Review of LiveAgent: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning Help Desk Software

lalogoWe frequently asses B2B solutions based on technical features alone. Reviewing LiveAgent is no different. However, we felt we needed to highlight the customer-centric approach of the vendor when developing the helpdesk software. Yes, many times we’ve encountered B2B solutions that are designed to have best-in-class features, but at the same time put actual customer needs as an afterthought. In LiveAgent’s case, we immediately noticed its impressive features, but what we appreciated more is the way the solution has been intuitively developed to solve real helpdesk issues of its clients in a scalable way.

In this LiveAgent reviews, we discuss the most important elements and features of this popular help desk software application. LiveAgent scored high in our test of help desk software solutions. Our experts were really impressed with its capabilities and you can read why below. We’ll also try to present the highlights of the software in a way that will allow you to evaluate how it can benefit your company.  In addition to great features, the app offers flexible pricing plans that can be adjusted to almost any budget and a great LiveAgent free trial plan that lets you try out the service to help you decide if it actually fits your needs.


This certificate is granted to products that offer especially good user experience. We evaluate how easy it is to start using the product and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process.

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What are the Highlights of LiveAgent?

  • Universal Inbox puts all emails, chats, calls, social media posts in one place for easy ticketing and faster response
  • Rules-based ticketing automates routing and streamlines support processes
  • Live chat widget captures leads
  • Social media integration ensures you stay on top of your social pages
  • Lifetime 24/7 support guarantees you can always ask for help or advice

You can find more information about LiveAgent features and pricing in our full review of the software.

3 Things We Like About LiveAgent

1. They really have you as a client in mind

During our review of the software, we noted at least four aspects of LiveAgent that really show its a customer-oriented solution. First, even if you’re a small client you also get full lifetime 24/7 support. Whether you’re getting Ticket only plan, Ticket and Chat, or the whole package, you need not worry about support. The vendor also promises to respond to on-premise licenses and resolve issues within the day via email, phone, or live chat. Moreover, LiveAgent claims their reps are in-house, so the vendor has a tight grip on feedback and feedforward messages. As opposed to outsourced shared customer service, LiveAgent reps can focus on LiveAgent issues alone, fast tracking resolution time and guaranteeing native expertise. In fact, the company claims clients can push inquiries up to the level of the CEO or development head. This is important for complex queries that require a high-level decision fast.

Second, whatever your business size, you get the best value for money. There are plenty of options to scale the features you only need. Whether you’re a 2-man startup or a big multinational company, you pay only for what you want to use. You start with the minimum number of 3 agents, then you can simply add more agent as you deem fit. You can also scale back to the basic plan during low seasons. The plans are intuitively scaled. For example, all plans start with email support and ticketing, the bare minimum customer service you should offer your customers. You can then introduce an on-site live chat, and further on, a feedback mechanism to add more value to your customer support.

Third, you’re not forced to pay for an additional license if you have more than one website. LiveAgent allows you to embed separate chat buttons, contact forms, or knowledge base portals for your different brand sites using only one license. In return, all your support channels are kept tidy and easy to manage under one roof.

Finally, you have the freedom to choose your own security. LiveAgent has been servicing 15,000 clients to date and none has complained of major security issues. Still, if you’re paranoid about tech security, you can host LiveAgent on your own server. SaaS seems the vendor’s bread and butter, but nothing is forced on you; hence, a standalone app is available.


2. A Small support team can handle large volumes of queries

LiveAgent can help you cover volumes of tickets even with a small team. We tried flooding our team of 5 agents with hundreds of queries in a day–a combination of complex and low-level inquiries, plus a number of repetitive questions. Our team was able to address all tickets with efficiency, relying mainly on these LiveAgent key features:

  • Its Universal Inbox
  • Rules
  • Chat Routing
  • Live Chat Widget
  • Knowledge Base

The Universal Inbox kept all queries in one place for easy sorting. Emails and social media posts are automatically converted into tickets. By setting rules, the tickets are quickly routed to the right department. For instance, repetitive queries are automatically directed to an FAQ page while billing issues are referred to accounting. Right away, agents have trimmed down their workload by about 25% using Rules and Routing alone. Meantime, questions that don’t fall under the tags that we’ve predefined are directed to a team of “experts”. This is one way we’re able to separate new legitimate questions; then, we added these new questions as new tags, further expanding our knowledge base. The strategy helped us to continuously improve our team’s efficiency. You can use Rules to automate myriad processes, such as:

  • Creating new tickets
  • Transferring tickets
  • Rating agents
  • Changing ticket tags.

