15 Leading Cloud Time Tracking Software for 2022

What is the leading cloud time tracking software for 2022?
The leading cloud time tracking software for 2022 is due to its powerful combination of time tracking, project management, and workflow management features. Not only does it track task durations and billable hours but it also offers solutions that streamline the entire operations of businesses. It brings unparalleled value to business users.

Remote monitoring has never been more relevant, given today’s prevalence of remote and hybrid work arrangements, following the COVID-19 outbreak. At the center of remote monitoring is the use of time tracking software, as it helps companies monitor their workforce’s attendance, tasks, and periods of activity. These apps enhance productivity and serve as a basis for one’s billable working hours. As such, finding an ideal solution is critical, especially for businesses that implement remote work.

Top-tier cloud time tracking software solutions typically have features that track not only time but also work productivity. This drills down to assigned tasks and employee activity like keyboard presses and mouse motions that are sometimes accompanied by screenshots. These systems also come with or seamlessly integrate with related systems like collaboration and project management tools. Moreover, they are highly scalable and furnish detailed reports. To give you a clearer picture, we’ve compiled the 15 leading cloud time tracking software along with their key features.

best cloud time tracking tools

As more advanced versions of the Bundy clock, time tracking software are useful in any industry and business setting. In addition, unlike their physical counterpart, they can monitor the activities and billable hours of remote workers. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing industries to shift to remote and hybrid work arrangements, the demand for these systems grew immensely, as reflected by the latest time tracking software statistics, and it continues to soar even though the threat of the pandemic has gradually tapered off.

The market size of online time tracking software grew from $121.56 million in 2020 to $130.72 million in 2021 and is expected to reach $206.94 million by 2027. Another report forecasts an even more bullish projection with the time tracking software market growing 20.40% annually and reaching a projected value of $31.88 billion by 2028. Though the numbers vary, the trend points to the fact that an increasing number of consumers have purchased or are looking to buy time-tracking apps.

Source: ReportLinker 2022

So, how much of a difference do the benefits of time tracking software make? It was reported that the US economy loses 50 million productive hours every workday from unrecorded work activities, which translates to a daily loss of $7.4 billion. The use of time trackers prevents this from happening. Moreover, time tracking systems also streamline the workflows of various departments. For instance, integrating time tracking with payroll decreases the likelihood of errors by 44%. Lastly, it has a similar effect on other work aspects like accounting, project management, and content management.

Any business stands to gain distinct advantages from using online timekeeping systems. Those advantages grow even bigger by going with the leading cloud time tracking software.

Leading Cloud Time Tracking Software

1. dashboard

Enhanced productivity is an assurance from one of the leading collaboration systems on the market, It centralizes solutions for project management, task management, workflow management, sales and CRM, and time tracking into one platform. The system also automates each stage of workflows to ensure that operations are running smoothly at all times. In addition, it produces a wide variety of reports that quantify a company’s performance, from accomplished tasks to completed projects.’s time tracker is linked to its project management tools. As tasks are assigned to team members, managers can track the time spent on each task and see those that have been completed, are in progress, and have yet to be started. The system also detects if tasks go beyond their due dates, displays the time spent on entire projects, and yields comprehensive timekeeping reports. Moreover, it allows teams to track time on their mobile devices, which is ideal for employees who have to perform fieldwork. integrates with a large number of renowned apps, which include Outlook, Slack, Gmail, and Google Calendar.

Price Range: offers a free plan and four paid plans. The Enterprise plan is by quote while the rates of the three lower-tiered plans range from $24/month to $48/month.

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What is unique about

  1. All-in-one business solution. unifies a wide range of solutions, including time tracking, task management, and CRM, into one platform. It can streamline and automate most, if not all, workflows in organizations.
  2. Custom workflows. Equipped with over 200 templates and automation protocols, can create any type of workflow to go with its time tracking capabilities. This ensures that necessary tasks are accounted for at all times.
  3. Marries task management and time tracking. combines task management with time tracking so managers can effectively monitor the state of each assignment. The system also displays the time spent on projects.
  4. Built for collaborations. enables teams to click on tasks/boards and start discussions with their collaborators through comments. It also lets collaborators share and upload files in each comment in case sources are needed.
  5. Powerful analytics. The system drills down into individual, team, and company performance through its interactive dashboards. It also accounts for the billable hours, active times, and task times of each employee.

