Review of ClickDesk: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning Live Chat System

clickdeskProviding a live chat feature on your website increases your conversion rate. According to the Customer Service Benchmark study from eDigitalResearch, live online chat has the highest customer satisfaction rating among customer service touch points. It can improve conversion, nurture stronger customer loyalty, and build a solid customer base.If you’re considering a live chat app, you may want to take a look at ClickDesk. It’s an in-browser app that lets businesses reply to questions from web visitors. The software is divided into three main modules: LiveChat, Video Chat, and Helpdesk. With pricing that starts at $16.99, ClickDesk is one of the most cost-effective ways for small businesses to quickly implement a live chat and reap its benefits.

In this ClickDesk reviews, we’ll show you the ten things that we believe are the the app’s most likable and useful features. We’ll also show you the quality awards that the app won from FinancesOnline, including our Designed For Small Business Certificate as well as Best Add-ons & Integrations Award. Finally, you can read our interview with Manohar Chapalamadugu, CEO of ClickDesk, to find out more about the app and its future tools.

What are the highlights of ClickDesk?

  • Smart chat tools like Live Chats Map, Keystroke Preview, and Proactive Chats let you engage web visitors at a personal and conscientious level
  • Powerful analytics and reporting give you hourly, daily and weekly insights on customer chat engagements and agents’ performance for planning and developing strategies
  • TranslateText helps you to understand foreign language nuances and build rapport
  • Integration with a wide range of popular and standard apps greatly enhances your support capabilities
  • Twitter and Facebook plugins inside the IM window increase the chance of more followers and likes while customers are engaged
  • Integrated helpdesk and automated ticketing allows you to provide 24/7 support coverage even when you’re offline
  • Built-in video chat can level up chat engagements to a higher stage

10 Things We Like about ClickDesk

1. Know your customer even before the conversation starts

“How’s the weather in Seattle?” A little small talk like this can build immediate rapport with a prospect. This, we believe, is the real value of Live Chats Map, an intuitive Google Map-based interface showing your active chat users’ name, city and country, browser, and referring URL. Even while you’re engaged, the map and user details are shown on the right pane of the agent dashboard, or you can simply mouse over the location in the map section and you’ll see these user details.

More importantly, you can check a user’s chat history to give your conversation a better context. You can use this smart tool to give a personal touch to your chat engagement and make customers feel important. Nothing annoys customers more than the feeling of being ignored; on the other hand, when they realize you “remember” your last talk with each them, we can imagine the positive imprint it will leave in your customers’ mind.

You can even dig deeper into customers’ profile by integrating ClickDesk with other apps, such as CRM, sales, and shopping cart. Here’s where you can truly leverage this tool: you can embed small survey touchpoints during the chat. For instance, with a pre-chat knowledge of a customer’s previous purchase, your agent can ask how the customer finds the product during the conversation (can you smell an upsell or cross-sell opportunity?).

The map on the right pane shows user details that your agent can use for a more personal engagement.

The map on the right pane shows user details that your agent can use for a more personal engagement.

2. Read customers’ minds

The KeystrokePreview seems trivial–you can read in real time what users are typing before they send the message–but it’s really a killer feature in real life scenarios.

In customer service, you only have a small window to prepare a reply to an angry customer. That’s why, occasionally, agents dilly-dally with standard, if not silly, replies just to buy time to the customer’s annoyance. In fact, a Harris survey reported that “70% of consumers receiving [immediate] replies reversed the negative content either by deleting the bad review or posting a second positive one.”

The KeystrokePreview expands the preparation window, giving your agents more precious seconds or minutes. For example, upon seeing that the customer is going to ask her about a previous ticket, the agent can immediately open that ticket and give a sensible response. Combine this feature with the Live Chats Map’s user details and your agent can level up to pseudo mind readers.

Rahul is still typing but the agent can already read the email in question.

Rahul is still typing but the agent can already read the email in question.

3. Understand foreign language nuances

The Translate Text will not allow you to converse in a foreign language, but we see its value for companies that deal with a multilingual market in North America, mainly Spanish (Hispanics) or French (in Quebec).

When an agent receives a message in a foreign language, she clicks the Translate Text and the message is translated into English. However, she still has to reply in English.

What this tool does is help you understand foreign language nuances within an English conversation that are common when talking to first-generation immigrants or foreigners with limited English proficiency.

Here’s an example: “About your, er, app… pouvez-vous m’aider s’il vous plait?” It’s difficult for the agent to grasp the message as is, but by clicking the Translate Text, she now reads “about your app… can you help me, please?” A caveat: AI translation, as with Google Translate, is not perfect. But it gives keywords (like “help” and “please”) that clue you in.


