Top 3 Most Popular Shopping Cart Software Services: Comparison of Wix, X-Cart, and BigCommerce

What is the best shopping cart software?
The best shopping cart software is Wix. With its easy-to-use platform and customizable, expertly made templates, Wix makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to transition into ecommerce. Additional features such as product suggestions and store analytics make it easier for business owners to take care of their customers while moving them down the sales funnel.

You could spend months or even years trying to make your online store profitable but still end up hardly getting any visitors, let alone customers. The good news is that you can resolve this and other common ecommerce challenges with just one tool: shopping cart software

Our top 3 most popular shopping cart solutions ensure that profits are coming your way by helping you build a store that’s customized to your brand, manage inventory, and improve the level of customer service you provide. They offer safe, convenient shopping experience with their direct payment tools and security licenses, among others. Which one among the three does come out on top, though?

In this article, we’ll compare the features of the 3 most popular shopping cart solutions and discuss each software’s unique benefits. Hopefully, we’ll help you make an informed decision on the best software to use for managing your online store. 

top 3 best shopping cart software

Owners of online stores often encounter a wide variety of problems. For instance, despite research predicting that global retail ecommerce sales will reach more than $4 trillion by 2021, the average online shopping cart abandonment rate clocks in at nearly 70%. In most cases, customers can’t find products because ecommerce sites aren’t SEO-friendly. Similarly, security issues and inconvenient checkout and return policies give these online store owners poor conversion rates to contend with.
ecommerce conversion rate by product type

With many ecommerce challenges centered around the technical aspects of an online store, it’s even more crucial for online stores to be built on the best shopping cart software. Through an excellent shopping cart software, business owners can make their ecommerce websites more profitable by improving customer reach and customer experience, among other aspects. Let’s find out how our top 3 most popular shopping cart software do just that.


Wix dashboard

Wix has grown to become more than just a platform for creating websites. The system now offers comprehensive, robust eCommerce and shopping cart capabilities for entrepreneurs and SMBs looking to launch online stores, simplify store management, and provide the best customer service. 

One of Wix’s strengths lies in its ability to help you create a customized, professional-looking storefront. The platform offers more than 100 professional, designer-made templates for product galleries, checkout pages, and other store pages. You can easily customize these templates through drag-and-drop functions. 



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Likewise, the platform makes online shopping just as easy for customers. Features such as easy-to-navigate product galleries, product suggestions, and direct payments ensure that customers can enjoy a smooth journey to the checkout page. The platform also offers plenty of customer service features, such as express checkout and buyer notes. 

Another feature that makes Wix one of the most widely-used shopping cart platforms today is its mobile readiness. Wix-powered online stores have the advantage of being fully-optimized for mobile browsing. The platform even lets business owners build a mobile-first online store. 

Other user features that business owners will enjoy from Wix include streamlined inventory management and store analytics, which will go a long way in optimizing an online store for success. 

Detailed Wix Review

Key features of Wix:

  • Wix offers over 100 customizable, designer-made templates for various ecommerce website pages, including product galleries and checkout pages.
  • The platform allows secure direct payments and provides easy-to-navigate product galleries to make online shopping easier.
  • Wix-powered online stores are fully optimized for mobile browsing.
  • The platform also includes customer service features like express checkout and buyer notes.


X-cart dashboard

X-Cart is an open-source ecommerce platform that prides itself on its customizability and its ability to readily handle extensive product catalogs. The software is built on open-source PHP code, so it gives business owners full control over every aspect of their online store. 

X-Cart’s ecommerce website builder comes with a simple yet efficient admin portal. This portal serves as the command center for the platform’s wide range of features: extensive appearance customization, store management, inventory management, marketing and SEO, and payment getaways, among others. 

The platform lets business owners build their online stores exactly how they want it. X-Cart offers more than 80 ecommerce-optimized themes that are fully customizable through a drag-and-drop interface. More importantly, you can tinker around with the themes as much as you want in Webmaster mode, which allows custom CSS and JavaScript. 

Likewise, X-Cart lets you choose where to host your online store: on X-Cart servers or the platform’s hosting partners. The platform’s powerful CPUs and SSDs ensure that your website is always up and running no matter how many products you sell. 

Aside from high levels of customization, X-Cart also enables streamlined inventory management, with reporting on metrics such as bestselling products to give you more valuable insights on store performance. Moreover, built-in features for marketing, SEO, and analytics make X-Cart an all-in-one solution for online businesses of all sizes. 

Detailed X-Cart Review

Key features of X-Cart:

  • X-Cart lets store owners customize themes through custom CSS and JavaScript.
  • The platform lets you choose between X-Cart hosting or X-Cart’s third-party hosting partners.
  • The platform streamlines inventory management and provides reporting on product performance.
  • X-Cart also offers built-in capabilities for marketing and SEO. 