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2. Wrike

Wrike dashboard

Wrike is one of the most highly regarded project management systems on the market, and for a good reason. Designed for businesses of all scales, it unifies solutions for task management, time tracking, collaborations, workflows, and workload management into one interface. As such, the system carries the potential to streamline a business’s entire operations. Workflows can be configured to account for teams, their roles, and individual tasks to drive company-wide results. Meanwhile, the system notifies all project stakeholders of significant developments through its automated status reports.

Wrike’s time tracker zeroes in on assigned tasks and the people responsible for them. Each task has corresponding timekeeping controls to ensure that process times are always documented. Should there be errors in the tracked times, the system allows users to manually input or edit time entries and add comments stating the reason for such. Furthermore, Wrike enables companies to properly schedule projects in its interactive timeline. In doing so, managers can maximize but not overexert the capabilities of their teams. Wrike integrates with reputable apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Zendesk, and HubSpot.

Price Range: Wrike offers a free plan and three paid plans. The Enterprise plan is by quote while the rates of the lower-tiered plans range from $9.80/user/month to $24.80/user/month.



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What is unique about Wrike?

  1. End-to-end business solution. Wrike, with its custom workflows, can streamline the operations of various teams and departments. Progress can be monitored on desktops and mobile devices.
  2. Detailed activity stream. The system lists down the activities of all users on its newsfeed. This enables managers and other project stakeholders to easily keep track of every development.
  3. Built-in time tracker. Wrike monitors the progress of each task with its time tracker. It also allows for manual time entries in the event of errors or complex scenarios.
  4. Interactive task boards. Wrike encapsulates any type of workflow with its task boards. Each board can contain files, images, links, and relevant documents.
  5. Comprehensive reports. The system leverages analytics to conjure a wide range of reports detailing project, company, team, and individual performance. It can even match projected revenues with actual revenues.

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3. ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage dashboard

ConnectWise Manage is a powerful project management system that serves as a digital operations hub for businesses of all sizes. It merges project management with account management, sales and marketing, billing and invoicing, time tracking, and SLA management to form various end-to-end solutions. This eliminates the need for separate programs performing the aforesaid functionalities. Since the system houses integrated sales and billing and invoicing modules, transactions are completed and documented within the platform, which simplifies audits and reconciliations.

ConnectWise Manage’s time tracker monitors the billable hours and time spent on each task for all workflows and it works for on-site, office, and remote employees. The platform’s other modules leverage time data to determine their corresponding financial values, which are then used for preparing bills or invoices. To quantify the volumes of information processed, the system makes use of a powerful analytics engine that yields numerous reports. From these, business owners can quickly see the condition of their entire operations. ConnectWise Manage integrates with reliable apps like JIRA, Salesforce, Zapier, and other ConnectWise products.

Price Range: ConnectWise Manage’s paid plan is quote-based.

ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage

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What is unique about ConnectWise Manage?

  1. Virtual business hub. ConnectWise Manage consolidates major business functions like management, sales, marketing, billing, and invoicing into one platform. Its solutions streamline team, department, and company-wide operations.
  2. Dynamic customer service. ConnectWise Manage offers help desk and ticket management tools that enable companies to swiftly deal with product or service issues reported by clients. It also has premade automated responses to ease the burden on your agents.
  3. Integrated time tracking. The system’s time tracker monitors the billable and non-billable hours of staff. It also links with the system’s other modules that process time data.
  4. Document and process transactions. Since ConnectWise Manage carries sales, time tracking, billing, and invoicing solutions, transactions can be completed within the platform. The platform also documents all transactions, which is useful in accounting.
  5. Robust reporting. ConnectWise Manage gives owners a full view of their business, from sales and marketing to projects and SLAs. These reports help users make informed decisions.