4. Get business insights from advanced reporting tools

ClickDesk has real-time reports that let you see trends in your live chat and helpdesk activities, which can give you business insights for strategic decisions. You can see if your average chat duration is too long and work out ways to make your agents more efficient.

You can also sort hourly, daily, or weekly chat engagements into four categories: Initiated, Proactive, Missed, and Offline. To maintain a high level customer support, you can keep a close tab on Missed and Offline metrics; is the rate increasing? It’s easy to spot improvement (or lack of) on week-by-week basis and institute reforms right away.

Meantime, the Hourly Chats feature shows you the peak and down time of customer engagement. This tool is handy to joggle your customer reps’ schedules based on daily demand.

ClickDesk also allows you to monitor your agent’s performance including her active, missed, and answered chats. You get a real-time data feed, which we think is handy during the coaching stage when the agent is learning the ropes of your customer service program. It’s like you’re standing invisible behind the agent, while she’s chatting with a customer. The agent cannot see you so she’s not under duress during the chat, but you can easily rectify any shortcomings on the spot.

The app also features Chat History & Transcripts, Graphs & Filters, SLA analytics, and Weekly Ticket Status reporting, which can be sent directly to your email. You can use ClickDesk’s powerful analytics to take your customer support to a higher level.

With advanced reporting it’s easy to monitor and keep that critical red and grey bars (missed and offline chats) at the minimal level.

With advanced reporting it’s easy to monitor and keep that critical red and grey bars (missed and offline chats) at the minimal level.

How are your agents performing? ClickDesk delivers the insights.

How are your agents performing? ClickDesk delivers the insights.

5. Flexibility to use ClickDesk IM

If you’re already happy using the ubiquitous GTalk or you want to stay in touch with friends in your Google network while using ClickDesk, you can take chats on GTalk or your preferred IM. Your ClickDesk dashboard can process data from other IMs if you prefer to stick to your favorite IM.

You can keep using GTalk while leveraging ClickDesk’s powerful analytics and smart tools at the backend.

You can keep using GTalk while leveraging ClickDesk’s powerful analytics and smart tools at the backend.

6. Get likes and followers inside the IM window

This tool is one of our favorites. You can embed Twitter Follow and Facebook Like buttons right inside the Live Chat window. It may look trivial, but when your visitors are engaged with you in a chat, especially if they’re happy with your conversation, a small nudge to like or follow you isn’t that difficult.

We thought the social media integration in the chat window is brilliant. Social media is all about engagement and what can be more engaging than your agent and customer locked in a chat. In fact, we won’t be surprised if this little social media plugin in the chat window outperforms the same plugins prominently displayed on your homepage.

The social media plugins are neatly located right inside the chat window.

The social media plugins are neatly located right inside the chat window.

7. Video chat is built-in

click8Yes, it’s free in all subscription plans. Video chat lets you personalize the chat with a face-to-face conversation. The in-browser video tool doesn’t need setup and is easily accessible within the chat window.

The agent can request a video or audio call to explain complex details or connect with the customer on a more personal level to reduce communication gaps. On the other hand, customers can call you as an option to IM.

We don’t really expect customers will readily jump to a video call, but for those whom you already have a rapport with (old and loyal customers), a video call takes the relationship to a higher level (more upsell!). Incidentally, you can quickly prove your business legitimacy to an anxious customer with a video call invite.

8. Use Proactive rules to initiate chat

Proactive Triggers are automatic popup messages, which you can set to greet web visitors. You can adjust the proactive message by visitor type, location, or page of relevance. You can also set the frequency of popup messages or limit response to specific countries or URLs.

We can see various uses for this tool. A returning customer can be greeted with a “nice to see you back,” while you can welcome a new customer with a different message. Likewise, you can greet visitors from Spain with an !hola! for added engagement, or you can send a request for assistance to a visitor who seems to be spending too long on one of your product pages.

Our advice is not to overuse popup messages because they can annoy web visitors, and the alert sound is distracting.

The Proactive Triggers is found in the Admin Panel in the Live Chat module.

The Proactive Triggers is found in the Admin Panel in the Live Chat module.

9. Reinforce your live chat support with smart helpdesk ticketing

The ticket is automatically forwarded to the right agent.

The ticket is automatically forwarded to the right agent.

Unless you have a full customer support department or dedicated external contact center, maintaining a 24/7 live chat is difficult. What happens when you’re offline and customers are asking lead-potential questions?

ClickDesk allows web visitors to send a chat message even when your agents are offline (visitors see that you’re offline) or submit a support ticket straight from the IM window. The next time one of the agents logs in, she’ll see the ticket in her dashboard. This means small businesses can reply within the allowable 24-hour margin that most customers expect from support even without a 24/7 coverage.

