Pros & Cons of Lifesize: Analysis of a Video Conferencing Software

What are the pros and cons of Lifesize?
The pros and cons of Lifesize are demonstrated by its ability to provide stable 4K video conferences for professionals in meeting spaces, huddle rooms, and conference rooms. Virtual meetings are secure and can be documented with relevant statistics. Still, Lifesize may not be a good fit for really small companies.

You could be looking to invest in a video conferencing software but you don’t know where to start. In that case, you will have to deal with a number of them around. Many offer the latest in high video quality, while others are yet to consider incorporating the feature with what they already have. You will also have to deal with free and paid offerings. 

Meetings are very important in growing your business. How? By way of these tips for more successful meetings, for example. And great communication cuts out inefficiencies—as the Major League Baseball found out after using Lifesize. But is Lifesize for you? You will not really know until you have looked in detail what this video conferencing is up to. While many organizations have made important strides with the solution, it does not guarantee that its features—and pricing—rightly match your needs.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of Lifesize to get you started in this direction. Researching the qualities of a software could be a daunting task especially if you don’t where to start. We’ll make your life easier with this review so you would know if that’s one application worth retaining in your shopping list or one that you could tick out for good.

Pros and cons of lifesize

Video conferencing software has become a convenient way to facilitate web seminars and other promotional activities. For example, 58% of businesses now utilize video conferencing for their everyday operations. Businesses see value in how the technology makes their services flexible, scalable and enhances end-user experiences. With hardware enhancements promising better video and audio quality, businesses have powerful media tools to enhance their customer engagements in more meaningful ways.

Educational institutions already use video conferencing in meaningful ways, with almost half of them using it to conduct school-related activities. Marketers use video conferencing to conduct product information and promotional drives.

With communication serving as a critical requirement of modern businesses, skimping on communication channels can be detrimental. This review of how digital tools enhance communication explains why. By investing in a more advanced video conferencing setup, your business communication will less likely to be bland, too formal, or boring. 

This is important not just in internal meetings but also in external communications. You want to make a great first impression in online sales calls or in negotiations. You want the experience to be professional yet with the right amount of personal touch. Many times, a smiling face on a screen is enough. 

It has been reported that leveraging great video conferencing platforms improves collaboration and flexibility. It is a matter of finding the right use for the right tools and using them effectively.

For example, the effective use of video conferencing and collaboration platforms make distance healthcare interventions more efficient

What is Lifesize?

Lifesize is billed as the world’s first 4K video conferencing solution. It boasts signal clarity in both audio and video. As expected with video conferencing software, files and media can also be shared through the platform. It helps professionals and executives make their communications more efficient and look more professional. The service gives you access to a centralized and name-based directory. This directory is available via web-based, mobile, or desktop apps. 

The service enables users to collaborate. You can schedule meetings through popular calendar and email applications. It also generates accurate reports and statistics with complete account management features. Furthermore, communications over Lifesize are securely encrypted by default. 

Should you want to investigate the platform firsthand, you can easily do so when you can sign up for Lifesize free demo.

Lifesize comes with slickly designed hardware that can transform any room into a professional meeting space. The size of your room does not really matter with Lifesize. The deployment can be configured for all meeting room sizes. You can start small and you can always scale up once you get bigger conference rooms. Audio calls, video conferences, screen sharing, and other functions are available via this relatively affordable service. 

These are the key features brought to you by Lifesize:

  1. 4K video conferencing
  2. Adaptable to all meeting spaces
  3. Apple AirPlay Integration
  4. Built-in directory
  5. Central management
  6. Desktop app
  1. Mobile app
  2. Purpose-built dedicated hardware
  3. Record and share video calls
  4. Secure encryption 
  5. Web-based app
  6. Wireless screen sharing

Lifesize Advantages and Disadvantages


It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. We all live in a connected world now and the future seems to point towards more connections through digital means. Lifesize helps make your business future-proof. It lets you transition your offices into a truly modern workspace. With Lifesize, you can conduct critical meetings with clients, colleagues, or shareholders with great signal clarity and ease.

In healthcare, Texas Back Institute uses Lifesize to improve delicate distance healthcare procedures. In education, institutions use Lifesize to revolutionize education, making it more flexible and inclusive. Lifesize provides a communication channel with clarity, security, and ease-of-use; perfect for modern organizations with modern connectivity needs. 