BigCommerce dashboard example

Companies like GE, Toyota, and Kodak can attest to the efficiency of BigCommerce as a shopping cart software. BigCommerce offers two platforms—Enterprise and Essentials—to accommodate the needs of businesses of varying sizes. Both platforms are fully featured to provide business owners storefront customization, hassle-free promotions, cross-channel commerce, and security compliance. 

BigCommerce Enterprise and Essentials offer many of the same capabilities. These platforms can help business owners build visually stunning, responsive online stores that make shopping more convenient for customers. You can customize the themes with HTML, CSS, or Javascript so you can give your store the exact look you want. You can also customize the checkout experience to make it more convenient. 

Whichever BigCommerce platform you choose, you also get built-in tools that will support your marketing campaigns, including tools for SEO and email marketing. These features will help you drive traffic to your online store so you can reach more leads and get more sales. Integrations with direct payment systems and popular marketplaces like Amazon and Instagram also allow business owners to place their products in front of a broader audience. 

Moreover, both platforms offer seamless integrations with a wide variety of business software, including ERP platforms and marketing automation solutions. With this versatility, BigCommerce can easily fit into your business’ existing ecosystem of software. 

Detailed BigCommerce Review

Key features of BigCommerce:

  • BigCommerce offers Enterprise and Essentials platforms to accommodate businesses of various sizes.
  • You can customize themes with HTML, CSS, or Javascript.
  • Additionally, the platform comes with built-in tools for SEO and email marketing.
  • BigCommerce also seamlessly integrates with business software.

Comparison of Store Design

Many of the features of the three most popular shopping cart platforms center around storefront design. Wix, X-Cart, and BigCommerce all offer plenty of expertly made themes and templates that you can easily apply to your online store. Each offering more than 80 templates, X-Cart and BigCommerce go one step further and let you customize themes through HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

However, Wix offers over a hundred designer-made templates, all of which are customizable according to your brand through drag-and-drop functions. You can apply a customized design to the Product Page and change the shopping cart icon and mini cart to your liking. Another great feature of Wix stores is the standalone product widget that you can place anywhere on your site. 

Verdict: Wix has the other two platforms beat in terms of available themes or templates alone. The platform also makes it easy for you to tweak your product page’s look even without using coding. 

modify templates with wix

Wix lets you modify templates without using codes.

Comparison of Product Management

Wix, X-Cart, and BigCommerce all offer robust features for product management. Wix allows you to build informative, engaging product pages by adding product videos, tables, and up to 6 product options such as size and color. The platform also lets you add a different image for each product option. If you sell an extensive selection of products, you can use Wix’s built-in feature to group similar products into collections. Additionally, Wix offers more flexibility for vendors as the platform allows you to sell digital products like music files, ebooks, and images. 

On the other hand, X-Cart makes it easier to add and edit product details in bulk. The platform lets you automatically add product images and descriptions to your catalog by integrating your store with external product libraries such as Itemmaster, Aerse, and Amazon. Bulk product editing also allows you to save time in applying similar updates to multiple products. Plus, the platform enables business owners to add unlimited products to their stores. 

Likewise, BigCommerce makes it easier to populate online stores through bulk product import/export features. The platform’s CMS platform also allows the addition of product options as well as product management at the option level.

Verdict: Wix offers more comprehensive product management features compared to the other two platforms. It likewise allows you to upload videos and tables to specific product pages, and it lets you sell digital products, too. If you have a vast product catalog, though, you’ll likely find X-Cart bulk product management features handy.

x-cart bulk-import products feature

You can bulk-import products to X-Cart through CSV files.

Comparison of Marketing and Promotions

Our top 3 most popular shopping cart solutions offer no shortage of features for marketing and promotions for your online store. Wix and X-Cart have built-in SEO analysis and email marketing capabilities to help you increase clickthrough rates and improve your ranking in organic search results. For instance, Wix enables advanced SEO settings and social sharing at the product page level. 

Like Wix and X-Cart, BigCommerce lets you create coupons, discounts, promotions, and sales for your store. Additionally, the platform has built-in features that streamline the checkout process and encourage the recovery of abandoned carts. 

Verdict: Wix has an advantage over the other two platforms, as the software allows advanced SEO settings to be tweaked at the product page level. 

add advanced SEO settings, Wix

Wix lets you add advanced SEO settings to your online store.