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4. Rippling

Rippling dashboard

Rippling is a full-featured HR and IT program that bundles together task management, workflow management, employee management, time tracking, and payroll tools under one system. Made for small and mid-sized firms, the platform enables users to create and automate workflows that promote operational efficiency. Its time tracker links to the workflows and enables managers to automate time tracking. The tracker can be configured to account for breaks, approved and unapproved hours, and overtimes. What’s more, it syncs with the other modules, thus time data can be leveraged for other business functions like HR and accounting.

Moreover, Rippling fashions efficient solutions for onboarding and offboarding. Bringing in a qualified candidate is as simple as pressing the “Hire” button on their profile and disengaging the profile of an exiting employee is just as easy. The system also carries a document management solution that organizes files and sends notifications to staff who have yet to sign documents. To inform business owners of the state of their operations, Rippling produces detailed reports on its dashboard that account for various performance metrics. The program integrates with over 500 apps, including Slack, Canva, GSuite, and Zoom.

Price Range: Rippling pricing is quote-based, which starts at $8/user/month.



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What is unique about Rippling?

  1. Automated custom workflows. Rippling enables users to build and automate workflows. These account for the functionalities of third-party integrations like Slack, Google Calendar, and Google Sheets.
  2. Automated time tracking. Besides workflows, Rippling also automates time tracking and leverages time data for other business functions. The tracker can be configured to take in overtimes, breaks, and other special cases.
  3. Intuitive document management. The platform organizes your stored files and safeguards these with encryption. It also sends notifications to parties who have yet to sign documents.
  4. Large number of integrations. Rippling features integrations with more than 500 third-party apps. These further expand the capabilities of the platform.
  5. Comprehensive HR solutions. Rippling offers synced solutions for onboarding, offboarding, payroll, benefits, talent management, and learning management. As such, the platform turns HR into a painless process.

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5. Zoho Projects

zoho projects dashboard

Zoho Projects is a feature-rich project management system designed to streamline the project workflows of businesses of all scales. Its task management solution allows users to plan workflows, populate work, and assign tasks to team members. Fostering collaboration, the software affords teams multiple communication channels like live chat, forums, and newsfeeds. These can be used for brainstorming, clarifications, and updates. It also measures productivity through the use of reports that track key performance indicators and lets managers plot projects in Gantt charts.

Time tracking is another competency of Zoho Projects. The system provides a timesheet per project on which each team member and their respective tasks are logged. Managers can monitor the status of each task as well as approve or reject timesheet entries and set activities that fall within billable and non-billable hours. Moreover, the time tracker can be set to log time automatically to decrease the likelihood of employees forgetting to start the timer. It even matches time estimates with actual process times so that future forecasts will become more accurate. Zoho Projects integrates with other Zoho products as well as reputable third-party apps like Google Drive, Google Calendar, Microsoft Projects, and Dropbox.

Price Range: Zoho Projects comes with one free plan and two paid plans whose costs range from $4/user/month (annual billing) or $5/user/month (monthly billing) to $9/user/month (annual billing) or $10/user/month (monthly billing).

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

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What is unique about Zoho Projects?

  1. Comprehensive planning. Zoho Projects enables managers to map out entire projects as they set milestones, tasks, subtasks, and task owners. It provides Gantt charts and Kanban boards to properly schedule and drill down into project tasks, respectively.
  2. Multichannel collaboration. The system grants teams multichannel communications so that every task is clear and supplied with details. The channels include chat, activity streams, forums, and Wikis.
  3. Extensive time tracking features. Besides tracking time, Zoho Projects automates timekeeping and accounts for time approval statuses, log costs, and billable hours. It also matches time estimates with actual times.
  4. In-depth reports. The system’s dashboard presents a host of reports that measure team, individual, and project performance. It can be set to track specific KPIs.
  5. Custom knowledge base. Zoho Projects lets managers create pages on which documents are stored. These can be used as a repository of interactive guides that members of the team can look back to as needed.