In general, video conferencing is superior to audio-only conference calls. It increases attention, saving time, and enables more collaboration through file-sharing. It smoothens your communication, making your organization more agile. 

First impressions can last very long. With Lifesize, you can make your client calls, training sessions, and even promotional webinars look more modern and professional. It convinces clients that they are dealing with a company that seriously cares about making every touchpoint and overall customer experience delightful. 

Lifesize offers a 4k video experience and clear audio quality with a reliable connection. It also supports 15 languages. Do you have a subsidiary in Asia or Europe? No worries.  They can have Lifesize in their native tongue too. 

The Lifesize Phone HD is your central command, complete with a touchscreen interface, mics, and speaker.


Lifesize is not a one-size-fits-all product. It is a tailor-made solution for any room of any size. It does not matter whether you have a small phone room or a big conference room. You can transform it into a modern video conference space with the right mix of Lifesize hardware. 

The LifeSize Phone HD is the command central for your communications. The touchscreen device lets you manage all your directories and conferences. It comes with a 360-degree beam-forming microphone array that turns towards the active speaker for better audio pick up. The device has an automatic noise-canceling reduction, automatic gain control, and echo cancellation.

You can pair this up with the right plug-and-play Lifesize 4K camera with dual display capability to recreate that in-person boardroom feel. With this setup, you will be able to see the presenter and the presentation simultaneously through the dual share feature. 

The Lifesize Icon 700 with its 20x zoom capability is perfect for large meeting rooms. Lifesize Dash is perfect for small phone rooms. There are also other Lifesize cameras that will be perfect for any room of any size. All you have to do is schedule a demo with representatives to let them help you design the best video conferencing and collaboration experience. 

If subscribed you would get a 24/7/365 support with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.9% uptime–the next best thing to 100%. 


Lifesize makes collaboration easier. Not only that you can get in touch with colleagues faster than traveling, but you also get to have a centralized directory. You don’t need to open a digital Rolodex and browse for your contacts. Every contact you have can be imported into your Lifesize platform easily. With just a few clicks, you can phone in your department manager on the next floor or your site manager on another continent. 

The platform also allows screen sharing. This is very useful in presentations, webinars and even when troubleshooting issues. Plus, there is a dual share feature where you can share both your camera feed and your screen with your audience. This is perfect for training, sales reports, and others. This adds a very important personal touch. You and other participants won’t be listening to talking slideshow anymore. 

You will be able to achieve better presentation times. With just a few clicks, you would have your slides or video up where everyone can see. There will be no time for a lull and you can hold attention better. You don’t have to find the right cord for your laptop and connect it to the right socket.

Also, Lifesize-connected screens can be transformed into digital signages when you do not have calls. Corporate communications do not have to start and end on just audio or video calls. With digital signages, you can put up important announcements, weather report, your employees of the month, and many others. This creates a sense of community. Corporate communication and internal branding will have no interruptions. 


Many conference room meetings need constant support from technicians and assistants. Attendees and presenters do not necessarily know where to plug in their devices for power and for their presentation. We all hate that clutter of wires and cords that sometimes people trip on. With Lifesize, you can avoid this clutter and keep controls simple. Thanks to its slick hardware, you can do away with complicated setups and shorten setup times. 

Lifesize hardware come in different camera types and audio devices. The Lifesize Phone HD is a highly intuitive device where you can manage your critical audio and video communications. With this replacing all the other things on, under and on the sides of conference tables, you reduce clutter. For larger rooms where the Phone HD could not pick up speakers’ voices well, there is a device called the MicPod. It extends the reach of voice pick up. It automatically forms a beam by steering its three microphones towards the speaker. With this, there will be fewer mics and fewer cords. 


The Lifesize Phone HD is the control center for your virtual conference room. It shares some similarities with business phone systems but does not have a handset.  It also looks a bit like your mobile phone with its screen except that it is attached to a high-tech microphone and speaker. Just like your mobile phone, you can customize the touch screen interface. You can access your central directory from there and schedule meetings using this slick-looking hardware. It is where you control the pan/tilt/zoom function of the camera and the screen sharing feature. You can also record the meeting through it for later reference. 

Lifesize’s user interface is very intuitive. Its dashboard contains controls for its comprehensive set of features.