Comparison of Mobile Readiness

It’s no surprise that the top 3 most popular shopping cart software all ensure that your online store is optimized for mobile browsing. This is crucial because ecommerce trends point to an increase in mobile shopping in the coming years. These platforms can all give you mobile-responsive stores that look and work just as well as they do on the desktop. X-Cart and BigCommerce both allow you to build mobile-first stores that provide an enhanced shopping experience, which can go a long way in boosting sales. 

However, Wix ensures a store’s mobile-readiness not just for customers but for business owners as well. The platform lets you add products, manage orders, and create coupons right from your mobile phone or tablet. This can make store management significantly more convenient. 

Verdict: While these three shopping cart software can help you build mobile-ready stores, Wix has the edge thanks to its mobile-friendly features for store management. 

mobile order management, wix

Wix lets you manage orders on its mobile app.

Comparison of Customer Experience

Customer experience is king, so the top 3 most popular shopping cart software all offer features that ensure a smooth, hassle-free shopping experience. For instance, these platforms all offer integrations with digital wallets and payment gateways like PayPal, Skrill, and ApplePay. Wix stores can also be set up to accept offline payments.

Additionally, Wix offers some extra features that help improve the customer experience. The platform allows users to leave a note for you during the checkout process in case additional communication is needed. Moreover, Wix stores provide a more engaging shopping experience through product configurators, customized product recommendations, and wishlists.

Verdict: Compared to the other two platforms, Wix offers more features that can improve the online shopping experience, including product configurators and customized product recommendations.

product configurators, wix

Wix Stores can have product configurators for product pages.

Comparison of Inventory Management

The top 3 most popular shipping cart solutions offer plenty of features to streamline inventory management. Wix automatically tracks and updates product stocks, and you also have the ability to manually update availability at the product level. X-Cart, on the other hand, has a built-in Update Inventory module so you can update product quantity by SKU in bulk. 

Likewise, BigCommerce makes inventory management easy for catalogs of all sizes. The platform provides a unified control panel that syncs inventory status across multiple locations and updates the information on a single platform. This is particularly useful for vendors who manage multiple sites. BigCommerce also offers integrations with inventory management software to extend its capabilities.

Verdict: Given the platform’s scalability and capability to sync inventory updates for multiple sites, BigCommerce edges out Wix and X-Cart when it comes to inventory management.   

inventory settings in bigcommerce

BigCommerce’s inventory settings are easy to configure to your preferences.

Comparison of Store Analytics and Reporting

You can’t fully optimize your store’s performance if you can’t get accurate numbers for metrics such as sales, site visits, and conversion rates. The top 3 most popular shopping cart software all offer reporting and analytics for specific metrics like bestselling products. X-Cart also offers integrations with analytics software like Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica. 

Vendors using Wix Stores can also use Facebook Pixel to track sales. Facebook Pixel can track website events so you can optimize your advertising campaigns. 

Verdict: Through integration with Facebook Pixel, Wix has an advantage over X-Cart and BigCommerce. Facebook Pixel can give you more insights into not just your store’s performance but also your advertising campaigns.

adding facebook pixel id to wix store

You can add a Facebook Pixel ID to your Wix Store.

Comparison of Pricing

Though you can create Wix websites for free, you have to go premium to build a Wix store. The platform’s Business and eCommerce plans are available in three price points. The Basic Business plan starts at $17/month, while a Business Unlimited plan is available for $25/month. If you don’t want to miss out on any features, you can choose the Business VIP plan for $35/month.

Meanwhile, X-Cart offers a Free Edition that’s targeted at small businesses or solo entrepreneurs. Mid-sized businesses, large businesses, and enterprises can also go for a lifetime license of the software. The platform’s Business edition costs $495, while its Multivendor and Ultimate editions cost $1,495 and $5,995, respectively.

Lastly, BigCommerce Essentials software is available in three monthly plans. The Standard plan costs $29.95/month, the Plus plan costs $79.95/month, while the Pro plan costs $249.95/month. You can contact BigCommerce’s sales team to get custom pricing for BigCommerce Enterprise.

Verdict: Wix offers the most affordable plan for entrepreneurs and business owners. If you don’t want to deal with monthly payments, X-Cart’s one-time licensing fees may be a better fit for you. 

Get the Right Shopping Cart Software to Optimize Your Store

Aside from finding the right products and the right buyers, you also have to provide the best customer experience possible. With these top 3 shopping cart software, your online store offers a seamless, secure shopping experience to help boost conversion. 

Wix, X-Cart, and BigCommerce can also streamline product management, inventory management, and marketing and promotions. As a result, these platforms allow you to focus your time on the more important aspects of eCommerce.

Wix is our top pick as the most popular shopping cart software. It outmatches the competition thanks to its customizable store design, easy inventory management features, and unique customer experience features

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