10 Best Learning Management Systems For Your Company

What is the best learning management system?

The best learning management system is Coassemble, a robust cloud-hosted learning management platform designed to optimize the development of corporate training materials. Easy to use and highly flexible, the platform offers basic and advanced features such as course authoring, interactive templates, reporting tools, custom branding, and automated grading. With this at your disposal, you can boost course completion, retention rates, and learner engagement.

Learning management systems (LMS) have gained both prominence and importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has left a vast majority of learning institutions uncertain of what to do to perpetuate their operations. Thanks to LMS, schools got to continue educating their students through technologies like video conferencing and virtual classrooms, which are staples of LMS.

LMS did not only ensure the continuity of education, but it also made sure that both students and teachers stay healthy during the pandemic. Also, contrary to early beliefs, these systems have proven themselves effective in boosting student engagement and even personalize the learning experience. This is why having LMS software at your disposal is crucial in these times.

However, finding a good LMS is overwhelming, as there’s an extensive selection of LMS software providers out there. So, to help you out, we have compared and contrasted the 10 best learning management systems of 2022. We will be discussing their key features, usability, as well as their price range. This way, it is much easier to gauge which product is the most ideal for your company and the training program you wish to implement.

Best Learning Management Systems

Career development is perhaps one of the most important aspects of running a business. Sure, you may already be investing in employees by giving them a good workplace and giving them the proper compensation. However, statistics show that these are not enough to keep them from finding a different job.

A more recent survey from Jobvite, the Job Seeker Nation Study, noted that 61% of employees see career growth as the top factor in looking for a new job. What’s more, it has now become a more important criterion than compensation (57%) and healthcare benefits (58%).

And then there is the matter of the pandemic adversely impacting places of learning. The increased use of LMS during the COVID-19 pandemic was borne of the social isolation that people experienced, which resulted in the acceptance of the technology. This proved favorable to the LMS industry as it resulted in increased use of LMS among learning and development professionals. In fact, LMS is the second most widely-used technology by L&D professionals.


With these statistics, we can say that now is the time to use development-centric employee retention initiatives. You can do this through classroom training or by using online courses and webinars. Moreover, you can implement business-specific personalized learning to improve L&D results.

To help you kickstart your elearning initiatives, we have compiled some of the leading learning management systems on the market. These solutions are then evaluated based on how many essential LMS tools they have, the features that make them unique, as well as the pricing plans they have available.

But before you start browsing, it is best to know what you should expect from these tools. If you want, you can first check out our in-depth discussion on what is learning management software.

1. Coassemble

Coassemble dashboard

Coassemble is a scalable cloud-hosted learning management system designed to accommodate the learning and training needs of organizations of all sizes. The platform combines LMS features and content creation to provide training materials not only for businesses but also for individual users. One of the Coassemble benefits you can look forward to is the use of a library of customizable templates. These templates can be modified through drag-and-drop functions to create interactive training and learning courses.

What’s great about Coassemble is that the software also provides powerful tools for progress tracking and reporting. Through the software’s automated reporting capabilities, you can get accurate numbers on learner results, student completion rate, course-specific productivity, and campus usage, among other metrics. With these accurate reports, you can make data-driven decisions on modifying the learning experience and ensuring the effectiveness of courses.

Price Range: Coassemble offers flexible pricing, with a Pro plan that starts at $499 per month, billed annually, for 250 active users.


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Why Choose Coassemble?

  1. Customizable templates for courses. The platform makes it easy for you to create courses through customizable templates. Through drag-and-drop functions, you can quickly add videos, images, and charts to courses to make them more engaging. These templates are mobile-responsive as well, and you get unlimited course creation.
  2. Advanced reporting tools. Coassemble comes with automated reporting tools to help you see the numbers behind your courses’ performance. Data on metrics such as completion rate and learner results can provide valuable insights in gauging the effectiveness of your courses.
  3. SCORM compliance. Coassemble is compatible with SCORM files, so you can easily import these files into the software and share them with learners. This compatibility ensures that training materials can be delivered more quickly.

