Pros and Cons of OnContact: Analysis Of A Popular CRM Software

What is OnContact CRM? It’s a mid-market CRM that comes complete as a package. An end-to-end solution, it supports your sales and marketing, and other teams across the company, throughout the sales cycle. Interestingly, this cloud CRM comes with an on-premise option with annual maintenance. Both deployments have similar features, just different fees.

OnContact CRM is rich in features enough to act as your central customer data-focused system, from which your other business systems latch on. The UI is intuitive and configurable, making it adaptive to various business sizes and industries.

But is it for you? This pros and cons guide will help you decide. We ran some tests on this software and came up generally impressed. We gave it high marks for reasons that we’ll explain below. The vendor has a great free trial plan to let you experience the myriad benefits firsthand. You can easily sign up for OnContact CRM free plan hereNow, let’s get down to the specifics.

Unique Things We Like About OnContact CRM

OnContact CRM has the merits of a top CRM solution that delivers clear visibility and streamlined functionalities in sales pipeline, contact management, sales automation and marketing automation. But let’s take a look first at its unique features that you won’t find easily elsewhere.

  1. Split-screen view. The split-screen view lets you see at once large data volume. It’s easy to view related KPIs this way instead of shifting from one screen to another. Moreover, the view is configurable to show tools of your preference.
  2. Employee management. Many CRM solutions have sales performance auditing, but OnContact CRM’s employee management is more robust and, arguably, levels to an HRM tool. You can keep track of employee interactions in real time, the details of these interactions and how leads are followed up. That said, this feature may be your deal breaker if keeping sales reps on their toes is a priority.
  3. Mobile. Most solutions, not just CRM, feature mobile apps. But when you look closely, they are only a pared-down version of their desktop app. Not OnContact CRM, its mobile apps for Android and iOS are fully featured, allowing you to access the system and your data on the go with no restrictions.
  4. Collaborative. You can use the software as a strategic tool for day-to-day efficiency. The CRM platform acts as a collaboration space for different departments to function as a team, specifically for product tracking, sales, customer service and marketing efforts. The software features a group calendar that aids teams from different business units to keep track of their tasks and activities alongside the overall goal.
  5. Web forms + lead score. We’ve seen this in other popular CRM solutions. The main difference we think is, OnContact CRM’s web forms and lead score are more seamlessly synced. You embed a form on your website or a landing page, the form collects leads and forwards them to the contact management database and from which you can score the prospect based on the metrics you’ve set. High-scoring leads are automatically forwarded to sales and the rest can be nurtured with your content or other campaigns. It’s a neat and fast way to capture leads in the cold and direct the most promising ones down the funnel.

OnContact CRM sales automation dashboard.

OnContact CRM Pros and Cons

The special features above aside, here are the top things we like about OnContact CRM that are aligned with the standard functionalities expected from a top CRM solution.

1. Contact management

Different teams and users access the same customer data. With permission, they can edit, add details and share information with other users. With a centralized database, customer information is more accurate and richer.

Moreover, users can comment or add notes on a customer profile, including recorded conversations. Some CRM solutions forget to add this function, which is important to lend more context to the customer. For instance, a contact in a low-level position may score low in lead scoring for lack of authority, but having talked with her, the sales rep realizes she’s hands-on in the daily operation of the business. The rep notes down this little piece of information in the customer profile, data which may be valuable in the future.

2. Salesforce automation

OnContact CRM has end-to-end sales automation that supports your sales team throughout the sales cycle, from lead capture to conversion and to repeat sale. It automates essential but time-consuming daily tasks, such as, scheduling appointments and follow-up calls and writing proposals, emails and quotes.

It’s also easy to see the deal on the sales pipeline and how it is progressing across the sales process. Likewise, the pipeline helps the marketing manager to review her forecast in real time by consolidating for analysis  the quotes, leads and deals in the pipeline. The manager can create myriad reports, such as, for monthly sales, pending deals, opportunity forecasts and for other KPIs.

We also find the sales pipeline useful for other teams, allowing service, marketing, logistics, IT and accounting, among others, to see their respective tasks along the sales cycle. This prods them to be more accountable to their deadlines, fully grasping the impact of their actions to the company’s overall revenues.

3. Marketing automation

OnContact CRM also supports the myriad aspects of building and implementing your marketing strategy. It has built-in tools for creating budgets, tasks, lead sources and other resources to build a campaign or marketing plan.

We tried to query various data fields in the database and found the system responsive. This gave us different ways to sort customers where we planned drip email campaigns around. In short, we built our email marketing on data-driven logic, not just on intuition.

Even as your campaign runs, the software automatically collects and tracks results as they happen. The dashboard displays a visual summary of KPIs for each campaign in real time. You can quickly pivot the campaign before it ends as the results stream in and you’re not happy with the KPIs..

More importantly, what we’re convinced about this software is it’s much as a strategic marketing tool as it is a sales driver. The tons of customer data it holds are prime data sets you can mix and match to generate insights that paint a clearer picture of your customers’ behavior and needs. You know your most profitable customers and market niches, leading you to the best route to engage them.

<4. Integration

OnContact CRM integrates with major email clients Outlook and Gmail and, via its HTML-based, no-coding email designer, you can easily create rich bulk emails that work with various email systems. The CRM software has the bi-directional email sync feature that many marketers have learned to depend on when managing email campaigns. That means you can send and receive emails on the CRM or your email system. Moreover, all email interactions are stored in the CRM, so it’s easy to sort through messages without opening your email system.

Companies can also use OnContact CRM as the central system for customer data. To make this possible, the CRM integrates with other key business systems including ERPs, accounting and help desk.

5. Customization

You can customize a lot of things with this software, most of them simply via drag-and-drop. However, there are a few pain points like customizing field headers, which is difficult to interpret and may be a little complicated for the average user.

The UI or can be configured with your preferred fields. You can change the screen format, toolbars and buttons to start with or apply business rules to fit your workflows. For instance, set the values for automating scheduled tasks, escalation, email delivery, notifications and data processes. Likewise, you can add tables and columns to the database with built-in tools. This gives you added agility to define your contacts.


OnContact CRM is a solidly built system designed for sales and marketing and can act as the central system for customer data. You can build your other business systems around it, such as, accounting, ERP and help desk, and use OnContact CRM both as a customer data-driven tool for teams in different departments and as a strategic tool for executive and management planning. The only drawback perhaps is it comes complete as a package and you can’t choose a la carte, say, you don’t want the marketing automation. This works well for you though, CRM, after all, is about 360-degree visibility throughout all your customer interactions. In our experience, all the features that come with this software is a necessity, none a baggage.

Adam Goldberg

By Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg is a senior market research analyst and one of the key customer experience technology and CRM pioneers working for the FinancesOnline review team. He has been cooperating with FinancesOnline for over 5 years now. During that time Andrew has analyzed more than 2,000 CRM solutions and he’s well-known for his honest reviews and his unique perspective on challenges and opportunities posed by customer-centric innovation. He’s a strong believer in business process automation and the role it plays in customer data management, conversational intelligence, and customer engagement. His work has been mentioned in many major publications and media sites, including MSN, Springer, TheNextWeb, and CIO.

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