Expert’s Review of Nimble: A Unique, Award-winning CRM For Your Business

nimbleNimble is a neat, features-rich, efficient CRM solution designed for businesses of any industry, size, and needs. We’ve seen many CRM solutions offering robust contact management and analytics tools, but we found Nimble different for one clear reason. Apart from doing what many CRM solutions do—managing reports and contacts—Nimble makes engagement a more insightful, stress-free and convenient process. Not only does it auto-build for you a robust database of people and companies, but it creates insightful profiles that help you to contextualize each contact based on your engagement. As a result, you spend less time managing contact information and more time managing relationships. If you have had difficulties with prospects whose data are already in your hands, but are disorganized or incomplete, now you can view all your prospect interactions in a single location and extract insights that you can leverage on next time you talk to a prospect.

In this Nimble review, we will show you how the app can level up your prospect and customer engagement, especially if you’re a small business. We’ll also discuss the software’s best features and give you a peek at them with some screenshots for greater clarity. We’ll also share the opinion by actual users of Nimble, marketers who, like you, are looking to create long-lasting customer relationships. Lastly, you’ll see why Nimble won a number of awards based on FinancesOnline experts’ analysis for superb product quality, top performance, excellent customer service, and why it is most ideal CRM for small businesses. These awards highlight the best aspects of Nimble and how they can help your company nurture contacts into relationships and into sales.

What Are The Highlights of Nimble?

  • You can create a 360-degree view of your contacts’ digital footprint via social media profiles, email messages, calendar activities, company details, etc.
  • Its intelligent algorithm learns from your preferences, priorities, and activities within the app, making it more efficient to search, sort, navigate, and practically use the software
  • You can access the software on different platforms—browser, inbox, social dashboard, mobile apps—which lets you consolidate, mine, update, build, and take your social networks and inbox wherever you are
  • You can log in details of your previous communications with contacts in one location, the Messages Inbox, so you can schedule a follow-up or follow-through with greater speed and insight
  • The software collates signals and mentions you’re getting from people who share, like, retweet, or engage your content, and it analyzes them based on the DNA of people that matter to you so you can pluck out important leads from noise

What We Like About Nimble

1. You can generate deep insights from your contacts

If your customer details are scattered in different places, you know the difficulty of organizing them into meaningful patterns that can give you better customer insights. You either end up spending most of your time sorting through the disparate data or miss golden bits buried in the data pile. We found Nimble’s Contact Management Software can solve this problem in two ways.

First, it saves you time by automatically filling out the contact details from just a name and email (it’s cool, we know). The Contact Record imports contact details across the digital landscape, including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Goolge+, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Skype, phone, email, etc.


Second, the Contact Management reinforces the records with rich, detailed information culled from contacts’ social channels. This is where we found Nimble truly engaging: it analyzes shared topis and keywords to show you why your product may be interesting to a contact. This helps you to engage prospects and customers with more personalized communications that connect to their interest or situation. Using these two great Nimble tools, you can dig deeper in engaging your contacts.

You can log past engagements between you and each contact. This is valuable when, for instance, trying to resurrect lost leads two years ago.

You can also group contacts via Tags and Saved Searches, a handy feature when creating different campaign messages for your specific sub-markets. Likewise, you can sort contact by Last Contacted or Recently Contacted in the sidebar. We can see that this will be one of the most used Nimble features when following up with prospects or unearthing contacts who you’ve lost touch with for a given period.


You can also keep tab of important communications by using the Stay In Touch Reminders and Mark As Important tools. Or if you’re fishing for new leads, you can follow your contacts’ social media activities through Nimble’s streaming feature.

2. Messages Inbox lets you monitor all customer communications

What if you didn’t have to open numerous tabs and pages to visit different social networks and emails just to check who are you talking to who is talking about you? When we checked Nimble’s Unified Inbox, we immediately saw its great potential to save you precious hours in the morning. You can view all channels or sort them by importance or relevance. You can access your emails, LinkedIn notifications, Google + comments, Facebook posts, tweets, etc. and reply right away. In our case, we didn’t reply to all posts, but we focused only on high-level prospects. We’re able to identify the senders’ importance because Nimble shows their profile in the sidebar, while we’re browsing through the messages and posts.