Detailed Coassemble Review

2. Absorb LMS

absorb lms dashboard
As a learning management system, the Absorb LMS platform is designed to make continuous learning collaborative and interactive. The software achieves these through features like leaderboards, feedback loops, quizzes, and news articles. Furthermore, instructors can modify the learning experience according to customer types and business units. The library also offers videos and microlearning components to ensure an interactive learning experience. The platform is fully accessible on iOS and Android as well, so employees and other types of learners can access the courses wherever they are.

Let’s get into more Absorb LMS details. The platform offers content libraries of pre-configured courses that can be immediately distributed to learners. To help instructors focus on providing a more effective learning experience, the software offers a Smart Administration module that can automate workflows. Course monetization is also easy through this platform, as it comes with a built-in eCommerce module for setting course prices and processing payments.

Price Range: You can contact the vendor to get a customized quote for your business.

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS

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Why Choose Absorb LMS?

  1. Learner-centric, ready-to-go courses. With Absorb LMS, there’s no need to wait for course deployment. The platform’s library comes with pre-configured courses that learners can access immediately. The learning experience can also be modified to match the learner’s needs.
  2. Collaborative learning. The platform comes with various tools that encourage collaborative, interactive learning. Quizzes, videos, and leaderboards go a long way in keeping learners engaged in the course content.
  3. Automated workflows. Through its Smart Administration module, Absorb LMS can automate workflows. All you have to do is set triggers for certain tasks, like enrolling new employees to onboarding courses. This way, administrators can focus on more important tasks.

Detailed Absorb LMS Review

3. Graphy

Graphy dashboard

Graphy is a modern learning management system designed to meet the complex needs of professional content and learning course creators, from domains, white-label websites to advance their brands forward and grow their business, to support for all types of multimedia formats, marketing tools, payment gateways, student communication tools, and robust security measures to protect their hard works.

Beyond these, other Graphy benefits include its support for drag-and-drop course builder, no-coding requirement to implement a mobile version, and several others more. Its precision domain name mapping and traffic source tracking give entrepreneurs the crucial insight to understand their visitors and audience better and improve their offerings.

For users whose clients spans various nationalities, Graphy supports country-specific pricing to allow them to sell their courses and contents without any difficulty. On top of this, they can also set up custom pricing schemes to match the needs of their internatioal clients.

Price Range: Graphy has various plans depending on your active learners and the types of features you need. Its Basic plan starts at $54/month (billed annually) while their Pro plan starts at $109/month, also billed annually. The Business plan is available at $182/month, billed annually, while the Advanced plan is priced at $320/month, billed annually. A quote-based plan is available.

Why Choose Graphy?

  1. Advanced Course Builder. With Graphy, users simply drag and drop multimedia content in order to create engaging online courses using any format, from mobile-only courses to web-only, instructor-led, or self-paced ones. They can conduct live sessions sans the need for separate Zoom licenses, complete with private chats and live polls features.
  2. Make Your Brand Stand Out on the Web and Mobile Apps. With fully white-labeled landing pages, users can craft dedicated web pages on their websites or mobile app at speed. There is no need to learn complex coding skills and work around plugins. Access to call-to-action blocks, and SEO tools ensure users are well positioned to reach out and communicate with their target audience.
  3. Advanced Communication Tools. As a modern course content delivery platform, Graphy offers built-in communication functionalities. It comes with a messaging system that allows learners and educators to converse with each other in-platform. This also comes in handy for administrators who want to make announcements to all users of the platform.

Detailed Graphy Review

4. TalentLMS

TalentLMS dashboard

TalentLMS is a cloud-hosted, mobile-ready learning management system designed for companies big and small. It comes with comprehensive course management, learning delivery, and administrative management modules that are easy to navigate even for tech-averse users. Using these TalentLMS features, you can author courses, engage learners, promote collaboration, and even evaluate the overall performance of your students in the most efficient manner possible.

Much like its competitors, TalentLMS offers assessment engines and analytics tools that will let you monitor the progress of your training programs. What’s more, it comes with gamification features and blended learning options to engage learners effectively.



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What truly sets this platform apart, however, is its configurability. For instance, TalentLMS allows you to completely customize various aspects of your courses. It not only lets you apply white labeling to the platform, but it also lets you create learning paths. This means you can set rules as to how courses should be completed and set prerequisites for certain classes, allowing for a more streamlined training program. Lastly, TalentLMS offers extensive REST-API tool and integration support that allows it to work seamlessly with various business systems.