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6. Sage HR

Sage HR dashboard

Sage HR is an end-to-end human resource management system that offers extensive solutions in its HR modules: Recruitment Management, Performance Management, Shift Scheduling Management, Timesheets Management, Leave Management, and Expense Management. Built for businesses of all sizes, this platform brings ease to the recruitment process as it enables HR professionals to post job ads, track applicants, schedule interviews, and create landing pages. Similarly, it monitors the performance of employees and provides tools for meetings, feedback, and goal setting.

Sage HR’s timesheets, equipped with a time tracker, sync with payroll. So, the platform tracks the time for each task as well as the billable hours and then processes the data to determine the salaries of staff. It also accounts for varying shift schedules, leaves, and overtimes along with the approval process of each with supervisors. Sage HR affords its software with strong security and performs security audits to ensure that your private information is safe. The system supports mobile and integrates with apps like Slack, GSuite, and other Sage products.

Price Range: Sage HR has a paid plan that charges $16/employee/month

Sage HR

Sage HR

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What is unique about Sage HR?

  1. All-in-one HR solution. Sage HR affords conveniences to recruitment, onboarding, and performance monitoring. It also has specific solutions for scheduling and leaves.
  2. Effective recruitment management. Sage HR streamlines recruitment through its custom pipeline stages and triggers. Users can design workflows, track applicants, and post openings.
  3. Intuitive timesheets. The system features timesheets that let you track the time of tasks and billable and non-billable hours. These also seamlessly integrate with Sage’s payroll platform.
  4. Reliable shift scheduling. Sage HR offers custom shift templates and lets users group shifts into areas. It also generates daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
  5. Bankable leave management. Filing, approving, and documenting leaves is made easy with Sage HR’s leave management module. The platform lets HR staff create and apply their own policies and set approvers.

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7. elapseit

Elapseit dashboard

elapseit is an advanced resource management system that marries resource planning with project management, employee management, financial management, and business process management solutions. It uses smart automation tools to hasten workflows and assist financial transactions. Leveraging Kanban boards and a time tracker, the platform lets managers assign and schedule tasks, monitor the progress of work, and foster collaborations through various communication channels. Projects are scheduled in the Gantt charts provided, which enable businesses to maximize their manpower.

elapseit excels at handling and documenting finances. It provides automated timesheets that account for time offs and billable hours and sync with its payroll, billing, and invoicing features. Moreover, the system helps companies provide accurate forecasts to their clientele. Smart estimations of revenues and performance, based on historical data, can be leveraged as benchmarks for work teams to hit and for clients to agree with. As such, the platform can aid businesses in securing new deals. elapseit is cloud-based, supports mobile devices, and integrates with third parties like Xero. Its API interface also lets you customize integrations.

Price Range: elapseit comes with three paid plans and a free trial. The Enterprise plan is by quote while the costs of the lower-tier packages range from $14/user/month to $21/user/month.



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What is unique about elapseit?

  1. Diverse business tools. The software gives you a 360-degree view of your business and affords you solutions to manage its various aspects. These include those for business process management, financial management, project management, and employee management.
  2. Comprehensive resource planning. elapseit provides end-to-end solutions for resource management. It lets you allocate staff and finances to projects, design and automate workflows, and leverage interactive timesheets, among many others.
  3. Smart forecasts. The system can turn entered and historical data into accurate revenue and performance forecasts. These can be used as benchmarks or reports in client presentations.
  4. Convenient interface. elapseit injects familiarity into its sophisticated features by patterning its interface after popular social media sites. As a result, new users won’t have trouble using any of its functionalities.
  5. Promotes collaboration. Like any social media platform, elapseit lays out a cluster of communication tools with which teams can collaborate. It also has a Shared Departments feature that consolidates tasks, documents, and reports related to specific departments.

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8. Zola Suite

zola suite dashboard

The legal practice becomes a significantly less cumbersome process with the help of Zola Suite, a comprehensive law practice management system equipped with solutions for different business areas. It affords law firm owners a full view of their business and enables them to streamline operations with its configurable workflows. Acting like a digital assistant, the platform stores volumes of information from clients, proceedings, and court cases; schedules meetings and court appearances, and monitors the active times of all the members of your legal team.

