ConnectWise Control Pros and Cons: Analysis of a Leading Remote Support Software

In the IT world, remote support refers to applications or tools that IT technicians or support personnel use to directly access a client’s computer system to troubleshoot problems and resolve issues. As you may have noticed, the keyword here is “remote”; hence troubleshooters need not be physically present at the computer station they’ll be working on. Technicians can use their consoles and, through the Internet, can work and access a computer located anywhere around the world. Although the main purpose is to access computer systems to address issues, remote support software also provide capabilities for desktop/screen sharing, file transfer and synchronization, email, chat support, and guest accessibility, among others.

One of the more feature-filled and powerful remote support software available in the market today is ConnectWise Control. In this article, we’ll explore the many features, benefits and advantages of this platform as well as its drawbacks. Although we already have a very comprehensive ConnectWise Control review that you can go over, our goal with this ConnectWise Control pros and cons article is to provide you with another perspective on the software so that when the time comes to acquire it, you’ll do so with full confidence knowing what it can or cannot do, and ably determine in advance if it matches your requirements. As always, we’re here to help you make informed decisions in order that you get only the best and most suitable application tools for your company. But before we continue with examining what ConnectWise Control can do, let’s discuss what features you should expect from a reliable remote support software in general.

Remote Support Software Essentials

Remote support software came about in the quest to find alternative means to provide IT support to clients without having to be physically on location at the subject computer system. This setup mitigates the cost of helpdesk centers and immediately reduces all transport related expenses. To be effective, the tools for remote support sessions must be highly advanced and robust. Thus, remote control support must have the following features and capabilities.

  1. Connectivity. Remote support software must provide easy and reliable access to any device using nothing but internet connection. It should not require any heavy technical installation for the user and allow users to reconnect through reboot machines even when their connection is poor. For technicians, the software should provide multi-session working, access to sessions without admin approval, communication and collaboration, and intelligent launching that selects the best deployment model.
  2. High-Quality Sessions. Sessions should be visible and controllable, and allow open attendance by as many users as necessary. This calls for user account control to be under an admin, and not from the software provider. The software should allow for non-intrusive sessions, local recording of sessions together with files, folders, and real-time screenshots to aid in dealing independently with similar future problems. It should have chat and VoIP features so that clients and technicians can stay connected all the time as may be necessary.
  3. Customization. This feature should allow technicians to customize the environment he’s working on, albeit even temporarily. Depending on the scope of work to be done, customization can be partial or total modification of clients’ applications, integrating a compatible plug-in, or even altering CSS.
  4. Security. It is not always the case that clients will allow access to their local data to third party remote support providers. Client admin must stay on top of managing security at all times, and let the provider assume risks responsibilities. Remote support software should be compatible or support multiple security codes and compliances such as encryption, passwords, two-factor authentications and granular permissions, among others.

ConnectWise Control is a highly-ranked application which currently holds a leading position in our Remote Support Software category.

ConnectWise Control

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As you can see, based on our ranking, ratings and reviews, ConnectWise Control is highly regarded because of its robust functionalities and features which include:

  • Remote Support
  • Remote Access
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Meeting/Presentation
  • Known Issue Management
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Shared Toolbox
  • Application Sharing
  • Customization/Branding
  • Help Desk Management
  • Live Chat
  • Live Video Conferencing
  • Meeting Management
  • Application Sharing
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Monitoring
  • Alerts/Escalation
  • Auditing
  • API
  • Multiple Brands/Products
  • Community Forums
  • Knowledge Base

We have gone over the details of the ConnectWise Control platform and have come up with comprehensive information on its capabilities, benefits and downsides. If you’d like to check out the software for yourself, you can easily sign up for ConnectWise Control free trial here.

Pros and Cons of ConnectWise Control

Designed for team collaboration

ConnectWise Control is designed for teams with its large set of collaboration tools that make it easy for clients and technicians to work and coordinate with each other, and share opinions, files and tasks. All involved can have clear access to the same customer database, as well as information into previous cases to come up with easier and ready solutions. Data is stored in the cloud and can be managed and accessed with any kind of device or OS, making it easy to collaborate and work simultaneously on the same task. As with the centralized client database, the toolbox is also cloud-hosted and remotely available to everybody wherever they may be located.

Built for modern remote assistance

With cloud platform developed for small and mid-sized teams, they get to provide modern technical assistance to clients needing remote support for repairing computers, managing machines, and providing updates. Users can remotely conduct online seminars and training sessions, update team members on project and work status, collaborate with other technicians on a project, and other such activities that don’t require physical get together. It provides for unobstructed communication between clients and technicians, has lots of customization features, supports branding, and a host of other functionalities to take remote support and productivity to the next level.