We also believe the Live Chat can help us capture serious queries. People normally avoid getting bugged by reps, so when they contact us via chat, we know they must be genuinely interested or have an urgent message. The widget allows real-time conversations and proactive chat invitations for idle page viewing. Here’s one thing we love: you can see the chat being typed, giving you a headstart by the time the customer finishes a long query.


3. Managing your social channels is a lot easier

We can highlight LiveAgent’s ticket management, but many of its features are expectedly a staple for a top-level helpdesk software. Automatic ticket distribution, rules, tags, templates, WYSIWYG editor, agent collision detection, SPAM filters… all these are standard features in LiveAgent and work efficiently.

Instead, we’re drawn to LiveAgent’s Twitter and Facebook integration to its ticketing system. Social media is a minefield that companies need to monitor closely, lest one negative post can explode into a crisis. So having a way to see and respond to all your brand mentions and keywords in social media in one place is a big help. Though we’re more excited capturing keywords in Twitter and Facebook than brand mentions; it helps us to push our brand to a lead.

Moreover, social media integration helps you to monitor multiple social pages in real time and respond fast. You can also archive social media posts as tickets for future reference, for example as leads. You can also categorize different posts easily, whether to be used as content or marketing data.


LiveAgent Pricing

LiveAgent is available as a SaaS or on-premise plan. There is also a great 14-day LiveAgent free trial plan that lets you test all the key features of the software before you decide on a paid plan. 

Cloud-based plans start at $9 per agent/month with Ticket Plan. The package bundles email support and ticketing, knowledge base and an iPhone/Android app, among others. On the other hand, the Ticket + Chat Plan has additional features, including live chat widget, real-time visitors monitoring, and feedback mechanism. It starts at $14 per agent/month. Meanwhile, the All-Inclusive Plan adds more essential features of LiveAgent, including Facebook and Twitter integration; call center support; and gamification.

The Downloadable License, on the other hand, is available in three packages: Startup at $899 (3 agents), Business at $2999 (10 agents), and Company at $5999 (20 agents). All prices are one-time fees, plus an optional of $349 per additional agent. You can learn more about LiveAgent pricing and plans here.


Awards and Quality Certificates Won by LiveAgent

2016 Expert’s Choice Award

expert2016This award was granted to LiveAgent after our B2B software review experts concluded that the app greatly enhances customer service efficiency. A small support team can immediately handle a much higher ticket workload by using the helpdesk app, especially relying on its automation, routing, rules, and knowledge base, among others. This ability makes LiveAgent a quality software that truly satisfies the needs of B2B and SaaS customers, giving them efficient and solid solutions.

2016 Supreme Software Award

supreme1LiveAgent has displayed its expertise and knowledge in developing features that meet the critical needs of helpdesk users. Its scalability allows businesses of various sizes to maximize the software’s capabilities without having to pay for non-essential tools, giving them the best value for money. Similarly, the app has proven its servers are highly secure and efficient. The vendor has also shown it has the best interest of its customers at heart with its 24/7 lifetime customer support service for all plans, regardless whether the client is big or small.

Exceptional Customer Support Award

exceptionalWe distinguished LiveAgent with this award in recognition of their offer of 24/7 lifetime support across the board for all users. Where other vendors discriminate against its small-time clients when it comes to support, LiveAgent ensures that all plan holders from the basic to the all-inclusive are taken care of. On-premise clients are also guaranteed free integration and setup as well as reliable technical support.


Great User Experience Award

userexperienceFirst-time users of LiveAgent will realize that they can drastically and quickly streamline their customer service workload. Furthermore, they will appreciate that it is possible to upgrade features at any time and pay only for the tools that are needed. Our review team was impressed with how LiveAgent was able to develop intuitive and scalable features based on the actual demands in real helpdesk scenarios.


LiveAgent SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction

Our experts have conducted full LiveAgent reviews detailing its features, user feedback, customer service, and other key aspects. Using our SmartScore system we gave LiveAgent a very satisfying score of 9.7/10, while our Customer Satisfaction Algorithm estimates the overall user satisfaction rating for the software at 99%. If you’d like to have your product considered for any of FinancesOnline awards or quality certificates please contact us.


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By Christopher Robinson

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