Zola Suite’s time tracker syncs with its accounting and billing and invoicing tools to make a law firm’s pay runs more efficient. The tracker is fitted with multiple timers that can be activated concurrently and perform auto-pauses when rifling between tasks. Moreover, the system grants users unlimited cloud storage, so law firms that receive torrents of cases won’t have to scramble for new filing cabinets or third-party storage solutions. It also offers strong security measures and a synced module for CRM. Besides other Zola products, Zola Suite integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, QuickBooks, and Outlook.

Price Range: Zola Suite comes with three price packages whose costs range from $59/user/month to $89/user/month. It also has a free trial.

Zola Suite

Zola Suite

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What is unique about Zola Suite?

  1. Consolidated law practice management. Zola Suite centralizes the entire legal business management process. Owners and managers can assign and monitor tasks, store information, track leads, perform accounting, and work on their billing.
  2. Dependable accounting and billing. Zola Suite offers legal accounting solutions that support over 10 methods of preparing time entries and sync with billing and time tracking. It also lets you customize bills and invoices.
  3. Dynamic time tracking. The system has a built-in time tracker with multiple timers that can be run simultaneously. These automatically pause when users switch between matters or cases.
  4. Secure matter management. Zola Suite stores case files and organizes information related to each case. Access to the folders is configurable so that certain files can only be viewed by relevant parties.
  5. Unlimited cloud storage. Those who avail of Zola Suite’s higher-tiered plans enjoy limitless file storage. This enables law offices to eliminate spacious file cabinets.

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9. When I Work

when i work dashboard

When I Work is a flexible time tracking system that carries solutions for all attendance and task monitoring needs. Designed for businesses of all sizes and industries, the platform notes down every employee, their respective tasks, and the time spent working on each task. This allows team leaders to monitor the progress of tasks and how much effort employees exert in each deliverable. Going beyond the capabilities of most time trackers, the system traces the geolocation of each employee, which works ideally with remote jobs such as deliveries, fieldwork, catering, and sales.

When I Work populates its gathered data onto timesheets that can be exported to other related business functions like payroll, accounting, billing, and HR. As such, using the software speeds up work in multiple departments. The system also sends attendance notifications that remind employees to check in and out of work at the right times and if they failed to render sufficient hours for the week. Moreover, it produces detailed time reports that note down the task times and working hours of the entire workforce. When I Work can be accessed with mobile devices and integrates with apps like Gusto, Square, Quickbooks, and ADP Workforce Now.

Price Range: When I Work offers a free plan and three paid plans. The Enterprise plan is available by quote while the costs of its lower-tiered plans range from $1.50/month/user to $2.25/month/user.

When I Work

When I Work

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What is unique about When I Work?

  1. GPS tracking. When I Work displays the location of your employees in real-time. This eliminates the need for constant location updates.
  2. Easy timesheet data migration. The system generates timesheets that can be exported to departments that need time data like HR and accounting. It also syncs data with its payroll system integrations.
  3. Detailed reporting. When I Work displays an assemblage of time reports that quantify task times, billable hours, active periods, and attendance. Managers quickly glean insights by viewing these.
  4. Mobile support. Employees can log their shifts even if they are away from their computers using their mobile devices. This feature brings a lot of value to remote tasks like deliveries, construction, and sales fieldwork.
  5. Automatic reminders. The system automatically sends email alerts and notifications to users regarding their attendance, work rendered, and schedules. This ensures that the whole team works on their tasks within the given timeframes.

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10. Celoxis

celoxis dashboard

Celoxis is a versatile project management system that helps businesses of all scales schedule projects, design project workflows, delegate tasks, forecast revenues, and manage business resources. One of its strongest points is planning. In using the system, managers can map out the project stages as the software helps them account for the tasks required, the capacity of the workforce, project schedules, and the allocated project resources. Collaborations are simple given the platform’s communication tools like activity streams, calendars, and version control. Meanwhile, clients are afforded self-service portals so they can oversee projects as needed.