Robust remote capabilities

The platform’s ScreenConnect feature allows not only remote presentations and meetings but also powerful screen sharing capabilities. A user can share his computer screen with another or even to an unlimited number of users, have participants in a session share their screens with other participants, or swap screens from presenter to participant and vice versa. Mobile participants can join remote sessions with their iOS or Android devices. The same feature allows you to do lots of other things such as record remote sessions, capture screenshots, chat with participants, generate session codes, and send email invites to guests to remote meetings.

Extensive and efficient customer service

For customers, technical support and service delivery are always major considerations. ConnectWise Control shines in this area as its customer service policy is anchored on prompt and on-time service delivery. This can be assured as every customer support personnel have all data available in a single system, and are able to collaborate and work on the same task simultaneously. Also, customers are provided extensive resources and knowledge base that include a library of eBooks, tool kits, infographics, guides, videos, live demos, the ConnectWise University and Marketplace. Furthermore, the product vendor provides customer support teams available 24/7, via phone, email, and live chat; while there is also an option to fill in support tickets directly on their website.

Exceptional security

In the world of remote support software and service, security and integrity of local data (data stored on local machines and servers) is of paramount concern. ConnectWise Control provides world class security scalable to your needs to make sure data is not compromised. It adopts role-based security that limits technician access to functionality and sessions with granular security permissions; uses audit logs for each session that include host name, guest information, timestamps, and more; and applies video record sessions to the server for compliance, auditing, and training. Moreover, it gives client’s full control over connection to their machines; asks unattended-session clients for permission to connect; let’s clients watch the tech work, initiate chats and end the session at any time; and removes any remote support from the customer machine at session end. These are on top of other security features such as two-factor authentication, AES-256 encryption, and server level auditing, among many others.

Free plan and flexible pricing options

You can start using ConnectWise Control with no cost at all. If you are a single technician, you can get a free subscription for one session limit, three access agents, and remote support. There are three other plans with affordable monthly subscriptions that carry more features and capabilities. Likewise, there are access-only packages with annual fees if all you need is unattended remote access. It provides you with a ConnectWise Control agent, anytime, even with client unattended machines, a suitable option for managing a large group of machines, a mobile workforce, or providing IT services to external users. There is also a self-hosted package for those who want to maintain on-premise control of their solution. If you’d like to check out the software for yourself, you can easily sign up for ConnectWise Control free trial here.

 Customization and branding

If you’re the remote support provider, you would want your services and reputation to stand out. ConnectWise Control gives you the means to do that with its customization and brand-centric features. You can personalize with your logo with a simple image insertion with no HTML needed. You get to edit over a thousand settings with a simple toggle of features on the appearance tab of your dashboard. You can even convert from English to your local language and completely change the text in the software. Among other things you can customize to push your brand including styling your guest page to welcome clients into your support portal, creating your own theme with a code-less custom theme manager extension, replacing the platform favicon with your very own, embedding the platform into your existing website, and selecting one from among ConnectWise’s hostnames to start connecting.


Having gone through the product’s features resulted in an overwhelmingly positive experience though we’d still like to point out a couple of features we’re certain users would appreciate if they were introduced in the future. Since it’s also billed as a collaborative solution for teams to work together where they can have remote sessions, it would have helped if there was a nifty calendar management feature where teams could schedule meetings and collective tasks. A related feature that can also aid in collaboration would be automatic notifications so everyone on the team could be in the loop when it comes to important reminders, helping them to get further connected and coordinated.

Is ConnectWise Control for you?

The decision is yours to make. But from a user’s point of view, the categorical answer is yes. It wouldn’t receive all our awards, high ratings and positive reviews if it were the run-of-the-mill type that didn’t pass the promise of potential and the expectation of performance. As always in our software review, we approach products from the perspective of customers and users, determining if they provide the maximum benefits in terms of feature, functionality and usability. You may have noticed that with remote support software, there are two sets of users – clients who need their computer systems to be worked on, and technicians who do the work. As you have read in this ConnectWise Control pros and cons article, both clients and technicians are taken cared of and well provided for – the former with maximum security and control over their machines, the latter with extensive tools to do the work effectively. Only the best remote support software like ConnectWise Control can give you top notch features and capabilities, and you deserve nothing less.

Christopher Robinson

By Christopher Robinson

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