The user interface is reminiscent of the one you have for your mobile. It is very intuitive and straightforward. You can also control your system via a tablet application. This is an option perfect for mini rooms. For larger rooms, the Lifesize Phone HD is ideal. 

Security and control

Lifesize provides you with free automatic updates and maintenance. You do not have to do anything yourself. No manual effort required on your end. Lifesize does it all remotely. Another thing that Lifesize provides is detailed reports. You, of course, get centralized management for all accounts and room systems. This comes with usage reports and notifications. You can use this data to understand how your company is using Lifesize and how you can leverage it further in the future. 

Lifesize records usage statistics and history, allowing you to discover insights on how to leverage its use further.

Of course, these records are very sensitive just like your contact directory. Like full-fledged contact management platforms, Lifesize protects your sensitive data. Lifesize uses an AES 128-bit encryption for audio, video, text, and files.  It has web proxy support plus an automatic firewall traversal adding another layer of security. 

Value for money

Lifesize is the whole package. It can be configured to support multiple types of modern communication: video conferencing, webinars, file sharing, presentations, distance health care, and many more. It does this for you at a very affordable price. Because what is the use of saving dollars by traveling less if you substitute it with a costly alternative? Lifesize understands this, and this is why it is priced well and in tiers. 

The pricing starts with the Mini Bundle at $16 per user per month. This includes a 1 permanent meeting room, 1 Lifesize Icon 400 camera, and supports 25 users per month. It includes unlimited meeting duration, online reporting, account management, email and calendar schedule, and many others.

The Small Bundle is at $19 for every user every month and includes more perks and features such as 2 Icon 450 cameras, 2 Lifesize Phone HDs, support for 125 users, and Skype for Business Interop.

The Medium Bundle includes all of these plus more hardware, unlimited recording, and supports 250 users. It only sets organizations back for $23 per user per month. Remember that hardware comes with the software so the price point seems fair. 

But if your company has only 5 to 15 employees, the price may be too high. You’d just lean towards a free app. The Mini Bundle itself, which is the most basic service, maybe too high up for you now. But when your company grows, maybe that will be the time to get Lifesize.

You can always customize your plan, however. Just maybe, you can find the right mix for your small company.  All you need to do is talk to Lifesize customer representatives. 


If you already have third-party hardware yet want to get Lifesize, don’t fret. Lifesize seamlessly integrates with third-party conference room equipment, collaboration tools, and scheduling apps. Lifesize works well with the popular Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. It works well with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. This means if you are using these services already, you do not need to migrate or totally abandon them. You can keep using them with Lifesize.

Collaboration apps such as Slack and Skype for Business also integrate well with Lifesize apps as if they were one. With this, you can issue a simple chat command so your team can directly transition from chat into a Lifesize virtual meeting. Also, it works with ScreenCloud so you can use your screens to post corporate communications. You can use them as digital signage whenever they are not being used for meetings. 

Lifesize integrates well with many popular applications and systems such as Cisco, Avaya, and Polycom among other communication software. Others may wish for it to have integrations with other productivity apps but Lifesize is always getting updated. It is likely that we will see them in the future.    

Is Lifesize right for your business now?

Now that we have run through some pros and cons of Lifesize, the only one who can answer this important question is you. Many companies use Lifesize for their video collaboration needs across many industries. Organizations in healthcare, education, and other fields use it every day. Even Major League Baseball uses Lifesize to plan events like tournaments and other promotions. They reported that meeting attendance has increased by 42 percent and they have saved on time, money, and energy while increasing their productivity through efficient communication. 

The only problem with Lifesize is that the meaty features are only available for higher-tiered plans. Well, this seems to be the problem with many, if not all, services. If you get the Mini Bundle, you would only get the basic treatment. While it could be useful in itself, it can also be quite limiting for some. If you are a small company or a start-up, Lifesize may not be right for you at the moment. But if you are a tech company or remote collaboration and meetings are a regular part of your operation, video conferencing services is a must and Lifesize is a very good candidate. 

All in all, Lifesize offers best-in-class video conferencing and collaboration solutions. It enables you to control your communications through an easy-to-use central control. The video and audio quality is stunningly crisp and it enhances the overall communication experience of all involved. If you are ready to take your business communications to another level, Lifesize is something that you should truly consider.

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