Price Range: TalentLMS offers a free plan that can support up to 5 users and ten courses. If you want more advanced features, the vendor has monthly plans ranging from $79/month to $529/month. Meanwhile, if you want to get plans based on the number of active users you have, they offer plans from $159/month to $599/month. Discounts apply if you opt for their annual plans. There’s also an Enterprise plan available by quote.

Why Choose TalentLMS?

  1. Robust Course Management. TalentLMS offers end-to-end course management functionalities. It allows you to build courses from scratch, create tests for learner evaluation, and monitor the progress of your students. What’s more, it lets you record training metrics, support file sharing in-platform, and even encourage student interaction through web conferencing and forums.
  2. Administrative Options. What makes TalentLMS different from other LMS tools is that it also offers quite a few administrative tools. For example, it comes with multi-organization structure support, certification management, and ITL support. Moreover, it has highly customizable user permissions and reporting options.
  3. Convenient Course Marketplace. Not everyone has the time to create courses from scratch. This is why TalentLMS has a marketplace where managers can simply shop for ready-made courses that will help them with their training program. On the flip side, if your company has created plenty of courses that you think might be of help to other teams, you may choose to put them up for sale on the marketplace for some extra cash.

Detailed TalentLMS Review

5. iSpring Learn

ispring dashboard

iSpring Learn is a cloud-based learning management system that allows you to launch training company-wide in less than a day. No installation or complex IT deployment is required, and it’s completely user-friendly. iSpring Learn collects all the training materials and data in a single centralized location and ensures that your learners can access it from any device.

Price Range: Pricing is based on the number of active users who access the LMS each month. Depending on the number of users, the cost can range from $2.82 to $3.66 per user. Companies that plan to train more than 500 users every month can request a custom plan.

iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring Learn LMS

Try out iSpring Learn LMS with their free trial

Why Choose iSpring Learn?:

  1. Training Automation. iSpring Learn automates many tedious training-related tasks like enrolling learners, planning assignments, sending notifications, tracking training results, and scheduling training. With just a few clicks, you can set up automation policies for any process and free up so much time that is otherwise spent performing repetitive tasks manually.
  2. Strong Reporting Features. The system collects comprehensive training statistics and prepares them in neat reports. These will show the L&D team how learners take courses, how much time and effort they spend on quizzes, and indicate probable training bottlenecks. Regularly scheduled reporting will convince board members that investing in training is worthwhile.
  3. Mobile Learning. iSpring Learn is mobile-friendly and allows for training anytime and anywhere. The learning content will look good on any display. In the robust mobile app for iOS and Android, learners can take courses, complete quizzes, and assignments online, and even when offline. All progress will be saved and reported as soon as the Internet connection is restored.

Detailed iSpring Learn LMS Review

6. SkyPrep

skyprep dashboard

SkyPrep is a cloud-based learning management system built to cater to businesses of all sizes. It offers drag-and-drop course creation, simplified course distribution, automated grading, as well as gamification tools. Moreover, the platform provides users with the option to monetize their courses. With this at your disposal, you can have access to all the tools you need to facilitate engaging and effective courses for your teams. It even comes with enterprise-grade security so you can be sure that your courses will only be accessible to authorized people.

The abovementioned functionalities aside, SkyPrep also reinforces data-driven course management as it has real-time reporting options as well as a system for tracking and analyzing learner progress. Meaning, you can gain in-depth insights into the impact and ROI of your eLearning efforts.

Price Range: SkyPrep offers three pricing plans which are bundled depending on your required LMS features and the number of active users per month. The Core plan costs $299/month, the Premium plan costs $599/month, while the Enterprise plan is quote-based.



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Why Choose SkyPrep?

  1. Easy Course Creation. SkyPrep supports a wide variety of file types including PowerPoint, Word, and SCORM content. Users also have the option to embed videos or other training materials from the web for convenience. In addition, SkyPrep allows you to fully customize your courses according to your company branding.
  2. Intuitive Assessments. This platform’s Exam Manager lets users design quizzes in different formats. Moreover, you can create custom training programs based on pre-determined requirements, formulate the percentages needed to pass a test as well as limit the number of times that a student can take a test.
  3. Advanced Reporting Tools. Last but not least, SkyPrep reinforces a data-driven approach to eLearning as it offers real-time advanced reporting tools. It can generate reports on courses, learner groups, and individual learners to give you both big-picture and granular insights into the courses that you roll out.