3. The software learns from you

If you’re a busy person just like the rest of us,  you’ll appreciate a software that not only lets you perform important tasks that you need to do, but remembers these tasks and your priorities so the next time you open the software, like a good secretary, it lays down what you want to see on your table.

Nimble’s Rules Engine is a smart relationship tool that predicts your actions and priorities based on your past behavior and assessment of data that Nimble surfaces. In the limited time that we tinkered with this feature, we realized that when we changed priorities or preferences, for example, we used one set of tags more often that the rest, the tool also adjusted its algorithm. Seeing the software understands our small but critical actions, we feel more confident relying on the data that it churns out. One way we optimized this feature was telling Nimble the tags and job titles that are important to us and the software scoured our database and unearthed the contacts that matched our preferences. We then labeled the contacts that are important and Nimble remembered this settings. Another way we put this intelligent tool to use is by searching for keywords and terms used across our social networks; Nimble saved our searches and returned leads that matched our search preferences. You can also use Nimble’s custom fields to run advanced searches to zero in on your target leads, prospects, or customers.


Here are more scenarios where you’ll love Rules Engine:

  • It tells you important activities that have happened while you’re away
  • It tells you where to follow an important contact based on his or her digital activities
  • It reminds you of important tasks or upcoming events or meetings
  • If someone followed you on Twitter, the tool tells you if he or she is important

4. The Activities Tab lets you see all tasks, events, calendars in one location

If you’re a typical manager or business owner who’s easily won over by shiny and free business apps being launched every month, you use different calendars and task management apps and keep them in separate locations, such as, on your mobile, desktop, and laptop. Before you know it, your data are disorganized and confusing to retrieve. This is where we found Nimble can play an important role. Its Activities Tab puts all your tasks, events, and calendar in a single tab. It syncs with Google Calendar and third-party apps that you connect to it. In the process, you can:

  • Quickly assign tasks to a team member
  • Set up follow-ups and reminders in an instant
  • Monitor team members’ respective calendars and to-do lists to check their progress

Nimble lets you view the Activities Tab as a list—we prefer this because you get to see more details at once—or calendar style.


5. It’s customizable, flexible and expandable

Let’s face it, there’s no single solution that can meet all your business processes; rather, there will be great productivity and business apps for specific tasks and you’re likely using some of these now. This is critical in our review, how the software integrates into your current workflow. We’ve seen companies adjusting its processes or structure so they can use some new software, which is like reconstructing the car to match a new shiny door. As for Nimble, we like that it can integrate with popular and industry leading marketing and sales apps, including: Google Apps; HootSuite; FreshBooks; TalkDesk; EverNote; MailChimp; Zapier; and more. That means you’ll never have to re-enter records. Your existing CRM data and contact details will be right away up and accessible in Nimble.

Nimble also features sales automation tools, such as, connecting team members to Deals and Sales Tasks, to help you follow leads across your sales pipeline and generate more credible revenue forecasts.

What Customers Say About Nimble

Just as important as our review is what current customers say about Nimble. Going over dozens of user reviews about Nimble across social media, product forums, and review sites, we identified two consistent positive mentions about the software:

First, that it leverages sales opportunities in social media. Savvy marketers know that more customers are now harping about or vilifying brands in their social networks. Nimble’s smart social insights let them engage prospects at the point of need or spot trigger events, or warm and ease themselves into social conversations through shared interests or connections. Even if they’re already using a top-performing app, they found Nimble a powerful addition to their social media armament, just like this Hotsuite user, Brian, who offers online learning courses:

Social media offers a wide swath of opportunity to create leads and even turn some of them into brand ambassadors. But it’s also a wide area to cover. I love that Nimble integrates with Hotsuite with eMail Tracks. It gives me more insights on which contacts to prioritize, monitor their interests, and match these with the right course offerings.”

