, CEO and co-founder of RevampCRM, about the application’s unique features and benefits. We also wanted to learn more about how it can support companies in their daily work and help them solve the typical problems they have to deal with every day.

Why is RevampCRM unique or different from its competitors?

Meligy shared some insights on the most important value propositions of RevampCRM. “First of all, users can nurture leads with timely relevant messages using RevampCRM’s dynamic segmentation, sales, and marketing automation engine,” he said. “They can also use the pre-built campaigns and workflows to get a headstart.

“What is more, users can effectively negotiate and consequently close more B2B and B2C deals with help of our intuitive visual pipelines and reports, as well as automated follow-up reminders.

What typical work problems can be solved by RevampCRM?

The CEO recognized the problem that work can often get messy at a creative or marketing agency because so much activity goes on. “RevampCRM can help these agencies by keeping all project communication and assets in a single place, organized by client,” he explained. “Our app helps you stay in contact with automated sales follow-up reminders and promotional email campaigns. Additionally, using the Gmail app enables you to see everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.

Meligy also specified that RevampCRM’s recommendation engine and automated email marketing features can be easily used by online stores for more effective selling. “They dynamically segment their contacts based on tags, score, and order history. Segments are then fed into workflows.” He also added that “among other things, workflows can send emails, check response, send notifications, create tasks, update lead scores, and re-tag contacts.

Finally, he highlighted the fact that RevampCRM is a boon to consulting and coaching businesses as they can effectively track and manage deals and understand the sales pipeline better. He pointed out that “with RevampCRM’s intuitive visual sales pipeline and crafted sales reports, they can track the progress of deals and identify the stages where they are winning and losing deals. Users can also utilize RevampCRM’s Chrome extension to easily extract lead and contact data from any webpage straight into their RevampCRM account.”

RevampCRM SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction

Our experts have prepared a full panel of RevampCRM reviews detailing its features, benefits, pricing and other main aspects. Our SmartScore system has given RevampCRM a satisfying score of 8.6/10, while our Customer Satisfaction Algorithm estimates the overall user satisfaction rating for the software at 100%. If you are a B2B software vendor who would like to have your product reviewed for any of‘s awards or quality certificates, please contact us.


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