Detailed SkyPrep Review

7. BrainCert

BrainCert dashboard

BrainCert is a powerful LMS built to optimize online training for employees. It comes with robust course management tools, web-conferencing options, and a built-in virtual classroom as a service (VCaaS) platform. Moreover, it comes with its own social network and messaging system, making it great for facilitating collaborative learning. It also has enterprise-grade security tools for those who want full configuration control while keeping their data safe from prying eyes.

While this platform comes with advanced functionalities, it does not require users to have coding knowledge. The platform has a drag-and-drop interface, so users of all technical skill levels can use it. In addition, BrainCert pricing plans include a free subscription that includes the basic functionalities of the platform. This makes it ideal for small businesses with limited financial resources.

Price Range: BrainCert offers monthly pricing plans ranging from $29 to $712. These are bundled depending on the types of features you require and the number of active users you have. Discounts apply to those who opt for annual pricing options.



Try out BrainCert with their free trial

Why Choose BrainCert?

  1. Simplified Content Management. BrainCert comes with a handy content management system where you can upload, compile, and store course documents. With this, you not only preserve your data but also reuse files, videos, and tests for faster course authoring. What makes this even better is that it lets you import and export files from third-party systems like Google Docs or Dropbox.
  2. Comprehensive online learning tools. BrainCert supports social learning, synchronous learning, as well as blended learning. Moreover it has an online testing platform and gamification options to keep learners engaged.
  3. Integrated eCommerce platform. This platform has an ecommerce platform where you can sell and purchase online courses. Meaning, users can monetize their existing courses by making them available to those who need it. Conversely, users can gain access to ready-to-use courses for a fee.

Detailed BrainCert Review

8. 360Learning

360 learning dashboard

360Learning is a learning management solution created for businesses of all sizes. It is best known for its collaborative learning framework that aims to simplify the development of learning materials. However, it also offers a plethora of other robust features such as gamification, learner segmentation, mobile learning, and learner path customization. It even comes with algorithm-powered newsfeeds, learner feedback, and built-in communication systems to make the experience more engaging for course participants.

These said, one can tell that there are many 360Learning benefits to be had. For instance, L&D teams can formulate more targeted course content. Its flexible mobile-ready interface makes the platform highly accessible which, in turn, can increase learner engagement. In addition, with its intuitive course-authoring tool, L&D teams can cut downtime and costs associated with corporate training development.

Price Range: 360Learning offers three subscription plans based on the functionalities that you will need. Their most basic plan is the Team package which costs $8 per month and can hold up to 100 users. Meanwhile, they have the Business and Enterprise plans for larger teams that require more advanced tools. Both packages are only available by quote so be sure to get in touch with the vendor for more information.



Try out 360Learning with their free trial

Why Choose 360Learning?

  1. Targeted Learning Paths. 360Learning comes with learning path mapping options. Meaning, L&D teams can help participants carve out training paths that are suitable for the career track that they are aiming for. In addition, as it has a collaborative framework that allows employees to help in creating content. As such, participants gain practical knowledge that is specific to the department or job role that they are aiming for.
  2. Convenient Course Creation. The platform has an intuitive authoring tool that supports collaborative editing and co-authorship. It also allows users to onboard third-party stakeholders in case you need feedback on your course content. In addition, the platform supports different media types which makes it easier to build interactive courses.
  3. Engaging Learning Experience. 360Learning is not only collaborative for L&D teams but for the learners, too. The platform is equipped with an internal communication system like discussion forums and commenting options so that participants can help each other out on coursework. Aside from that, it comes with gamification tools like the Challenge Mode, certificates, and leaderboards to encourage friendly competition among learners.

Detailed 360Learning Review

9. eFront

eFront dashboard

eFront is a device-agnostic elearning solutions for all types of businesses. SCORM-compliant and easy-to-use, this platform allows users to prepare training materials as efficiently as possible. It provides the user with everything from content management and course authoring features to gamification and learner performance monitoring. What’s more, it has mobile access and offline access options for a more convenient learning experience.