Celoxis has a comprehensive resource management module that carries a host of nifty features, which include a shift scheduling tool, a time tracker, time-off management features, and automatic alerts. This enables managers to be on top of their workforce’s tasks, attendance, and work rendered. Furthering managers’ operational visibility are its performance monitoring features such as baselines, critical path analysis, RAG health indicators. Furthermore, the system can forecast revenues and analyze the profits and margins of sold products and services. Celoxis integrates with widely used apps like Google Drive, JIRA, QuickBooks, and Salesforce.

Price Range: Celoxis has a cloud-based plan, priced at $25/user, and an on-premise plan for $450/user. It also has a free trial.



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What is unique about Celoxis?

  1. Unified business solutions. Celoxis leaps beyond the capabilities of normal project management tools by offering solutions for resource planning, financial management, workflow management, accounting, and portfolio management. As such, managers gain a bird’s eye view of the company’s entire operations.
  2. Robust resource management. Celoxis does not skimp on its resource management features. The system bears a time tracker and solutions for shift scheduling, time-offs, and real-time monitoring.
  3. Efficient monitoring. Celoxis carries a project tracking module that enables managers to track employee performance and the company’s financial health. It can even forecast revenues, analyze profit margins, and monitor custom KPIs.
  4. Multichannel collaborations. Celoxis provides a host of collaboration tools for team members like activity streams, shareable calendars, and online discussions. It also offers self-service collaboration portals for clients.
  5. Powerful analytics. Celoxis populates reports from its countless features on its dashboards. Each report can be exported as PDF files for client presentations and internal project analyses.

Detailed Celoxis Review

11. Workpuls

Workpuls dashboard

Workpuls pulls no punches in monitoring employees, their tasks, possible roadblocks, and their billable hours, making the time tracking solution ideal for businesses of all sizes. The platform tracks the online activities of employees, such as the sites and apps they visit during work hours and displays screenshots of their monitors. As a result, managers will know which members of their team have been actively completing tasks and those who have been slacking off.

The system can be set to perform automatic time mapping, a feature that automatically sends tasks and tracks time. This reduces the instances when employees forget to start their trackers. Moreover, Workpuls goes beyond the task level to track the duration of entire projects. The information gathered can be used as historical data from which project forecasts and costs are based. The platform also produces extensive time reports that detail employee, team, and project performance that stand as bases of salaries, strategies, and client pitches. Workpuls integrates with apps like JIRA and Trello.

Price Range: Workpuls comes in four paid plans and also has a free trial. The Enterprise plan is quote-based while its lower-tiered plans range from $6.40/employee/month (annual billing) or $8/employee/month (monthly billing) to $12/employee/month (annual billing) or $15/employee/month (monthly billing).



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What is unique about Workpuls?

  1. Activity monitoring. Workpuls tracks the sites and apps that employees visit as well as the times spent on each. This gives managers an idea of who’s working and who’s not engaged with their tasks.
  2. Automatic time tracking. The system can be set to automatically track time in both the task and project levels. This ensures that nobody forgets to track the times of their tasks.
  3. Agile project management. Leveraging Kanban-style boards, Workpuls enables managers to plan, delegate, and set the urgency levels of tasks. It also accounts for budgets and billable hours to simplify financial tasks.
  4. Dependable reports. Workpuls releases a report in real-time regarding employee task times, worked hours, and activities that consumed the most time. These can be used as the basis for employee salaries and performance strategies.
  5. Custom rules. Managers can set conditions for under-times, overtimes, time-offs, and the like to be tracked and noted by the system. This brings ease to the allotment of wage increases and decreases.

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12. actiTIME

actiTIME dashboard

actiTIME is a scalable time tracking system that provides sound solutions to businesses of all sizes for all their time-based needs. More than the average tracker, it adds task management, workload management, and team management to its already-packed toolset. In using the system, time can be tracked manually or automatically as it records the time spent on each task and every employee’s billable hours, breaks, and overtime periods. The platform also processes time data for billing and invoicing.