The Helpdesk dashboard is streamlined and features smart tools. Your agents can reply from the dashboard, while web visitors receive a personalized response to their email. You can also forward your other helpdesk email address to ClickDesk to organize all tickets in one location.

Furthermore, we like how ClickDesk automates ticket assignments with a range of actions, such as: new email, new note, and delayed response. To further enhance automation, you can create macros to run customized actions. We’re sure you’ll like this feature, too, when you’re hit with a big volume of incoming tickets.

Likewise, you can create a ticket with multiple users (for different departments like sales, technical, support, etc.). This is practical when resolving issues that require inputs from other departments.

You can also create a drop-down menu of multiple departments in the IM window of the web visitor. The visitor can easily choose which department she needs to contact regarding her issue (billing, IT, support, etc.). This handy menu also lets you skip sorting tickets for the right agent.

As expected with a robust helpdesk, ClickDesk also features: canned responses, IM alerts, powerful search, favorite tickets, import tickets, notes, archives, and tags.

10. Enhance ClickDesk with great integration

Live chat is just one part of your relationship marketing strategy. We like it that ClickDesk can integrate with many of our favorite business apps for different uses: website builders, landing page creators, CMS, sales and CRM, shopping carts, and productivity tools.

You can connect ClickDesk via plugin or integration with top software brands like Zendesk, Sugar, Zoho, Salesforce, Agile, Infusionsoft, Wix, Shopify, Magento, Google Apps, Tumblr, Weebly, WordPress, Joomla!, CS Cart, and Unbounce.

We also experienced that much of this integration involves a straightforward copy-paste process and requires only basic familiarity with target apps’ user interface and settings. Even without coding or technical skills, a small business owner can easily integrate ClickDesk with these apps. Besides, he can always initiate a chat with a ClickDesk agent in case he stumbles upon a glitch.

ClickDesk also features these standard features:

  • Send files within the IM window
  • Answer chats from any device: laptop/desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Chat in 60+ languages
  • Customize themes
  • Create shortcuts

ClickDesk Pricing Plans

Pricing is available on a per agent per month basis and it offers six pricing plans. There is also a great free trial plan that allows you to test all the major features of the app before you decide if it meets your company requirements. You can easily sign up for ClickDesk free trial here.

Lite Plan: $19.99/month

Features included in this plan are: unlimited chats, Gtalk IM, widget customization as well as chat transfer & groups. You will also get 99.5% uptime guarantee & SSL security.

Pro Plan: $29.99/month

Features of the Pro plan include: chat conferencing, CRM integration and API, video chat, post chat survey, as well as reports and history features.

Enterprise Plan: $79.99/month

Features in the Enterprise plan will give you access to the following features: queuing, white label, unlimited domains, widget custom CSS, analytics as well as a Dedicated Account Manager.

Team Professional Plan: $64.99/month

Features you will get are: support for 4 Agents and unlimited chats, 2 way Voice and Video, chat transfer & groups, as well as basic analytics.

Team Growing Business Plan: $124.99/month

Features included are: support for 8 Agents and unlimited chats, 2 way Voice and Video, CRM integrations & API, chat transfer & groups, advanced analytics, chat queuing, chat conference, priority levels, and your own branding.

Team Enterprise Plan: $349.99/month

With this plan you will get: support for 15 agents and unlimited chats, 2 way Voice and Video, CRM integrations & API, chat transfer & groups, advanced analytics, chat queuing, chat Conference, priority levels, your own branding, and agent training & phone support.

All plans include the following core features: advanced web chat, customizing your design, CRM integrations & API, groups and chat transfer, file Sharing, 30-day money back guarantee, SSL security, targeted chat, and 24/5 customer support.


What customers say about ClickDesk

We analyzed user comments on different websites and platforms and found that most ClickDesk users find the app unique for its three outstanding traits: pricing, ease of use, and upgrade features.

“It’s cheaper than LiveChat,” Derrick from San Antonio, CA said, echoing the competitive pricing of this app. “I only need a light support app for my single-site webstore. ClickDesk has the online/offline dynamics that I require, plus a dependable ticketing system.” Some users believe that LiveChat offers more robust features, but ClickDesk offers the “right solutions for the right price,” another user commented.

Likewise, ease of use is a recurring comment among users. “It’s easy to set up. I tested it on one of my websites and it works!” Nancy from Houston, TX said. She said that she was able to put up the live chat in minutes and got the first batch of inquiries via chat on the same day.