In addition to the features already mentioned, some eFront reviews also noted the platform’s reporting and online documentation capabilities. It offers advanced reporting, real-time data analytics, and training metrics monitoring. With these, you can easily mine your training data for insights that can help you improve your elearning efforts in the future.

Price Range: eFront offers four monthly subscription plans depending on the number of users you intend to onboard. These are the Business, Enterprise, and Large Enterprise plans which cost $1000/month, $1500/month, and $2500/month respectively.  There’s also a tailored plan which is only available by quote.



Try out eFront with their free trial

Why Choose eFront?

  1. End-to-End Course Management. eFront comes with everything you need for course management ranging from its creation to distribution. It has reporting tools that let you monitor the performance of your learners.
  2. Course Marketplace. eFront offers a WYSIWYG interface that lets you create courses from scratch. However, it also comes with a course marketplace, making it handy for those who have no time to make their own courses. This gives them access to premade courses on various topics that can help with upskilling efforts.
  3. Advanced Gamification. Last but not least, eFront aims to engage learners using its gamification module. With this, you can award points and badges to learners who are excelling. It also comes with leaderboards which encourage a sense of competition among learners.

Detailed eFront Review

10. Docebo

docebo dashboard

Docebo is a cloud-hosted learning management system known for its fully integrated ecosystem of features and modular interface. It leverages artificial intelligence to reinforce learning management automation, personalize learning experiences, as well as facilitate informal classes for companies. Furthermore, it offers open API tools to make integrating with other applications simpler than ever.

As we have mentioned in our Docebo overview, this platform is regarded as the most comprehensive solution for online training. It can build device-agnostic, mobile-ready courses that are great for agile teams. Moreover, it supports blended and social learning initiatives that make it possible to engage learners and encourage participation.

Last but not least, the platform is ecommerce ready, so you can easily monetize the courses you’ve made.

Price Range: Docebo offers pricing packages according to the number of eLearning projects you wish to implement and the number of users you will be onboarding. These are only available by-quote, so be sure to contact the vendor for more details.

Why Choose Docebo?

  1. eLearning Modules. One of the things that set Docebo apart from other LMS software is its modular interface. It is designed to effortlessly scale up or down according to your elearning requirements and changing business needs. This means you can easily extend its functionalities by integrating it with your existing systems or other third-party applications.
  2. AI-Powered Learning Management. Modern businesses need modern elearning methods. This is why Docebo leverages artificial intelligence to deliver high levels of customization, content curation, and aggregation. What’s more, it is capable of automating a wide variety of tasks for L&D administrators.
  3. Extended Enterprise Options. Another thing that makes Docebo unique is its extended enterprise approach to elearning. Meaning, it can be made accessible to employees, partners, and even customers for training. To make things better, it can support more than 30 languages. This makes it simpler to reach out to learners who are not English speakers.

Detailed Docebo Review

Is Your Business Ready for a Learning Management System?

Now that you have a better idea of what is the best LMS software for your company, the only question left to answer is whether or not you are ready to implement the system. After all, the success of these SaaS products relies on how well you can leverage them to your advantage.

That said, here are some steps you can take to prepare your company for LMS:

  1. Define the goal of your elearning training efforts
  2. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employees
  3. Determine what training methods will be most effective in engaging learners
  4. Map out learning paths that are most aligned with both career and company development
  5. Set metrics for progress monitoring

In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, both learning institutions have greatly benefited from the use of LMS. These solutions allowed schools to go on with the education of their students and even improved engagement while personalizing the learning experience. Suffice to say, LMS is a boon to the education sector when everything else seems to be on the verge of crumbling down.

To further help you with your implementation process, you might also want to consider checking out our compilation of LMS statistics. This should give you an idea of how modern companies are using elearning for their staff as well as the best practices that they are taking to maximize their LMS software.

If you are still unsure of which platform will fit your strategy best, we highly recommend that you give Coassemble a shot. This comprehensive learning management tool is an excellent option for both tech-savvy and tech-averse users. It has a great built-in dashboard and performance monitoring tools as well. These make it easy for both admins and learners to be productive in their elearning pursuit. The platform is also available in affordable packages. Should you want to test it out for yourself, you may try out Coassemble for free.

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