Aside from time tracking, actiTIME empowers managers to comprehensively drill down int projects with customized work scopes and project specifics. They can assign tasks to their teams, monitor the progress of each task, and determine the capacity of each individual. In addition, the software allows business owners to set the level of system access of officers, managers, and the rest of the workforce. Moreover, myriad reports are produced that reflect the team’s worked hours, task durations, and billable hours, among many others. actiTIME integrates with actiPLANS, Quickbooks, Salesforce, GitHub, and other popular apps.

Price Range: actiTIME offers a free plan and three paid plans based on the number of users. Having over 200 users means the plan is by quote while the plans for fewer users range from $5/user/month to $6/user/month.



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What is unique about actiTIME?

  1. Task and workload management tools. actiTIME lets managers plan, schedule, and assign tasks to their staff. The workforce, in turn, will cue the timer to track the duration of each task.
  2. Granular feature access. Instead of providing user roles, actiTIME enables managers to set the feature access of their staff. For instance, officers can grant accounting staff access to billing and invoicing tools but not the project files of sales staff and vice versa.
  3. Manual and automated time tracking. actiTIME can be set to track time manually or automatically. This ensures that tasks, worked hours, and attendance will be accurately recorded.
  4. Interactive timesheets. The system yields detailed reports that enumerate the tasks of each employee together with their respective durations. The reports also include worked hours, attendance, and billable hours.
  5. Selective feature activation. actiTIME lets you focus on the features that matter by allowing you to deactivate those that aren’t relevant to your work. This reduces distractions and enforces clarity.

Detailed ActiTIME Review

13. Time Doctor

Time Doctor dashboard

Time Doctor is a powerful time tracking system that centers on the productivity, worked hours, schedules, and task times of employees. Ideal for remote work, the system lets managers and employees input tasks for it to track as well as import tasks posted on other project management platforms. To check the productivity of the workforce, it displays the number of keyboard presses and mouse motions for given periods. It also tracks computer activity, such as sites visited and apps triggered. Moreover, it reflects the duration each portal appears on the screen.

As a means of verifying employee activity, Time Doctor periodically posts screenshots of employee monitors, including those of remote workers. These can be used during performance reviews and meetings to guide erring or disengaged staff. The system also features GPS tracking to monitor the physical locations of employees, custom rules to set working and time-off parameters, and a client solution that enables your clientele to check the timesheets and screenshots and performs white labeling. Time Doctor seamlessly integrates with useful apps like Asana, PayPal, Salesforce, and Slack.

Price Range: Time Doctor has a free trial and one paid plan, which costs $10/user/month.

Detailed Time Doctor Review

What is unique about Time Doctor?

  1. Accurate time tracking. Time Doctor tracks the duration of every employee task as well as their billable and non-billable hours. It also allows manual time entries in case of tracking errors or if the user forgot to prompt the timer.
  2. Hardware activity tracking. Time Doctor notes down the number of keyboard presses and mouse actions for a given interval. This affirms if employees are truly working on their tasks.
  3. Monitor screenshots. Time Doctor takes screenshots of a user’s monitor at custom intervals. These serve as evidence if an employee has been busy or slacking off during work hours.
  4. Online activity tracking. The platform lists down all the sites visited by each employee per workday along with their corresponding durations. It also records all the periods of inactivity and adds them to its daily reports.
  5. Informative reports. Time Doctor’s reports leave no stone unturned as they display one’s worked hours, sites visited, task durations, tasks that took the most time, and activity per hour, among many others. It affords a multitude of insights to both employees and managers.

14. ProjectManager

ProjectManager dashboard

ProjectManager is a multifunctional project management system that unifies project planning, project and task scheduling, team collaborations, and time tracking in one platform. With it, managers can create, plan, schedule, and execute multiple projects. Each project offers a granular view of teams, tasks, working timeframes, and to-do lists that users can set. Beyond each project, the software provides a Gantt chart through which projects can be scheduled. This can be used as a reference when taking on new projects or providing forecasts to potential clients.