For other users, they believe the current features are numerous for a light and affordable app. Nick, who runs a home-based fashion accessory online store, said he likes the app because “it constantly comes up with new features.” The helpdesk, in fact, is an upgrade feature introduced by the app. ClickDesk is reported to launch more features in the future, such as, virtual agents, more customizable interface, and co-browsing screen sharing.

Awards and Quality Certificates won by CDMessenger

Verified Quality Seal

sealClickDesk was awarded the Verified Quality Seal by a panel of B2B software experts for the strictest quality standards. The seal is a unique trust seal awarded exclusively by FinancesOnline, which highlights the quality of the software’s features and tools, as well as the reliability of the vendor to provide excellent customer support. The seal indicates that after closely testing the functionalities of ClickDesk versus its promises, the app passed our quality tests and is guaranteed to meet customer expectations and satisfaction.

Designed for Small Business

smallb2After taking a closer scrutiny of ClickDesk’s features, we believe small businesses will benefit most from its light usability and competitive pricing. We discovered that most ClickDesk users cite its pricing and ease-of-use as main positive factors, including setting it up on a website or integrating the live chat with another app. Much of the setup involves a simple copy-paste process, where coding or technical skills aren’t needed. Our Designed For Small Business Certificate is a solid sign that choosing ClickDesk as your live chat and helpdesk software will surely allow you to use the app and enjoy its benefits right away.

Best Add-ons & Integration

addonslClickDesk users can enjoy a wide range of add-ons and integrations with popular business apps, greatly enhancing their live chat and helpdesk ability. The software works seamlessly with various apps for different processes, including: CRM and sales, CMS, shopping cart, invoicing, social media, IM, website builders, and productivity tools. Likewise, the built-in video chat and integrated helpdesk merited our attention. This award signals to future ClickDesk users that using the app gives them great flexibility in expanding the capabilities of their tools.

An Interview with ClickDesk CEO

Manohar Chapalamadugu ClickDesk CEO

Manohar Chapalamadugu
ClickDesk CEO

FinancesOnline talked with Manohar Chapalamadugu, CEO of ClickDesk, to find out more about the app and its future features.

Why is ClickDesk unique?

Chapalamadugu said that ClickDesk combines live chat, voice/video chat, and helpdesk modules that are traditionally sold separately. “We provide multi-channel customer engagement software to online businesses,” he said.

Furthermore, the app is streamlined and easy to use without the need to install additional hardware and software. “Web visitors and agents can use ClickDesk straight from the browser.”

Chapalamadugu also believes ClickDesk’s seamless integration with major business and productivity apps makes the live chat software stand out from its competitors. He said that ClickDesk integrates numerous complementary software in the B2B ecosystem “from CRM to invoicing to our popular one-click installations with leading CMS platforms.”

Specific problem scenarios solved by ClickDesk

One of the most useful tools of ClickDesk, according to Chapalamadugu, is the Proactive Chats feature. Where many businesses face the challenge of how to actively reach out to web visitors, the tool can immediately connect agents with prospects.

Likewise, with pre-knowledge of the customer’s profile, agents can initiate small talk to open the communication channel. “Multiple proactive chats can be setup to take the country, IP, browsing history, referrals into consideration.”

Chapalamadugu also said that users will like ClickDesk for its integrated helpdesk and built-in voice/video call. “We provide a seamless integration between live chat and helpdesk to provide a rich engagement experience for the web visitors.”

Exciting new feature to come

Chapalamadugu mentioned an AI-level feature that we can expect from ClickDesk soon. A Virtual Agent is in the pipeline, where it can answer chats with preset replies. “It is self-learning and gets smarter as more chats are handled,” the CEO added.

Moreover, he said that developers are working to enhance and provide more user interface options, such as, various styles, animations, and more. Co-browsing with a customer via screen sharing, is also being planned for future ClickDesk versions.

ClickDesk SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction

Our experts have conducted ClickDesk reviews detailing its features, user feedback, customer service, and other key aspects. Using our SmartScore system we gave ClickDesk a very satisfying score of 8.6, while our Customer Satisfaction Algorithm estimates the overall user satisfaction rating for the software at 100%.

If you’d like to have your product considered for any of FinancesOnline awards or quality certificates please contact us.

Christopher Robinson

By Christopher Robinson

Christopher Robinson is a senior productivity research analyst who specializes in optimizing online collaboration and project management using Scrum and agile approaches. In his work, he always emphasizes the need for distributed work training and the formation of efficient work habits. His work was mentioned in various business publications, including Entrepreneur and InfoQ. He’s a strong proponent of the GTD model. He has been cooperating with the FinancesOnline team for 5 years now, and his publications always focus on practical aspects of productivity tools that can have an actual, transformative impact on a company.

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