Another persistent benefit mentioned by users is their ability to use traditional CRM features like contacts and reports, which they’re used to, while learning innovative CRM tools presented by Nimble. Ivan, who provides outsourced I.T. Services, has this to say:

I wanted a CRM that has the standard contact and opportunity management, but combined with social media interactions. Nimble helps me to transition between old to new school in CRM. I specifically liked the daily overview on log-in and the auto fill-out of my contacts’ social media details, such as from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.”

Interview with Jon Ferrara – Nimble’s CEO

We talked with Jon Ferrara, the CEO of Nimble, and asked him to share with us the key aspects that make his software unique in the CRM industry and how you can leverage its features to build better and deeper relationships with your customers.

Why is Nimble unique?

Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble

Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble

Choosing the best CRM solution today can be confusing, especially when vendors talk about the same things but using different perspectives. The logical way to distinguish a top software from a mediocre performer is to identify its value propositions, or, by asking: in what way is the software different from the rest and is that difference valuable to my business?

Ferrara said that, unlike most CRM solutions that focus on contacts and reporting alone, Nimble makes it fun to engage contacts. “We do the heavy lifting for you by automatically building records on people and companies. Nimble maps their profiles, logs the emails, calendar activities, and the details about that person and their company,” the CEO said.

As we’ve stated earlier, you can save the whole morning by freeing yourself from going through different emails and social networks just to add, sort, or update contacts. According to Ferrara the brownie point is you can do this anywhere you have Internet connection. “We are smart on the underline data, automatically build records and update them based off of that, enabling you to take your network everywhere you go.

Specific problem scenarios

A great way to analyze if a CRM software is credible is to know how it has handled the biggest challenges faced by companies regarding CRM.

Jon Ferrara said that one of the problems marketers face is how to get accurate CRM data. “Nimble helps with the critical business process, and solves the problem of bad data by automatically creating records with accurate information and keeping them up-to-date on a daily basis,”.

Another serious CRM problem is who and how to schedule a follow up. The software, he said, provides you with your customers’ digital footprint and insights to help you understand your most important leads. By logging all the customer details, it’s easy to spot high-level prospects based on your tags, keywords, or any other settings. Scheduling a follow-through is also simple. “Nimble’s stay in touch reminders will make sure that you never go out of touch with any of your important contacts,” the CEO said.

Following your brand signals across social networks is also difficult without an intelligent software. When people start sharing, liking, commenting on, or engaging in any other way with your online content, “how do you determine which of these signals matter?” Ferrara posited. “Nimble layers intelligence on every single contact and compares that to the DNA of people that matter to you, letting you know who is important and who you should reach out to and engage with.”

Exciting new feature to come

We also talked about milestone features that users can expect from Nimble soon. The CEO revealed that they’re developing an even smarter Nimble Relationship App, which will make contact insights even deeper and richer. “This will allow you to build records not just for people in Nimble, but contacts you come across in your inbox, conversations, appointments, in your social interactions and even in articles you are reading.” Ferrara also said that soon people will love how Nimble can segment these records by shared interests based on what people like, share, read, etc. online. If you sell ice cream, just imagine targeting your online campaigns based on your customers’ favorite flavors. That’s laser-focused marketing.

Adam Goldberg

By Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg is a senior market research analyst and one of the key customer experience technology and CRM pioneers working for the FinancesOnline review team. He has been cooperating with FinancesOnline for over 5 years now. During that time Andrew has analyzed more than 2,000 CRM solutions and he’s well-known for his honest reviews and his unique perspective on challenges and opportunities posed by customer-centric innovation. He’s a strong believer in business process automation and the role it plays in customer data management, conversational intelligence, and customer engagement. His work has been mentioned in many major publications and media sites, including MSN, Springer, TheNextWeb, and CIO.

Jon Ferrara says:

Thank you for your kind review and recognition of Nimble as an outstanding solution to Nurture and build Relationships that Grow Your Business.

We are honored and grateful!



Jon Ferrara
CEO | Nimble - Social Relationships, Made Easy.
@jon_ferrara |

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