To monitor progress, ProjectManager tracks the time spent on each task and furnishes timesheets that reflect employee productivity, attendance, and worked hours. It also provides multiple tools for collaboration by which detailed discussions and live chats can be facilitated. Moreover, the system displays a slew of reports, which quantify team performance, on its dashboard in real-time. ProjectManager is compatible with most desktop and mobile devices and integrates with more than 400 business apps, which include Google Apps, Salesforce, Dropbox, and Slack.

Price Range: ProjectManager comes in four paid plans and a free trial. The Enterprise plan is quote-based while the costs of the lower-tiered plans range from $15/user/month to $25/user/month.

Detailed ProjectManager Review

What is unique about ProjectManager?

  1. Flexible business solution. ProjectManager’s comprehensive approach to project planning lets you schedule projects and drill down into milestones and tasks. It grants you a full view of your operations.
  2. Straightforward interface. Whether assigning tasks or collaborating with teammates, ProjectManager makes things easy with its simple interface. New users will learn the ropes in no time.
  3. Reliable time tracker. Besides tracking time, ProjectManager’s time tracker auto-populates its interface with tasks to monitor. It also tracks costs and team progress.
  4. Numerous integrations. ProjectManager features seamless integration with more than 400 business applications. It is also compatible with most computer and mobile devices.
  5. Efficient collaborations. ProjectManager provides a variety of tools for teams to collaborate with. These include spaces for discussions and live chat.

15. Clarizen

Clarizen dashboard

Clarizen is an adaptive enterprise project management system that provides extensive solutions for dealing with projects, from planning and execution to managing risks. Aside from project management, the software is equipped with tools for resource management, document management, knowledge management, and workforce management. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Collaborations are simplified with features like personal calendars, real-time team updates, and version control, all of which add extra benefits for technical industries like programming and software development.

Clarizen imparts order in every project. It has a time tracker, used for monitoring task durations and the number of hours worked, an issue tracker to avoid or mitigate risks, and a budget tracker that monitors the flow of money per project. Working with large volumes of data, the system generates reports that display your team’s performance across all aspects of projects. The reports can be customized to track specific aspects and yield a painless migration process to Excel and JIRA. Clarizen protects all your project files and documents with enterprise-grade security and integrates with useful apps, besides the aforementioned ones, like Microsoft Project, Salesforce, Outlook, and QuickBooks.

Price Range: Clarizen’s plan is quote-based. It comes with a 30-day free trial.

Detailed Clarizen Review

What is unique about Clarizen?

  1. Control center for projects. Clarizen wields an expansive toolset for managing projects. It has solutions for resource management, document management, risk management, and knowledge management just to name a few.
  2. Dynamic monitoring. Clarizen is fitted with trackers that monitor time, issues, and budgets. Its findings are used to populate reports.
  3. Powerful reporting. The system’s dashboards contain reports that quantify various aspects of project-related work. It accounts for performance, work durations, billable work, and expenses, among many others.
  4. Enterprise-grade security. Clarizen safeguards project information with tight security measures. This enables companies to avoid data breaches.
  5. Easy to use. Clarizen pairs its sophisticated features with a straightforward interface that bears a shallow learning curve. It won’t take long for new users to fully benefit from its functionalities.

Defining the Best Cloud Time Tracking Software

Identifying the best platform is not as simple as highlighting superior key features and matching them with reasonable pricing. For end-users, what is time tracking software to their operations and how much can they benefit from it are the true determinants. After all, businesses do not share identical needs with others, even those that belong to the same industry and of a similar scale. Flexibility and features that extend the capabilities of time tracking also count.

In view of this, we populated our list with products that not only carry powerful time trackers but also surround time tracking with equally important solutions that impact various aspects of operations. For instance, integrated products like and Wrike deem time tracking as part of a powerful collaboration tool that streamlines projects and syncs teams. Likewise, systems like Rippling and Sage HR bundle time tracking with comprehensive HR solutions. It’s all about value and how a platform suits the needs of your business.

Speaking of value, if you want to know how exactly a time tracker impacts a business, you can browse through our feature on how web-based time tracking software can be an asset for your company.

Jenny Chang

By Jenny Chang

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